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The locks in the truck, that stands out the most.

Just bought the Nissan yesterday, so far very pleased, had to get another one because someone ran into my other one, I like the style it being a double cab with a short bed, it is auto. In the floor, very nice and clean. It has good gas mileage and runs smooth. I love the interior, the gages really everything about it. I checked the motor and all the things you are suppose to and it has a carfax, another good thing. I has a top on the bed that I really like with locks, all in all I just plain love it.

- Patsy B

Reliable vehicle with good performance suitable for the everyday driver.

Overall there have been no major issues with the performance of the vehicle. The vehicle is reliable with no breakdowns experienced so far. The vehicle comes with standard features such as CD radio and manual locks and windows, which, have continued to work. The ride of the vehicle may feel a little stiff at times. This vehicle also features a king cab with suicide-type doors allowing for easy loading and unloading, however, may feel cramped for passengers.

- Dominick L

This vehicle runs very smoothly and the pedals are not delicate.

This vehicle runs very smoothly and gets me to and from my destinations. There has not been many problems with it. The interior of this vehicle is a little tight in the back, but I do not expect much space considering it is a truck. The seats are really comfortable, but the headrest feels like it's too forward and my neck gets uncomfortable at times. Besides that, the bed of the truck is spacious and useless.

- Emily M

Stay consistent on oil changes tire rotation and other basic maintenance.

Vehicle has been so reliable I cannot believe how fun it has been to drive though parts are expensive and must be bought through the dealer a first was upsetting but once you drive the truck and see what it can do you forget about that and really appreciate the simplicity of the truck and how much power you can obtain from a six cylinder ten years later same six and just as reliable.

- Gabriel G

You'll love it. Classy and a smooth ride.

Not had a single problem with it. Battery changed is all. Dependable. Comfortable, reliable, just wish it had a back up camera. Cloth seats last a long time. Enough foot room for those in the back seat. We take the frontier when we go on long vacations because of its dependability. Chrome bumpers are classy. Pretty smooth ride for a truck.

- Tricia M

Nissan frontiers. Just falls apart in all the wrong places

My Nissan has only ever had a few problems and I think it has to do with it being pre owned. The radiator was broken for awhile and I was leaking coolant. But after I fixed that, the only other issues I've had are the plastic seam of the doors was starting to come off, due to old glue. And the air conditioner has ceased functioning.

- Jarrett W

The most important thing people should know is that it is safe and reliable.

I have never have any problems with my 2006 Nissan frontier, it is very reliable. Gas wise, it is ok unless you have a heavy foot, I have noticed that if I step on the gas harder than usual it does burn gas faster. . . But it is pretty good for a 6 cylinder. It is a four wheel drive and it is been good for off-roading. . .

- Javier G

Extremely reliable Nissan frontier.

I have a black 2006 Nissan frontier with 215, 000 miles. I have owned it for just over a year. Truck runs great. It is a 4WD and handles the snow very well even with all season tires. It is a daily driver of a short 15 min commute and is super reliable. Comfort is average as are the features. Great truck at decent price.

- Matt H

Transmission issues plague good vehicle.

Transmission issues have totally bummed me out and cost a lot especially since my research has led me to discover that this was a well known design flaw-all along. Would have been a fantastic vehicle otherwise but now I am doing online surveys and undertaking strict austerity measures just to pay for the repairs.

- Nick V

Hauls everything I need when I need it.

I love my truck it's been good to me no issues other than the normal maintenance. Everything works great enough room for hubby and I plus works great hauling whatever we need to. The heater works great as does the air conditioner. I would definitely buy a another one when I go looking to buy a new truck.

- Rebecca M

Long lasting reliability!

Even after 200,000 miles... It is a dependable truck and I plan on keeping this vehicle until I can no longer drive it. The ride is great, the gasoline powered vehicle still gets decent mileage. The ride is smooth. True that the warranty expired, but I have had little trouble with it over the years.

- David W

My Awesome Nissan Truck Baby

My truck is awesome! It has 240,000 miles on the odometer. It was under water twice during Louisiana's two hundred year floods and still runs like a champ. It is extremely reliable and comfortable. This truck is a good investment. I would highly recommend it for your next vehicle purchase.

- Linda D

Great truck nothing out of ordinary maintenance.

It is been a great vehicle just a few mechanical things. Carrier bearing, wheel bearings, plus solenoid in trans that I have got fixed yet. But other than that motor runs like a top, small rattle under truck it the muffler just stuck something in there to keep it from rattling.

- Aaron G

Reliable, well rounded truck.

Reliable, decent on gas. Have 195k on mine been a steady full time vehicle for a long time. Recommend to anyone in the market for a mid-size truck. The extended cab is perfect for storing items that you want to keep out of the weather. Bed is big enough to haul most anything.

- William P

Truck is a good running truck

Had little electrical problem but other than that I've been satisfied with the performance of the truck haven't had any major problem with the performance. It hasn't given me any trouble. Keep up with the oil changes. Change the belts & and it runs great still today

- Richard A

it's a small truck but has lots of great qualities

this is a great truck. It doesn't have all the extras but is a great every day truck. Good for hauling off trash and pulling a small boat. Truck is very durable even now with higher mileage. Keep it serviced and it will keep going for many more miles and for many years.

