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Ev life is the best life with minimal complaints.

I love his vehicle! The only thing that is problematic about it is the range. It is rated for 107 miles and I have a 1 hour plus commute to work, one way. I also live in the mountains where it gets very cold during winter, which lessens the battery life. When I leave the house with 90-100% battery, I am okay, by when I do not I must charge at work. That is okay most of the time, but sometimes it does not regain battery as quickly as I would like. This is the only complaint. I love not paying for gas anymore!

- Sarah G

It's quiet, so you don't hear it coming when the engine is on.

I like that it's an electric vehicle, so it's better for the environment. Not having to pay for gas anymore is a plus, as it's cheaper to use electricity. The backup camera is also a useful feature, makes parking that much easier. I'm not a fan of the hatchback though, would prefer a trunk.

- brian R

My vehicle is completely electric.

I love my Nissan leaf. It is completely electric, so I never have to get gas or get my oil changed. I love that it is hatchback and has heated seats and steering wheel. It also has a useful back-up camera. Additionally, it has cruise control and a wiper on the back windshield.

- Andrea K

I own a clean vehicle which is good to the environment and saving gas. too bad the range of the vehicle has reduced significantly after 2 years in service.

I like my Nissan Leaf since it's a pure electric car so it is very clean. the downside is the range which has 120 miles with a full charge to begin with and diminishes to 80+ after 2 years. If the range can increase, I will consider leasing a new one.

- tom c

I run it off of mostly solar energy through my electric company.

I wish I had maybe 50 more miles available in my battery. The mileage I do have works for mostly all of my driving, but sometimes I want to go camping in the country outside of the metro area, and my battery mileage just Won't cut it in the boondocks.

- Brittany L

It's environmentally economical to drive this car! I am proud of myself.

I love the Nissan Leaf! It runs really smoothly. It has good mileage during commute time. The only dislike is that we have to stop and charge at a charging station more than 60 miles. No complaints.

- Mimi W

Very Cheap Car To Own (Never Buy Gas)

I love never having to buy gas. I like the fact that it is less polluting than most cars. The only complaint that I have is that it has large blind spots in the corners.

- Sam A

It is a good commuter car. It handles well and gets great mileage.

Looks very simple which is both good and bad as people know it is nothing fancy, love that is it electric. Just a very basic and easy going car.

- Jordan P

It is completely electric and requires very little maintenance.

I like that I'm not using gas. I don't have to get oil changes, either. The car is also small enough to fit into parking spaces easily.

- Laura P

The car is super quiet so you have to pay attention to whether it is on or not.

The leaf is great. I like the fact that it is all electric and I can charge for free at my work. It is very quiet and is responsive.

- George F

It is a good electric car.

It is a leased electric car, so no gas and little maintenance. The range is near 100 miles in summer and much shorter in the winter.

- Michael M

For a small car the interior feels spacious.

It's a reliable, smooth, quiet ride. It requires very little maintenance and is inexpensive to charge.

- Robert H