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Small but delightfully sporty.

I love my juke, however the ride is rougher than I had initially expected, especially on country routes, but I enjoy the feel of the turbocharged engine and athletic handling on the highway. The interior quality is low, though that is not my main interest in a vehicle. The fuel costs are also higher than my previous vehicles, due to it requiring premium fuel. Overall, the juke fits my needs and I have very few issues with performance or reliability.

- Danielle W

Great car but there are no vents in the back seat.

I had researched compact SUVs prior to making the visit to the dealer and the first one that caught my eye was the juke. The juke is compact but has enough space for everything that I need. I currently don't use it to haul any children but I think that it would do just fine as a family car having two kids in the back although there are not any ac or heat vents in the back seat. I also love that the car has the option to switch between 2wd and AWD.

- Mckenzie M

Nissan Juke 2016 reliability

The Nissan Juke is a fantastic vehicle for a two people. The backseat is relatively small, but the seats can fold down for more optimal storage space. I used it to travel across the country and its speed, performance, and gas mileage were great. After an additional 3000 miles, the only maintenance it needed was an oil change. The Juke handles well, and is lightweight and sporty in maneuverability.

- Hunter P

This vehicle is one of my favorites. Tied with a jaguar and a hummer.

I really have not had any problems with my car. I bought her/him (depends on who’s driving) in Hawaii got shipped to Bahrain for a couple a years, then spent three years in Vermont with my parents in Vermont, until they drove her back to me in Virginia. Drives like a dream still and love her more everyday.

- Kevin O

Nissan juke is the best car I have ever owned!

The Nissan juke is a comfortable, reliable vehicle. The AWD is a great feature and the car handles well in any weather. It is a fun car to drive with all of the features I need and none that I do not. To date, I have not had any issues and have not had to go for any service beyond maintenance.

- Michele S

It is a special edition Stinger that was in limited release in 2016.

The paint scheme is custom, it is a special edition stinger that was released in 2016. It has a turbo engine that has zip. The only drawback is having to put in premium gas. The backseat and storage area are not very spacious also, although I am not transporting a lot of people.

- Kristina M

I like the layout design of the vehicle.

The vehicle is good on gas mileages. It is comfortable and smooth driving in it. Performance is good;it goes fast in a very short time.At this moment I have not found any problem with this car.I like the color I choose and I like the audio systems.I like the rims and design layout.

- Alberto G

My vehicle is metallic gray, on the inside the colors are black and red.

I love all the features of my car. It has red and black seats. My favorite thing is the sunroof, it is great to use during the summer it has a navigation system and the music sounds great in my car. It has great gas mileage. The color of my car is metallic gray, which I love.

- sue S

A good thing to know would be Its compacted size.

The juke is a nice vehicle, there is nothing outright wrong about it. A few aspects that could be improved are Its shocks and size. It is a nicely compact, but it does not have much storage room or headspace. The other improvement could be Its shocks; it is a bumpy ride.

- Emily R

Great sporty car and fun to drive.

I love the way my juke looks and handles. It is super sporty and cute. I love all of the features, the leather seats and sunroof. I have been wanting a juke for several years and am very pleased with everything it has to offer. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Tammy D

Love my juke. People always stop and ask me about it.

Preforms great. Even in snow. Holds a lot of things. Only problem not enough interior lighting, it's fun to drive. Good on gas. Has backup camera. Easy to park. Very roomy. Good sound system. Back seat go down to add even more room to pack things love my car.

- Michele B

It's a thrill to drive and great for navigating traffic!

I love the way it handles! It's like a little go-kart, perfect for darting through crazy traffic in the city. I do not like the layout very much inside and wish it had more amenities. If I could tweak the inside a bit I would never buy another car.

- chris m

Its reliable and dependable!!.

Nice looking, good on gas and roomy. Dislike that it is not comfy in any way shape or form possible. That's pretty much it.. Overall it's a pretty decent car and for the most part I like it...

