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The Nissan Frontier definitely gives more "bang for the buck" while remaining very reliable.

I have owned my 2016 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x for approximately 18 months. It came with navigation, Fosgate premium audio, heated seats, 4 wheel drive, and backup camera. I had no problems with it at all. the only maintenance required so far is replacing the battery and changing the oil, oil filter, and air filter. The V6 gives plenty of power for the size of the truck and from previous experience with Nissan products, the vehicle should remain very reliable. My original choice was the Toyota Tacoma, but I chose the Nissan because I was more comfortable in it and I got more features for my money.

- Richard L

2016 Nissan frontier sv four wheel drive.

I love my 2016 Nissan frontier sv crew cab short bed four wheel drive. It has the 4. 0l v6, which produces plenty of power for everything from daily driving to pulling my boat and other trailers. It has been a very solid machine with no issues and only normal maintenance thus far. The interior is roomy enough for my family and the bed is sized right to meet my needs. The creature comforts are also top of the line. My wife loves the heated seats and I like how easy it is to hook the trailer up thanks to the backup camera. All in all it is the perfect truck at a reasonable price.

- Brian S

Be aware of your blind spot and adjust your mirrors Accordingly.

This vehicle is great to drive on the freeway and on long trips. It gets great gas mileage on the highway. The one aspect of driving this truck is the "blind spot" if the mirrors are not set correctly. There have been times when I am on the freeway and a car from behind has been in sitting in the blind spot. Unaware of the car coming up behind me I. Have gone to change lanes and almost had an accident. The problem is alleviated by adjusting the two side mirrors so that the driver can see a wide enough view of what is going on behind you.

- Pamela B

I can honestly say if there has to be another vehicle purchase it will be Nissan.

I love my truck. I have had several kinds of trucks throughout my life including Toyotas and Dodges. Our Nissan is great in any weather and is a perfect size making it more comfortable to drive. It has been a great fit for all our needs. I was reluctant at first due to no experience with owning a Nissan but now we are so glad we took the risk because it has been a great decision. After two years, we still love our Nissan. I have nothing negative at all to say about our truck.

- Karen H

Anti-lock brakes save the day.

I truly do love my 2016 Nissan frontier sv. It is anti-lock brake system is amazing. I was driving in rainy conditions with a trailer attached to the truck when the car in front of me came to a sudden stop, I thought I would certainly impact with the car but I was happily surprised when my truck came smoothly to a stop avoiding an accident that I thought was a certainty.

- Charles T

Nissan's get better and better.

I love the way it drives. Tried out several cars but this was the one I liked the best. It is comfortable to ride. Not real fancy, but has enough power features to satisfy me. Nissans have a high rate of performance, that is a plus for me. My husband had a small Nissan that he rode to work, gave it to our son and it is still going strong with over 200, 000 miles.

- Susan F

Stock stereo sounds professional! Truck is a comfortable ride.

Truck has good acceleration and power, turning is a little tight. Love the truck bed accessories to tie down items in the back. Love the running boards look. Not fond of interior color 'tan' but it does not show dust. Have not used the 4x4 but happy I have the option if needed. Heated are a bonus. Love the stereo system. Sounds really loud and has great bass.

- Leslie S

The life of a frontier; going above and beyond.

I enjoy my frontier prox. It is a 4 wheel drive so I can take it anywhere. Gas could be better but it is not too bad. It has enough room for my partner and I along with our 3 dogs. It has have enough space in the cargo area as well. It could use a little better shocks and more quietness. You can hear everything from outside including the wind.

- Debra S

Great small size pickup truck.

Rides great on the highway could use just a touch more acceleration from a stop. Great basic small short bed pickup truck. Really made for small loads weekend gardening etc. Short bed does make a bit hard to pick up any lumber of any length over 8 feet. Love the bed liner and plenty of tie down points. Cabin is ok as far as outside noise goes.

- David V

Overall good vehicle and will keep for awhile.

The performance and reliability are top notch but it is a Nissan. The comfort is a little under par and not as convenient in overall daily use. Even after 2 plus years still have difficulty with organization and everyday use items. I have placed a toolbox to help with space and I am the primary shopper of the home which does help somewhat.

- Bobbi G

Good mid sized truck for purchase

The frontier runs very well. Enough space for a small family. Have not had too many problems since buying. Decently priced. Have had some trouble with grinding of the wheels. This is only due to rust so easily fixable. If you are looking for truck with plenty of bed space, should look for bigger truck. Overall a very good mid sized truck.

