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I love my juke, there are just some helpful details you'll need to know.

I have never had an issue with performance especially in the harsh winters in Minnesota. There is a sort of blind spot on the Edge of the windshield though with a large piece of the car blocking my vision. This is something I just had to get used to in order to get the hang of the juke. I also think that I have had to get an oil change more frequently than any other vehicle I have had in my household before. I am not sure if that has something to do with this exact make and model or not though. I absolutely love the way the car accelerates also, however it truly feels like you are going slower than you are because it is just so smooth. This is something to be cautious of because on the highway I have been going several miles faster than what I would have guessed. Once again, this is just something to get used to. While on this topic, there is another weird flaw where the steering wheel completely blocks my vision of the speedometer and other features on the dashboard. Once again, this is just something I had gotten used to. Overall, I adore my juke.

- Savannah B

My car is a mango colored beauty with low profile tires and black wheels.

I have had her for 2 years and she is a very good car. It's not for a tall or very overweight person to drive. It is a great grocery-getter and has only one blind spot. So fun to drive, terrific amenities include back-up camera, tinted windows, fold down rear seating, low profile tires, interior gas cap release, very comfortable seats and takes corners like a champ! I have turbochargers on mine so take off is not a problem. Gets pretty good mileage (36 highway, 25 town) and I use premium gas, as suggested. If you want a fun, 4-person vehicle with zip and gets second looks, buy it! Btw, I really like that I have cruise, Bluetooth and a sunroof!

- Alice M

Great vehicle and the price fit my budget.

I have no problems with this car. It has turbo engine, however I get good gas mileage. With this engine when I want to pass someone I am able to. The only problem I have with vehicle is phone charger. Does not work unless car is turned on. My car is very comfortably, the seats adjust great. Other than maintenance, such as. New batteries, tires, oil change and fluids in reservoir as needed. Its four door but looks like a two door. Love that look. I love the attention I get while driving my car, everybody wants to know kind of car it is. All in all great vehicle.

- Lynn M

The amazing everyday vehicle Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke has been and excellent car to drive. It's been very reliable and is very fun to drive. It's very sporty and has a lot of power as well as getting great gas mileage. The stereo sounds amazing and the seating is very comfortable. The drawbacks is it does not have apple carplay and the back seat is a little small. The vehicle does have a lot of storage and can transport a lot of items when needed. Overall this is a great vehicle to drive and has very low maintenance

- Jason P

Nissan juke loving the car.

The Nissan juke is absolutely amazing! With a turbo engine, it is very fun and exciting to drive. It is very safe, and does great on gas mileage! It is a very reliable car, and it is so very cute. It is the perfect size for someone just starting to drive, or for a family of three to four. The back seat is a little small, but not too small. It is very easy to park, and fits in tiny parking places. It goes about 7,500 miles before an oil change, and run perfect rain or shine!

- Berkeley M

One thing people should know about the Nissan Juke is that it's great on gas.

I like my Nissan JUke because it has been very reliable with no issues. It has a 4 wheel drive option which is great for Pittsburgh winters. My Juke is also good on gas. I get about 26 miles per gallon of gas. The Juke is a very fun and easy car to drive. It has plenty of power and very agile. I enjoy having a sunroof, an upgraded stereo system and a navigation system. I would recommend the Nissan Juke to anyone looking for a crossover style car.

- Jennifer T

The 2014 Nissan juke, good & bad.

I love the turbo feature but the inside is small. The trunk does not hold much. It is hard to fit 4 adults comfortably for a road trip. The mud flaps are plastic and so are the clips, they fall off easily especially if you have a winter season. I added heated seats to the car when I bought it, which is a great thing to have. The interior cleans nicely, wiper blades are difficult to change and it is hard to find one for the back window.

- Lori W

The Nissan juke is surprisingly fast. It has amazing gas mileage.

The Nissan juke is a great fast car. As long as you put the right gas into it and keep it in mid condition it will last a very long time. The only reason this car doesn't have a 5 is because the maintenance is pretty hefty. They use a specific tool custom to the juke for tires and the interior which makes it difficult if you need assistance roadside. Other than that it is very reliable and as I said very fast.

- Ian F

The Nissan Juke SV vehicle can run on mid -grade 'plus/special' gas.

