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Nissan is a good and reliable brand. I have always been happy!

This is my 3rd Nissan frontier. I love these trucks! I haven't had any issues out of the 2017 yet. It drives smooth has nice leather heated seats. Has built in GPS and satellite radio and backup camera. We do have 4 kids so only downside is wishing the back seat area was little bigger. The ac works real good stays good and cold. Has nice storage areas especially under the backseat. Has several plugin areas for cell phone Chargers don't even have to use the car Charger type can just be regular cord. Even my 95 Nissan hardbody truck has been a good truck. I have always liked Nissan. They are good vehicles. I know these trucks are pricey for a newer one but they are well worth it!

- Darlene H

The Nissan frontier is great for a family that loves to go out on adventures.

I love my Nissan frontier, it is a great mid-size truck. This truck is perfect for my little family we get to go out and go to places a car can't take us. There are many safety features in this truck and I can rely on this truck to get me to the places I need safely, one of these safety features include an abs brake system. The safety feature I love the most would probably be the latch system for my sons car seat, it is so easy to put it the car seat and it locks in really tight making it really safe for my child. I think the only problem I have with the truck would be the turning radius, it is really difficult to make u-turns and make turns in a dead end.

- Alex M

The six cylinder engine in the frontier is one of its best selling points.

My 2017 Nissan frontier has approximately 19, 000 carefree miles. I have not incurred any mechanical or technical problems so far. This is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. The truck has four doors and a six cylinder engine. The back seat is a little tight for people over six feet tall. The engine is very strong; it has tremendous acceleration. This truck has a very strong track record for dependability; there are few mid-sized trucks that are better. The ride is very smooth and true. The seats are well padded and comfortable. As far as pricing goes all of the other trucks cost more, some a lot more. Nissan make a true gem.

- Jerry H

Amazing truck but not great for car seats.

Our 2017 Nissan frontier is one of the best cars I have been in. It is comfortable and has a ton of great features my only complaint would be that we have a 2 year old daughter and all though the truck is spacious once we put her bigger all in one car seat in the back seat it didn't fit too well. We had to put her in the middle seat so she could fit better because by the time her feet hang over the front seat would be in the way. It is a great truck for our family of 3 but if we had another kid right now it would be kinda hard to fit both of them.

- Brittany W

It fit every one of my specifications and I would be comfortable living in it with my dog

I absolutely love my frontier because it has everything I want in a truck. I drives amazing on the road and on gravel, I can feel the power. The truck is compact and not monstrous, it is great for mid-sized RV hauling and has plenty of room on the interior, as I have the full cab. There is still room for a buck and the dogs in the back. I love love love my Frontier. I am not being paid or compensated to write this either, Nissan made a great truck and I think that I may be with Nissan for a long time now.

- Dave J

Awesome sporty daily driver!

Absolutely no problems. I had a titan for 4 years prior and will be getting one again next year. My Nissan frontier is reliable, sporty and gets excellent gas mileage. Easy to maneuver and drive. It has heated seats, a backup camera and bluetooth audio system for cell phone interface. It drives more like a car than a truck. I moved recently and towed a 12x6 trailer completely packed full with absolutely no issues. I would recommend this pickup without reservations.

- Daryl L

The little powerhouse that could.

This is the best pickup I have ever owned. Mine is a sv v6 4x4 crew cab. The vehicle drives flawlessly and the mpg has been quite impressive usually ranging between 18-20.5. I have not used the 4x4 yet as the limited slip differential has worked wonders. Did have an issue with the windows and the motor trying to prevent driver side window from going up. Changing the window motor was relatively painless and this didn't affect how I feel about the vehicle.

- Joshua C

It's a cheaper alternative to the Toyota Tacoma. Has less features, but costs less to purchase.

The Frontier is the best alternative compared to the Toyota Tacoma, it is cheaper, however, does not have all the frills and whistles that the Tacoma has. The 2017 model doesn't have good connectivity with phone and apps on the phone, it's only good for hands free talk and texting using programmed phrases to reply back with. The handling/steering is a little "softer" compared to the Tacoma, but has more feel than the Ford F150.

- Cindy W

Nissan frontier is a great family and work truck.

I have a Nissan frontier with an a crew cab. The bed is lined and I have a cap. It is perfect for carrying people, pets, and groceries, as well as being a reliable work truck. My first trip in 'clementine' was almost 4,000 miles, travelling from Texas to Vermont, and back to Texas in only 5 days. I have never had a problem with the truck at all. It runs as well on busy city streets as it does on the highway.