- Billy D

Do not buy this truck until they fix the issues.

I purchased the vehicle brand new and it has had two major problems with the vehicle. The first issue was the rear differential was warped and leaking differential fluid causing the vehicle to underperform. The second issue was electrical where the door sensors did not respond to having the doors open while the key was in the ignition.

- Mark S

Weird but explained car review.

It is great. The comfort is good. My husband drives it more than I actually do but it is amazing and beautiful haha but I have two teens and they enjoy driving it so good for your kids hahaha. And does not take up a lot of space in the garage. It shines good and it drives very good as well despite all the potholes in the road.

- Marri C

My thoughts and comments on my 2016 Nissan frontier sv.

I have no complaints about this truck. It runs very smooth and strong. It has a decent amount of space inside and in the bed. The stereo system is also pretty good so it's good to roll the windows down and cruise. I love that the truck came with bed protection and also a bed extender. It has come in handy multiple occasions.

- Sammy Hl H

Nissan frontier/desert runner: decent mid sized truck.

I have had one problem with my truck being the fuel injection sensor was inoperable. It was covered under warranty. The truck itself is a good daily driver. It is not really intended for heavy towing or off-roading but it handles well in the dirt and snow. The upgraded suspension of the desert runner makes for a smooth ride.

- Josh R

Heavy lifter turned family car.

I feel really safe in the car. It helps my dad carry his tools to and from work but is also a car that can take is somewhere as a family on the weekends! It is versatile! It is a two door truck making it really comfortable for a family of 5. We have never had an issue with the engine or make of the car, super reliable!

- Sam S

4 wheel locking differential.

The truck is a crew cab with good leg room to accommodate all passengers, Bluetooth capability, dual temperature control. The truck handles well over most terrain and has wheel locking differential. It has a truck bed and towing capability. It handles smoothly and easy to switch from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive.

- Shelley H

The 2016 Nissan frontier is the best truck to me!

I love my truck! It drives really nice and as long as you take care of it and keep up with maintenance on it you will love too! I have had no problems at all. This truck is even the perfect size for me because I am short and thin so it is really a comfort for me that I got a nice truck I wanted and it fits me too!

- Tammy O

Durable Economic Light Truck

I have owned multiple Nissan Frontiers over the years. They have always been reliable and durable for a small truck. The price compared to other manufacturers is great. On this truck, I like the many options in securing a load where the locking hooks can be moved along the side or the lower track.

- Stephen M

This truck works well for families.

My truck is perfect size for me and my family. I have a crew cab and my 3 children fit well in the back seat. I have a 5 foot bed which fit my needs. Recently I purchased a tonneau cover which attached quickly and easily. I love this truck. It is my favorite vehicle I have owned by far.

- Veronica S

Great Bluetooth capability

I love the height of my truck because I am very tall. I love the V6 engine and it runs fantastically. The towing capacity is great and the bed is large enough to transport items, but not too large that it gets in the way. The seating is comfy and spacious and the sound system is great.

- Coral G

My perfect truck and I, the saga

My truck is perfect. Plain and simple. I can haul things in the back without the bulkiness of a huge truck. The cab is roomy but not huge. Turns like a charm. Good for all terrain. I like the seats in the back and how they fold up or down depending on if someone is sitting in them.

- Mo A

My first time owning a pickup truck

I love my pick-up truck. It's four wheel drive, which is what we were looking for. Having a pick-up truck is so nice for the simple fact of being able to utilize the bed. The inside is roomy and comfortable for trips. Drives well and gas usage is as expected for the engine it has.

- Nikki L

Enjoying our Nissan pickup

We weren't really looking when we saw our Nissan. We really love it, so much so, my son and his family bought one, then my daughter and her family bought one. For a pickup, it's really good on gas. Fairly roomy. Bluetooth works well. We've not had any problems with it.

- Merry D

Bluetooth,XM radio, is the plus for me, it is every good on gas,

It is 4 wheel drive, the extended cab makes it more roomy when we travel,I have not had any problems so far, it runs great, good on gas to be a v6 engine,I love everything about it,Bluetooth,XM radio also is a plus,I would recommend this truck to anyone looking to buy a truck.

- Stephanie K

Outdated, need to be brought up to date, not keeping up with the competition.

Not very fuel efficient for it is size. Has a very poor turning radius making it difficult to maneuver in tight parking lots. I do like the back-up camera and the beeping alarm. The Frontier is becoming somewhat dated, it is appearance has not changed in the last ten years.

