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Awesome car that saves you money on gas.

2015 Nissan LEAF SL

The Nissan Leaf is a great car. It is small but very roomy inside. I love that I don't need to spend money on gas. I just plug it in when the battery is running low. It's a great car to drive around town in. The only drawback that I can think of is that it has a 100 mile limit before you have to recharge. This makes long trips inconvenient because you have to map out and plan on stopping at charging stations. However, the pros outweigh the cons.

- Sadie G

Some key features are the anti-lock brakes and the tire-pressure monitor.

2015 Nissan LEAF SL

I love how the 2015 model of Nissan really cut down the time it takes to charge my car. I do love how affordable this car is and the hands-free text-message feature is very convenient for me especially as I receive many messages due to my work. I do not like, though, that the electric range is less than 90 miles. Overall I find the Nissan leaf to be a very reliable comfortable car that I will continue to drive.

- Carla C

Leaf does not feel like an economy car yet saves you money.

2015 Nissan LEAF SL

I love all of the comforts. It does not feel like an economy car at all. Seat warmer, steering wheel warmer, navigator, rear camera, controls on the steering wheel, auto dim rear mirror, etc. The ride handling is well and I was very surprised how zippy it is. I wish the range was better but 80-90 miles per charge is good for commuting. Best of all I am saving money with electricity and helping the environment.

- Ben H

It's the perfect car for in town driving and commuting to and from work.

2015 Nissan LEAF

I love that it is an electric vehicle and I do not have to worry about buying gas or deal with a lot of other maintenance issues that regular cars have. It has great visibility while driving, and really good turning capability. It also has a lot more power than people expect. On the downside, I wish I could get further mileage on a charge, and I don't really care for the front exterior styling.

- Marie B

Environmentally friendly.

2015 Nissan LEAF

I love that it is all-electric, but otherwise works just like a regular car. It is not at all difficult to use. There are even free charging stations at a few places around town. I don't like that the battery usage is MUCH less efficient in the winter, even if you don't turn the heater on. The same commute is summer gets my car down to ~50% charge, in winter it is down below 30%.

- Natalie H

Nissan leaf: my experience driving an ev... Benefits and cons.

2015 Nissan LEAF SL

I like the benefits that come with driving an ev. Saving time and money not having to go to the gas station. The Nissan leaf fits my needs, but is not made for long range driving. It works perfectly for what I need to commute to and from work and errands close to home. Longer range trips, I am more comfortable taking my gas car.

- Cat H

Electric cars are the way to go unless you enjoy road trips frequently.

2015 Nissan LEAF

I love driving an electric vehicle because I do not have to stop for gas - Ever! I also love how quiet it is. It has plenty of power and gets me to work and errands daily. I do not love that I can just go anywhere anytime. It does not go farther than about 80 miles in a day unless you stop and charge it along the way.

- Andrea L

Feel good about your car!

2015 Nissan LEAF

My Nissan leaf is amazing. It is a fully electric car with plenty of get up and go. I charge it nightly and drive less than 50 miles a day. It has totally made me feel more green. The car is also very roomy, quiet and eye appealing. I have never regretted buying this car. It also drives great in the snow and rain!

- Lucy P

You don't have to make trips to or stops at the gas station.

2015 Nissan LEAF

Our vehicle is an electric vehicle, I love not having to go to the gas station. It is a great vehicle for around town, but we are limited to how far we can drive at a time. In Las Vegas, where we bought it, it was great. Here in Florida, everything is more spread out and we can't get to some things.

- John C

It is a fully electric car, no gas is needed.

2015 Nissan LEAF

It is full electric vehicle. Perfect for driving locally to and from work everyday. Cannot drive it very far or otherwise will have to charge it. Saves on paying for gas. Need to charge it everyday in order to be able to use it for work because does not have a very large battery capacity.

- Lina L

Nissan LEAF isn't so bad.

