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Great car for performance at half the cost of a luxury car.

I drive a 2002 Nissan maxima gle. I have 106,000 miles and I bought it almost two years ago with 89,000 miles. It had two previous owners and it was in good shape for the age. I have replaced the thermostat and radiator. This was replaced around 103,000 miles. I have changed the oil every 4,000 to 5,000 miles. There is a 6 CD changer built in to the car that has not worked since I bought the car. A piece connected to the brake pedal broke and I was able to fix it with some materials at my house. The piece that broke controls when the brake lights come on and the brake alert light that shows up on the dash. This piece does not control the actual breaking of the car. The sunroof operates but has a mind of its own sometimes. I researched how to reset the sunroof and have not had issues with it opening randomly since then. The interior is leather in this particular model with heated front seats. The windows are automatic power, the locks are powered, and seats are powered. You can set the driver seat to remember how far or close you would like to sit to the steering wheel. The seat will go to that position when you put the key in the ignition. This model has a security system from the manufacturer. The performance is still really good with it being 17 years old. The transmission shifts smoothly no matter if you gun it or not. This car is extremely comfortable to sit in even when going long distances. I strongly believe that this car can be driven and reliable up to 300,000 miles if routine maintenance is done.

- Matt A

Nissan Maxima SE -- A great car that lasts forever!

My vehicle has had minimal issues, all able to be solved in under $200. It is comfortable to drive and ride in, and it is reliable. The check engine light has appeared a few times, but each time it has been a simple fix. It is a bit rough regarding gas mileage, but I make do because it is such a respectable car otherwise. I have heard that Nissan is reputed to make long-lasting vehicles, and I have not been disappointed. The only thing I wish my car had was a rear windshield wiper for heavy storms. It causes issues when I cannot see out the rear mirror. For a college student like myself, I could not have asked for a better car for the price at which I bought it. I am hoping to have this car for at least another 5 years, and it seems it may last that long.

- Madison R

Get this car! Cannot beat it.

I bought this car from another previous owner, so it was not new. The car still runs really well. No problems whatsoever. I love my car. I do wish it was a newer model, but sometimes older cars can still get you to where you need to be. Performance is outstanding. Super reliable and comfortable. I do wish the seats were not leather, since it gets hot during summer.

- Holly G

When I first brought the car it was fine

The things above the tire are rusted. The engine has a leak and idk where it's coming from. There is a leak in the break line. The struts are bad. The trunk sensor is broken. It says the truck is open even when it's not. The alarm goes off randomly even when you stop it a few mins later it will do it again. Usually in the middle of the night

- Andre J

I love the sunroof feature for them long boardwalk drives at the beach.

The only problems that my vehicle has had since I bought it brand new in 2001. I have changed the struts, spark plugs, starter. Of course all 4 tires. Exhaust leak used to be an issue as well. I changed all my headlights. Transmission and Engine have ran strong and well. And I had to change my tire valve covers due to them dry rotting out.

- Marcel P

Great car! Could run forever.

The car runs like a champ, honestly probably will run forever. I've had to replace a few things, but that's only because the poor car has so many miles. Very cheap to fix on most parts anyways. From older model to new, Nissan's are great. I have an 2002 with 180 something miles and I could probably drive it for another 5-6 years.

- Kayla W

The interior seats are very big, comfortable especially for long traveling

The car runs great even after all these years and it is a great start up car for teenagers and young adults. It is very reliable and has extra room for comfort. The only real problem I have had was the ac stopped working but it turned out to be just a leak and was fixed easily. Overall it is a wonderful car to have and grow with.

- Whitney H

Old car with high mileage and some issues but is reliable.

The engine light is always on. The power steering also has issues. It's hard to make sharp turns and park and back out in reverse. Sometimes, the gear shift is hard to move. The headlights are really bright. It has a good AC and a lot of cargo room. The trunk is huge. There is also a rear windshield defroster.

