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- 5*'s. These cars were very poorly designed

All sorts of wringing issues they are a pain inthe as$ to work on the timming tensioner pushes on a piece of plastic which will eventually break and fall down and then if you are lucky it won't bend the valves or grenade your engine then on top of that you either have to pay an arm and two legs to get it fixed or fix it yourself like I had to in the middle of winter of all times nissan did a very poor job on the designing of these cars and they know all about the issues and still continued to make and sell these cars i hope they get what'scoming to them for being such a dishonest and money hungry manufacturer you pay $30,000.00 dollars for something you would think it would last more than a year and you have to fight with them anytime you try and get anything on your warranty. I'm very displeased. Nissan used to make good cars not after they merged with Renaultthen on top of that you either have to pay an arm and two legs to get it fixed or fix it yourself like I had to in the middle of winter of all times

- Mike

It gets good gas mileage, is dependable and I love driving it - still smooth.

My husband and I both drove Cadillac's. Several years ago my husband passed away and when I decided to buy another car, I went with a new Nissan maxima. It has been the best and most reliable car I have owned. I have been hit by a deer as well as another car. The deer was hurt but my car showed no damage. The same was true when a car hit me from behind. I had small damage but the front of their car was totaled. I feel safe in this car and will likely buy another one with a year or two.

- Frances D

2005 Nissan Maxima, ~141,000 Miles

My car has just over 140,000 miles on it and I have only had it for a year and a half. When I first bought it, I immediately had to replace the alternator. Otherwise it has driven well, I really like the car besides other problems that have arose. The ABS sensor and another sensor have to be replaced, as well as belts (I'm assuming from a noise its making, have yet to get it checked out). Overall I like the car and I think its age is starting to get the better of it.

- Samantha B

Driver and passenger can control heat/air on their own side of the vehicle.

I absolutely love my maxima. I call her mad max. She's my very first car and I would highly recommend a Nissan maxima to just about anybody. It is a very trustworthy and comfortable car for everyday use or long trips. It is great on gas and it has plenty of room in the back seat and in the trunk. The features for a 2005 are very impressive. The air and heat work amazing and it has a radio/tape/CD player also. I would buy another one no doubt.

- Stephanie A

The longevity of the car seems to be very poor.

My car tail pipes blow tons of exhaustion fumes out when I crank it. The rear view mirrors close up while driving after making sure they were out correctly before driving. It sometimes quits running while I am driving. The engine is going bad. I have been told not to put anymore money into the car. These cars seem to not have longevity. My car has cream of the crop with all the extras. But if it does not run those are useless.

- William W

The bitter and the sweet.

Overall my Nissan is pretty reliable. It is very comfortable to drive and the ride is smooth. The main problem I am experiencing is with the transmission. I was told by a mechanic that specializes in transmission repair, that Nissans made in 2005 have faulty transmissions. I have had it repaired and I am having problems with it pausing and jerking again.

- Rosalyn F

Spacious, runs well, saves a lot of gas, comfortable to travel in.

My Nissan maxima is an amazing car, the motor is great I never have problems with is. It's really good on gas and it's also really spacious and comfortable to travel in! I really recommend it! I also think it's really easy to find any part you want to either replace or renew, you don't have to go crazy waiting for them to arrive 2 months later!

- Queen D

It is lasting some so long, but the rear seat space is limited if you have kids.

Some transmission problems in the past but it is been a good loyal car to me. If you keep it oiled up it will run forever. I bought it used so it already had some issues with the control arms that had to be replaced. Not sure if that was a pre-existing condition or from use. The space in the back is a bit limited for the passengers though.

- Gabriela R

A 2005 Nissan Maxima, four door automatic.

It is very comfortable and reliable. It is red and has a sunroof. There are heated seats and a heated steering wheel. It is front wheel drive. It has four doors and has an automatic transmission this is not my first car. It is my second car. My first car was a 1997 Ford mustang. This car now runs a lot better than the car I had before.

