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If the price is right it's worth it.

The gas mileage you get is decent, and the amenities in the interior are nice. I personally do not like the sounds it makes when being started and it is not the first Nissan I have heard with the same sound. The ride is ok but the power steering hose and some sort of sensor belt are being replaced on mine currently. The body style is not my favorite but it does appear nicer in lighter colors. The stereo volume shorts out and I can only use the volume adjuster on the steering wheel most days. I did only pay 3500 for it so given the investment and cost to fix, I got an "ok" deal. It's not my first choice but it is an ok car. The upside is that it does ride very smooth, has 4 doors and I love the trunk button on the remote.

- Carli J

2001 Nissan maxima with the tape player.

The check engine light stays on constantly, but my car has close to 200,000 miles on it. It is very reliable. It has a tape player which is convenient for Audiobooks. The seats are not leather which makes cleaning spills a little more difficult. There is a weird thing I notice about it thought. When I put something into the charging station, the radio goes fuzzy. Like for example when I plug in my car charger, the radio goes fuzzy, but as soon as I take the charger out, the radio goes back to the way it was. It can get inconvenient at times, but I listen to CDs and tapes a lot.

- Autumn K

This car is a pretty reliable car for being so old. It is got driver and passenger heated seats, control buttons on the steering wheel and really nice tan interior. The seats are a tan leather, as comfortable as leather car seats can really be. Automatic seat controls, came with a spare tire. Very good gas mileage, roomy backseat and a roomy trunk. Nice center console, cup holders and ashtray. Does not have an aux but has a 5 disc CD player and a tape player. Volume and station changing buttons on steering wheel. Has cruise control!

- Sierra B

To me the most important thing is the safety factor. I feel totally safe in this car.

I was gifted this vehicle and I absolutely love it! It has any and all of the extras that vehicles had at the time and all work very well. I do keep the vehicle in good repair and have had minimal problems. I have received 24-34 mpg depending mostly on which direction the wind is coming from and how strong it is! I do average 29 mpg which I consider good given the weight of the vehicle. Most important to me, I feel totally safe driving or riding in this vehicle.

- Darlene H

Long lasting and comfortable.

This car is very comfortable. I like the sporty look even though it is a four door. The spoiler on the back really adds to the great look. My car is black with gray interior. My car has 213k miles on it. We have replaced a few things but engine and transmission are fine. The leather interior is starting to go bad, but for the age and amount of miles that can be expected.

- Jeanne M

Little luxury and reliable car.

This car is great on gas mileage, about 20 miles per gallon in town. The only problems I've ever had is because of fault on my own, so nothing wrong has happened with my car yet. It is reliable and for being a small car, there is plenty of front and backseat space. I love that this car has heated seating and in the winter it's great to drive because it has 4 wheel drive.

- Christian J

Better on the inside than outside.

I really love the inside of my car. I travel often and it has mostly been reliable, I don't really care for how the outside looks however it is a 2001 so it is just an older make. Overall this has been a great car. The car I would say gets better than average gas mileage, also I really like the inside it looks nice much better than the outward appearance.

- Kelsey T

The 2000 Nissan maxima. Sweet little car with room for the whole family. .

The car is small to drive, but has a lot of room inside. It has child locks on the back seat doors. There is a key chain push button thing that locks/unlocks doors. And opens the trunk. You can let down a back seat to give you more room in the trunk, or just have access to the trunk. The car has a CD player, and cruise control. It uses unleaded gasoline.

- Pat K

Older reliable commuter vehicle.

The vehicle is reliable, runs well overall, and there's been no major issues with it internally. It is a car I use for my daily commute and has never had an issue in the time that I have had it. There is some damage to the passenger side due to someone hitting it while parked but it does not affect the drivability of the vehicle.

- Vivian C

tire pressure sucks and the transmission leaks

there is a transmission leak and the tire pressure is always decreasing no matter if the tire is new or not. Other than that I haven't really had any problems with the car. I did get a call that there might be a recall on my airbag. I need to call and check on that & take my care to the mechanic in that case.

- Sarah S

Out of the box different and ahead of time.

Nissan maxima is a nice compact sedan. The car power is great. The maxima has a v6 engine which major of the sedans in the bracket has start off with 4 cylinder engines you would have to spend more for the other sedans if you want a v6. Maxima were ahead of their time and continue to be ahead of their time.

- Aaron L

01 Nissan Maxima - A car like no other

It's a great car. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. At the same time it is an old car so it forces you to stay on top of things like oil changes and things like that. It's extremely comfortable, performs great and really reliable. I have had this car for 4 years and it still runs great.

