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Glad I bought Nissan. Anything I would change would be a newer model.

2010 Nissan Frontier

Upon first purchasing my frontier, all was relatively quiet, comfortable ride, and great vision of the road. Bought brand new, all was sound mechanically, drove it 3 hours home on the highway and performance of the v6 was every bit I thought it was. At 280 hp and 280 ft/torque it has no problem getting in traffic. I've had zero problems or issues other than overtime, there is noticeable outside interference, most likely due to the square frame. This is my first truck I've purchased for myself and my other car was a Honda.

- Jesse B

In my humble opinion, the Nissan Frontier is a great economical family truck!

2010 Nissan Frontier XE

My wife bought it for me and I really like it. I would have preferred a 4wd with a few extras. The 4 doors are extremely convenient for this times that, as a family, we go on excursions. There have been no vehicle problems. The comfort is as a truck should be, although the front seat cushions could be deeper for those longer excursions to the mountains.

- Dave G

My truck is great for those who need a truck with good mileage economy.

2010 Nissan Frontier XE

I have had no major issue with the performance or reliability with my vehicle in almost 10 years of ownership. I am extremely satisfied with my current vehicle as opposed to other makes in the past. The comfort and smoothness on the road is excellent for a truck and I don't find my truck bed too small for my needs.

- Edward R

It is very reliable. I never have to worry about it not starting or driving smooth.

2010 Nissan Frontier

The truck drives very smooth. I like the feel of having a truck and not having the difficulties of driving something that's very bulky and tough to drive. It is very reliable and always starts and runs great. Have had a recall on the airbag and the dealership gave me a little problem but other than that all good

- Sam F

Nissan frontier se crew cab.

2010 Nissan Frontier

No problems at all. I wish my interior was a different color, but the deal that I got was just too good to pass-up! I have a tan color interior and I wish for a black or a charcoal color. I bought this truck after Christmas 2010 and it was discounted $9000 from msrp of 28000.

- Joe A

very amazing vehicle to have

2010 Nissan Frontier XE

this is a very good truck to own. It is very reliable and spacious. Gas and brakes are very touchy so it is very easy to speed until you get used to the truck. I absolutely love it. I've had it for a little over a year now and do not plan on getting rid of it any time soon.

- stephanie S

Love our Nissan frontier truck.

2010 Nissan Frontier

Love the way the truck drives and ride, has a good sound system and has been used for loading. The truck has plenty of legroom in the front and back. We did have a few problems with the clutch pad but repairs were made by the owner. The dealership wanted to charge too much.

- Dell S

Reliable and good gas Usage gets me to work and back.

2010 Nissan Frontier

My truck is plenty used mostly to drive to work d back, its currently having ac trouble with the front ac fans no cold air is coming out the rest works. Its seats are working properly and are comfortable. Its power windows seem to be working fine.

- Dustin P

It's very comfortable whether you are driving or riding.

2010 Nissan Frontier

My vehicle is very comfortable, whether you're driving or riding. It handles well in bad weather and I like the color. I don't like the roof rack that is on the roof of the truck. Everything else is great.

- Mary H

Nissan Frontier - A Small But Sturdy Truck

2010 Nissan Frontier

For being a smaller truck, it really gets the job done. I've hauled small trailers, loaded it up with bales of hay, made numerous dump runs and with the 4x4 option, I've made it out in 23" of snow.

- Brittany S

It is in great shape with no rust and rides well. It has tailgate extender which makes it easy to haul a lot of different things.

2010 Nissan Frontier

It is a great truck. I have used it for hauling bikes to firewood. It rides nice and have four doors. The gas mileage is ok but it is getting old with a lot of miles. I plan to replace soon.

- James B

Has a large turning radius. Hard to make close, sharp turns.

2010 Nissan Frontier

Need truck for work purposes. This one is big enough without being overly large. Only dislike is the turn radius on the wheel base. It's hard to get in and out of parking spaces.

- Tracy O

Crew cab, covered back bed

2010 Nissan Frontier

It has room inside without being too big to drive around town. I have a cover on the bed so luggage in the back is protected from rain or wind. The back seat is nice to have.

- Martin S

It has never broken down and is extremely reliable in the city and on longer trips.

2010 Nissan Frontier

I like that it is very reliable. I've never had to repair anything and have only had to perform routine maintenance. I only wish that it got better gas mileage in the city.

