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Nissan pick up, nice mid size truck.

Nice overall midsize pickup truck. I have the long bed, 6 feet, 4 door. Great for moving large items. Do not get the cargo extender. Not worth it. Been sitting in my shed since I bought the truck. Four wheel drive works very good. Traction is very good in the snow, not the best I have had, but good. Not 'roomy' for 4 or more people, but they will all fit comfortably. Back up camera works very good, probably too good. The last Nissan pick up truck I had I put 130,000 miles on it before selling it to a friend who drove it to 200,000 miles.

- Steve L

Very good on gas and never have had any problems with it.

My vehicle is very reliable it has a back seat that I can fit 3 people in. Also has the pick up bed to load trash off with. It is good on gas. Ac and heat have never had a problem with. Has built in Bluetooth and CD player. Also is 4 wheel drive so it helps during snow. Also lets you know on the dashboard if there's any issues such as tire pressure low oil or battery light etc.. Has on steering wheel volume control coast and accelerate buttons along with Bluetooth controls. Lots of compartment to put stuff in very comfy for long travel.

- Misty W

Solid, reliable truck for everyday driving.

Positives: drives like a large car, 4-doors are great for groceries/transporting items/passengers, 4-wheel drive has been great in winters, good acceleration, no minor/major issues after 4 years, ac/heat works well, good sound system, beneficial steering wheel controls. Negatives: average gas mileage, small truck bed, since it is a 2012, it lacks some of the newer technological amenities in newer vehicles.

- Michael R

Its classy and functions very well.

It is very reliable, and performs very well. It is very comfortable, . . It has heated seats, roomy, and we have had many people say that they want one just like it. Gas mileage could be better but its livable. We bought it used 3 years ago and have had very few problems, other than normal wear and tare issues. . . We replaced the tires and just recently put on new brakes. Overall great vehicle.

- Annie S

Nissan Frontier 2012- highly recommended

I have had no engine problems other than check light staying on. It's a 2012 4 door. I did have an issue with the paint peeling, I looked on line other buyers had the same issue with the paint chipping on the fender that was the same color truck as I have. Nissan did not do a recall or repair. It's a very comfortable vehicle. I've had it 12 years and the air still works. It's a great vehicle.

- Patricia P

I love my Nissan frontier!

This has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Never needed any major repairs. It provides a very smooth ride and it came with a factory Rockford fosgate stereo system. The interior is leather and very comfortable, especially for long drives. The only downside is low gas mileage but to save on repair costs I have had with my other vehicles, it is more than worth it.

- Tiffany M

My truck. It has a hidden stow away tray under the back seat .

I have had no problems with my truck. I love the tire pressure light being a woman I never think of things like that. It is very comfortable on long trips and very quiet. I have the 4 door model and it is so nice for letting others in. The air conditioner works great and even gets to cold sometimes. I like the sun shade strip across the top of windshield.

- Betty W

Seems like a good car that seems it will get many safe and reliable miles.

I really like the accessories that came with my truck such as the truck bed rails and the tarp hooks that can slide in and out. The side step options help my 4 year old son get in and out with ease. I do not like that the center console does not have much space or the fact that it does not slide out for a better arm rest. I wish it was higher.

- Amanda G

It's your basic truck two door truck seats.

I love my truck it comes in handy and I haven't had any major issues and when I moved from one town to another it came in handle. It's your basic truck but I love it. I don't need to remit a rent truck to move. And I can help my coworkers or pick up my washer and dryer without having to pay that extra fee for them to deliver an hour away.

- Catalina G

Overall review of 2012 Nissan Frontier

It's a very good vehicle. It takes a bit of money to fill up but around 35 to fill up. The inside is small but not too small big enough to fit about 5/6 people. Radio system is good. The seats are a little hard but for my comfort they are good has under seat storage that's very convenient. It's a good truck for long distances as well.

- Angelica M

Easy maintenance, easy to drive. Excellent visibility.

It's a 2012 Nissan Frontier pick up. It's got a 6 cylinder engine, it has plenty of power, maybe a little too much for such a light weight vehicle. I've as yet had NO problems with this truck and maintenance has so far, been easy to do. It has plenty of room for 4 adults and could easily seat 3 children in the back seat.

- Tim W

. My truck is powerful, dependable, has good cab space.

It is not fancy comfortable. Ok comfortable. Very dependable. V-6 good pick in speed. Has 4 Wheel drive. Has 4 doors. Have regular oil change. Has a very good heating system and air conditioning, defrost front and back windshield. All lights and brakes work well. Has no power window. Has tilt steering wheel cruise control.

