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Living a great life in a 2013 Nissan Juke!

The Nissan Juke is amazing! Its perfect height off the ground for me where I don't have to squat down or jump up to get into it, I am 5'7''. It's a zippy little vehicle since it has a turbo engine! The seats are great! Its gone with me all across Texas, through Oklahoma, to Missouri and back home to the southernmost tip of Texas! The only problem I have had with it since I bought it in 2014 is that some part of the fan for the air conditioner fused together with heat and it needed replacing in the summer of 2018 which was a couple of months ago! Other than that she is still in great shape! she's been to the beach, the Texas hill country, over old creaky bridges in Oklahoma, a creepy road at night in Missouri, huge metropolitan areas like Houston and Dallas, and the tiniest of small towns! She's been lived in a couple of nights where adventuring got the best of us, held my fishing and scuba gear and first aid kit when my fiancée cut his finger at the lake, she's sang "baby shark" with my niece and I on all our adventures! She's held all my belongings every time I have moved. She's also been in a major car accident with me where we went flying through the air a bit and she kept me completely safe without a single scratch. We fixed her up and she's still going strong! I love my Juke! Definitely recommend to everyone!

- Danielle D

My juke, Stylish, practical and economical.

I have had no problems within the past five years. It performs well and its reliable. I am the only person that drives my car. Most of the features are ok, except for connecting an Ipod. The connection is in the glove compartment which makes no sense. I would have to set it up before I drive. The distance is too far from the steering wheel. The rear cup holder was not made properly; only a small cup can fit. I wish there was better lighting throughout the car, e. G. I have to turn the inside lights on to find the ignition at night. And it's difficult to find the gas release and hood release. I do like the trunk space and the option of the rear seats folding down. The size is appropriate for four passengers. It picks up speed quite fast. Overall it is a stylish vehicle, comparable to the infinite crossover. I am considering getting a larger vehicle now that I have three grandchildren.

- Roslyn T

Crossover from a SUV to Sporty and Luxury.

I have so enjoyed my Nissan Juke. When I began looking for a newer car this one just fit me so well. I had been in the SUVs for many years and wanted a more up to date car. No more SUV's. I found my juke to be the first car I have been able to parallel park with ease, it can fit in anywhere. The handling and acceleration of the car is 2 things I love about it the most I think. Well the miles to gallon on gas has been a nice change also. It can get 30 mpg. That leaves more cash for going out to do things I enjoy. I do enjoy having the GPS. It has helped me out many times. I hadn't planned on being in my 50's and single again and need a car at the same time. I think I made a great choice in my Nissan I found it to be dependable and sporty, and yes, an eye catcher too!

- Dana K

I call it the jumping spider. It looks like it is about to pounce and is zippy.

This car has extremely comfortable seats which was the first requirement when purchasing the car. The next thing I checked was how quickly it accelerated on the highway. Needless to say, the turbo engine makes short highway enhances a breeze. I also checked to see how tight a turn the car can make. It is a quarter horse of small SUVs. The only problem I have had so far is that the pulley for the alternator broke resulting in having to have the whole thing replaced. The mechanic told me that the process took twice a long because they had to remove the entire front bumper to get to the alternator.

- Andrea K

The engine shutters at idle, which makes you think the engine is going to die.

Overall, I like my Nissan juke. I like the turbo engine with the shift tronics which means I can use manual gears if I prefer in different weather. I like that it is fully loaded with many options. The few things that I do not like about the juke is that at and idle, the engine shutters which makes it feel like the engine is going to die. I have been told this is a known issue and can be fixed by upping the idle speed. The only other thing that I do not like about it is that when you have the music up loud, playing a song that has a lot of base, the back speakers make a loud buzzing sound.

- Carol M

Awesome, unique, & practical.

I love this car's "get up & go" I do not like slow cars so this is great. It also has and eco function though so that I can drive better for mpg when I want to. It is also practical for winter, the AWD works great! Comfort wise, I love the leather & heated seats. Part of what I like about the exterior is the way the front looks, the lights are set higher up, making for a very unique silhouette. I haven't had problems really, just general maintenance issues after 76, 000 miles on the car.

