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It is very spacious, especially having car seats.

The main issue I have with my car is the leather seats, they do get very hot in the summer. With the maxima it has amazing trunk space, I can fit a double stroller and two boxes of diapers and still have room for my other groceries. The performance of it is wonderful, very good on fuel. The one thing I did wish it had is a better audio options like Bluetooth, but it can hold up to 5 CD's if that is something you would rather have. It does have heated front seats which is nice in the winter when you need the extra warmth. We had got it with larger exhaust tips, so it does have more of a rumble which is great when traveling with children. So far the car has not failed me so it is very reliable.

- Becky W

Nissan Maximas are the way to go!

My 2006 Nissan Maxima is wonderful. I have had minor issues with it since I inherited it two years ago. I inherited it when it only have 30k miles and I have driven 50k miles in the two years that I have had it. I have one issue currently with the rotors. I usually have one big issue per year. Last year, the ac was not working. If I set it for 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it would still feel like 90 degrees. The car is very comfortable. I love how much you can control your seat settings and rear-view mirror settings. Those are the only bells-and-whistles I have since this is a 2006.

- Cass P

Seat warmers, warms up quick. Has moonroof. Overall a good, reliable car.

I have been having issues with starting the car. Not sure if it is battery or starter related. I have had it jumped a couple of times and it starts right up but if I leave radio, a/c, heat, etc.. On when I turn it off it has a hard time starting. I got one with leather seats which I do not like at all. It is a larger car than I am used to so I do not care for that. Overall it has been a decent car as far as make/model are concerned. I think it is just owner preference that has made me not like this car as much as others that I have previously owned.

- Linsey N

Great car for anyone that lasts multiple years

Speedy little car that is perfect for any person. Gas mileage is great and does great on all roads. The back seat feels larger than it is and there is a lot of trunk space. The best part of the car is that the seats are leather and that there is heated seats and a moonroof. The current issues that it is having as the years have progressed is the transmission because of how many miles have been put on the car.

- Alyssa P

Full capacity. It has a lot of space in the Cabot area and also in the back

Nissan is a good choice if you're looking for a car. About the Maxima model is both elegant, discreet and also strong and high character. It is a very good car for a family, spacious and good quality. We have about 3 years with it, been a second hand car, I consider the best option for me. We are planning to buy a second car, and Nissan Maxima (a newer version) it's our number one option.

- Stephanie D

All around good car and a pleasure to drive.

I love the car, however, the paint job is horrible. It is peeling off the hood and roof. It has 160k miles and now that it is paid for, I am having to have repairs. Had to have the motor mounts, struts and power steering pump replaced. It has some other issues that I was not able to afford to get fixed at this time. But, I love the way it runs and it is very comfortable to drive.

- Laura S

Nissan cars are not a top car choice.

This is not my first time around with a Nissan Maxima/ Altima. They are nice looking cars but they give you plenty of trouble. You can find one at every used car lot. My engine failed in me recently and so did my sister's Nissan. It got me from home to work and the grocery store and back. Needless to say I will not be purchasing a Nissan in the near future.

- Nita J

Some the pros an cons of my Nissan maximum.

My car recently broke starter an alternator and pulley. It's nice has seats that move with steering wheel. Heated seats an 2 moon roofs but its small and I have 3 soon 4 children. The truck is small as well. Very beautiful car though. The car has not many cosmetic issues. I love the color white on cars. The heat also adjust on each side the vehicle.

- Ashley D

The 2006, Nissan Maxima, it a sturdy reliable vehicle,,

The car has a shape that can look nice in certain angles. The car has a shake problem, that has been in the shop many times. It has many transmission problems, and is very hard to maintain. It has to go to the shop at least once a year. It is reliable, but not for long road trips. It can make up to 3 hour drives with no problems.

- Tanya C

2006 Nissan Maxima. It never disappoints

I love my Maxima. Best car I've ever owned. Heated seats never disappoint on those cold days. Gets up and moves when you hit the gas pedal. Gas mileage could be better. Very minimal service related issues. Smooth riding. Has an amazing stereo system. Makes my daily commute much more enjoyable. All in all, a great comfortable car.

- Heidi T

The sound system is amazing in Nissans!!

I love this car, its reliable and the maxima comes with a lot of adds ons such as heated steering wheel and seats. The radio systems in Nissans are always amazing because they use Bose speakers. The cars as also heavy so it's a good safe buy for a first car. The cars just aren't the most fashionable.

