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Great for eco-friendly folks!

I love the eco-friendly nature. It is cheap to manage, especially if you charge at Nissan dealerships or other free charging stations. Some big corporations and places like hospitals and malls also have free charging. I never have to worry about changing the oil. I especially love the heated seats and steering wheel in my car. It runs and drives really smooth, has a great sound system. The only frustrating thing is that there needs to be way more charging stations around the us for road trips. But I can just rent a car for that if I have to.

- Kam H

My car is older, so I cannot go more than 80 miles on a full 100% battery charge.

My decision into going to this purchase was not to save the environment (though that does help), but for the cost effect. The car I had previous, while great on gas, still had me spending at approximately $80 a month in upkeep and gas. With my leaf now, even though my city got rid of all their free ev Chargers, I still only spend around $10 a month to charge the car. Then there is the fact that I no longer have to worry about issues such as oil changes. Just a tire rotation every few months, and I am set!

- Jennifer G

Great electric car, does not perform well in colder climates.

The Nissan leaf is a really great electric car. I can get about 100 miles before needing to charge, when driving sensibly. It does not drive on snow or ice. It does not have enough traction, and will slide around. The gear shift takes a while to get used to, and you have to tell people how to drive it. But the seat warmers work well, as does the steering wheel warmer. The trunk is spacious, and the seats are comfy.

- Jasmine Y

Nissan Leaf, Smart, and Sporty!

I like the uniqueness of the car. Being an all electric car was what drew me to it. Love the all heated seats throughout and the steering wheel too. Range was not an issue for me as I do mainly in town driving. When I need to make a longer trip I love using apps to find charging places. Super easy. I have 90,000 miles on it and have barely list 5% of my battery life. We can't wait to buy another one!

- Aliceon J

Great car for alternative fuel drivers.

I love the fact that I do not have to pay for gas! It makes things so easy! However, it is only super nice if you do local travel, or do not go many places in a day. It has a lot of space and storage, but, if you are someone that has a lot of drinks, this is not the car for you. However, the heated steering wheel and seats is so nice in the winter. As well as the backup camera.

- Sarah A

Because the car is electric, the car requires regular charging which can take two to three hours for a full charge using a level two charger. Our car did not come with a fast charger, but it was an option that other cars of the same year and model may have. Fast charging, if available, only takes 10 minutes.

I love that the car is electric. I do not have to pay for gas. I love that my car does not pollute, making it environmental friendly. I love that there is less moving parts in an electric vehicle, so less can go wrong. The only thing I do not like is that the newer models have longer range and more advanced technology.

- John C

The Nissan LEAF is comfortable, modern and requires NO GAS EVER!

I love that it is comfortable, it has cool features and most of all, I never have to buy gas or oil for it! I would like it evens better if it could go farther on a charge, or if there were a faster way to charge it so I could take it on trips. But I'm very happy with it!

- Barbara M

My car is a no emission vehicle.

I love that my car is all electric and allows me to save money on gas as well as help the environment. I dislike that it prevents me from making long distance trips due to the low amount of charge it can take. I also dislike that I must charge the car in a covered area.

- Rebecca M

That driving an electric car doesn't mean it will go slow or not pick up speed fast like a gasoline car.

I like that my car is basically maintenance free, it saves me money on fuel and is good for the environment. The only things I dislike about my car is that there is only a certain amount of miles I can drive on my battery capability. Over time that will diminish.

- tiffany f

I've spent $11 in 2018 to power my vehicle.

I love that my vehicle does not contribute directly to carbon emissions. I also like how quiet it is and how well the electric engine performs. I don't really like how small the range is, but that's a small price to pay for how good it is for the environment.

- Allison B

Nissan leaf range is only ok.

I like driving the leaf. It is a quiet and stable car. The only drawback that I find is that the range is limited, so you have to plan ahead and make sure that the car is charged if you need to drive long distances. It takes minimum several hours to charge.

- Emms A

Electric vehicle lets you forget about the cost of gas

Very reliable, comfortable, but bad blind spots in the back corners. Fabulous for not needing gas. No issues with battery range within the city (I never worry about running out of charge), but a separate vehicle is necessary for travel longer than 80 miles.

