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Best all around mid sized on the market.

My mid size pickup is the most useful vehicle in my opinion. It has all the utilities of a truck while still being small enough to navigate small city lots that are not always "truck friendly". The drawbacks include the bed not being deep enough to hold anything from blowing out, the back seat leg room makes long rides very cramped and of course the payload limits your tongue weight which in turn lowers your overall tow capacity. My Frontier is rated for five thousand pounds but I have towed a two ton dual axle trailer and that was all it could handle, safely. Overall after sixty plus thousand miles it still runs perfectly. I will be keeping it after it is paid off and simply buy a bigger truck.

- Tray M

A couple of flaws, but overall a great truck.

There are a few things that I am not fond of with my Nissan frontier. Overall it is a great truck and I love having it around to haul things with. My first complaint is the reverse camera. I hate having to turn off the beeping sound all the time, especially when I am hauling a trailer. It is just annoying and I wish it would automatically disable itself when hauling a trailer. The second thing that bothers me is the tire pressure gauge. The light always comes on in cold weather and often stays on even after I have just added air to all of the tires. These are minor details that I wish I could change, but overall I love my truck.

- Brandon G

There is Much more space than you would think at a glance

2015 truck with 4 doors front and back seat which I like due to extra space. Dual control temps i love because I'm cold natured and wife is hot. Love that I have seat warmers and the bed came with built in liner. Dislike the fact that I've never been able to figure out how to remove the jack luckily I've not had a flat. Enjoy back up camera. Plenty of space and comfy! Has features that i don't use calling from steering wheel xm radio and apps. I only drive 7 minutes to work so I'm not in the truck enough to mess with all those extras

- Annetta S

Wouldn't buy another Nissan.

No GPS system was included. The exterior paint job (coating) is horrid. I had a Ford truck for 10 years and the body looked like new when I sold it - not a scratch. The paint job on my Nissan looks like I have been driving through the forest every weekend. Whatever coating Nissan uses is unbelievably substandard. I will not buy another one. I will not make anything when I sell it or trade it in. Also, I was able to get a bright yellow ford, but no good colors were available in Nissan trucks.

- Cindy R

Good vehicle for the price.

Always getting check engine light problems, even when keeping up with all maintenance I have to replace the four tires soon and only had it for 2 years. The bed is too soft. It is aluminum and very thin. The truck drives smooth and have had no interior issues and the paint is like new. It is a very good looking vehicle. Overall it is a good truck for the price. I have been able to keep it pretty clean. I am planning on a long trip, and am a little worried about whether it can handle it.

- Tommy B

I have a 2015, four door, 4 wheel drive, Nissan frontier with gray interior.

Overall drive of vehicle is smooth. Comfort level is medium due to size mostly. Frontier's are not huge vehicles but gets the job done. I haven't had any real issues with my frontier except the battery dying, which they instantly replace because it fell within the one year warranty period. There is a Bluetooth feature and four wheel drive, as well as off-roading. I think my only concern is the quality of paint on the vehicle seems to be lower compared to other Nissans.

- Devon P

Nissan exterior coating inferior.

Does not have GPS or pic when backing up which most 2015’s have, worst area is outer coating on body of truck. It looks like I have been driving through the woods on a regular basis- lots of tiny scratches and marks that look horrible. I had a Ford truck prior to this one for 10 years and the body was impeccable when I finally got rid of it. Never even had to wax it. Nissan colors also boring. My Ford was bright yellow. I miss it.

- Cynthia R

My truck is a decent size and rides extremely comfortable. I have almost 56,000 miles on it and have yet to have any problems whatsoever. It is ok on gas and the bed holds a lot more than you would expect. The back seats also sit comfortable and there is plenty of room. The four wheel drive has helped me out many times when driving on snow or ice. Over all the truck handles itself well and was a great buy.

- Tracy W

It has plenty of room in the cabin of the vehicle.

The seats are a camel colored cloth like material. They stain so easily and it makes the truck look ugly. In addition, the seats are not very comfortable! Not enough padding or support for the front seats. The rear bench seat is not near deep enough in measurement. The seat is basically too short from your buttocks to the bend of the knee which makes long trips extremely hard and uncomfortable.

