2014 Nissan JUKE Expert Review

3.4 Overall Score
Performance 3.4 Comfort 3.3 Styling 3.7 Value 3.4

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I love my juke, there are just some helpful details you'll need to know.

I have never had an issue with performance especially in the harsh winters in Minnesota. There is a sort of blind spot on the Edge of the windshield though with a large piece of the car blocking my vision. This is something I just had to get used to in order to get the hang of the juke. I also think that I have had to get an oil change more frequently than any other vehicle I have had in my household before. I am not sure if that has something to do with this exact make and model or not though. I absolutely love the way the car accelerates also, however it truly feels like you are going slower than you are because it is just so smooth. This is something to be cautious of because on the highway I have been going several miles faster than what I would have guessed. Once again, this is just something to get used to. While on this topic, there is another weird flaw where the steering wheel completely blocks my vision of the speedometer and other features on the dashboard. Once again, this is just something I had gotten used to. Overall, I adore my juke.

- Savannah B

Great vehicle and the price fit my budget.

I have no problems with this car. It has turbo engine, however I get good gas mileage. With this engine when I want to pass someone I am able to. The only problem I have with vehicle is phone charger. Does not work unless car is turned on. My car is very comfortably, the seats adjust great. Other than maintenance, such as. New batteries, tires, oil change and fluids in reservoir as needed. Its four door but looks like a two door. Love that look. I love the attention I get while driving my car, everybody wants to know kind of car it is. All in all great vehicle.

- Lynn M

Nissan juke loving the car.

The Nissan juke is absolutely amazing! With a turbo engine, it is very fun and exciting to drive. It is very safe, and does great on gas mileage! It is a very reliable car, and it is so very cute. It is the perfect size for someone just starting to drive, or for a family of three to four. The back seat is a little small, but not too small. It is very easy to park, and fits in tiny parking places. It goes about 7,500 miles before an oil change, and run perfect rain or shine!

- Berkeley M