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2003 Nissan maxima; luxurious to drive, although expensive to own.

I have owned my vehicle for about three years and so far the only adverse issues I have experienced is low gas mileage (about 23 mpg) which in this day and age is not very economical when gas costs more than three dollars a gallon and the car has a 17 gallon tank. The driver's seat adjustment forwards and backwards does not work, it broke and came off the track about a year after I got the car. And finally, the fuel pump gave out about 6 months ago and I replaced it with one I found in a junkyard for 150. 00 including labor. The amenities to this vehicle are many. The dual heated leather seats are great for me and my passenger, heated steering wheel, Bose stereo system, moonroof, spoiler, 17” tiger paw tires provide excellent traction in any road conditions, large trunk, and spacious back seat. All maintenance systems are easily accessible to check oil and other fluid levels, not to mention the huge washer fluid reservoir! Overall a very nice and comfortable vehicle to drive from errands to long trips.

- Debbie M

Cheap, fast, and practical

A lot of reviews call this a 4-door sports car, and it's fairly accurate. Steering and handling is nice and precise, and it goes fast enough where you can definitely surprise some people in their Chargers trying to cut you off coming up to a merge. It's practical and comfortable, and it doesn't look terrible, although I could do with a different front end design. I like the gated 4-speed automatic so that I can drive it like a pseudo-manual when I want to have fun and leave it in D when the weather's bad or I'm not feeling like going that fast. Sounds decent for an old V6 sedan. Had a few maintenance issues, mainly in finding parts, specifically the fuel pump and exhaust, but it's overall reliable. For the price, it's a great car.

- Joe O

2003 SE Maxima titanium series always has that automatic sparkle to it

I have a 2003 Nissan Maxima SE automatic 3.5. I've had it for 2 years and when it's running good runs great. Lately I've had some issues with trouble codes lately and can't pinpoint the issue somewhere in between the vss and catalytic converter.. other than the fact that the cat. Converter is probably stopped up and the excessive oil it burns I LOVE my car it's has automatic seat control leather seats sunroof Bose system titanium finish rims

- Crystal B

Has a v6 engine good to drive on freeway or highway roads.

The engine in the car runs great. The transmission also shifts well to. The issues I have with the car is mainly the catalyst converter. It has a three way catalyst converter so all three need to be replaced. Replacing each piece of the converter is $700-800 a piece. If the converter doesn't get replaced it usually affects the cars performance. For the fuel it recommends using premium fuel. It has power lock and windows and has radio.

- John V

Good car: bad turning radius.

It runs very well and is extremely reliable. The major flaw is that it's turning circle awful. It gets good gas mileage and has a roomy interior. The engine is powerful and has a good initial acceleration. It does not handle very well in icy conditions. The trunk is very large and the backseat has ample room to sit 3. The ceilings are a tad low, a problem if you are 6ft 4in or taller.

- Colin O

Was probably a decent car when it first came out

My vehicle was good for about a year, and then the battery started dying for no reason. It is an issue with the breaks I believe. And the blower motor also needed replaced quickly after purchase. It has some major issues for sure. One other problem it has is that the stereo cuts in and out the bass shuts itself off and the front drivers side seat controls don't work.

- Whitney N

New looking most all the time except when it needs a spray off now and then.

Really good gas mileage easy to adjust to fit your body the color has not faded after all these years. . . Leather interior is still like new, looks great when you wash it and give it a wax job. By hand, not one of those automatic car washes does not show dirt and grime hardly at all I keep mine inside my garage which really helps too.

- Virginia D

The car is great for daily needs and it�s great on gas when going on road trips.

The car itself is a good car. It has a sunroof which is enjoyable in the summertime. The leather seats have seat warmers which helps in the winter but they get hot in the summer. There's no aux port which is not a plus for me personally. It's great on gas while on the highway as long as you keep up with maintenance on the car.

- Ashley U

Light blue amazing car that gets me where I want to go all the time.

