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The truck is sporty and fun.

Transmission problems, engine light problems, tire problems, does not do good for mileage in gas, tailgate latch has problems too. Not sure but the head gasket might be going, it does have 87, 000 miles on it. The wheel bearing needs replaced along with breaks, general wear and tear. Nothing to look at on the interior, it is very basic, the truck does have a sporty look and it is a nice size, not too big and bulky. It comes with a nice heavy cap for the back, not much height to fit stuff in. You would need to take it off. Has good horsepower for a 6 cylinder, a lot if get up and go. The transmission seems to slip maybe and it makes a sound like you are running over ridges.

- Donna C

A car worth every penny! Great deal for an all-round versatile truck.

We have over 130, 000 miles and that is awesome. We've had no major issues with this truck; just regular maintenance and tire changes. Our truck is a standard shift 6 speed and basically stripped down meaning no power windows etc. Or frills. We have a radio with CD player and air conditioning. We also pull a 16 foot camper ultra light frequently during the year; also we have 4 wheel drive. The gas mileage is reasonable at 19 miles per gallon on unleaded regular gas.

- Debra R

A durable brand and reliable brand!

My Nissan has been a most reliable form of transportation. Its handling and power has provided me with the necessary performance needed to do what I have needed it for. The comfort of my Nissan has also been most accommodating when making trips with my kids and family to and from various activities.

- Eric L

The 4 doors for cab access.

My truck has been a dependable vehicle with very few issues over the years. It is a very heavy duty truck for its size and its towing capacity is amazing. My truck has 170,000 miles on it original engine, transmission are still intact. Fuel mileage has been fair for a truck of this size.

- Scott L

Terrific beach, sport & heavy duty truck!

Reliable, economic & versatile. Perfect for who wants the freedom to go places. Designed for day to day activities, leisure and heavy duty! Great for self-employee and hard working people because requires no much maintenance. Perfect for the soccer moms!

- Lieve P

There is nothing special about the vehicle-good dependable transportation.

The vehicle has provided good reliable service. The tire pressure sensors are pain in the rear and I have experience several instance of rattling from the bottom of the vehicle-loose connections.

- jim m

It is a good investment that will last you many years.

I love everything about this truck.. Great for hauling and loading up items and hauling things off, great on gas, high off the ground. There is nothing I do not like about this truck..

- Mary E

Nissan frontier is a perfect fit for driven people! Go for Nissan always!

My truck turns 10 years old on November 2nd. Never had any issue all this years. The truck is very reliable! Very economic & comfortable for day to day runs.

- Lee P

Not for sale I am keeping it.

There is nothing with my vehicle. I am very happy with my truck. I don't want to sell it. I want to keep it. I like to buy another one like it.

- Connie R

Very durable. I have 190, 000 miles and still runs great.

Great car overall; but does not tow a lot for a pickup. Drives like a car, not a pickup truck. Could be a bit bigger with more towing weight.

- Angelica A

It's dependable and have plenty room for family and a bed to haul things.

It's a very dependable truck and has plenty room. I have had 3 Nissans in my life so far they have been great trucks.

- roy w

It is really good when trying to drive in the snow.

My car is very comfortable and extremely reliable, I have had no issues so far about the car. I really recommend it

- Jose C

My 2008 Nissan Frontier Review

My 2008 Nissan Frontier doesn't ride very smoothly, guzzles gas. Looks cute though and is nice and roomy.

- Holly C

It's very cheap and affordable and drives smoothly.

I really enjoy its style on the outside and on the inside and its performance is good enough for me.

- Jacob A

it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love the fat that its compact!

I love my truck it's perfect for what i need it for. It's the perfect size for me too

- Matt L

It is easy to drive. It is great in traffic. Vehicle has a wonderful radio.

Excellent to drive. Great looking vehicle. Gets very good gas mileage.

- Larry H