- Kayla B

The thing is if you have a family this car will fit everything comfortably.

I love that my maxima has such a spacious trunk. It makes things a lot easier especially with 3 kids. The backseat is quite large as well it fits 3 car seats easily. Although I have had a few issues with maintenance but that is due to the age of the vehicle. I would definitely buy a Nissan again.

- Jacqueline A

Do not buy from the streets.

Do not buy it. It does not help you in life honestly. Invest in a better more reliable car! Think before you act because you will regret it after all the money you have spent! The next car I want is a two thousand sixteen Nissan maxima from a car dealership. Never buy a car from the streets!

- Max G

2001 Nissan maxima gle loaded.

Its loaded, heated leather seats, great sound system, 6 CD, can get tinted windows, moonroof, great gas mileage, it's black on black, 4 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, it's fast, all together best car, I love this car, it is the second one I have owned, drive it you will want one.

- Nicole K

I really like how the vehicle drives and easy to handle and great on gas

The car is really nice but old and can have a lot of problems with overheating and forth. It drives really smooth and does well on gas. However the ac doesn't work too well which I would recommend driving with your windows down. It has a long lasting life and does great on miles

- Mariah D

My Nissan maxima I have had for almost 20 years and the greatness of it.

Have had the car for 19 years no major issues with regular maintenance. I love the heated seats. It drives smoothly. I love having a sunroof. Although it's an older vehicle it has done a good job. I bought this car after graduating high school and it is still going just fine.

- Danielle F

My New Addition Reliable and Economical

My Nissan Maxima has great interior leather seats, all automatic. It also has a sunroof. A very reliable gas mileage is 25 mpg economical sedan. The sound from the engine sounds like a purring kitten. Great air conditioning and front wheel drive. I would recommend to anyone.

- Anna A

2001 Nissan Maxima great daily driver

This vehicle has been in my family since it was new. Performance is great, it's had very few problems and has been very reliable. Very fun to drive. My only complaint is that it seems like it should get little better fuel mileage, but it's not bad. Overall great vehicle.

- Steve P

One of the best cars ever made.

Handles well, great gas mileage, smooth ride, good acceleration. Needs little repair beyond regular maintenance, new tires, etc. It's also an attractive car with a magnificent sound system, a sunroof, and fold over back seats that allow for additional cargo in trunk.

- Richard P

Nissan Maxima. Sporty and Reliable.

Nice clear views out of all windows. Moonroof and spoiler add a sporty character. Nice dash layout. Standard 6 disk CD player. Air conditioning and abs brakes. A fast, sporty sedan. Seats three in rear seat. Heated, automatic seats. Reliable. Fancy leather interior.

- Lora M

Great value and very bright with great fog lights.

Good running classic car in mint condition nice color fast good performing car with a good sports car look. Very fast great acceleration with great braking system perfect steering system. Great interior. Nice leather with spacey inside. All around nice car.

- Spirit B

I love the sunroof and that it is great on gas

My Nissan Maxima is fully loaded power windows power seats it has a sunroof it has four doors, my air conditioner is not working right now, I had to replace a tire because I got a flat. I love my maxima it is great on gas it has a lot of horsepower to it.

- Susan B

Has a great sunroof with different features for allowing air in or light in.

I like the gas mileage. It is a great and strong car that has lasted me 5 years so far. It is a stick shift that reliable and has only given me a few problems with the engine. It is very spacious and has a good size trunk for storage.

- Natalia G

Well broken in Nissan maxima.

Vehicle is over 100, 000 miles, so many issues have arrived, such as needing a new starter or radiator. As of now my ac / heating does not work well and my abs lights are on, needing to replace my right head light.

- Sheryl P

It's a good first car for new drivers.

It has over 270,000 miles on it. Its pretty scratched up from a previous car accident. Its decent on gas. The power steering hose is broken. Its comfortable, spacious and fairly reliable when in good condition.

- Kiya H

Smooth ride, sturdy alignment, gas saver

I love my car. It is truly reliable, I have been able to travel long distances and use it frequently to travel between my child's school and work. Its extremely comfortable and has great security features

- Jocelyn C

The Nissan maxima; the dependable car.

It is a very dependable vehicle. Only problem is mine has lots of rust and is not the prettiest but overall it runs very well. It is also very comfortable for both the driver and passengers.

- Makayla A

It is a limited edition model of the Nissan maxima.

I like that it's the 20th anniversary edition. I like that its silver and a 4 door car. I don't like that it is old and used. I don't like that it doesn't have an AUX or Bluetooth.

- Sarah L

Best car you can buy for the money.