- Jacob J

Great car bad water pump.

My vehicle jobs very well it handles great. All the electronics still work very well the Bose stereo system sounds great. The only problem we have encountered is the water pump went out on it and we struggled trying to get someone to work on it because it is very difficult to replace due to being on the timing chain.

- Leslie H

2002 Nissan Maxima beige color. Leather seats. V6 engine. 6 cd changer.

I like my car, it is very dependable. However since it is an old car, I have to get it fix almost like every year. Also it is has v6 engine so its runs pretty good. The other feature that the car has is that it has a 6 CD changer and leather seats. Plus I had it for ten years as well and its still holding up.

- Kevin D

Tough car that I would say is reliable despite the issues it has.

it has a oil leak, a cylinder problem, and some issues with the transmission. It still runs pretty good despite the problems. It is a good car, reliable, comfortable, spacious, and decent on gas. There are no cosmetic issues with the car, the air works good, and the radio works, but is a aftermarket radio.

- Devin B

Nissan maxima gives maximum performance.

It's been a very reliable car haven't had too so much work on it other than regular maintenance, oil changes, tires, yearly tune ups etc. Terrible gas mileage though. It is a nice looking car and I love the sunroof. Haven't had any electrical issues which is usually something I get with every car I own.

- Emily R

Good engine but minor issues.

I have a 2002 Nissan maxima that has a lot of problems. The wheel studs in the rotor keep snapping off in half causing the wheel to pop off, missing a timing chain gear, and engine light in on due to too much air intake with the evap. Overall, the engine runs well and will get me to point A to point B.

- Alan C

Runs great, but not an economical car

My Nissan maxima has a great engine and great motor. I've never had a problem with it and it runs greats. The only bad thing is that it's a six cylinder car so it does waste a lot of gas. Other than that it's great. It's comfortable but not economical. And parts are also kind of hard to get.

- Eva G

Spoiler alert. With this in the trunk it spices up the car

Nice interior. The car runs great. Only problem had was a radiator replace which every old car needs at some point. Handles great on the road and it's very agile. The speed is also not so bad. Has the interior of a luxury vehicle. The power sunroof adds to the beauty and comfort ride

- Tim C

My 02 max is a dark grey color with leather interior. Electric everything.

I have had this car since I was in high school and it still works perfectly to this day. Of course there is some things that have gone wrong with age but overall a nice car. Very reliable and they let you know right away if there is any recalls. I will always drive with Nissan.

- Alyssa G

I have a 2002 Nissan maxima their very reliable.

I had it for two years and only had to replace the alternator its very dependable. It seats me and my family comfortably it also drives and handle great and good on gas. It also all electric seat and windows air is cold and heat blows hot defroster works in a manner of minutes.

- Ernest M

It is a good car to go around town to do errands.

It is a good car, it has its issues like any car but it is pretty reliable for my family to drive around town to run errands etc. I have some issues with leaks and the memory but I think you will always have those issues with a 2002 car. I really enjoy driving it around town.

- Heather M

these type of cars run really fast they seem to be the sport cars of 2002

Pretty good car for a 17 year car maximas are known as luxury cars so You do get the leather interiors. Car won't run into much issues as long as u maintenance it well and give it regular oil changes. These type of cars come with sunroofs leather interior seat heaters.

- Jason J

Best used cars to look into.

It drives really good. I would recommend to anyone. I've never experienced any problems with the motor or the extras. Air conditioner works well. The heater and radio are both good too. If I have was going to buy another vehicle I would consider a maxima first.

- Darcy G

As Good As the day I bought it

runs perfectly never a problem. Looks as good now as the day I bought it. Reliable, good on gas, all the bells and whistles. Very nice car. When its running it's as quiet as when its off. This is my third maxima and i'll buy another.

- casper n

My car is great if you are a commuter or you just need a simple reliable car.