- Albert N

My awesome, get out and move truck.

I love my pickup truck. It has power, gets out and moves. Smooth ride. Excellent radio/cd. Comfortable seats. Good on gas. Nice box to carry tubs and bales. Super nice. Love blue exterior color with smoky gray interior color. No mechanical problems, very low maintenance.

- Marita W

Great truck with fantastic ride and great handling.

The frontier is a fantastic truck. No problems at all. Rides very good. Pulls a trailer with ease. The four doors are a plus with plenty of room in the back seat. Two adults can set comfortably. The only thing I have had to do is change the oil and rotate the tires.

- John L

Nissan Frontier - a great value.

Very reliable, no problems, and dependable. Plenty of power from the v-6. Comfortable, typical ride for a truck. Crew cab with plenty of room in the back seat. Better than average sound system, satellite radio, input for iPhone, mp3, etc. Many additional features.

- Kevin H

For my first car it truly is a great truck!

I haven't had any problems with my truck, I've driven across country and back without a problem coming from my truck. Truly reliable. For my first car. Its small and compact good for work and travel. Great mileage. Good on gas. It's been one of my best purchases.

- Christian M

Silver Nissan frontier with Bluetooth radio and CD player.

The reason we purchased my truck was to pull a Tahoe boat. The truck has a awesome tow weight rating and performs well. Our truck also has enough room for me to take my children from place to place. It will also has really great gas mileage at 19 mpg highway!

- Tiffany Z

So much room for activities!

I love my Nissan frontier! It looks small but there's a lot of legroom in the back and the seats are so comfortable. Has a great clean, classic truck look. I wish the turn radius was better but that is my only complaint when it comes to driving and handling.

- Charlotte A

It has plenty of horsepower, but the fuel economy isn't all that good.

I like that it sits up taller than a car, which helps visibility. I also like the bluetooth for talking on my smartphone as well as the audio system. I don't like the extended cab feature. I also don't like that the antenna isn't in the front windshield.

- Julie T

Basic midsize truck in low price range.

It is a basic model, seats were made of scratchy material had to get covers to make more comfortable. The turning radius is really bad, makes it hard to get into parking spaces. Good thing is there is plenty of room in cab. Also has Bluetooth and XM radio.

- Julie U

Nissan Frontier that is red, short bed. It's got 4wd and is definitely big enough for a family.

Vehicle is a used vehicle so it had one owner already. The truck is a nice sized truck, definitely a plus to have to move or pick-up things. I love the way it runs and it's a great vehicle to have. Would definitely purchase this model again if I could!

- Chris P

Reliable great truck. Good mileage good performance.

No problems rides great love my truck would buy next year's model. It looks good drives smooth great mileage never any major problems. Keep up on scheduled maintenance and you'll never have any problems with this truck.

- Rhonda D

This is a good looking, safe, manly. 4 x 4, with decent gas mileage with some great bells and whistles!

It is an extended cab with 4 x 4. It has a backup camera, leather seats. The front two seat are heated and I love it! It has SiriusXM radio and a moon roof. It is a very comfortable ride that gets on average 16-18 mpg.

- Michael H

It's a Nissan.It is a quality dependable vehicle that is functional without question.

Nissan trucks are the best! Solid, reliable, and tough. Powerful and reliable motors, dependable front to back. Only dislikes are not much leg room, seat cloth is hard to clean, and more shoulder room would be nice.

- David W

The most important thing for others to know is that it works, and I wish I'd bought another brand.

It gets me from one place to another, but it cost too much for the lack of features. Parts break on it for no reason and the dealer feels no sense of responsibility for the poor workmanship. It has bad gas mileage.

- Keith B

The 4.0 liter engine is very powerful for the size of the vehicle.

Like the size and the horsepower. I like the interior size when visitors come with me. I don't like the fact that there are no features like a back up camera or digital speedometer. No real complaints.

- Brian O

It is roomy for passengers.

I like that it is a truck, plenty of room for cargo and it is a 4 door so plenty of room for groceries and passengers. It rides a little stiff, seats are well padded. Has a really bad turning radius!.

- Julie U

that it takes a big curve to make an u-turn.

I like that it was plenty of space in the truck bed to carry stuff, and it drives well. I don't like that I can't hide big bags inside the truck. Also, I don't like that it has a big turning curve.

- Ee W

Can switch to 4 wheel drive.

It runs good. For a new vehicle, and for how much I am paying, I expected it to have the GPS and touchscreen added. Would make things easier so I do not have to use my phone or buy a GPS navigator.