- Chelsea W

I think others should know that it would definitely be a great first car for someone. Its dependable and reliable. Stylish yet functional.

The Nissan Juke is my second vehicle I have ever owned. It has leather seats, sunroof, etc. I have had it for almost five years now and have loved everything about it. Its compact but still large enough to carry things around with the drop down seats. I haven't had any issues with it breaking down or falling apart. Well built. Always get compliments about it. Gas is okay. There are definitely cars that get way worse gas mileage, but honestly it depends how you drive.

- Vic L

Nissan juke- turbo small SUV.

My Nissan juke is amazing. I get great gas mileage plus it is only around twenty dollars to fill the tank. I usually get around three hundred to three hundred and twenty miles per gallon. The back seats lay down and make it perfect to haul items if needed. When the seats are up normal and the front seats are pushed back however the back seat is very small. An infant car seat is very hard to fit in the back if you are y’all.

- Hannah W

If you have to get a new turbo then you might want a new car.

I loved my Juke up until the turbo blew as soon as my warranty expired. I put 2300. 00 in it for a new turbo and now it has not been the same. Can not take it on long trips. As soon as the car heats up the turbo shuts off and you can not do 40 mph on the interstate. Plus it is using oil and the dealership keeps saying thru the turbo. You can run it dry on oil and the oil light or check engine light will not turn on.

- Misty H

The Juke is fun to drive and has a killer sound system!

The Juke is a great handling car that is really fun to drive. I love the ICON feature on the display. The sound system is wonderful. I have the CVT AWD. It does run on the smaller size. If I had a family I wouldn't use it as the family car. I've had it 5 years and at 100k miles I just now had to change my brakes. It has decent gas mileage and is easy to maintain. I love how funky it is. I will always own a Juke.

- Alicia S

Nissan juke; Small, stylish, fun to drive.

My 2013 Nissan juke sl is a great car for work and around town travel. The small size is what I have been looking for while the style and ride is close to the SUV experience I am use to. The ride is low on luxury and small inside so long distance travel is not as comfortable as I would like. The juke handles well especially when all wheel drive is engaged and it has quite a lot of power accelerating quickly.

- Joyce M

Convenient, small, but spacious!

I love that it is gas friendly. It looks small from the outside but it's actually quite spacious from the inside. Not difficult to park at all! Such a money saver when taking road trips and long drives. Great storage in the back and the seats go forward if needed. Has an old iPod connection in the glove compartment but there is an aux on the radio! Love the Bluetooth speakers for phone conversations!

- Anna C

Nissan Juke: Little Vehicle, Big Power! This vehicle has get up and go, so pay attention to your speedometer or you may find yourself getting pulled over for speeding!

I love my Juke! It really performs well in a variety of ways. The turbo engine makes it a smooth and fast drive. The all wheel drive allows me to confidently drive in event the worst weather. The interior is cool looking and comfortable. And when you fold down the back seats, there is plenty of cargo area. I don't have many complaints about the vehicle. It's the nicest car I've ever owned.

- Kat P

2013 Nissan Juke S Review

I love my 2013 Nissan Juke. It's compact, but it's just the right size for me. I used to drive a 2-door sports car, and moving into the 4-door Juke was such a relief. I don't have a lot of trunk space, and the back seat area could be a little bit more spacious. All in all, it's the perfect vehicle for me. If you are single, or have a small family, then this vehicle should suit you well!


A great car for college. It is cost efficient and gets good gas mileage.

I have had many issues with sensors going out, and issues with my transmission. At 50, 000 a full clean out of transmission fluid has to be done, and due to the type of transmission, it goes out every 100, 000 and they have to be replaced for about $3, 500. The car is super comfortable for being compact, and it gets awesome gas mileage! I would definitely recommend one with a sunroof.

- Bailey D

Gasless automobile future.

The ideal car would be some form of vehicle that runs without gas and can drive itself. That is the future. Needs to also be under 20,000 dollars so it can be affordable. The only car that I know of that can that is the tesla made by Elon Musk. Just need to bring the price down which he already stated that is his plan so I think we will see good things happen with the auto industry.

- Phillip G

Great drive with fantastic control!

