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The Nissan leaf is a very quiet car. It give you the feeling of a Lexus.

Nissan leaf is a great car but the battery is a little too small for an electric vehicle. Other manufacturers have bigger batteries. It limits my travels. The car really works well on the road and it does feel like an expensive car. I find the car performs best in traffic. I find the seats very comfortable. The sound system is limited but I do not listen to music very much. I find the GPS system to very useful for electric vehicle. It helps to navigate to recharging stations and helps to get us to out destinations. I feel comfortable in the car.

- Douglas T

Lots of perks and saving the planet!

Very reliable and comfortable car. I love not using gas! I also love that it has seat warmers and a heated steering wheel. I can set a timer for when to charge it and when to have the climate control come on in the morning. I do not have a garage so it is great to walk out to a car that does not need its windows scraped in the winter.

- Lori J

Very inexpensive to operate.

I have had zero problems with my leaf but sometimes the range can be a problem. Electric cars are very inexpensive to operate but they will be better in a few years as the range gets better. They dc charging really speeds things up but there are not enough of them around. I am sure this will improve with time.

- Tom E

Fun and tech savvy Nissan leaf.

No problems, performs great, extremely reliable and very comfortable. Has all of the technology I need and enjoy. I love that I plug it in at night and in the morning it is ready to go. The single gear is also a great feature with instant acceleration which makes it extremely fun to drive.

- Jack F

Love the range but space is limited.

I love this car, but I wish it was larger. We need to fit a toddler car seat in the back and it limits space in the front seat. The range is great, compared to the older year leaf. You can puddle jump around town about 150 miles without having to worry about charging it.

- Ashley P

Electric vehicle ownership.

Very nice as long as you do not need long distance, like beyond 100 miles before charging helps to have your own charging station in your garage, will charge overnight and be ready for you the next day, I recommend electric cars any time someone asked me about mine.

- Sarah F

Economical and fun to drive electric.

Love never having to buy gas ever. Using heat or a/c can reduce range dramatically, I dislike not having charging stations everywhere, mostly charge at home, I love that it has great pickup when merging. Previous insight was very slow in comparison. Love electric!

- Teresa R

The Nissan leaf has zero emissions and typically has tax rebates.

I love my Nissan leaf because I save a least $200 a month that I would have been paying for gas. I would check the infrastructure of your city before buying one to make sure that you have enough charging stations.

- Key H

It does not have enough energy to go more than 120-130 miles.

The car drives very smoothly; acceleration is also very smooth and the car is almost silent. It looks great from the outside and the interior is also very nice and comfortable.

- Ani S

Uses energy from the sun to get to work.

Love how quiet it is. That is uses electricity which we produce ourselves using solar panels. Love how clean and smooth it is. Wish it went further on one charge.

- Emer F

Its electric and requires almost no maintenance. It is very quiet.

Its electric so what's not to like. There are two things that I dislike - the steering wheel is not heated and the battery holds only 30kwh.

- Carl F

Its a battery electric vehicle. No internal combustion engine.

A nice car BUT does not have a heated steering wheel and the battery capacity is not large enough. Very reliable and pleasant to drive.

- Carl F

Powerful and Efficient Nissan Leaf

My Nissan Leaf is all electric which is amazing for the environment. Just because it is electric does not mean it lacks in power!

- Jennifer M

Nissan Leaf Pros and Cons

The worst part about it is the battery. It runs down very easily, but overall, it is a great car. Very safe

- Asha E

It is almost silent, so watch out for unknowing pedestrians.

It is very comfortable and has a great Audio system and acceleration. It also has a decently sized trunk.

- A S

It is very effective in terms of saving gas, and the back seat can hold three car seats

It saves gas, very effective and has spacious room at the back

- Renee W

Smooth and very quiet drive. Has remote start for AC

Battery range is my least favorite aspect of the vehicle.

- Diana G