- Christy W

I would highly recommend this vehicle to others.

Good size, smooth ride for 4 wheel drive, like 4 wheel drive aspect is nice. It is roomy enough to fit 4 people. It is a good quality truck for the money. It hauls items well. It has good traction.

- Mark A

Nissan frontier Nismo dependable truck.

The truck runs okay, at 150, 000 miles the transmission is a little shorty and the window on the drivers side does not roll up all the time. Aside from that, the truck has been pretty dependable.

- Kimberly D

That it makes me happy to drive. that it is a work truck so it doesn't always look the best or smell the best but it is my workhorse

I love my truck because it gives me the freedom to haul things and it has the power and height to handle most road conditions. I ride a higher than most passenger cars and have a better vision

- Ronn C

good truck very reliable very good feel when driving love it

size is perfect for hauling grandkids to and from school, band practice etc. truck is easy to maneuver and drive. very reliable, no problems since bought, fairly good gas mileage.

- nathan v

Very dependable and great mileage.

Gets good mileage and rides nice, I don't like that some vents you can't close. Plenty of room for four people and the style is nice with under seat storage in the back.

- Robert G

It's extremely affordable. It functions well for its use as a pickup truck. I also haven't had any major issues.

The gas mileage isn't great. I wish it had more power. I also wish it came with more standard features. Some of the compartments are cheaply made and break easily.

- Kwaku O

Smooth, safe ride for the whole family! Roomy, great safety features!

I love my truck. Smooth drive compared to other trucks I have driven. Comfortably fits my family of 4. Have been on a few 2 day road trips with no problems.

- Amber S

Smooth at work or play out of town or driving to work.

This roomy cab allows for up to 4 passengers. The drive is smooth even on tough terrain. I have had no problems carrying cargo or hauling a trailer.

- Jayson M

Nissan frontier extended cab

There are no problems it's a great truck, has everything I need lots of power, roomy for an extended cab plenty of room to haul most things in the bed

- Josh D

Small, uncomfortable, and pricey compared to a full size truck.

So far this frontier seems very dependable, but it is small and cramped when loaded with a driver and four passengers. The seats are not comfortable.

- Dale W

The best thing that I like is its reliability.

No current problems, performance is good, very reliable. Seats are cloth and very comfortable. The body style of the frontier is sporty and rugged.

- Rudolph S

It drives well and is a great choice for a smaller truck.

I love my truck. It has real back seats, not just a bench. It handles well and drives easily. All time 4 wheel drive would be my only improvement.

- Tricia L

That it has good gas mileage and it has heated seats.

It is to small it is not to comfort but good on gas I rather have a big vehicle but for caring the kids back and forwarded to school it is great.

- Sharon W

There might be a couple recalls on it.

I like drive in mountain,.. I like power engine.. I like interior design.. Dislike fuel cost.. Dislike pneumatic cost.. Dislike repair cost.

- Donald B

Nissan makes great vehicles.

Great gas mileage, small and compact for a pick up truck. Perfect for my everyday needs like groceries, taking the dogs to the beach etc.

- Carlos B

That it is stylish, it has bluetooth that you can use hands free. Cruise control, steering wheel controls for radio.

I like the body style and that its a 4 cylinder. That i can use for hauling large items. What I dislike that it's only for two people.

- Rudolph S

The great performance and the comfort is outstanding

the 2016 nissan frontier i have has great performance and is very comfortable on long trips. the only negative is the gas mileage

- brian b

Truck came with cargo light with I like.

Has no trailer hitch, nice amount of room for small pickup with four doors. May need better suspension, does ride a little rough.

- Alan T

The inside it black fabric and the car is white.

My car is pretty comfortable and runs smoothly for the most part, its small for me which I wish was a bigger like a SUV version.

- Melanie V

It's a fuel efficient pickup truck.

I really like the pick up truck because I am no longer constrained by the size of stuff I buy. I also like the towing capacity.

- Troy F

I really like the back up camera.

Wish there was more leg room for me. Long trips are a killer. Vehicle is great for my needs with a very good hauling capacity.

- Luigi E

It is a good running car. It is an easy car to fix.

I loved the truck about the only complaint wish the back seat was a little bigger kinda tight when the kids are back there.

- John Y

It's mine and it's a nice vehicle.It's a Nissan and I bought it new.

IT'S NEW,VERY NICE,NOT TERRIBLY EXPENSIVE AND IT'S A TRUCK...Have had some minor mechanical issues which required fixing.