My juke is a wonderful car. The gas mileage is incredible, in town I get about 28-29 gallons/per mile. This vehicle has a ton of speed as well. It also handles very reliably with little to no problems in bad weather. It also has an attractive interior. The only downside I have found with this car is the trunk space is lacking, but you've got to anticipate that with any hatchback.

- Jessica W

The Nissan juke is definitely smaller and more compact than it looks!

The performance of the juke is exactly what I need. It is decently comfortable for those sitting in the front 2 seats. Those who sit in the back must be small and comfortable with little head room. Gas mileage on the juke is not great. You get about 170 miles in a tank and about 20 miles to the gallon. The features of a built in GPS and rear backup camera are definitely nice.

- Sam F

It is small but it works for us!

The car rides nice and smooth. I love the sunroof! It is 4 door with seats can lay forward to easily pack up for trips or shopping. We purchased the car because we no longer needed a van. Our children are grown and on their own. It is good on gas. Roomy front seat. Only thing we do not like is that is does not have much storage space in front. Over all we love it.

- Denise G

Fun car for a small family.

I haven't had too many issues with my car. The window motor has gone out in the driver door but nothing major has happened since I have had the car, going on 6 years. Drives great with great gas mileage. Fun to drive and it is not too big or small. Wouldn't recommend for a big family. It is fits my toddler and husband just fine and could fit another baby if needed.

- Emily L

How much a juke Nissan sucks.

My 2013 juke Nissan has a very bad overheating problem. This gas mileage is not great but it gets me where I need to go. The a/c sometimes works and it sometimes does not. Do not get me wrong, I love my car. But it kind of sucks. My car will go for two days with a full tank before it runs out of gas. All I do is drive to work, home, and the store. It is a bad car.

- Felicity G

Great car, that is fun and fast to drive!

The car is a very fast car that has no problems speeding up after being stopped. The car has an incredible crash rating. After being in a car accident where I was rear-ended, I barely had any damage to my bumper where the other driver had a totaled car. It is a simple car with little extra technology, but it does the job. The car also gets very good gas mileage.

- Britt B

Excellent running car looks very sporty.

I bought it used about a year ago, it has a red spoiler and a red stripe, rest of vehicle deep silver love how sporty it looks, runs great except regular oil change maintenance has been an excellent vehicle. Back seats fold down to make room to haul stuff, also has sunroof, navigation, CD player radio and has a actual sporty button on it. Again love the car.

- Lorna S

Awesome vehicle a vehicle everyone should drive at some point in their life.

I like the handing and the look and the radio and the lights and the push start and the heat and the tires and the 3 drive modes and choice of two wheel drive, all wheel drive v, and all wheel drive and just everything about it. I don't like the constant variable transmission it is just different feeling from a regular transmission and not my cup of tea.

- Stephanie S

Basic view of owning a juke.

One of the more reliable cars I have ever owned. Can get a little uncomfortable on long trips, but perfect for daily commutes and quick trips. The quickness to get in and out of small spaces in a urban area is a big reason as to why I decided to get this car. Would definitely look at purchasing another one when the time comes for me to get a new car.

- Jay M

Don't buy a Nissan Juke, You're Welcome

I had to change the transmission after just 3 years. It is extremely small and cannot fit much if you are considering moving anything. The gas mileage is awful. There is no center console in this vehicle. This car just has no space for any large items, and with traveling it's an awful. The gas mileage can't even get you three and a half hours.

- Emily S

Terrible blind spot on passenger and driver side.

The juke has a great turning radius and quick get up and go. The gas mileage is tolerable. Though it is a small tank so it may seem that the fill up is more often. There is limited space inside the backseat and hatch. However the driver and passenger seats are very spacious. There is a terrible blind spot on both driver and passenger side.

- Mary S

I enjoy the headlight design as it gives the car character

The front seats are very comfortable. Back seats aren't very spacious. My Juke has been very reliable with proper maintenance as it has yet to suffer a breakdown. It is a fun car for city cruising as well as open areas. While not the roomiest vehicle, I have driven it cross-country multiple times--solo as well as with 2 other people.

- Liza H

Love my little Nissan Juke!

In the past I have had problems with my key fob here and there. I learned that you can still start your car if your key fob battery died. The fact that I can still start it if battery is low makes me feel more confident and comfortable in my car! Another pro is the jukes are so small I can park anywhere and get out of tight spots.