- April M

Exploring the Nissan Frontier

The truck's service engine light has popped on a few times since I have had it, but overall it has been very reliable. The seats up front are comfortable, however the back seats are a different story. I have a seven year old, and she barely fits. Overall basic features, the truck has plenty of cup holders 8 to be exact, but you have to manually let down the windows.

- Jasmine W

Real driving experience - you are in control not computer software!

It is a simple, low-tech vehicle that gets me where I need to go, and it is one of the few remaining manual transmission trucks available. There are no power windows or doors, so getting stuck inside after an accident is less likely. There are no distracting electronics to interfere with my driving. Being a low-end truck, however, gives a rather rough, bouncy ride.

- GayleJean A

The Nissan Frontier is a great little pickup. Very strong and reliable.

Reliable. Good gas mileage. Handles well in the rain. Doors squeak a little. Gas pedal is a little touchy. Pretty basic model. I love the towing capability...I use it to pull my horse trailer and it does great. Seats are comfortable. Not a ton of leg room. Turning radius is ok for a truck. All in all I love my Nissan pickup.

- Velvet A

Comfortable and easy to handle

The truck is reliable and easy to drive, we use it to haul small trailers loaded with motorcycles, it has no problems with power or handling. The bed is large enough to store gardening supplies and other loads. It is comfortable on long trips and has only required routine maintenance in three years, no repairs yet.

- Kat W

Temperature display is tiny.

Displays are lacking. Especially clock and other displays which make driving easier and more pleasant. There is no digital display for time, mph or outside temperature that is readily available. And the display for nighttime viewing is hard to enable. The rest of the truck is nice. Comfortable to drive and handle.

- David S

I love my truck! Trucks are for girls!

I like that it has the temperature on the mirror. The leather seats are easy to keep clean and the heated seats are great in the cold weather. I love having the navigation system that is easy to use. I dislike nothing about my truck. My only complaint is there should be more girl colors for the trucks!!!

- Donna F

Convenience. The convenience is really important.

It's a good and reliable vehicle. I like how it compliments the way we travel. Nothing bad to say at all about it. Nissan is a pretty solid brand. I would definitely recommend it to someone if asked. It's a lot of models to choose from but I think I picked the one that fits our lifestyle perfectly.

- Walker W

Our sleek hardy frontier.

This truck is comfortable and dependable. We use it to pull our boat a couple times a week and it performs admirably. It is equipped with a rear camera and enough other comforts that it suits us as both a utilitarian and a comfort vehicle. It is roomy enough inside to seat four people comfortably.

- Liz B

2017 Nissan frontier review.

I do not like the displays and backup screen is very small. It is hard to see how fast I am going and what the temperature outside the vehicle. I do like the comfortable seats and the ability to adjust in many different positions. I like the truck bed and liners with the connection rails.

- David L

Rides nice. Have had no problems with the vehicle.

I love the way it drive but the steering radius is not great for turning or backing up into spaces, I am a good driver and find that I have to backup and pull forward to get into a parking space. It sits comfortable and the gas mileage is around 18 miles per gallon. It is a nice vehicle.

- Kris J

Great comfortable midsize truck.

It is a perfect midsize truck. It handles very well and is very comfortable. Have taken it on long driving trips. Not great gas mileage only complaint. Very reliable, no mechanical issues at this point. Price was fair for a truck like this. I will lease another when current lease is up.

- Cliff C

Nissan frontier traveling and workload.

The Nissan frontier is reliable vehicle. My fiance is electrician, so for work the Nissan frontier makes it easier to hold his ladder and larger equipment in the back of the cab. It also ran great while traveling from Fontana to San Jose. I cannot say anything bad about this vehicle.

- Sarah L

It's a comfy ride, good on mileage, and It's a great deal.

I love the radio controls on the steering wheel. It has comfy seats and quick cold air. What I do like is the fold down back seat, doesn't make a whole lot of legroom. I also still try to go to the dashboard for certain things that were in the old truck. Overall I love my new truck.

- don B

2017 Nissan Frontier Must See Review!

Overall this truck is very reliable and is very basic yet has everything I need. I would say if you are looking for a 'true' truck this is the one for you. The only problem I had was with the fuel neck and it was replaced under warranty. My truck currently has 28000 miles on it.