- dan J

You can pull the seat downward.

The belt in the engine normally needs to be change yearly especially you could hear it screeching when it rains. It's an average pickup truck and it's a comfortable size that many trucks have now. It's simple and reliable and since it's Nissan it can last a long time.

- Susie N

Fairly reliable, semi cheap to drive. Very roomy!

Have owned 2006 Nissan frontier since 2014, it has been a great vehicle overall. Have had some minor issues such as ac issues, overheating issues and a few other minor problems. It has always been fairly cheap to fix and have not had any recurring problems a all.

- Joshua M

Mostly replaced, but still enjoy.

Due to a manufacturer's failure I have had to replace a radiator, transmission, and engine. I have had to replace the transmission and radiator a second time due to a transmission failure 5 years after I replaced it. Besides those major items the truck is great.

- Aaron J

It is a great, decent sized pick-up.

2006 Nissan frontier has a faulty radiator that they will not tell you about. It leaks into the transmission and combines with the transmission fluid creating a thick sludge. This occurs around 80k - 90k miles, which is generally after the warranty expires.

- Nicholas P

Has the cool roof racks on roof that look really good.

I own a 2006 Nissan Frontier Nismo truck it's very dependable and is great off Road. The on road ride is a little rough like any truck. The Rockford Fosgate radio system that comes factory with a 8 inch subwoofer under the back seat is amazing.

- Kelly H

That Nissan makes vehicles that are so dependable that you sometimes see 20 year old trucks on the road that look like new.

I love that it is a truck which I had wanted for many years. It is so dependable that it is difficult to believe it is 12 years old. My only complaint would be that it is not very gas efficient, but I knew that when I bought it

- Andrea C

That it is tough, it is a 4x4 and it is speedy for a truck.

No complaints, I love this truck. It is roomy for seating, has a lot of power. I do have a couple of blind spots because of the canopy, that would be my only complaint.

- April B

This truck will be an amazing truck as long as you do regular maintenance on it.

It's a great mid size truck. I love the way it looks and the way it runs. I don't like the trouble it has given me. I've had the transmission replaced three times!

- Whitney S

That it is a reliable truck.

The truck runs great and is reliable. The back seat is uncomfortable for an adult to sit in for a long ride. The gas mileage is garbage for a truck.

- Kelly H

It is a stick shift but the Nissan is a very reliable vehicle.

i like that I can haul things in. I don't like that it is a stick shift but it was give to me when my sister died. It is a very reliable truck.

- Wendy F

Great vehicle all around. Great fuel mileage, very safe.

Great vehicle have owned it since 2014, had 100,000 miles when purchased and still going strong. Have had minor issues but nothing to speak of.

- Josh M

This vehicle is paid for and it does not have any outstanding issues even though it is 12 years old.

It keeps going, I love the fact that is has a manual transmission. The only thing lacking is it is not a 4x4. Hard to find a manual 4x4 though

- Tony W

I think my truck, the Nissan Frontier, is a great, affordable, reliable vehicle that can be used for many different things.

I think my truck is very reliable. I've never had to do any major service in 12 years. It's very practical. It's also great in the snow.

- Doug H

Safe, reliable, spacious, gets the job done.

I love that it has a roomy interior. It's reliable. The bed is just big enough to haul whatever I need. I feel safe in it.

- Cas R

It is safe when it comes to bad weather and snow.

I like the truck and highness of the vehicle feature. My vehicle has a lot of miles. I also do not like the gas mileage.

- Lindsey W

Reliable and safe truck for entire family.

We have owned that vehicle over 12 years and never has it needed any maintenance. Just the general oil maintenance.

- Lupe G

Radiator recall - it only cost us $50 to fix.

We just fixed the radiator issue that had been on recall. The seats are not very comfortable so we use gel pads.

- Bobbi F

Nissan Frontier: The Dream Truck

My 2006 Nissan Frontier is incredibly reliable, has been through thick and thin, and has performs ed strongly.

- Chris L

I love it because it is pretty, really, amazingly old but it's good.

Red, good looking, great price. I really love it because I got it for a great price. I won't sell it soon.

- Vincent V

That it has held up through the years.

The comfort the handling when you drive the Ex the stereo sounds great it has power windows and lockstars.

- Mary A

It's reliable is a four wheel drive and handles great in the snow.

I sit high, it runs well and makes me feel safe. Nissans are known to be reliable

- frank d

fuel mileage is not good could be better

the fuel sensor is terrible nice vehicle and condition runs well

- lynn S

It's very reliable. I've had it for over 10 years and have just had to do regular wear and tear repairs. I like that it's big enough for my family of four, including the baby car seat. It's nice to travel with because of the truck but it's comfortable like a sedan. I wish the gas mileage was better, but it's a truck so it's expected.

The Nissan Frontier is a reliable, comfortable family car.

- Jillian D