- Kay M

Great Crossover for getting around town or Traveling

I love this car. It has good gas mileage and it is the perfect size. The seats lay down, which means I have plenty of room to transport almost anything. The front seats have lower back support, making it comfortable enough to ride for a long time. The only thing is that my brakes can be a bit squeaky even though they are fine.

- Sarah L

Big things come in small packages

The Juke is small but that is great for a single girl like me. I can easily fit into tight parking spots. When I first bought the car I added 20,000 miles to the already 40,000 on it before the transmission went up but since then I have had no issues with it. I do wish it had armrests and possibly bigger door for the backseat.

- Jessica S

Sporty but roomy nice little car to travel around town.

Gas friendly very economical vehicle has a nice dial and package on it. Small but spacious period easy to handle very reliable vehicle never had any issues with it. Look sporty but still has room to haul small cargo nice stereo package moonroof. Had a few issues with the key not coordinating with the thing being remote start.

- Tammy L

Lover of Nismo: the car for a soccer mom with a need for speed.

The Nissan juke Nismo is great on gas costing approximately 30. 00 to fill up on premium gas. It has excellence handling and accelerates with ease. The vehicle is trendy and still stands out on roadways. It comes with an upgraded speaker system allowing you to dance to your favorite songs with clarity, volume, and bass.

- Cachet C

Juke: fun but not everything you expect

My juke drives and handles very well. It seems to be very reliable for a Nissan. The issue seems to be the gas mileage. It doesn't get as great as it should. It gets an average of 30 mpg. But in the winter it gets like 20 mpg. But overall I think it is a good car, it is a shame they stopped making this model.

- Elise M

I absolutely love the way the juke looks, it's extremely cute and quirky

I've never had any problems with my Nissan juke. As long as you care for this vehicle It will definitely take care of you. Just continue to put the recommended 93 octane fuel in it and it will keep the engine healthy and clean. Perfect for a small family or someone looking to buy they're very first vehicle

- Ethan D

Small tank, small storage, perfect for someone small.

The gas tank is very small, so if you have a long commute or drive long distances often it may not be the car for you. However, for a single person it is a really great car. It also easily fits car seats and kids. The storage space in the trunk is small but the back seats fold down to create more space.

- Jacqui C

Fun to drive sporty vehicle

It is a fun car to drive. Eco mode takes all power of this sporty car. It is a compact SUV crossover therefore it is not roomy. I have to lay the back seats down to fit groceries in to bring home but other than being a bit small I overall love the car. Good radio features, good GPS , XM radio, sunroof.

- Brittany R

Nissan juke review year model 2013

No problems at all Nissan are really great cars even with high mileage I haven't had any major problems just simple oil change tire rotation and that is about it. Great motor runs smoothly high quality car great for road trips or simple day to day tasks like work and running errands, very reliable car

- Mary B

Its okay not recommended though.

I enjoy my car the only downside is the size. I wish that it had a center console to rest my arm on. It is okay on the snow but not the best. When I purchased there was a rip in the driver's side seat that has continued to get worse. It also does not have a big gas tank so you go through gas quickly.

- Kay C

Great performance of a sporty car!

I love the way the juke handles on the road, takes corners, and is great in the snow. The love the look and style which is so different than any other car. The juke has good gas mileage and low maintenance needs. I love that it is sporty but the back goes down for a small SUV that act carries a lot.

- Sandy M

No corners cut, everything top notch, they didn't compromise on anything anywhere for a base model, stock everything

Great compromise just short of an SUV, in a smaller car. Great ground clearance for snow/off road, great all wheel systems, takes off like a rocket, even without switching to turbo, if needed. Great stock sound system, tech stuff it came with, handles, rides, turns great. No complaints, only praise

- Ed M

The upkeep is easy and not built too cheap.

I have not had any problems with this car as long as I take care of this vehicle, oil change every 3 months checking tires water wipers and all window washer and keep it clean and checking filters battery and all components rides good and mileage is great car not too big and not too small.

- Rose D

It gets great gas mileage, it is also a comfortable ride and it is fast!