2015 Nissan LEAF SL

The car is great just wished there was more range so the car wouldn't have to charge as often and there would be less stop. That is the only inconvenience. The car has Air conditioner, leather seats and navigation. The car is easy to navigate and does not appear to present any problems.

- Mai X

Nissan leaf is great for winter.

2015 Nissan LEAF

The leaf is amazing! I used to spend $600 per month in gas; now I spend none. I also love the heated seats and steering wheel. My daughter loves the heated back seats as well. It has great cargo space with the back seats folded down. My service dog also enjoys the heated seats.

- Mandy W

Electric cars are ready for the mainstream; there are not the sacrifices that others believe need to be made.

2015 Nissan LEAF

I love my Nissan Leaf! There are significant savings on fuel and most of the time, the vehicle has sufficient range to do anything that we desire. Eventually, I'd like a vehicle with longer range so that I can have nothing but an electric car as my only vehicle.

- Bruce k

Great electric car! Highly recommend.

2015 Nissan LEAF S

This is a really fun car to drive. Driving wheel heater and seat warmer are a nice touch. 100% electric is the way to go. Owned this car for over a year, and no problems whatsoever. Would recommend this car highly. Excellent handling and acceleration.

- Andrew C

I'm not reliant on the gas and oil companies anymore!

2015 Nissan LEAF

It's electric and I love that I no longer have to pay to fuel my car at often unsafe and unreliable gas stations! My car is older technology so I do with I could get a newer one with a larger battery capacity. One of these days I will!

- Ginger P

100% electric and does not need gas, propane, or diesel

2015 Nissan LEAF

It is a very nice car to drive with enough horsepower and easy to drive in traffic. I like the fact it is 100% electricity and does not add to the pollution caused by gas and diesel. I wish the battery has a range of 120 miles.

- Edward L

It is the car that is most used in the family.

2015 Nissan LEAF

No gas needed, low maintenance. We have never had a problem with it. Environmental friendly, low carbon footprint. I do not like the low mileage and wish it would go further on one charge. The AC is weak and it is really small.

- Mae C

If you drive less than 50 miles per day, you can full charge overnight on a normal house circuit.

2015 Nissan LEAF

It is very reliable. One of the things I love the most is that there is almost zero maintenance. I've had it for 3 years. In that time I've replaced wiper blades and I am now due for a brake job.

- Adam V

It is fully electric. It is a good car if you do mostly local driving.

2015 Nissan LEAF

I am still in the middle of learning how to drive and I have driven the leaf only a few times. I don't really like the knob that you use to change the car's gear.

- Stella C

All electric, zero emission, quiet, affordable, luxury ride.

2015 Nissan LEAF

All electric, zero emission, quiet, inexpensive, great perks like heated seats and steering wheel. Sometimes range limiting. Overall awesome.

- Carrie E

Great car for city commuting

2015 Nissan LEAF

I love that my car is quiet & fuel efficient. I like that it does not create pollution. I wish that the battery charge lasted longer.

- Heather Y

You can save on gas with the fully electric Nissan Leaf.

2015 Nissan LEAF

The 2015 Nissan Leaf is great for local commutes around the city. The range is around 105 miles off highway before it must be charged.

- jane h

It only costs about $20 a month to charge it.

2015 Nissan LEAF

I love that it is electric and is so quiet. It handles well and has a lot of power. It has a lot of room for a compact car.

- Kelly Z

That it is dependable and the features are nice.

2015 Nissan LEAF

I love that my car does not need any gas. That makes it cheaper then a normal car to operate. I love it so far.

- Steve D

it is electric therefore good for the environment.

2015 Nissan LEAF

It is an electric car and i love it. it is good for the environment. it is very comfortable and safe.

- pat l

There is less infrastructure so you have to plan ahead compared with gas cars.

2015 Nissan LEAF

It's fully electric. Environmentally friendly. Handles great in traffic. Bad blind spots.

- Ryan Z

My car is electric and uses not gas.

2015 Nissan LEAF

I love my leaf. It saves me money on gas and is good for the environment.

- debra F