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Love driving it but feel limited.

I absolutely love the Nissan leaf. The ease of driving it and it feels like a regular car without having to worry about stopping for gas. It can be a pain having to limit where you go based on miles away but not a big deal if it is not your only car. I have two children 3 and under and they are comfortable in it but the trunk is not very big for strollers and such. Only other complaint is that using heat or air takes battery so if you use it you cannot go as far.

- Robin K

The inconsistency in the technology of the Nissan leaf electric.

The battery life on this car is short lived. When it comes to dying distance it is not sustainable Nissan really got this wrong. It forgot attempts to drive a distance that should be in range. I drives it around 16 miles a day and I it and the battery life drains quickly even when follow electric car protocols. There are many blind spots that make it very difficult to see at times and the brake system does not work very well especially in the rain.

- Ruth A

The best(efficient) car that I have owned in fifty-two years!

The leaf is by far the best car that I have ever owned. First, it is electric. Secondly it has all the modern technology for 2018. Thirdly, it is dependable. I have never had any mechanical problems since purchasing the car on Nov. 04, 2016. Lastly, I have not bought gas since Nov. 04, 2016. In closing it is most economical I have ever owned.

- Thomas J

I love my 100% electric car!

I love my car because it does not use gas and never needs an oil change. It is very reliable and low maintenance although I cannot use it for long trips. It is very quiet and comfortable. It is an all electric Nissan leaf. I have owned it for 6 1/2 years and only needed the tires rotated and new windshield wipers.

- Kari M

A beautiful alternative to gasoline!

I love that the market has finally made electric cars accessible to the public at large. I know longer have to fight for a place at the gas pump! The charging infrastructure has grown as well making it easier than ever to charge. The Nissan leaf is the future of driving. One day everyone will own an electric car!

- Isaac S

Love the heated steering wheel.

This car has the first generation battery so does not have a long range I wish the trunk had a flat floor like the Toyota Prius. This car is very comfortable to ride in and has great acceleration. This Nissan leaf has heated seats in both the front and back. My favorite feature is the heated steering wheel.

- Dawn S

No gas or oil changes needed, it has good pick up & can be charged as quickly.

The car is all electric and it is very comfortable, has good pick up, but it does not go far enough. Either it needs a larger battery or I am tethered to home. It only goes about 40 miles before it has to be charged. It is inconvenient to have to plug in the car all the time.

- Be L

Leaf is high quality & consumer friendly.

It is very small fast and maneuverable. It is also good for the environment which is something that is very important to me. I find that the brakes are a little sensitive though and that can be irritating. However the quick pickup and maneuverability makes up for that issue.

- Berkeley F

Electric car that is friendly to the environment, is fun and easy to drive!

I think overall, the only big drawback is if you have something unexpected to do on a given day, and you've already driven a lot, you have to wait to charge before you go. I do get some level of anxiety when my battery is low, but its really a great car.

- Christopher G

No pollution.. Extremely low maintenance.. Extremely dependable..

(like:) no pollution to harm our world. All electric - never have to go to a gas station ever again. Really fun to drive.. (dislike:) short range - early ev cannot help it. Hate the short visors - will not telescope to shade side of head..

- Larry S

It is not a hybrid as some other of my friends have thought.

The Nissan leaf has been the best car I have ever driven. I really enjoy how I am able to drive for such a long time on the battery without gas. Electric cars are also very powerful, and also I like the quick charge add-on that I got.

- Nicholas S

It does not require any gas, it is all electric.

I love that it is electric and I do not have to go to gas stations anymore. It is also super low maintenance. Since buying it new it has only needed two tire rotations and a set of windshield wipers. But my driving range is limited.

- Kari A

It is 100% electric and it does cost money to charge at those stations.

The charging takes a very long time if you are charging from a normal outlet at home but it does get around and has made me a safer driver because it is constantly telling you how much energy and battery you are using.

- Mo S

Helps Save the Environment

I love that it's good for the environment. I love that it doesn't need gas. I love that it saves money. I hate that a single charge doesn't last long on the highway.

- Cassandra D

Easy to use! Electric cars don't have to be expensive or intimidating!

I love that it's all electric, but hate the short range. It's quiet, compact, accelerates great. Can't wait to update to one with a better battery in the future.

- Sarah L

You shouldn't buy an electric car unless it's brand new. That way you get the most out of it.

The car doesn't allow you to go very far. I was lied to about how much travel I could do. The electric battery fades quickly.

- Joy F

It is completely electric.

I love my car. It doesn't use gas and requires very little maintenance. Although it isn't convenient for out of town trips.

- Kari r

It handles very smoothly.

I like that i do not have to buy gas. I wish the mileage range was larger. I like the interior and the sound system.

- Cedar A

How safe it is to drive in and how to manage it with great car to make it as long as possible

A decent car at an affordable price as it is safe to drive in.

- viv v

It's faster and more versatile than you think or can understand.

It's an electric vehicle that suits my needs very well.

- P Y