I love the compact size but still an SUV. It is cute and sporty. Very roomy to be so small. My husband is a drummer and I was really hoping that his full drum set wouldn't fit in the juke because I didn't want to put so many miles on miss julie! But the complete set of drums fit! Dang it.

- Patricia H

It is the perfect size for me, not too big but not too small!

I love my Nissan juke! It is the most spacious car you have had yet. I am a college student and the gas mileage is perfect for my college student pockets. The inside media and AUX outlet is a plus as well! Overall this is the perfect car for traveling to work or traveling on road trips.

- Thea C

A Perfect sporty mini SUV

If you are looking for a small SUV, this car could knock your expectations. It is very sporty and the handling and agility on the road makes it a pleasant car to drive. The sunroof and the gas mileage are my favorite things on it. Finding a place to park is never a problem with a Juke.

- Is B

Juke is a must have vehicle!

Reliable. Runs clean, quietly. Both sport and economy transmission options. Great sound system. Lots of storage/hauling space; convertible inside. Leather seats. Great factory tinting. Excellent gas mileage. Bluetooth. Interactive electronic system. User friendly dashboard. Alloy rims.

- Amanda C

Customizable and reliable.

This is a fun car to drive, and is very customizable. Comes in lots of colors and other varieties. However I wish it had a larger trunk size and more legroom for back passengers. Love the speakers and sunroof. Overall a reliable car to drive that has never given me performance issues.

- Christine P

Eco mode saves me so much

It does amazing on mileage it's comfortable the trunk is a bit small but as a college student it's all I need . It's sports mode and economic mode is really handy when you're needing to rush to work or honestly when you don't have much gas and you need that little bit of extra saving

- Eileen D

My new Nissan was affordable and easy on the eyes!

I bought a certified Nissan from an out of state Nissan dealer in Ohio. The car itself is good looking, cute/ugly depends on if you like your SUV's extra masculine or not. I have had no issues. The car is reliable, easily maintained and great on gas. I only wish it had remote start!

- Lyn B

Unique shape rear door handles are hard to see for people getting in the back

Reliable, great head room, rear seats fold down for extra trunk space. MPG not as good as one would think. Fun little car to drive and affordable. If you do your own maintenance the engine bay is small. Also have to remove more items than you want to just to replace spark plugs.

- Thomas E

Sporty, roomy and reliable.

The car is sporty, roomy, handles well, okay on gas, no major issues with car in two years of ownership. My only grievance is that the lights shut off completely when you shut off the car you have to turn them on manually and they do not always shut back off. Super reliable.

- Kristen S

Nissan Juke, puts great in compact SUV

The Juke is a great compact SUV. The performance is great and it some get up go. Very reliable and fun to drive. My Juke has a turbo engine. Gas mileage is great but it does not have a lot of cargo space. Its can seat five and the backseat will fold for more hauling space.

- Shaq C

Reliable small car with large interior.

I love that my vehicle is small enough to drive around urban areas and park in tighter spots. Nissans are very reliable. Also, my juke has variable all wheel drive so I am able to achieve good gas mileage but also have the option to use all wheel drive during bad weather.

- Laura N

Great car for city or rural driving. Well built solid ride.

No mechanical problems, very reliable, great comfort. Lots of head and leg room. Seat folds down for large cargo space. Love the turbo performance for highway travel and passing. Great maneuvering due to small size, easy to park in tight spaces. Love the sleek body style.

- Tina M

I love the fact that it can turn on a dime. In winter, it goes great in the snow.

It is a great car, it is all wheel drive and gets great gas mileage. The only problem I have had is when I start up a steep hill it tries to bog down. We started using high test gas and it seems to help. It is very roomy, my husband is 6'4 and he fits with room to move.

- Angela G

2013 Nissan juke vs. AWD - good car, bad blind spots.

Pros: good gas mileage, reliable, great a/c, automatically locks when driving, 4WD, speedy, good technological features. Cons: small gas tank (11 gallon), uncomfortable front seats, major blind spots, small trunk, limited space in backseat, outdated map GPS system.

- Cassidy F

Unique styling as compared to most other compact cars.