- grant y

Great buy for the money and great gas mileage and insurance cost is cheap

2010 Nissan Frontier

I like the style the dependability low maintenance great gas mileage the thing I do not like is the jump seats in the extended cab do not come out they take up too much room

- chuck p

Nice truck, fun to drive, we love it!

2010 Nissan Frontier

I love our truck. It is comfortable, drives well. The only complaint is the turning radius. For a small truck to turn into parking spaces sometimes is not easy.

- Elizabeth L

Why the Nissan Frontier is the Best Truck for Women

2010 Nissan Frontier

When I purchased my truck in 2010, it was perfect for the job I did at that time. Although I no longer do the same work, my truck still meets all my needs.

- Deborah V

All the safety features it has.

2010 Nissan Frontier

Big and roomy and have a small bed and it is loaded and has leather seats and CD works great and the front seats has pockets on the back side of them.

- Sarah H

Fun to drive; rides like a sedan.

2010 Nissan Frontier

I like the gas consumption and the reliability. I wish there was more room. I wish there was more passenger room. The exterior is beautiful.

- Cynthia I

It's reliable and super comfortable to drive. Only downside is it's not a luxury truck, so traveling if you're not driving isn't very comfortable.

2010 Nissan Frontier

I like that it is very reliable. I like that it's small and comfortable and easy to drive, but also that it makes moving or hauling easier.

- Myra L

Nissan on the Frontier of innovation

2010 Nissan Frontier

I love my Nissan Frontier! It is very reliable and is extremely comfortable. It provides a smooth ride and a quiet one as well.

- Mallory M

very fast and roomy will be a reliable vehicle for year to come

2010 Nissan Frontier

My nissan frontier has given me no problems. it has been very reliable and runs great. I would recommend this truck to anyone

- Fran B

It's a Nissan. It will probably outlast me. To bad the slogan "Built to Last" is already taken it would fit perfectly.

2010 Nissan Frontier

No problems at all Pretty decent gas mileage for a truck. The only complaint I have at all is that I didn't buy a bigger one.

- crystal m

Powerful truck for its size

2010 Nissan Frontier

Lots of power for hauling or pulling very dependable had no problems to date very good gas mileage and a awesome warranty

- Scott F

Red truck, nice waxed finish, no sunroof sad face. I need to wash it though.

2010 Nissan Frontier

Its is good I love it. Although it needs maintenance. And a sun roof. Thanks for letting me do this survey I love you.

- Kevin K

The only piece of transportation that must last

2010 Nissan Frontier

my truck is used mainly as transportation to work and back. it has comfortable seats and has good rate of gas mileage.

- dusten p

It is a great medium size trucks for many different things. Great on gas.

2010 Nissan Frontier

It is very good on gas. Makes it easy to hall certain items. Very comfortable to drive. Just has no turn radius.

- Robin B

It's automatic, and again, why is my writing this so important

2010 Nissan Frontier

The best, most beautiful and reliable ever, This is the kind of stuff I really hate Here is your third question

- Mariana B

It has low mileage. Smooth ride great on gas and quiet

2010 Nissan Frontier

I like the dependable ride and is always smooth. I like the gas mileage. I don't like the size. I like the ac.

- Andrew L

Buy Nissan. It is dependable and economical. I have had no problems or mechanical issues.

2010 Nissan Frontier

I love my truck. It has been highly dependable and is decent on fuel economy. I do wish it was 4 wheel drive.

- Mike T

It suits me fine and will get me from a to z without issues.

2010 Nissan Frontier

Solid truck with strong engine. I like the design as well. Could use more features, such as a backup camera

- Brett F

It's a great vehicle but if you have a car seat in the back their is not enough room.

2010 Nissan Frontier

I like the truck. It runs great. Since my son was born I've noticed the back seat is not big enough.

- Josh P

It's awesome. They can expect it to take a beating and keep going

2010 Nissan Frontier

No complaints. It's a true utility vehicle. It has done everything I've asked of it and more

- juan r

its excellent quality and is also a very reliable truck and was affordable

2010 Nissan Frontier

i wish it felt a bit thicker. The truck itself is good, unable to fix the gas mileage reader

- george f

It has been very reliable. It drives well. I like the style of it.

2010 Nissan Frontier

It is very reliable. That is very important to me and to anyone for that matter.

- Libby G

It is reliable and does not break down often. Repair costs are minimal.

2010 Nissan Frontier

It is reliable. Unfortunately it is not fuel efficient. It is also very large.

- Carla H