I love what I drive. It has a heated steering wheel which making driving in the winter amazing and enjoyable. I have only had a few problems with my car but nothing horribly wrong. They are usually cheap easy fixes. My car also has heated seats which I love in the winter. The sunroof is super nice in the summer as well.

- Sarah M

It is a wicked fast sleeper that can be had used for little cost

I love how beefy the engine is. It has the legendary VQ35 engine. It also is very VERY stylish and despite being 15 years old has aged well. It even gets good gas mileage by modern standards. I dislike that the console armrest awkwardly pops up and that I've had to replace the brake calipers more often than anticipated

- John N

Nissan 3. 5 one the most underrated engines.

It is a good performance car nice small sedan. The only issue is the simple fact that the car needs premium gas for it to reach its true performance. I believe the 1998 to 2003 was the best overall of all of the Nissan maxima. Now they are no longer the small sedan they're bigger and a little more powerful.

- Aaron L

Nissan maxima - lots of room for life!

I have had quite a few problems with the braking system. It is a reliable car and very comfortable. The automatic seat adjustment is great! I like that you can program the mirrors and seats to go into position with a single switch. The trunk is spacious and the back seat fits three people comfortably.

- Julie B

Nissan maxima 2003 popping.

The performance and reliability of the car is great for a older car no check engine lights and no light on the dashboard. I really love this year of Nissan. This is the third Nissan maxima that I have had within the years from 01-03. The car is also very spacious especially if you have a big family.

- Cassandra C

Tell all's of the 03 Nissan.

My 2003 Nissan hasn't been the best kind of vehicle it was used when I got it and has gave me nothing but problems every time I turn around there has been some wrong with it ranging from the alternator to the air condition to the transmission it's actually costed me more money than what it's worth.

- Susan L

For what I paid for it, I am satisfied.

I like that it is more economical and easier to drive than my previous vehicle. I dislike that it is a little small. I also dislike that the engine configuration makes accessing certain components like the power steering pump, alternator, ac compressor, and water pump exceptionally difficult.

- Charles L

Great gas mileage, 32 miles to the gallon on open road.

Have had my car for 10 years now. Have not had any major problems. My master air flow sensor went bad which wasn't a major problem and didn't hit the wallet to hard when it came time to fix it. Gas mileage is awesome. On the open road when the car is tuned up I get 32 miles to the gallon.

- Angela S

Family and also race car.

I have owned 3 or 4 Nissans. If they have problems they are really easy and cheap to fix. They are extremely reliable. Some are fast and they are race cars in away. So if you are into speed this is a great car. They can also be family cars. I have a 4 year old and he loves daddy's car.

- Zachary A

The Nissan Maxima 2003 is a quality car that gets me where I need to go.

The vehicle performs well and is very quality for being an old model. I haven't had any issues with it and it runs very smoothly. The interior is pretty comfortable and you can heat up the seats in the front which is good when the weather is cold. I don't plan on buying another car.

- Sierra M

Great and reliable car to have with little to no problems.

Great and reliable car. Not really any problems. Also a great looking car and could do a lot of things to it to make it faster and make it look better than it already is. Could last a long time if you keep up to date with it. I don't think you can get better then a Nissan.

- Noah I

It was great in the beginning. It can be great again.

The vehicle was great when I first purchased it. Throughout the years wear and tear on the vehicle has made it an inconvenience to drive. It can be worth the money to fix it if you want to. But I would not blame someone for not wanting to put money in to keep fixing it.

- Ted L

Nissan makes excellent family cars.

The car has great gas mileage, is very safe, is very comfortable and is easy to drive. I love it. Great family car. The back seat has plenty of room for passengers. The trunk has a ton of space. Plenty of room for traveling. This is a very dependable company and car.

- Elizabeth L

The anti lock system won't let me in my car

It needs repairs at least once a month, is leaking oil, and only has 140,000 miles. It is rusted out. But the biggest problem I have is the anti theft system and since a new ignition was put in we can't reset the anti theft system so it won't let me start my car

- Michele W

It can go extremely fast on highway.