My only complaint is that it is very noisy and there is a lot of buffering when you have the windows open. The car is overall reliable and easy to handle. I guess I would most likely want power seats. The seat adjustment is necessary as I am only 5 foot tall.

- Pat T

Three different driving modes.

My juke is amazing! It has three different options: normal, eco, and sports utility which helps a lot when trying to save on fuel costs. The seats are not the most comfortable as there is not much interior space. Also, the center console is not very sturdy.

- Dorothy H

The most important thing about the Nissan Juke is the great gas mileage.

My car is a cute, sporty crossover. I like that it has great gas mileage. It's also very speedy and is a lot of fun to drive. I really don't have any complaints, but I would not recommend it if you have more than one child. It gets cramped in the backseat.

- Sarah V

My juke the high performance vehicle.

Has great gas mileage, comfortable seats, compact, great traveling vehicle, very reliable, great speakers with sound performance, very roomy, would recommend this vehicle without a doubt, have not had any problems since I bought my car over three years,

- Celia K

The fold down seats and configurations hold a lot of cargo.

Love this car's gas mileage! It is a 4 cylinder but really gets up and goes and it's fun to drive. Its hatchback and really hold a lot! The stereo that came with it really rocks. The tinted windows really help in the Las Vegas sun! I would buy it again.

- donna R

Drives fast- great mpg- comfortable.

Great comfort- great reliable- fun to drive- safe - drives fast- cool looking- love the sunroof- electronics are adequate- phone compatible- great stereo system- handles the road well- roomy and spacious with plenty of storage space- easy to maneuver.

- Nan S

Nissan Juke Overview - Jukes are fun! and have a lot of great extras.

This car has okay gas mileage. It really has pick up. It is small enough to get in and out of traffic and get out of the way. When my tire pressure is low, I am not able to see my mileage. That is a defect in this car. Overall, it is a fun car.

- jane m

Nissan Juke is reliable and great for winter

Vehicle has great all wheel drive functions, allowing you to switch between 2 wheel and 4 wheel with a switch. Very reliable. Blind spots are huge and mirrors often aren't helpful, and the width of the car is tricky for parking in small spaces

- Kim O

The gas runs out way too fast!

The things I like about the Nissan juke is, the radio is amazing, the drive is smooth. The dislikes I have are the care is very small, the seats get way to hot, & the gas runs out way too fast. But all in all the care is a great car!

- Kaitlyn D

My car is a great small car that's fun to drive!

My car is the perfect small car. I love that it is all wheel drive, which comes in handy in the winters of the midwest! I love that it also has different driving modes, eco, normal and sport. It's great on gas and fun to drive!

- Brianna A

It's pricey and I'm not sure why. It's not an impressive automobile.

I do not like that the gas tank is small and I have to fill up twice a week. I like that it has all wheel drive. It is not peppy even with a turbo engine. I don't like that it does not have a lot of cargo room.

- Dani L

Super cute car! Great safety and personal details.

Never had any issues with the Juke but not the best gas mileage. Safety is really good and maintenance is not very expensive. The tank is small so it needs to be gassed up pretty often.

- Maddie A

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a good car and I recommend it.

I like that it is tall like an SUV but small like a car so I can parallel park in the city with no problems. I dislike that the side mirrors are real big and hard to see around.

- Leslie F

Easy driving, great gas mileage, stylish design

It's a small compact sUV so it allows me to be up higher than regular cars. But I am still small enough for very easy maneuvering. I just wish it wasn't black because it's so hot

- Cam K

Great gas mileage. But not great performance.

Have had so many issues with this vehicle. Motor ceased on a busy highway. Tire issues. Love the size but you cannot fit lawn chairs in the car. Gas mileage is great.

- Jennie D

It can go anywhere, you don't have to have 4 wheel drive if you have a Juke

I really like that my car is all wheel drive, I live in a rural area and this is really helpful at times. I also LOVE the interior of my car the color is beautiful

- Glenna M

I love it. And it is great. It is very reliable and dependable.

Very reliable and dependable. I love it. I love Nissan. I really dislike American made cars. Very smooth. Quality. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it.

- Bryan R

So far a comfortable reliable car.

It handles well and is comfortable for me the driver. The gas mileage is just okay. I find it to be a good fit for my lifestyle. I would buy another.