- Michele W

An interesting detail of my vehicle is that it has a sunroof.

I truly enjoy my vehicle, it has a nice sun roof & it is pretty fast. It can keep up with a v6 mustang. I recommend this type of car to people that are into fast cars. But overall it works pretty good & I haven't had any issues with it so far. They are pretty luxurious for its year too.

- Sam D

It is a great little car that gets up and goes.

I haven't had any problems really. The only thing is that something with the power steering fluid. It is constantly leaking and I am having to replenish the power steering fluid on a consistent basis. Another thing is how much the headlight bulbs are and how difficult they are to be replaced.

- Kayla B

It has speed & is a great car.

My main problem of course is my car is a gas guzzler! I bought it used & it has not given me any issues. It was a great investment being as though it's my first car. It is a relatable car for me. My seat is adjustable (up/down and forward/backwards). That was important because I'm short.

- Kara N

Extras for my Nissan Maxima and the pros

Love it it's pretty and reliable, love the heated seats and sunroof... Air conditioner has not been as cold as should be need to have it serviced. The color is a great color and I love the leather seats as they are easier to clean having teenager kids that ride in the car consistently

- Janet C

Very wide turns. Used to making much narrower turns - must be compensated for.

I love how classy it looks. How it handles and how comfortable I am in my car. The fact that I can lift or lower, pull the steering wheel in and out is fantastic. A little extra commodity but it goes a huge difference. The only thing I dislike about my car is it makes very wide turns.

- Elisabeth P

Luxurious interior and amazing performance.

Transmission issues are common for this year of maxima. Its has all the luxuries a high end car has, also the engine is strong has power to drive really fast. Very spacious and comfortable seating. Maintenance can be very expensive, only use premium fuel which is very expensive.

- Henry V

Runs great. Is spacious and powerful.

My car is a powerful blue car. A huge 3. 5 liter 6 cylinder engine, it run smooth for twenty minutes and then it starts shifting extremely hard. Could be transmission or a computer or solenoids. Has nice chrome seventeen inch rims. Is extremely spacious and has a huge trunk.

- Micah L

Reliable car for 10 years!

I like this car. It is 10 years old, so I do experience problems. However, I have only started having car troubles in the past year. It has been very reliable up until about a year ago. The ride is nice. I like that it has a GPS system, Bose sound system, heated seats, etc.

- Morgan H

It's a great family car that has lasted my family for 14 yrs.

The Maxima I have is very reliable. I've taken to from Alabama to Las Vegas and Alabama to Illinois. On both trips it got really good gas mileage and performed well. As long as you get the oil changed and regular maintenance checks this Nissan will run for a long time.

- Marie F

It's just a good car. It did what it should for the price I paid for it.

Leaking power steering fluid, stretched timing chain. Good car but really tedious to change headlights because you have to completely remove the bumper in the process. There was a recall on something to do with the gas tank. Decent gas mileage. Good smooth driving car.

- Anna E

Maxima, and how it works, great car last long, very good to run and have.

It's no problem, the car is running good the brakes, is good.. Everything is ok the vehicle sometimes give me problems, comfortable seats reliable to and from home a maxima is a really good car to have but you have to make sure everything is good before purchasing.

- Madonna H

Good on gas, all parts in good shape

I have a 2006 Nissan Maxima, it is great on gas takes about forty dollars to fill it up. It is not a push start. It is silver with clear non tinted windows. Has a sunroof, and an audio cord no Bluetooth. Has a bit of miles on it, but is in good condition

- Alexis K

It's Powerful and Reliable. You get what you pay for.

It's a full size sedan, good size seating and trunk. Gas mileage is not great but not terrible. It has a powerful motor in it, which is the reason I bought it. It didn't seem cheap like some others I tested. Overall it's been a really reliable car.

- Jenn S

The most important thing is that it handles very well.

I like almost everything about my car. I love the look of it, interior and exterior. I also love the way it drives. The only thing I dislike the radio, it is outdated. I only wish it had Bluetooth to connect to my apps on my phone.

- Dashia C

Great vehicle that drives great in the snow.

I love this vehicle! The big engine gives it lost of speed. The vehicle comes with a unique 'moonroof. Also, where I am from there is a lot of snow. The vehicle drives great with snow tires. I have never had a problem with it.

- Ashley G

I have had it over six years. Parked in a garage. And not in elements.

It is not too old, has lots of extras, pretty roomie not too small. At the time I bought it the price was reasonable, my need of a newer car was important and necessary and hopefully reliable. But sure is a gas guzzler.