- Sylvia L

Great fun for the whole family

This vehicle is perfect for all sorts of activities, the drive is smooth and gas mileage is great. You will love owning this truck as it has amazing features and great 4x4 options. The leather package and heated seats are great for the winter. Sunroof option is nice for summer. I have taken to CA and back with no issues.

- Rachel W

Perfect truck for a trip camping for short time or traveling around the country.

The Nissan frontier is a perfect truck that is not too big. It drives very smooth with wonderful cold ac and a wonderful 5ft bed to store all you personal belongings. The engine is great especially after completing a 11,000 mile trip all around the country from wet humid areas to dry canyons.

- Star T

Vibrating Nissan Frontier

The vehicle came with a low rpm vibration. By this I mean that when the truck is at an isle the rpms dip below 1000 and the whole truck vibrates. Outside of this small uncomfort the truck rides very well and performs great for the light work I do around the house. Gas mileage could be better.

- Donald R

Roomy, attractive and great mileage.

I have never had any problems with my truck. It drives well. It is great on gas. The seats are comfortable. It is roomy and can seat up to 5 people. It is a 4 door, so it is easy to store many bags of groceries. I haven't even had to replace the tires, since I use it mainly for work.

- Daniel I

It's great if you need to move stuff. It sucks if you have more than 1 passenger.

I like that it's easy to transport large items with the pickup bed. I like the gas mileage. I dislike the lack of a hutch to prevent people from stealing items from the back. I dislike that I can only, realistically, carry 1 passenger because the "seats" in the back have no room.

- Jessica C

A Highly Dependable Truck with Two Big Issues

While it's an incredibly dependable truck, that dependability comes with two caveats - the first being that it has the handling of a beached whale, and the second that it's 0-60 time makes you feel like you're practically crawling when trying to get up to speed on the on-ramp

- Taylor M

They are excellent vehicles, would purchase again.

No problems other than needing new tires and a new battery, all in all it's a great vehicle, would recommend a Nissan to any one they are excellent vehicles, my husband feels the same way about his Nissan Altima we would purchase these vehicles again, great on gas and mileage.

- Melissa G

Frontier vs. truck has good suspension, rides soft, too large turning radius.

Too large turning radius. No mechanical problems. Rides comfortably. Flexible rear seats for storage. Nice short bed, but inconvenient for carrying long ladders. Wheel wells interfere with bed storage. Nice interior storage compartments. Power steering could use more power.

- Donald K

Nissan engine performance is outstanding but engine light comes on.

My Nissan 2012 heavy metal 4x4 performance is outstanding. Unfortunately the engine light has come on. Seems to be related to smog control device and even though Nissan has an extended (15 yrs) warranty on this issues, I just do not know yet what the outcome will be.

- Francisco M

How a Nissan truck should be.

My Nissan frontier is a great truck I just wish there was more space in the cab, otherwise the performance and speed are great for the price of the truck. It can haul a lot of weight and feels powerful for a small truck I would definitely recommend buying a Nissan.

- Christopher A

It attracts dents, but is otherwise a very capable vehicle.

Aesthetics and utility are the best things about the truck - I like the way it looks and it can haul whatever I need and get wherever I need to go. I question its mechanical integrity at times. I have had a couple issues with repairs prior to hitting 50k miles.

- Colby D

It is just a great truck and the price I paid for it was good.

No problems great appearance decent gas mileage nice ride has great features easy to work on great for. Traveling around town bed is a decent size six feet like the color of blue easy to park it sure is great to have a truck can carry a lot when need to.

- Ron J

Nissan frontier reliability.

Reliable and easy to drive. Haven't had any mechanical issues since I have bought it. Backseats are a little uncomfortable. The seats are to straighten the back. Hard to relax. A little more leg room would've been better. Overall I really like my truck.

- Wendy W

Good, safe,dependable vehicle

I bought my vehicle used. It was in very good shape and drives very well. I've had no problems with it. It's also very comfortable inside. Very satisfied. Also like the bar in the back that extends the bed. Has very good gas mileage and smooth driving.

- Ashley H

It's a small truck making it easy to handle but you don't feel like you're losing any of the space.

We wanted a small truck but it still feels big. The extended cab can seat 4 adults comfortably. The sunroof is a nice addition that I've never had in a truck. The Bluetooth is nice but tends to not work very well when trying to make a phone call.

- Candice W

It hasn't needed any major repairs since I bought it when it was brand new.

It's not very comfortable to drive, and has a rather bad turning radius. But it has good pick up, and has had any major problems since I got it. Because it's so old there is no back-up camera which would be useful.