- Heather L

Vehicle for all seasons. It drives like a car; gets good gas mileage.

I have about 66, 000 miles on my Nissan Frontier. I have not had a single problem. It will transport five adults and it has a bed for hauling other things. It would be the perfect vehicle for a young family that can afford only one vehicle. It drives smooth. The ride is comfortable. It has a long history of reliability. I think most people would be pleased with this vehicle.

- Mike H

Overall it's ok for the money.

Rear seal went out under 2k miles bought new warranty covered it as well as drink holder spring 2x ok overall I would recommend extended warranty as well as Nissan dealership nearby that you trust horsepower is good works for what I use it for too bad warranty is expensive and added features do not want or need automatically came with costing me extra money.

- Michael W

Nissan frontier is a nice mid size truck comes loaded.

No problems at all it is a great truck. Easy to change oil. Tires last a while. Great mid size truck. Comes in all colors. Very clean. Nice radio comes with AUX and Bluetooth four wheel drive works great good in winter and off-road. Sliding back window adds to the truck. Child lock works on all doors. A/c will knock your socks off.

- Bailey J

Gets really excellent gas mileage.

No complaints at all, and my son want drive anything but a Nissan we have 3 vehicles and they are all Nissans, they are all trucks though. We had a Nissan Altima but our sweet daughter had an accident in it. She is fine but it was not so we do not have it anymore..My son just loves Nissans. He absolutely refuses to drive anything else.

- Gina J

First Nissan frontier I have ever owned.

I really like the truck as a whole, but there is a slight squeal. It is more noticeable when I first turn the truck, but it is not very loud. It is drives very well, and is a smooth drive. I would recommended this truck to anyone who is interested. I have never had a Nissan before, but I have been impressed with the vehicle as a whole.

- Kelly S

My thought on my Nissan and why I love it so much.

Maintenance free besides fluids and regular maintenance like breaks wipers etc. I have had no major issues since I bought in 2015 I drive it every day and it runs just like the day I got it, has a half ton tow, plenty of space in the cab, and 4x4, anti lock brakes, power locks, power windows, decent factory stereo system.

- Rick S

I love my Nissan frontier.

I have had this Nissan frontier for almost a year now. The size is perfect for us - not too large or too small for our needs. The suspension is a little harsh over potholes, and noisy with the windows down, and turning radius is not wonderful (makes it harder in parking lots), but otherwise, I love this truck!!

- Sherry B

Great gas mileage and storage. Never have had a problem with my truck.

Too small. Need more room for grandkids. Great on gas and performance. I love the seats and room for just myself. The air conditioner will freeze you out. The bed carries all my groceries and lots of pick up things for my family and friends. Maintenance is at a minimum.

- Barbara B

Well made - last a long time with minimal maintenance

It's the right size for us - 4 doors, smooth, comfortable ride, not too high or low to the ground. I have a camper shell on it, so it looks great and suits my needs of TRying cats. The color is gorgeous!! Decent gas mileage, but would like for it to be better.

- Sherri B

Great tuck. Handles well. Comfortable ride.

Has everything you need. Very comfortable. Good on gas. Handles well. Plenty of room. Easy to see out of. Lots of extras. Would love to have a 2018, very nice ride for the dollar. Will buy Nissan again. Short bed but still roomie. Few repairs of any kind.

- Donna S

For a truck, it does have a lot of comfort and I can do a variety of things with it.

My truck is a crew cab. So I have the luxury of people able to fit several people in the cab. Also can haul large items when I need to. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage but I didn't expect great gas mileage.

- Denise H

Crew cab truck, it's the best of two worlds. Love it.

I have a truck with a crew cab and can fit several people in the cab and still haul large items. It's the best of two worlds. I have no complaints except sometimes I wish I had a long bed instead of a short bed.

- Denise H

This pickup gets really good gas mileage,

This pickup drives nice, and a smooth ride. It pulls hill really good and we have a pop up camper and it pulls it with no problems even up hills. Best of all a lot of people tell us we have a nice pickup.

- Donna L

That is is a very versatile truck that is perfect for any occasion.

I love my truck! The color, make and model are perfect for me and what I need it for. I find that it drives really well and has good gas mileage. There is nothing that I dislike about my truck.

- Charlotte S

It's always been taken care of when it comes to maintenance.