I bought my car from a trustworthy friend and paid $900 in cash. I like nissans and I have owned 2 prior to this one. Reliable, good on gas, drives well, cheap insurance wise.

- Lauren Y

Reliable car, best car to own.

Almost 6 years with my Nissan maxima, very reliable car, havent had no major issues with it, small repairs like brakes, wheel bearings, fuel pump nothing major, amazing cars.

- William Q

Rust is a problem, make sure it does not sit outside to long all of the time.

It drives terrific, great handling, good gas mileage. Trustworthy and reliable little car. Has some problems with rust though. You cannot let this car sit outside to long.

- Timothy R

Dependable no matter what weather conditions, always starts.

This vehicle is awesome, great performance and reliability always. Never have any major problems, that is why Nissan's are such a great investment. Reliability.

- Janet P

It gets 34 miles to the gallon.

My car has yet to let me down I absolutely love it other than the fact that it pulls slightly to the right. The a/c works great and it has great gas mileage.

- Tyler H

Car has a v6 engine with good gas mileage, convent commuter car that is reliable.

My car runs great. It is a great commuter car and good on gas. It has a nicely equipped sunroof, good quality stereo system. Very comfortable and spacious.

- Natalia G

That it is the only thing of value that I own right now.

I like that it is spacious enough to fit my whole family. I also love that it is reliable and runs great even though it has over 300,000 miles on it.

- Samantha C

Nissan has been very reliable and good for 100000 miles

It is very reliable and it has 154000 miles on it have not had any major problems with the vehicle just a new muffler system.The car is comfortable

- Kenneth R

The car requires viable maintenance. Tuneup is required.

My vehicle is considered to be an "a and b". Used mostly for work, it has limitations in size. I however like the fact that it is still reliable...

- david s

It gets a mileage rate around 52!.

My car is very old and is rusting. It also it horrible on gas. The one thing that I like about my car is that the insurance on it is very cheap.

- Kristin H

It has a lot of mileage but still runs smoothly and starts every time.

It has been very reliable. It also very easy to maintain. It does have a very problems from age and cosmetically it has few scratches and rust.

- Richard O

It's reliable and functional

It's got a sunroof and air conditioning. I wish it had a better stereo system, but otherwise it runs well and gets me where i need to go.

- Adri G

Its pretty good on gas highway or street miles.

Its reliable and good on gas but not enough room for me. It has a lot of good qualities like a good sound system and nice leather seats.

- Cheyenne C

The check engine light sometimes goes on for no reason.

Low mileage, some rust around wheel wells. Drives wonderfully. Still gets good gas mileage. Needs new driver's seat and cosmetic work.

- richard p

it has low milage just over 120000 miles and can not keep it running

I like the power the motor has but there is a problem with the car that no one seems to be able to fix. It will not stay on.

- holly m

That it is well worth the money we put into it....

For a older and used car there's not much wrong with it.The inside is in great condition.The trunk also had so much space.

- Donna S

It drives really well and is comfortable.

Handling, gas mileage, maintenance, style. It is starting to rust. It is starting to spring leaks and make noises..

- Richard P

Nissan maxima power steering

Has electrical issues power steering issues it is a great car overall. It runs good just need a good old tune up.

- Nathan B

Toughness and just pure power and speed.

It's a very tough car it's great on gas goes good in snow I real love it I wish they still made them like this.

- John S

My nissan maxima is a reliable car and it is good on gas

What i like about my car great on gas rides very smooth what i dislike about the car a little small inside

- Angel R

Comfort and performance to the max.

My vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. It picks up speed so well I've never had such a smooth ride.

- Gerry F

It used to be reliable. I'm the second owner. There's many electrical issues now.

There's electrical issues and it isn't safe enough at the point it's at to be reliable.

- Dan H

It's almost broken and is falling to pieces and requires constant maintenance

SUuuuper old. Love the man so much. Falling apart at this point but that's ok

- ryan z

My car is old and I bought it used, so it's not the best indication of the quality of this make and model. However from what I've seen and felt, it has great fuel economy, good space, and good power. It's also pretty cheap to refill from nearly empty to full. The seats are leather, so they get very hot in the summer, but it has a good sound system. The AC and the wipers/wiper fluid didn't work since my car was bought used, so I am not able to comment on the quality of those things. Overall, the car runs really well, but I might have gotten more out of it if I had gotten it new or in better condition than it is.

The car gets great gas mileage and is very cheap to fill.

- Megan C

Nice size, good performance, not much maintenance required. No complaints.

It is 17 years old and still performs excellently.

- Arlene M