- Brie C

2012 Nissan frontier high quality low cost.

I love this vehicle. Extremely reliable, good value, and dependable. I chose this vehicle over comparable Toyota versions which were rated just as high in quality but were much more expensive. The choice was easy.

- Robert A

It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.

The size is perfect for work, travel, and everyday errands. In the 3 years I have had my vehicle I have had no major problems with it. It is dependable and performs well in any weather.

- Stacia G

Nissan frontier is handy, spacious and space saving.

The vehicle was bought used so not sure if the issues I Have are related to previous owner or not. However, the vehicle has been reliable, could be more comfortable

- Brigette G

The ride is very good for a truck.

No problems with the vehicle over the last six years, the vehicle still looks great and performs very well. I wish the gas mileage was better but it is a truck.

- Ron R

It does not have an AUX plug.

I love that it is higher. I do not like that it does not have an AUX plug. I love how it is on gas when traveling out of town. It is smooth on the road.

- Cathy C

Rugged Mid-Size. Perfect for hauling stuff!

We love this mid size truck for dependability. It is rugged and perfect for hauling stuff. Our only negative is the comfort level for the back is low.

- Kara S

It is the easiest truck to drive.

It drives very well. The ac and heater works very well. The truck is also a good size. The guard rail on the front is very convenient.

- Savannah M

Good looking and reliable. Good on the road and off.

Never had any problems with my truck. Rides nice and comfortable seats and a lot of power. I wish it would get better gas mileage.

- Steve Z

It's a pretty good truck. Nothing is really wrong about it.

I like how trucks make me feel safer. I don't like how it seems to have a bit of difficulty towing something that's in it range.

- Trish B

It has lots of good options and gets good gas mileage.

I love the size and capacity to carry things. I like the color. The price it cost me. I like that its had no maintenance issue.

- Michael C

Great Mid size truck with big enough bed and full Back seat

Very reliable. Have had no performance issues and now at 80,000 miles. Only issue was paint peeling on front bumper

- Ben S

Love trucks and the features.

No problems and very dependable with modern up to date technology. Great on gas and perfect for taking road trips.

- Ashley H

That it is good on gas mileage and is quite reliable.

It gets us around ad is quite reliable. I just wish it was a newer model. I would buy this make and model again.

- Karen D

the truck is good on gas and the maintenance is low cost

strong truck. very very very reliable, good on gas. low maintenance and has a lot of room still for many people

- adam s

Very competent hauler, great transportation

My truck is great to drive, is comfortable for up to 5 people. It is handy to haul things from the store.

- Chuck B

Doesn't have power windows/doors or cruise control. It is a great truck requiring only basic maintenance. No major complaints!

Clean, easy to maintain, hauls what we need done. A/C & heater works great. Mileage abt 18-20 mpg.

- Tana C

The truck is a gas guzzler. It uses as much gas as an 8 cylinder and it's only a 6 cylinder.

It's a solid truck. It guzzles gas like an 8 cylinder... it's a 6. Very, very small back seats.

- Joanne H

I like my truck because it goes really good in bad weather. I don't like the bad gas mileage

That's it's a good truck, they last really long. The only bad thing is parts are expensive

- Amanda S

It's size makes it great for driving around town. However it struggles with towing over a few thousand pounds.

I like the size. I dislike how hard it is to tow with it. I dislike the mpg as well.

- Sydney E

Always runs. I have not had any problems. Always starts.

It is very Reliable It runs good, Good mileage. Have had no maintenance problems.

- Gerrit C

It is not like the rest , it is a beautiful trick that tides amaz8nb

Great suspension Great interior and overall design Rides smooth Great features

- Kellie H

It is awesome and works great. It gets fairly good gas mileage.

I have no complaints about it. It has worked great since the time I bought it.

- Jonathan C

It's a durable and reliable truck, it's the 2nd Frontier I've owned and the 3rd Nissan truck I've owned consecutively

I bought it to travel off road and haul a trailer, it does those things well

- Mathew L

It is a well built vehicle. Have not had any major breakdowns

It is very well built.has a lot of pick up. and I can do what I want in it.

- matt S

The Nissan Frontier is not a viable replacement for a full size truck.

Prone to rust. Bouncy ride. Bluetooth stinks. minimum payload capacity.

- er m

4 Wheel Drive. Nice truck. Rides well and drives well.

Rides nice. Looks good. Very practical. Horrible city driving MPG.

- Dan E

I like that there is a lot of room in the back seat. I also like that the bed has strips able to attach straps to. I dislike how bad the miles to gallon ratio is.

It is able to tow a lot of weight even tho it is a smaller truck.

- Kelsey R