- Tammie B

It's dependable on the road.

The vehicle is fit for short people has adjustable seats. The vehicle is safe on the road during winter situations. The vehicle has great trunk and back seat room for items and people.

- Angie H

It is very good to drive around in the town and user friendly.

I haven't had any major issues with my car. I love that my car is small and has good mileage. I do have a minor issue with it starting at times but that rarely happens.

- Alex K

I do think that it has a good amount of hauling room for being a small SUV.

It gets me from here to there, and works ok. I've not had any wrecks before, but since I've had the Juke I've had 2 wrecks. So I think it's not as easy to see out of.

- Liz U

The juke is very reliable as have been every Nissan I have owned.

I like the AWD, the turbo and the design. I also like the aftermarket things that are available to enhance the look. There is really nothing I do not like about it.

- Darlene E

My car is me sized and fun to drive

I enjoy the smaller size and good gas mileage. Sometimes I feel like the body is a bit tinny, or weak. I would also like a bit more control on the center vents.

- Clare L

It is comfortable, quiet inside and good gas mileage.

I like it because it is like a small SUV and has 4 doors plus the back hatch. The only thing I do not like about it is the color because it shows all the dirt.

- Gayle M

It has very effective ac and rear visibility leaves some to be desired.

It drives well. It looks cool. It handles off road conditions well. Its zippy and it can go pretty fast without compromising handling. Good gas mileage.

- Brie R

It is a fast car, if your good to your car it will be good to you!

Dislikes about this car, I do not like small cars. This car is very small. However I like that it is good on gas. I also like the fact that it is fast!

- Eleanor M

It is big enough for a family.

I feel that my car is eco friendly. It is a family car without having to drive a huge SUV. I only wish that my seats were automatic.

- Monica G

It is very reliable and is easy to take care off and rarely breaks down.

It runs great. The turbo engine is great for the highest. So us the eco drive. The size is perfect. Not too big, not too small.

- Mikaela D

The way it handles in all weather conditions. It's very easy to control

It has quick pick up, easy handle on the road, very comfortable riding in it. I love the way it hades in the rain and snow

- Barb H

It's cool and nobody else owns a pink one but me.

I love my car because it I trendy. It is modern looking. Fun to drive anywhere. Comes packed with great advantages.

- Lynn H

Great Gas Mileage - A one person car

it gets good gas mileage, but it is a little small and the air circulation is not good when the windows are fogged

- heather W

It is reliable, easy to drive, and useful for many different things.

I like its size and practicality. I dislike the fact that since it was previously owned it has underlying issues.

- Elizabeth R

The price and the color and gas.

I love the Juke because it has a sound body n drive really good gas for it miles look really nice on the road.

- James D

Has an ability to adjust the seat cushion length

Excellent Safety,Technologically-Advanced,Good Fuel Economy,Good Value For Money,Excellent Ride,High Quality.

- angel a

That my car may be small but it saves a lot of gas. It don't take much to fill it.

I like that it saves gas. And it's cute. I hate that its small though. My dogs cant fit in the back of it.

- Carrie D

I like the design of my car, and I feel it's a perfect car for a family of 4

I like my car cause is really easy to drive and it's safe for my kids. I've never had any problem with it.

- Michela M

It's is not fit to carry lots of things, it is very small on the inside and is a better fit for a younger or older person

It is reliable, good gas mileage but very small, not the best car if you have large pets or children

- Lauren G

It's safety features are really great it is a good car especially for teenagers

I love that it is all wheel drive, it has a roll bar. It is great on gas it small but spacious

- Ashley B

It's got cameras surrounding the car are great for parking.

I like the look of the exterior. It's why I bought it. But it's a very cramped interior.

- James K

It's very good on gas Very compact in size Fun to drive

I love my truck it's just the right size And I love the color

- Dorothy S

It's has a superman logo on hood It's turbo . It takes premium gas

It's ok. I like subaru better. I like that it's small

- Patrice P