- John W

Nissan frontier all the way.

This is my 3rd Nissan frontier & I have been very happy with all three. They are very reliable & durable. There is a lot of room in the back of a crew cab & they ride very smoothly. I haven't had any major issues with any of them, they have just needed regular maintenance.

- Jackie P

Buy Nissan Frontier you will be happy.

Love my truck, runs great. Very reliable and relaxing to drive. Very roomy, sits 5. Love the heated seats on a cold day. Would recommend to truck buyers who want a smaller truck but with powers to make it up big hills. Great on gas. Can tow a trailer with enough power.

- Kim C

A truck that serves all my needs.

Though, I have had it only a short time, it has been good vehicle. . Have had no issues. When service has been done, no problems have been found and everything went smooth and quick. The vehicle has served all needs, from carrying extra passengers to small loads.

- Amy A

Drives great and sets up high enough to see well.

No problems, it is a good size truck with all the features. It is the right size for what I need and has just enough hauling space. Warranty is good and dealership stands behind the one problem I had. You need more information than I can provide. I like it.

- Cw L

4x4 manual transmission, with all the technology that I want at a good price.

For the price it cannot be beat. Heated seats, nav, parking sensors, dual climate, with a manual transmission. Awesome truck without any issues so far. The front seats are very comfortable, but the back seats are a little small, but still comfortable.

- Greg D

It is a truck large enough to haul anything but the cab provides the comfort of a car.

I like the inside- comfortable. I like the 4x4 capability. The backseat, although a truck is big enough for anything like groceries and safe for my 2 year old son. I wish it got better gas mileage and wish I had gotten power locks and power windows.

- Dorothy H

Drove my last one 100, 000. 00 miles and more then gave it to my son.

The main thing with my frontier is reliability, I owned one before and was very satisfied with the truck. Needed more room and went from king cab to crew cab and the extra space is really nice. The backup camera is nice to have if you need it.

- Daniel G

It has lived up to and surpassed my expectations.

The vehicle has been a great choice for me. Mechanically the truck has been completely reliable. The gas mileage has been very good. When I have travelled out of town in the truck, its performance and economy have been excellent.

- Brian M

It is very dependendable. It handles well and it is pretty affordable.

I have been very pleased thus far with the quality of my vehicle for the precision. It runs smoothly for being a 4 wheel drive. I like that it has hauling capabilities, but yet it is smaller in size than, say a bigger cab truck.

- Mark A

It is a great value! To lease, especially.

I have few complaints (if any). The heated seats are amazing. The gas mileage is incredible, for a truck. And, there is plenty of bed space! The cab could be a bit longer, for added passengers, but, I do love it, overall!

- Mycki C

It is safe and reliable and trustworthy to get me to where I need to be.

Only complaint is gas mileage is not great, but that is to be expected from a truck. I love updated features like back up camera and heater front seats. It is got a nice interior and decent room for our family of 3.

- Brooke H

It is one of the least expensive trucks but it is not cheaply built.

I love driving a truck and I had a conservative budget and the Nissan Frontier fit that budget. I love the features and interior is comfortable. I wish I had the funds for a backup camera and a bed liner.

- cory B

This vehicle has great large tires.

This vehicle is the base model. The vehicle appears to eat up gas quickly. This vehicle take wide turns. This vehicle has great ties. This vehicle has great take speed. This is my everyday work vehicle.

- Willie D

Slow motion Decent mileage Decent options Engine is a slug

It's a basic truck, it has ac, crews, back up camera, bluetooth, and USB. Engine is gutless. After sound deadening the entire cab, it is very quiet. It's great to go to the hardware store!

- Jason R

It drive great and can hall a lot of stuff.

4 door 5 ft bed rides great looks good gas mileage is not that great. Yes I would buy it again the ride is good it is very comfortable. 4 wheel drive can haul my boat and trailer.

- Ken Q

It's well worth the money and just as good as a bigger, "better" truck.

I like that is has normal tires, not low-profiles. I like it has a backup camera but no touchscreen. I hate how you put it in reverse. I like the bedliner and bed extender.

- Faith L

Very reliable vehicle and very comfortable.

My vehicle is a very reliable car because it is very comfortable and it is also great on mileage, I would recommend this vehicle for someone who likes comfortably.

- Cesar A

Comfortable and good gas mileage compared to most trucks

Spacious for a mid size vehicle. Comfortable to drive and ride in. The only complaint would be the radio/speakers not being high quality, but that's every Nissan!

