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2007 Nissan Frontier 4WD with tinted windows and 6 cylinder transmission in great condition.

My truck is red and has four doors two seats in the front for seats in the back. The bed of the truck is 5 feet long and has a bed extender which I really like. We have not had many problems with our truck. The biggest thing that we've had to fix on it is a catalytic converter that went out just a couple months ago. Our truck has driven us from Tennessee to Washington state back down to Texas and over to South Carolina without any major issues. I feel like the truck is very comfortable I can ride in it for several hours without having any problems. The passenger-side automatic window is a little slow because I think the motor is going out. The truck can be converted between 2 Wheel Dr. and all wheel drive, it has power windows, six-cylinder automatic transmission, and a CD player with AM/FM radio. The interior is gray.

- Ryan S

Best small truck for its value.

My 2007 Nissan Frontier is one of the best tricks I have owned. It is very roomy considering it is only a 2 door. I feel it gets good gas mileage for a truck and I haven't had many issues considering it is an older truck. I have only had to change the radiator. Changing the oil is a breeze because there is so much room under the hood. Even a girl like me can do it. She does have a few miles on her now but it is a great truck to drive and of course she can haul quite a truck load.

- Evan L

Great everyday reliable vehicle.

This vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any mechanical failures and purchased it new in 2007. The exterior paint still looks new and the interior finishes are still like new. I would highly recommend this vehicle to other buyers. Everything still works, including the stereo system and all lights. It rides smooth and quiet, no rattling sounds.

- Kayla S

Most dependable enjoyable truck to drive.

The main reason I picked Nissan is the seats are the most comfortable for me, feels solid to drive, have had no troubles with starting or power response, am a little disappointed with gas mileage, some basic problems like power windows failing, and alert fuses blowing but still would buy again and again because this is the 4th Nissan in the family.

- Valerie M

Nissan frontier characteristics.

It has good space, fits up to 5 people. Its economic in terms of gas (v4). Very easy and adequate for driving of road. It is fast when you need it. Count with a big back compartment for putting stuff when traveling. It is perfect for road trips. If you have an adventurer lifestyle, then this is the perfect car for you.

- Sergio L

My truck has the best torque in its class.

Overall it has been a great truck as I haven't had any costly repairs. It drives smoothly and is a comfortable ride. It has a big bed for hauling stuff but the cab space is limited for passengers cause its small. The gas mileage is good not great for a v6 engine. I wish it had more audio features such as mp3 connect.

- Jeff B

My most reliable Nissan frontier.

The seats are comfortable. The truck runs great, handles the roads very well. Gets good gas mileage. Overall I love my truck. It is a 2007 and is good shape cosmetically. I am not sure what else to write about my truck. I am a truck person so a car is not even an option.

- Cindy C

I would have to say I haven't put a lot of repairs into this vehicle.

My truck gets good fuel mileage for its size. The bed of the truck is big so I can haul almost anything I want. I wish I had more space in the interior as it is crammed in the back. I haven't had any major repairs overall so I can say it's been quite reliable.

- Jeff B

It is reliable and if maintained at a decent level you should not have many problems. Turn radius is wide. Can be expensive to get fixed at the dealership.

it's getting old but it still runs great. I have had to make no major repairs to it over the 11 years I've had it. My biggest complaint is it has a very wide turn radius for a smaller truck and it can be hard to park. I plan to ride it till it falls apart.

- sam f

It takes a bit more gas to get the car to actually move although this is expected with a truck.

The vehicle runs well and personally I'm a big fan of mid sized pickup trucks. Very few problems have arose since I got the car and those that have are not costly. Overall the car is very well made and I enjoy it very much.

- Serra M

Relatively reliable pickup truck with enough space to haul most things

Truck gets me to where I need to go but several pieces of it have rusted through already making some of it not as usable as it should have been after 10 years. It is not great on gas by any means either.

- Emilee W

My truck does not have a lot of miles on it.

My truck is black with tinted windows. I had some new pipes added to my truck. I like my truck because I don't have any problems with it. I don't have any complaints about my truck.

- Adrian s

It is very reliable and a lot more spacious than it seems.

It's been very reliable. Other than routine maintenance, I haven't had any issues with it. It's also been big enough to grow with my family, which has grown over the years.

- Matt B

very reliable , bad gas mileage , good payload capacity.

Very reliable truck. Bad gas mileage. Not much get up and go when entering the freeway. Holds a fairly large payload. No mechanical issues in the 10 years I have had it.

- Patrick P

It is very dependable, I feel safe when driving this vehicle.

I love that it is a truck but also 4 door. I also love its ability to haul my atv and pull a trailer without any struggle.

- Brandy V

It is a great truck - reliable, good on gas, handles beautifully, powerful.

Love this truck! Smooth drive, handles road well, great in the snow! Reliable and excellent quality. Excellent value.

- Miss S

It's still in good condition for as old as it is still good

I like my car, it has some issues now and then but it gets me where I need to be and it's been like that for a while

- Terrence B

It's fast, amazing and handles well, On road or off road.

No problems, love the way it drives, rides, handles, not bad on gas, good acceleration, four-wheel drive is amazing

- Kari P

The thing is that it makes noise for no apparent reason.

It makes a sound when you turn it on. It gives the impression that it does not work when you try to start it.

- Diana S

With a double cab, it's a very versatile vehicle and I can't complain about the power, considering the size.

It's a pretty dependable vehicle. My only regret is I'm an extra large man in a midsize truck.

- Todd W

It is dependable and economical.

It is economical and dependable. It is not fancy, just good basic transportation.

- James G

Versatile vehicle with room for cargo and passengers,

Very versatile vehicle. Useful for some many tasks,. Decent gas mileage.

- Mike L