- Asia B

Nissan maxima, get the max for the money!

My nissan maximum is an awesome car. It gets great mileage and has a lot of pick up and go power. My car is 16 years old and still drives like a new car. I have not had any problems with the car other than your basic wear and tear. My car came with all the bells and whistles, so needless to say it is really nice.

- Paula P

My car has been very dependable. It has not had to have any major repairs and when i leave the house I know it will take me where i want to go.

I drive a 2005 Nissan and overall I Love my car. It is the V6 with a six speed manual transmission and provides all the power I need. It has been a good car to which i have had to make little repairs. I would like a car with a bit more room and extra options and will be looking for such in my next purchase.

- paul q

Love how the car has heated seats and steering wheel great features for winter.

I have had my car over a year now and have not had any major problems for how old the car is. Always a smooth drive and does great on the highway. I live in KS and drove it to Mexico and Texas multiple times. I like it just as much as I liked my Honda. I plan on keeping this car tell the wheels fall off.

- Sha M

Reliable and stylish car!

The car is okay. I have had problems with leaking around the valve covers which causes many more problems. Other than that the car is great.. Very reliable. The car is also pretty fast which is always a plus for most car buyers this day in age. Just be careful with it.

- Quint W

Great car, definitely check it out.

It is a fast car and it has a great sound system. You can really rely on this car. It does not have a great stereo, so you will have to upgrade it or buy a Bluetooth adapter. The car is too long. I do not think it waste too much gas, compare to my other car.

- Jose S

My car is superior because of Its easy to run model.

It is a very reliable vehicle. I have benefitted from going to school so far away from home driving there and back. I love having the ability to not have to rely on others. Great air conditioning, great mileage, and fantastic work performance!

- Lauren S

Although maintenance costs tend to be higher than some other vehicles, the car itself lasts longer than most other vehicles.

I like that it has plenty of horsepower. The seats are heated, and have power adjustments. There is plenty of room for passengers and plenty of room in the trunk. I don't like that maintenance costs are higher than other vehicles.

- Tim S

Plenty of room for the family but has a sporty feel to it.

Overall great car. Spacious and comfortable with nice options available to it. The transmission is starting to slip however and possibly the timing chain is going bad. If not for the issues it would be my favorite car I have owned.

- Derek R

My Nissan Maxima is amazing on gas and has never failed me, it's been with me since day one.

because it's so easy to work on I can do a tune-up for maybe $40 or so but it does have a few issues with it being so low to the ground and what I would consider to be heavy, I feel like I need a newer version of a Nissan Maxima.

- Sarah B

Although it looks nice, those cars do have some issues. Most all of those cars have transmission problems. They are difficult to do mechanical work on. You must take the front passenger side tire off just to change the oil! Insane! The entire grill & front bumper must come off just to change a light bulb!

Our car looks very nice inside & out. It has awesome leather seats. It has a great Bose sound system. However, we have had several mechanical problems with the car. The transmission is in rough shape. Power steering is going out.

- Jessica G

Really reliable 2005 Nissan Maxima

My cars performance is good to be a 2005 it's reliable only minimum problems such as needing a tune up new hose and a oil change it really ride's good and very spacious the radio really is nice. This is a great car.

- Rolonda J

Fast, Reliable if taken care of

My maxima has lots of problems. I currently can't access my trunk. It's stuck. There's a belt and chain problem. Car still runs like a champ. It is reliable. Just has lots of parts falling apart because its old.

- Andy G

Driving a pre-owned Nissan maxima.

The car runs smoothly, especially on the interstate. However, I have run into a lot of maintenance issues since purchasing it, but this could be due to the year and previous mile usage.

- Dee M

It is not eco-friendly. It is merely better than some of the other fossil-fuelled cars.

I wish this car was solar-powered. I do like that it has good fuel economy and still has a cassette player. I like its power. I don't like how long it takes to stop.