I have no problems regarding the performance, reliability, comfort and features of my vehicle. Because I live in the city, having a compact car is ideal for parking purposes. Personally, I prefer a compact model because I am only 5 feet tall. The interior is much more spacious than expected, meaning friends and family are able to make themselves comfortable. It's a unique model, highly recommended!

- Rebecca R

Reliable vehicle, runs good but not much space on the inside

I would say overall that a Juke is a great car for someone who doesn't have a lot of passengers. The car itself drives great. Very good gas mileage and has some giddy up too. However, the car doesn't have a lot of space on the inside. It's uncomfortable trying to fit 3 people in the backseat. I would recommend this car for people that need a reliable vehicle for long commutes back and forth to work

- Garrison R

2014 Nissan Juke SV Review

Overall I do really like my car. However, it is much smaller than it looks. There isn't a lot of room in the backseat nor in the trunk. It has had some maintenance issues where the transmission went out at 80,000 miles. The dealership told me it was because of all of the mountain driving I do but I was still shocked it happened when my car was barely even four years old.

- Presley S

My new old car hat is little and looks interesting.

Room for the dog, high enough off ground for me to get in and out. drives nice in any weather. The key for the push button starter is $300 o replace. So do not lose it. The covering on the hatch floor is weak and was rubbed through quickly. No rubber matt is supplied for that area. The console between the two front seats broke off and is very expensive to replace.

- Gloria L

The juke is a very sturdy little car, and does very well in snow.

I have not had any problems with my juke. I have almost 100k miles on it. Very good in the snow, very sturdy for a compact car. The only complaint I have is it is very small. Unless your backseat passengers are small people 2 average size adults fit, however if they have long legs they are really out of luck, as there is not much foot room.

- Ken S

Exciting car to drive, handles very well!

The only thing I don't like is that the visibility is somewhat limited between the windshield and the driver's side mirror. Other than that the car has performed perfectly. It is fun to drive and gets relatively good gas mileage. If I could have afforded it I may have gotten the 4 wheel drive, although I haven't really needed it.

- Chris B

Good reliable car. Little leg room. Basic version interior is very cheaply made.

The juke is a good reliable car however it's best to get the upgraded version if possible. If you get the basic version then the interior will come with cheap plastic that breaks easily and the seats are uncomfortable and the rear view mirrors are cheaply made as well. I also wished the back seats had a little more leg room.

- Crystal L

It's a lot of fun to drive and is much cooler than it might look.

I like the cool driving options, like Eco, Normal, and Sport. I also like how quick it is, even on Eco mode. I don't really like how small the back seat is, and will probably have to upgrade to a larger vehicle soon so that my children will have space even though I don't like larger vehicles and love my little Juke.

- Tiffany A

Juke trunk size is not enough.

The trunk is too small and the doors in the back are also too small where it is hard to fit large items in the backseat. The car is only a four cylinder which does not accelerate fast enough. I do not like that you cannot have a Bluetooth connection to your phone even though the button is there to connect it.

- Kelly R

It has been discontinue and not small gas tank.

The vehicle isn't as fuel economy as I thought, and now it has been discontinue which will may make the replacement parts and servicing more expensive. This is the second vehicle nissan has discontinue (altima coupe and juke); which is concerning for someone who has been nissan customer for 30+ years,

- Ty D

My vehicle does not include the upgrades like the newer models.

I love how great it is on gas. The Nissan juke performance is amazing. I have always gotten compliments over how amazing the car looks. The car has numerous features that make the overall driving experience safe. With Bluetooth connections and aux connections as well the music quality is superb!

- Christine O

The price is around $21,000 lower than most of the small crossovers.

My Nissan Juke is actually a good car for all families, both small and big. I had an SUV previously so was not sure I would like the Juke but it really fits my lifestyle. On one hand it is like a hatchback but it is also a fun to drive vehicle. I feel it is liked by all, not just young or old.

- Kimberly R

Great vehicle for a single person. It does really well in snow storms.

Car is very good on gas comes in handy if you travel a lot for work. Has a lot of boost barely tap the gas pedal and will take off. The back seats are very similar to bucket seats, so not very much room. The trunk is very small as well. Overall is a good vehicle for a single person.

- Ashley A

Lightweight speedy enjoyment

my car is still relatively new and so therefore I have not had any issues with my car. My car drives fast. The performance level of my car performs at my personal preferences. My car is very comfortable. There are leather seats but I enjoy them especially when it is cold outside.

- Marina F

My juke is great car but backseat is just small.