Like: it's comfortable and good looking truck, useful to move stuff easily (i. e. Furniture, etc. ). Dislike: its a medium size truck, maybe a full size truck would be better later.

- Carlos P

Very reliable Nissan frontier.

I haven't had any problems. It has been very reliable. It rides smoothly and produces less noise than my wife's Rogue. Handles very good on the road.

- Duane T

Lacks power needs more horsepower.

Lacks power taking off needs more horsepower and cheap radio in truck and headlights are to dim for a new truck all cars should come with led now.

- James S

Wish it was slightly bigger.

The vehicle is reliable. I've put over 35K miles on it, with no issues. The only wish I had was that it was a little larger and roomier.

- Jamie E

My Great Nissan Frontier Pickup

I've had no problems with my Frontier. It is very reliable. It rides well and reduces the road noise in comparison to my wife's Rogue.

- Dewey T

Has more space than it looks.

My truck does not enough power generated. But has a nice look and is comfortable and stylish. Rides well but trembles too much.

- Tony B

It is very useful carrying passengers and items in the rear which is covered.

I like my Frontier due to it's style, comfort, usefulness, features and gas mileage. I have no dislikes. I have no complaints.

- dewey c

Have not needed any major repair in the four years that I have been driving it.

Likes: it is a standard transmission, compact, handles well, excellent visibility.. Dislikes: turning radius sucks, no power.

- Jaime H

More standard features than what is on the Toyota tu

I like that it is a 4 door truck. The under the back seat storage is very nice. Wish the under the back seat storage weer

- Gary H

Well, I think it's important that it has a lot of trunk space.

Well, I like that the trunk opens up automatically, I think that can be a time saver. I also like that it's a big vehicle.

- Marco A

Its four wheel drive, good gas mileage ,only have had to do regular oil changes ,

I love my truck have not had any problems with it .I have lots of uses for it , It's easy on gas and comfortable to drive

- emily a

This pickup truck is a great choice for a smaller pickup truck.

This vehicle is three years old and has given me no issues. This is my first Nissan vehicle but it will not be my last.

- Dave W

Its small, sporty and gets me fast everywhere and gas saver.

I like the space, the bucket seats and how smooth the drive is its such a great truck. I hope it lasts a lifetime.

- Kelsey A

Frontier gets the job done but could be better

Great space for a small pickup truck, Not much power, Needs a bigger bed, not too many features to it, plain

- thomas d

That it get great mileage and has plenty of headroom for a person who is 6'2"

The only problem is that a 4x4 has plastic bumpers. It should have had a steel bumper. All else is great

- Rita P

Runs great, good gas mileage.

A/c and heat problem when not moving. Blows cold in winter, hot in summer, when in motion, works great.

- John K

It is a good truck. Enough room in the cab. I love the shape of the truck.

I love my frontier. It has a beautiful engine. It drives fast. So far no problems with the truck.

- Nicole L

Plenty of space inside the truck though you wouldn't think at first glance

Backup cam, heated seats, dual temp controls, plenty of space, hands free calling, xm radio, apps

- Annetta S

That it's fun to drive. You can go places that you can't go in a car.

I love having a 4 door truck. It rides comfortably. I just wish I could get better gas mileage.

- Sharon M

That the Nissan Frontier is a fuel sucking truck, but use cruise to get more mileage

I absolutely love my Nissan Frontier. Only thing I don't like is the fuel mileage

- Zachary T

Very roomy, handles like a small car, great traction and comfortable seating for long drives.

It handles very well. Has great traction in the snow. Very comfortable to drive.

- Ben F

They should know it gets great gas mileage.

I like the color of the truck. I don't like the size. I don't like the interior.

- Zack S

The Nissan frontier has lots of engine power for the size.

I like the mid size, the bed size,four full doors and the four wheel drive.

- Howard S

It runs great,looks wonderful and does everything that I need it to do

Love that it has a long wheel base bed, Love having 4 doors, Color is great

- Karen C

The air conditioner doesn't work well when the truck is idling. There isn't enough room for tall people.

I love a pickup truck but this is a small truck and I am 6'2".

- John W

it is a solid truck that works well

it is a good solid vehicle. with the gas mileage was better

- joseph H