That it is reliable and fuel efficient.

I like the backup camera, and fuel economy... I dislike the lack of tie downs, and overall the high prices of vehicles..

- Colt S

It is all over a pretty good car.

The pickup is compact. Holds three kids easily. It is a little wimpy on size and power, but perfect for what I need.

- John B

Runs Well , smaller version of the Titan

Good truck, a little small. Plenty of power and trailer capacity. Really is just a smaller version of the Titan

- Ron G

beauty of a truck but still comfortably seats 5

5 seat, bluetooth heated seats tire pressure sensors option for sirius radio USB port 4 doors great for family

- shari t

It drives like a car. It is very comfortable to drive on long trips.

My truck drives like a luxury car. It is very comfortable on long trips. It gets above average gas mileage.

- Ron C

Nissan frontiers are great vehicles

It's a small truck but fits 5 comfortably. The air conditioned seats are nice and the heated seats are to.

- Marie H

It only has 14000 miles on it

I like the truck but it has been in the shop 2 times for rear seal leaks. Going back in for more problems

- Gerald C

It is very dependable and roomy for the price. It has good resale value.

It has lots of room. It has a big back seat that is comfortable to ride in. It has been very dependable.

- Aaron D

I love my Nissan Frontier truck. It is very roomy inside and comfortable. I have modified the height slightly and it looks much sportier. The price wasn't bad but wish it was cheaper as I'm a college student with little income.

So far I'd like others to know that my truck has been very dependable for me as I travel far every day.

- jacob j

It is dependable and for our area is four wheel drive.

I like that it has everything I wanted. Backup camera, Bluetooth compatible radio. It gets ok mileage.

- Margaret T

It is great for mountain driving as it has four wheel drive.

Great mid size truck drives great. Could use better gas consumption and better 4x4 stability handling.

- Tracy M

Dependable and smooth running truck, with a great stereo.

Dependable, quiet, sturdy, useful. It rides smoothly. It looks good but not flashy. No complaints.

- Wayne S

It's a crew cab truck and a 4 wheel drive, low mileage

It's a 4 wheel drive and as comfy as driving a car. Very reliable transportation with plenty of room

- Carol C

Nissan frontiers excellent choice

Excellent performance. Great gas mileage. Easy to drive. Fully loaded. Bluetooth nice size truck bed

- Billy B

Great gas mileage and it has side airbags. I also like that the passenger airbag is turned on when someone is seating in the seat and not having to use a key like the older model

I dislike that the is not an armrest or much arm room between the seats and the pocket of the door.

- Jennifer A

It has four wheel drive that allows me to camp off grid.

Love it due to the handling and four wheel drive. It could do better with the gas mileage.

- Ron A

My truck handles very well and It's great on gas, on the highway my truck increases and decrease quickly.

My truck works having well in the Texas heat, it does well on gas. I have no complaints.

- Pedro C

Runs good. Was a good value for the price I paid. Nissan makes a good product that really seems to last. I just wish the smaller trucks weren't so small in features

I like that it's a pickup. Dislike that back seats are small and steering isn't so good

- Jeff G

They are good trucks as long as you take care of them.

No complaints about it. It is 4 wheel drive so I can go in the snow. It is 4 door.

- Terry N

Great Truck looks very good. I burns way to much gas and I think the transmission is slipping. I'm look for a new truck.

I love the color white. People see you when you are driving down the road.

- Jennifer J

Great truck with good gas mileage..Haven't had too many problems

No Complaints here...It is a very good truck ,I have had a few problems

- Clint T

It's a full size truck built small v6 drives good two wheel drive

Small full size pickup Has four doors Good gas mileage. Drives good.

- Sharon S

Nissan is very dependable automobiles features and comfort

this is a good little solid truck gets pretty good fuel mileage

- bobby R

It is a great 4 wheel drive vehicle, that does great in the snowy utah weather.

It is comfortable and nice. However, I dislike the payment.

- Kamille L

good all purpose small truck

good service decent fuel mileage. comfortable to drive

- james B

Handles well. Lots of space. Relatively comfortable ride

Very convenient. No problems with the current vehicle

- Steve B

I saw a Nissan Frontier get hit from the back by a Girl going 70 MPH looking at her Cell Phone the Nissan was stopped in Traffic. The Nissan was totaled but the 2 people inside did not suffer any injuries. Very Safe

Like very much, not too big not too small, very safe

- Neal B