Ac does not work. Check engine light is on. Fender is bent. It constantly burns oil. Put oil in car frequently. Gas burns fast as well. It is a black Nissan it does go fast. Good speakers to listen to your music. No sunroof. It accepts a aux cord and CD.

- Chelsea F

Comfy and easy to love car.

I love my car, it gets pretty good gas mileage and drives really smooth. The cruise control features are very easy to use, and I love the seat and steering wheel warmers. The back seating is very roomy for a car, and the trunk has great space as well.

- Emma R

Comfortable fast pick up car!

Drives great and has lasted me a long time. No major repairs have been needed. It is quick and comfortable. It does burn gas fast.. That is the one downfall. It has a lot of features like a sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel, and leather seats.

- Alicia N

The Nissan Maxima is a great sporty, economical car.

My 2003 Nissan Maxima is an extremely nice car. It is sporty but also very economical. I get 26 miles to the gallon. It has heated seats and everything is power including the sunroof. I just love this car.

- Shayla D

It's very dependable. I've had my car 15 years and haven't had any major problems.

My vehicle is very comfortable to drive. I haven't had many problems with my car since I've had it. I like the fact it gets good gas mileage. There really isn't anything I dislike about my car.

- Reneha M

Older car that's very reliable and maintenance cost is low in my opinion.

Its an older vehicle so you have to make sure you keep up to date with all required maintenance. Maintenance cost is low for this vehicle as long as you remain consistent.

- Dawn M

The cut engines give you trouble.

I've had several issues with this car. I don't like cut engine. Motor issues, transmission issues, battery issues. The car has been a total headache since I've owned it.

- Kira N

It is very popular and there are a lot of them on the road.

I have owned my car for 8 years and have not had any major problems. It is reliable and fast and looks very nice. It has a power sunroof power seat and air conditioning.

- Joe H

My car is very reliable and paid off.

The car still rides good even though it is 15 years old. I also like that I do not have any car payments to make. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Sara H

my name is max, it's a maxima

I love my car. Partly because it's a maxima and my name is max. but it works generally well. and it has its problems but that's because it is old.

- max z

Fun to drive but costly to maintain.

It's a really fun car to drive and feels secure, but it's old and needs a lot of repairs that end up costing more than its value.

- Fred P

My Nissan maxima is in great condition.

My car is in great condition, it took me to Virginia from Alabama and back. There is not anything wrong with my car.

- Brittany W

My car is a good car. It's a sports car.

My car is good. Has no problems. It's 4 doors. It's a sports car. It's a early 2000 make. It still works well.

- Mar P

Nissan is a great brand and it is cars handle a lot of mileage.

Like the miles it gets and size. Wish I could afford a newer model though. . It is roomy for smaller size car.

- Suzi G

I like that it is roomy and gets pretty good gas mileage. I dislike that the seats are fabric, not leather. I have also had some recurring problems with the engine, but I keep up with maintenance, and she runs pretty smoothly for being 15 years old.

If you are looking for a car that gets decent gas mileage, then this little sedans perfect for you!

- Lauren L

The car has a good engine . Good gas mileage and it handle good.

It get good cast mileage . Car did not cost to much being used . only complaint is it not AWD.

- David k

That it's a powerful car. The 2003 Mustang GT came out with 260 horsepower and my Nissan Maxima had 255 horsepower.

It's a good car gas mileage is ok. For the mileage, I currently have on it which is 208,000.

- Aaron W

IT is an old blue maxima. It has close to 150000 miles on it. I bought it used

My drivers side window doesn't work anymore. It didn't work when i bought it

- Hunter T

Fast, heated seats, great sound system. It lasted me quite a while with minimal breakdowns or failures of any sort. Very comfortable.

It is a great family sedan with the power of a nice sports car

- Troy B