My car is very reliable even though it is not new and I have put a lot of miles on it. It is very easy to drive and it is a great commuter car. There is not any work I have had to get done on it other than regular maintenance.

- Danielle M

Maintenance on power steering pump.

Some maintenance services are easy, while others are more difficult compared to other cars. For instance, the power steering pump is nearly impossible to replace by yourself.

- Jacob V

It is in working conditions and gets me to one place to the other perfectly fine.

I like my vehicle because it has good space for my children. What I don't like about my vehicle is that it waste lots of gas. I do however like that my car goes really fast.

- Edgar H

It's not the newest or most glamorous, but it works well and I love it!

I like the car a lot. It's in great shape for having 185k miles on it. It is a bit too big for what I prefer, though. It takes premium gas and that irritates me.

- Kimberly B

I'm going to miss my car cause it had so many memories

Ever since I bought my car its been running ok. Fix somethings here and there but right now I have to replace my ignition coil. Once I replace that I selling it.

- Marco H

My car has a navigation system that allows my to listen to CDs without using the six CD changer in the trunk.

Generally, I don't have any problems with my car considering it is 16 years old. It drives smooth and repair costs are minimal with regular maintenance.

- Christian D

My vehicle is reliable, working, and in good condition.

Extremely reliable by getting me to and from work everyday. Not very much upkeep needed. Runs relatively smooth for its age and has good speed range.

- Angelica M

It drives great. And it is handling is perfect.

I like the size and design. I also like the extra accessories, heated seats and steering wheel. I dislike the high cost of parts and repairs.

- Eileen K

The windows are not tinted so it gets hot. It has a great sound system.

I like how my car is easy on gas. I also like how it has no problems. I dislike having a small car. I dislike not having four wheel drive.

- Alyssa R

The power steering is tricky. It is hard to park the car and make sharp turns.

I like the windows, the radio, middle console, and headlights. The power steering is a little rough and the brakes are kind of bad.

- Jacob G

It's an alright car if you can't get anything else.

It's a little old, so it has a tendency to stop in the middle of the road. If you go to a good repair shop it should be good.

- Kiya P

It does not have a lot of mileage and it's very comfortable.

I love it because it was my first car ever and it has never given me any problems and it is the best to have as a first car.

- Katherine C

It's pretty basic car. No fancy features like heated seats or bluetooth

It's my first car. A few pieces broke on it and had to be replaced but other than that it gets me where I need to go.

- Erin W

Nissans are great cars to drive, very safe and reliable vehicles

It's a great car, safe and roomy but it has over 200,00 miles but for that many miles it's still a good car to drive

- Rosemary R

The Air Conditioner works good The radio works good

The belt speaks The gas mileage isn't good The tires ball down very easy There is rust on the rims The breaks speak

- Joe B

My car is a nice looking car. Took me everywhere I wanted to go.

Right now not driveable. Have to have the motor checked to see what is wrong with it. Hopefully nothing major

- Victoria P

It still runs great and handles well.

The water pump went out.. It drives great.. It still looks great.. Its roomy enough.. The gas mileage sucks.

- Leslie H

I love my car because I purchased it myself. It's the perfect size for me. I have mechanical problems that stops it from working to its full potential, and that's what I dislike about it.

Its fast. Just because it has some mechanical problems doesnt mean its still not a good car.

- Jushyena J

My car has almost 200,000 mile on it And it still gets me from point a to b

I like the style and inside space. It should have had a recall on the power steering pump

- Lisa S

It works. It gets me where I need to go. It tends to falter a lot.

It's very dependable even though it is quite old and some think it is time to be replaced

- Maribel G

it still run very well and takes where i need to go

since It's an older car i have to keep working on it from time to time.

- kevin M

Comfortable ride and easy handling make it perfect for seniors.

It is a safe four door sedan. I like all them extras it has..

- Pat K

It is a very smooth riding vehicle and i'm very happy with it.

The car has a very comfortable ride and good sound system.

- C P