- Elaine M

It is reliable, has great 'get up & go' with tinted windows and a great sound system.

Have had it since it was new-love the color, leather, engine and it's fun to drive. Turning radius is awful. Starting to show lots of wear & tear including rust. It will be my son's vehicle in a couple of months.

- Amy S

Reliable and easy on gas. .

I had a Ford Taurus before getting this one and I just love my maxima easy on gas and easy to maintain. . I'd get me another one if something happens to this one. . Id recommend one to anybody. .

- Tina H

I always have a way to work and a car to drive in case of an emergency.

The only complaint I have is that my radio does not work. The radio screen is where all of my information is located and it works but I have no output for sound. No music makes car rides boring.

- Samantha O

It is a really great car for a family. It has a lot of space.

I love my car because it used to be my dads and he gave it to me. I love how it is in immaculate condition. It has leather seats and great interior. It drives so good. No complaints.

- Jamie B

I have taken very good care of it.

I do not have any! Besides my car getting older with mileage, I have taken care of it very well! When I first bought it, it was the style & sunroof that I thought I liked the best.

- Tanya F

Yea its got some scrapes and bumps on it because some guy hit it while it was parked lol

Bought it used so didn't expect much out of it so after a few weeks/ months of usage problems occured like it was hard to climb hills or high inclined roads and would have high rpm

- Jayson G

Other should know that this car has problems with the gas hand, it floats.

What I like about my vehicle is the take off time from when I have been sitting at the light, it moves quickly. I also like the shape of the vehicle and moon roof is elongated.

- Leslie B

Get oil changes regularly!

There is a paint issue with the model from this year, were is basically is peeling off. Other than that the car is not bad. Has pretty good city and highway mileage.

- Katrina N

It drives well, and we haven't ever felt unsafe in it.

Because the car is old, it occasionally has problems. Right now we can't figure out where a few sounds are coming from under the hood. Other than that, it's fine.

- Laney B

The car is a great respectable car that is only a step down from a luxury car.

I like the smooth ride and the nice features. The interior is nice and smooth. The style and the look is very appealing. I don't have any complaints at all.

- Joseph J

Old to me New to you. Thanks

Brakes are squeaking. Car is very comfortable however some renovation needs to be done. Some rusting on outside paint but nothing a paint job won't fix

- Laterica S

Dependable car - nothing flashy.

Great basic level car. No fancy add ons but it works well. Never had any unexpected issues with it. Would recommend for a reliable vehicle.

- Jordan Z

I love the vehicle because it also looks pretty cool, everyone always loves it!

I love the vehicle, it has heated seats, it is not horrible on gas and I love the easy access to my music selections on the steering wheel!

- Alexis L

They need to know that the car's quality is amazing.

Likes: The power the engine has. The interior color and design. The comfort level for my passengers and I. Dislike: Transmission Problems

- Christopher D

Nissan makes great vehicles!

Comfortable ride with nice appointments! Good durability & quality! Dependable transportation! Bought new and have had very few issues!

- Ira R

It is a great, comfortable, smooth riding car that has a lot of pickup and power.

This car rides extremely nice and quiet. It is a quite comfortable ca. It has great pickup. It has a great sound system.

- R G

Reliable quality and comfortable and quiet ride.

I like that it is sporty. It has sunroof and leather seats. It's really nice. I dislike that the air conditioner went out.

- Lisa N

Even though it is 12 years old it still looks and runs as good as when it was new.

I love my maxima and have been driving it for 11 years. I have no complaints. It is the best car I have ever owned.

- Sue H

It has always started and has no mechanical deficiencies. It needs tender love and care. .

I have to use outside handles to open my doors. My air conditioner has a leak. The front end needs to be aligned.

- Nina L

Low maintenance great reliability.

I love the reliability. It handles very well. Comfortable, roomy interior, and all the feel of a luxury car.

- Deanna g

The one most important thing is that it is good on gas.

I like that it is good with gas, I also like that it looks good. There is nothing I dislike.

- Phyllis C

It has a heated steering wheel

I really like my car, it drives great and the inside of the car is very nice

- Drew R

It has developed many problems that can be very expensive to repair.

It has developed many problems with only 80,000 miles on it.

- Jessica L

not sure, but it bucks when shifting into gear, electrical short for interior lights, check engine light for cat efficiency, etc.

Power, comfort, electrical issues, engine light, etc.

- John E