I like my juke. I have not had any mechanical problems with it. I have three children, so one down fall is the size of the juke. The backseat is small. However, I commute an hour a couple of days a week and love the gas mileage I get! The juke is a comfortable car to drive.

- Michele A

Surprisingly lousy mileage.

The gas mileage is much lower than I expected. To drive it is ok. . . But overall I am not thrilled with it. Comfort wise it is good. . . But there is no room in the back seat and I did a lousy job checking this out when I purchased. But we all live and learn don't we?

- John W

My juke 2014 all wheel drive.

It is beautiful comfortable great on gas and all wheel drive allows me to drive in the snow comfortably. It is fully loaded with navigation system, leather seats, heating seats, great sound system, and sunroof. The back seats fold back to create a lot of cargo space.

- Nadia H

The Nissan Juke is reliable, comfy, and has very nice interior!

The reliability of my Nissan Juke is very high. This car has treated me very well and I can't imagine not driving it. I have had it for about 4 years now and I have not had any problems. The features in the interior are great. Touch screen, red interior! It is great!

- Madison S

Love my little juke box car a lot

It is extremely reliable and very low maintenance. Pretty spacious for being on the smaller side. My car is the go to car of all my friends because of the comfort and features. Although it is simple it is a very great little car I own. Interior and exterior is great

- Tess S

Awesome car great mileage and drive while on open road

The Nissan Juke is awesome, the care is great on gas mileage and I also like the way it looks. The cons about the juke is the trunk space is very limited and there are no armrest in the front. Seating space is great my children have plenty of legroom in back seat

- Teresa I

Quick, fun and zippy crossover!

I really love this fun, zippy car! It is downside would be that it is not great on fuel and requires premium gas. Otherwise, I love it!! It is quick on turns, has different modes to drive in economy to save on gas, regular mode and turbo to accelerate quickly!

- Jennifer L

It has a lot of pick up and go to make sure you can get out of the way if other drivers are making you uncomfortable.

I like that it looks like s spaceship. And that it has a lot of power when I step on the gas. I feel very safe driving it. I do not like how small the back seat is, and I do not like the nitrogen tires because no one can fill them but the dealership.

- Tiphni A

It's uncomfortable when traveling for more than a few minutes. Not a good road trip car.

I like it because it's reliable and repairs are inexpensive. I dislike it because there's a sensor in the transmission that causes the acceleration to give out during long trips. I dislike how small the backseat is and how little MPG the car gets.

- Gretchen B

Love It glad I bought it. Good price,dependable, has 3 speed chooses, and great on gas

I bought it used with about 25000 I've had no problems love the speed when needed. Smooth ride, dependable. The only down side for me is it has a very small trunk so I added a rack so now my items are hidden and a shelf for luggage,grocery etc.

- Diane T

Odd. That's why I like it.

My Juke is a great car for a single person. Enough room to transport things that my sports car won't. The turbo-charged engine makes it a quick little car. Almost 200hp on tap. In the year that I've owned it, I've had no problems whatsoever.

- Brian M

Keep up on a routine maintenance on everything of the vehicle will last longer.

My 2014 Nissan juke runs great I love the power in it and I love the fact that all the amenities the only downside to it is that the back seat is really small hard to get anybody above 5/7 in that back seat.

- Katie W

The hatchback is the greatest for me I can easily load and unload big inside.

I love the amount of room it has for hauling because I am always finding something at the flea markets! I love how it handles in tight places and the fuel costs is a big plus too!

- Sharon C

It gets great gas mileage when driving long distance.

I like the features, the soft seats and the way the dash is displayed. I also like that it is an SUV. I. Dislike that the SUV is a smaller form however I can deal with it.

- Kelly C

My purple 2014 Nissan Juke.

No problems. Fun to drive. Perfect size for me. All the features that I want. Very reliable. No issues. Good gas mileage. Has XM radio, sunroof, turbo engine, four doors.

- Marg H

my right rear wheel squeaks.

What I like about my car is the size, the fact that it has a moonroof and heated seats. I also like the fact that it has 3 modes, which I don't fully understand yet.

- teresa H

The juke is for people on the go. It has great storage capacity in a compact ride.

I like the size of the car. I like the gas mileage I get in the car. I like the diving power on my car. I don't like that the internal computer gets frozen at times.

- Stephanie L

The gas mileage is awesome to have in an all wheel drive vehicle.