- Ann G

Cute, fast, comfortable and reliable.

Excellent car, drives fast, good control, cute. I have had no repair problems so far but I do not drive a lot. Very reliable and comfortable.

- Bonnie K

great in any type of weather. all wheel drive and great in the winter and we have rough winters

my juke is a snappy little hatchback. great gas mileage. very easy to park it, slips right into smaller spot. love it, no complaints

- carrie s

It is reliable and safe. I recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a well run Nissan.

My juke is a small compact SUV. It is the perfect size for me however it really eats up gas. I spend about $60 a week to fill her up

- Lauren W

It handles well, is roomy on the inside, drives well and is fun

It is very reliable, comfortable and enjoyable to drive. It doesn't have a lot of the electronic bells and whistles that I'd like.

- Dani T

The Juke runs like a champ. Low maintenance. Just the basics to maintain.

I like the size, shape and ability of my Juke. I call it my 4 door that looks like a 2 door that rides like a crossover. Love it.

- Jen F

The Nissan Juke is a fun to drive. It gets pretty good gas mileage and you can park in small spaces.

The only negatives I have with the car are backseat legroom, the need to purchase NAV updates, and the backup camera is too small.

- Janelle V

One of the most important things about my car is it is fuel efficiency.

I love that the vehicle feels like it was built specifically for me. What I do not like is that is not very car seat friendly.

- Eva A

It's funky and fun. Cute car and fun to drive. Good on gas

Love the color and speed. Great on gas. Super cute and comfy. Is not great for storing things in the hatch. Not a lot of space

- Sam C

Fun to drive, tight steering in sports mode.

Fun car to drive, lots of zip. Haven't had any issues with the car at all. Is a small compact SUV so limited storage and room.

- Shelly M

The most important thing about my car is its low key.

I like that my car is a gas saver. Its made for traveling. What I dislike about it is that it's just a little bit small.

- Xavier C

It's very dependable and it's very safe to travel.

I have had a Nissan before and it is very dependable. It lasted me years and I didn't have to have it worked on much.

- amy t

I really like the eco feature.

My vehicle is a Nissan Juke, Nismo version. It has GPS system, bluetooth communication, four doors, and eco options.

- Emily R

The price, the gas mileage and the way it drives.

My Nissan juke is a little smaller than I would like. And it is ok on gas, not great. I like the unique body style.

- Teresa E

That It's a girly vehicle that's fun to drive, decent on gas mileage.

I love my Juke. It's so fun to drive. It's decent in gas mileage and i'm able to fit everything I need in it.

- amy c

That it has roaches because food fell in the car.

What I like about my car is that its small when I am doing U-turns I can make them faster than bigger cars.

- Brenda D

All around good vehicle, can go anywhere.

My car is very comfortable and is all wheel drive, which I love because if the road is bad I can still go.

- Gail M

That it drives smooth and has good gas mileage if others want a smaller SUV.

The space of the cargo and backseat is small and hard to work with, but overall the vehicle is great.

- Brooke H

That the car has good gas mileage and does well in most weather.

Great car with good gas mileage. I have not had any problems with the car. Does well in all weather.

- Anna K

The Nissan is a very fast car it is terrible. Is very good and gas.

It is a good vehicle the only problem he has is that the air-conditioner had to be fixed three times

- Christine V

It represents me. I've always liked cars that were unique and different. I'm not a sedan type of person.

I love that it is a compact car that is also all wheel drive . Lots of room inside. Great on gas.

- Theresa S

Great pickup with a Turbo engine

The juke has great pickup with a turbo engine. There is no storage. It is gold and cute

- Jo S

It's cute and fast! I think it looks sporty and youthful.

I like the size and look. It does tend to overheat, which I don't like.

- Rum S

It is great on gas mileage and fills up on about $20

I love that my car is a compact suv. Not too big not too small.

- Shaylee W

it runs great. I have had no problems with the care

i like that it is like a crossover and sits higher. it's cute

- kell r

This vehicle is great for bad weather because it's high off the ground. It's also got a pretty big trunk. The downside is the oversized side mirrors. They make it difficult to see.

This car is a great value and it'll last a long time!

- Ashley M