- Matthew S

Leather seats that are heated and has xm satellite radio!!

I love my car. It gets good gas mileage and work really well. I have xm radio which is great for traveling. Nothing wrong with it and it has heated seats!!

- Sierra C

Great model and reliable vehicle I would recommend it to anyone and everybody.

It is a nice reliable vehicle that is safe and it is a smooth ride and has enough room for me and my friends to ride comfortably in it on long road trips.

- Casey C

Gas consumption too high and it needs repairs often.

Old, costly to repair. Gas consumption is way too high and it breaks down often. The repair cost is a lot of money more than the car is worth.

- Kal S

It's a very unreliable vehicle and has maintenance issues.

It has a lot of mechanical issues and all of the electrical items are broken or breaking. The transmission is going out for the 3rd time.

- Nikki B

You can speed up fast with it.

I have no complaints about the vehicle I currently drive. It runs really smooth. We just put a new engine in it before I got the car also.

- Erica S

It is a family car and reliable.

I like the color and style of the car. It is silver and appearance is everything. ! It is old and steady breaking down is why I hate it.

- Alexandria P

Nissan Maxima, the car that gives you everything you need in a car.

It has great performance and is very reliable in all weather conditions. Powerful engine and has been repair free for almost 6 years.

- Ronnie S

I do like the body and interior design of my vehicle. I just wish it was safe to drive, and transmissions are far to expensive, worth more than the car itself.

The transmission is shot. It's not safe to drive anymore. Nissan actually has plenty of complaints about their transmission quality.

- Kristen G

It is a old but dependable and good car it runs better than I thought it would for it to be as old as it is great car

I don't have any complaints about my car for an older car it is a very good car that gives me minimum to hardly any trouble at all

- Kristy W

This car is not the most spacious, I prefer only four people in the car.

This vehicle is very reliable, I have put a lot of miles on it and the car runs fine. So, for performance the car deserves an a.

- Ashanti M

I love the make, model & color.

Sensor & electrical problems over heated & I had to replace radiator fan, kept cutting off so I had to replace o2 sensors.

- Veronica L

Compact and I love it also

I need to get it worked on. I also need to get the power steering looked at on it also and plus a problem with sensors

- Deirdre W

It's very reliable in all weather conditions.

It has a powerful drive and strong acceleration. . Good gas mileage. It's been reliable and pretty much repair-free.

- Ronnie S

Nissan Maxima is reliable, easy to drive with many options

I love the power and it feels well built like it's metal not plastic. I like the options. And it's easy to drive.

- Beth P

Very dependable..cheap on gas..i like way interior looks

I really like my car.It's very dependable.there's really nothing i dislike about it

- Melissa C

Maxima is a great vehicle, with only 1 major problem. Transmission went out 2 years ago, & cost 4000. to replace. This was a fluke for this type of tranny. Only other problem is road noise, but we use all terrain steel belted radials-thus noise. Car handles great, accelerates with ease, handles winding roads great, plus more.

Great handling car, no shimmy, smooth as silk on the open road and it can run

- David J

My car is awesome. She's never let me down. It's not my first max and it won't be my last

Great power. Fun to drive. Handles excellent. Roomy interior. No complaints

- Jennifer M

It is great gas mileage. It has been very dependable over the last 13 years

I wish it had Bluetooth I wish it was a SUV I wish it had a backup camera

- Johanna G

Is a good working car low mileage and good horsepower.

Runs good, clean engine, body in good shape the gas mileage is great.

- Bruno m

It's very dependable and fuel efficiency

The card gets good mileage The one bad thing the back seat is small

- Deneise B

It has a lot of pep still has a lot of power for a older car

It still looks like a newer model with Its sleek design runs great

- christin o

Has a lot of options. Mechanically held up well. Good gas mileage.

The wheel alignment always seems to be out of caliber.

- Danny L