- Christina S

It is not as bad as it is rated. The ride is better than it is reviewed,

It handles well. It has plenty of room in the cab and bed, The ride is nice. It could use more features like automatic headlights, navigation and a backup camera

- victor d

It is an excellent truck for the money.

I have no complaints other than not getting a back up camera or bed liner when I purchased. My budget did not allow for those features. I love my truck.

- Cory L

Great quality and price for the size of this car.love it

I love the brand because I can definitely trust it.the size of the car is medium which is great.very powerful vehicle, perfect for heavy construction load

- Kristina R

This is a very dependable truck. Decent gas mileage and comfortable

I love my truck. It's sturdy and reliable. It's got me through numerous snow storms last year. I love the heated seats but do wish I upgraded my package

- Michelle C

It does not get good gas mileage.

It has a quality ride with an off road capability. I have ample tie down points. It has a nice integrated cargo system. Also, It's a nice looking truck.

- Andrew K

Truck has Bluetooth and is great

I love my truck, just wish it was 4 wheel drive. It has Bluetooth, which I appreciate because I can listen to music and navigate at the same time

- Kayla M

Never thought I would own a truck, but this one is fun.

User friendly. I wish it was better on gas mileage, but it does it's job as a truck. The cab is roomy and comfortable for all 4 passengers.

- Vero Z

Affordable, reliable truck. Comfortable ride for a truck.

Big enough to haul stuff, small enough to park easily. Cab size is good for a small, short person like me. Could get better gas mileage.

- Charlotte C

Sturdy, quiet, and rides exceptional for a 4 wheel drive truck. Great legroom in back seats.

Runs smoothly and has good pick up speed. Roomy dual cab. Handles great. It is a 6 cylinder, uses more gas than I would have thought.

- Deborah T

My vehicle has Great tires

Great Tires, consumes gas rather quickly, it makes wide turns, but great for daily commute to work. Overall I'm please with my vehicle!

- Willie D

It's fun to drive and looks great. It has four wheel drive so i don't worry about getting stuck.

comfortable to drive, quite roomy inside but it doesn't get very good gas mileage and is hard to keep clean because its a dark color

- David S

It drives and handles well.

Love the comfortable drive. Do not like the lack of many digital displays for example the speed and outside temperature.

- David L

Where the battery is, where to put oil and gas in car.

Love the comfort, speakers, dislike the turning radius. The back seat space is great! The doors close really easy.

- Sabrina R

It is very dependable and attractive.

Dependability and pulls our boat well. I wish it had navigation. I would also like a larger truck, like a titan.

- Li B

The safety features that prevent accidents and fender benders saves our lives.

I love the look and style and color. I really enjoy the air conditioning and the speed and how smooth it runs.

- Emilee W

it meets all expectations

it is a good basic truck. it is difficult to find a truck anymore on the dealers lot that isn't a behemoth

- Ray B

The bumper to bumper warranty that came with it.

I wish it had better gas mileage. I like the size. I like how it drives and the warranty that came with it.

- Barbara M

It can be pricey to fill up.

It is reliable! It meets my needs and looks good! I have no complaints this truck is perfect in every way.

- Cat C

4 wheel drive works great and easy to put in and out

great vehicle, very reliable and comfortable. Plenty of power. good towing capacity. perfect midsize truck

- clifford c

Double cab is very roomy

I bought the vehicle used with only 9000 miles on it. It is very nice and clean. Love the double cap.

- Darrin L

Great headroom for a tall guy like me and not to small to make me feel closed in

It is a nice driving truck that has great curb appeal and lots of interior room for a mid size truck

- Steven J

It gets horrible mileage and even though it has a large tank you will need to fill it frequently

I love the size and comfort. I hate the gas mileage. I like it has a large gas tank.

- Tyler L

it is the third frontier i have. i have never had any major problems with any of them .

reliability is the most important thing. to not be stranded somewhere

- Kevin M

Great for transporting gear & kayaks

Comfort, heated seats, bed liner, all love. Gas mileage not so much.

- Rick P

It is a good compromise. The bed is the right size without sacrificing seating.

I like everything about it. It's very functional and comfortable.

- Mike K

it will do most everything big trucks can do with style

gas mileage needs to be better. would like alb. everything else

- debbie g

Awesome car that should be looked at

I like the make. I like the color. I like the air conditioner.

- seth c