Wheelbase could be better to make ride smoother. It's a rougher riding car than expected. Love gas mileage. Love style. Love sound system. Love all wheel drive.

- Angela L

It is not big enough for a large family. The back seat is much smaller than I anticipated. Also, the storage in the back is very small.

I love the look of the car and how it drives. It has great extras including navigation, sunroof, leather seats, and turbo. I wish it was just a little bigger.

- Kyla M

Great gas mileage for a very low price, lots of room to move things in.

It is a very nice car, goes quickly when needed great on gas, air conditioning starts to go out after 2-3 years, but that can be easily fixed with new fluid.

- Alex G

Love My Juke! This is one of the best cars I have ever owned and fun to drive to boot!

I love my juke! Very reliable, the seats are really comfortable and the turbo makes it really get up and go! Great car all round and would highly recommend!

- Robin W

The Nissan Juke is economical and feels like a high end luxury crossover. It is fun and easy to drive.

I like the size of the Juke. I like the way the juke handles and drives. It gets great gas mileage. I love having the radio controls on the steering wheel.

- Cari F

It has a special transmission.

The at transmission has given me problems. The dealership would not replace it when it was under warranty. It would overheat and the car would not drive.

- Shelly L

Its a Toyota. It's a luxury car. It is reliable.

I love my car there is nothing I do not like about my car I like the color and the style and the sound system it has in I love everything about my car.

- Vicky B

Excellent gas saver plus high performance attributes.

Good single family car. No performance problem.Gas mileage is excellent and the AC works like a charm. It can also be customized to your liking.

- Ricardo F

It is extremely fun to drive.

I love my juke. Except for only about 24mpg, it is lots of fun to drive. Sadly, it is now a discontinued model. So check out the next kicks.

- Gene S

This car is great to drive. It has awesome maneuverability. Gas mileage is good.

My 2014 Nissan juke is absolutely a joy to drive. It is reliable and easy to maneuver, has great gas mileage and is great to look at.

- Victoria Z

It is a cute little juke that I call stitch. It is so unique that know what is suprised by my choice. They all say it suits me.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I shopped for it about a year. I knew exactly what I wanted and it has lived up to every expectation.

- alex h

That it is a good deal for the price.

I have had no real problems with my vehicle. It is reliable only thing is that gas goes quickly as I think it has a small tank.

- Johnny B

It gets great gas mileage and is very easy to drive and handle.

Love the acceleration and gas mileage. Don't like the side mirrors they are too large and tend to block out incoming objects.

- Dee B

It has a camera, navigation and it runs fast. It is also all wheel drive so it will be useful in fall and winter

It is performance is very good, but may need more space if you have family. This car is excellent for singles or two maximum.

- Sara M

Fun to drive and unique in a sea full of cars that look exactly the same

I love the design and it handles very well with great pick up. The lack of backseat and cargo space are my only complaints

- Carmine S

It's fast, cute, and efficient. It's a great car for anyone!

My car is probably my best friend. It's fast, efficient and stylish. It has all the features I want and it's economical.

- Lauren C

Feel safe in it. Has great gas mileage.

It is to small and needs the most expensive gas to run it. I do not care for the leather seats, they get too hot.

- Karen H

Dependability. Minimal maintenance.

Functional.. Great drive.. Do not like air flow on AC it's not properly aligned.. Love the look and drives great.

- Rosie R

It has more room than you'd expect for the size of the vehicle.

I love this car! It is good in bad weather and is so comfy even for long trips. And he turning radius is amazing!

- Wendy L

There was a ignition recall on this car.

Small but comfortable. Excellent stereo system. Handles great in tough weather conditions. Great gas mileage.

- Vicki S

The safety features are a plus.

Love the look of the vehicle. Safety features are a plus. It is a very reliable car. Gets great gas mileage.

- Barbara B

The paint of the car is mixed with real pearl.

The trunk is a little small, and the gas mileage is not terrific, but it fits the whole family comfortably.

- Jennifer N

That it has great guess mileage and very good maintenance records.

Love the gas mileage and acceleration, hate the rearview mirrors they are too big and block too much.

- De B

The low gas mileage is very helpful in long out of town drives

I love the low gas mileage. I like the black leather seats. I hate the expensive maintenance.

- e W

Small and sporty. Handles great.

It's a great little car. Enjoy the way it drives

- Dallas S