- William S

One important thing is that my car is silent while driving.

I like my car because I am not using gas, and feel like I'm contributing to helping the environment. But sometimes it is scary when I feel like I'm going to run out of miles based on how long I've had to charge my car.

- Martiza S

That it is affordable and reliable. I love driving it and taking my kids on adventures in it while being conscious to Mother Earth.

I love that it is electric and I don't have to pay for gas. I don't like that it doesn't have a longer range and that it is beat up with scratches and dents from my kids bicycles bumping into it.

- Lauren D

It's electric car! No gas no oil no emissions!! Love it

It is electric car! Love no gas, no oil, no emissions. Dislike you get a warranty when you take car in for stuff they still want money out of your own pocket. I guess all cars have that issue

- Monica B

The amount of money I save on gas each month, more than covers the car payment!

I love the money I save not buying gas. It has plenty of power for my daily commute on the freeway; however, the limited range and length of recharge time are both negatives.

- Christopher J

It recharges itself when you brake, when you coast, when you go downhill. It's awesome!

I love not having to buy gas. I don't notice a difference on my energy bill by charging it but it is so convenient since I go less than 10 miles to work and around town.

- Shay R

Nissan Leaf: Never spend money on gas, ever! Reliable, inexpensive, great for the environment.

I love having an electric car, I charge it at work so it costs me virtually nothing to operate. While it's not luxurious, it is great for my daily short commute.

- Steven S

My car is zero emissions and is good for the environment.

I like that we don't have to put gas in it. It is perfect for running around town. It's fun to drive. It is not useful if I have to drive further than 1 hour.

- Dawn C

No gas needed. No oil change needed. Helps the environment.

I love that my car is an electric vehicle. No gas needed. No oil change needed. I also get to ride in the carpool lane with one person.

- Lydia W

This is a fun hatchback for commuting with advanced technology

EV charging saves a lot of money fast acceleration roomy to carry a lot of stuff charging needs time and not for a long trip.

- Tony C

It is one hundred percent electric.

I love that it is electric and I don't ever have to go to the gas station. It rides very smoothly. It is comfortable inside.

- Sue L

It is a fully electric car.

It is electric, very compact, super easy to drive. It has great features like Bluetooth. Also, fits our needs as a family.

- Ashley P

If you can handle planning on charging often, and want to save money on gas and maintenance, buy a Leaf.

My car is fully electric, so the only maintenance you really have to do is new tires every so often. No more oil changes!

- Gaby X

It runs on only a battery. . We call it a scooter in our house.

No gas. . . Need I say more. . . Charges almost anywhere. Lots if room. . . Has solar panels for AUX stuff. . Love.

- Kelly G

It is a great and safe option to get if you are interested in an electric vehicle.

I like that it is electric and small and how responsive it is. I don't really like how limited the range is.

- Berkeley F

No gas. All electricity. Charge it at night. Ready to go in the morning.

There is a noise near the wheels. The car is reliable. I can charge it to 80% and go about 52 miles.

- Jay J

I don't have to pay for gas. It is sporty. I don't hear the engine. It is quiet.

You need a plug at home for it to be convenient. You do not want to have to go to a place to charge.

- jen d

it is an electric vehicle, and i get free charging when i go shopping at various places near my house. However, when travelling far range is an issue.

it is very cost efficient to buy and use, but if you drive far distances it might not be practical.

- joseph h

It is electric so I'm not going to be speeding on the highway.

I love my electric car because it is very quiet! It is easy to charge and operate.

- Colleen M

One hundred percent Electric zero emission vehicle

Near zero maintenance. Fun to drive. Inexpensive. Do not like the short range.

- Terry V

All electric car. Hardly any maintenance

Love that I can go 130 I a day. No gas no Carbon footprint to leave

- Samantha T

Energy efficient electric powered and very cool

I love it because it's saves gas. Can't go very far

- Meili M

It is an all electric car!

It is all electric so I do not have to buy gas!

- Lana f