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My car is my favorite color. Blue. Low profile smooth.

My Nissan maxima is a great car I enjoy the smooth ride. It was a gift from my mother, I appreciate it to the fullest. It started off really great ran good until I started taking it to a different dealer than mother use to go to slowly but surely it began to go down hill. It all ways have some type of problem engine, tires, brakes, dashboard lights come on and off while driving, took to dealer it never does it for them. It very expensive to maintain. Performance is o. K just expensive to keep up. Reliability sometimes worried about driving because not sure if it will continue going. Comfort is great. Feature are also great took awhile to get use to them.

- Sylvia Q

Positive overall experience

While I have been driving my Nissan Maxima vehicle I have really enjoyed the velocity, it's durability, it's special area inside the vehicle, etc. it has a unique moonroof and heated seats (moon roof is nice in the summer and heated seats are much needed in a cold winter state). The one issue I have had with my Nissan Maxima has been the tires and them being loose. Our roads have lots of divots in the road and hitting even the smallest ones seem to affect my wheel area and they begin to sound like they are loose. I have had to take it to the shop to repair that specifically. Besides that, I am overall satisfied!

- Morgan A

The car is very reliable, but has a turning radius problem.

I drive a 2007 Nissan maxima and it has 150,000 miles. I have never really experienced problems with it and it has been very reliable. It has not broken down on me before (knock on wood) and it has not had any performance issues. It has a v6 in it and it gets about 22mpg which is fairly decent, but for a car I wish it was a little better. The a/c works very well and the heated seats and steering wheel come very in handy for the colder months. I have used it to travel and have taken it to Ohio from Alabama with no problems, so I would definitely recommend this car to others.

- Justin C

A comfortable, reliable ride with great amenities

The performance level of this car is great. Any issues I've experienced have been typical wear and tear that comes with the amount of mileage that is on the car. The seats are comfortable with the amenities contributing to how much I enjoy driving it. The heated seats and heated steering wheel are great in colder weather, and I love how I can control my stereo from the steering wheel. It has been nothing but reliable for me, and I've never found myself in a bind - it's always done what it's needed to do and done it well.

- Chanel T

Power. A maxima has variable transmission.

My maxima has great performance. I get 17/miles per gallon, and it is very reliable. I have only had one problem with the vehicle. The power steering pump went bad. It is comfortable w/heated seats, fold in mirrors, the mirrors fold downward when you are backing up. Sunroof is pop-up, or fold back, heated steering wheel. I do find that my headlights stay on too long, and I do not know how to shorten the time; after cutting the car off. It has been and excellent car and it only has 101k miles on it.

- Teresa S

It might look beat up from the outside but her insides are like brand new.

Reliable for the most part. Tires have been the worst part of this car and the rims. One pot hole and you need new ones. Fast car and fits a family of 5 just fine. Even with car seats. Gas mileage is great and the cost to fill the tank is great to. I have enjoyed my car so much that I can see myself buying another one just like it at some point in my life. I have 115, 000 miles on it and minor issues is all we have had problem with.

- Melissa T

annoying but fixable car problems

I have only had it for one year but still have had to take it in numerous times first for the brakes, headlights, and 4WD. The trim is worn down and the paint makes the white car look yellow. The headlights have to be fully removed from the inside of the vehicle to change and the 4WD got stuck for literally a month which almost wrecked the car. Other than that, it drives fine but the large trunk and windshield are annoying.

- stephanie B

My Nissan maxima has the unique moonroof sideways.

It is a good car it is a nice sporty car it looks good on the outside however the exhaust systems could have been made a little better. However this car is great in performance and because of the all-weather tires you get really good traction in the winter time and even though it is not all wheel drive it does have the slap shift option which still helps you get good traction in the snow or wrong very happy with my maxima.

- Wanda C

horn won't sound alert as the drivers' motions are effected.

I love the performance level of my maxima. The sleek look is quite pleasing after years of not being, and my only complaint which often I make is of the cup holders location between driver and front seat passenger. This may have seemed perfect though while operating my vehicle while being used to store drinks, my elbow often is affected. Another minor issue is the poor effect of the horn after being applied.

- Becky G

Surprisingly my favorite car

My Nissan Maxima is a great car. I love the sensitivity of the gas and breaks. Makes me feel like I have true control of my vehicle. The size is great for my family and the back seat is more roomy than even I would've guessed. The trunk is a great size as well and can hold a good amount of items and groceries. I would recommend my car make and model to friends and family looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Megan W

The best car for a teen, a Nissan maxima.

The car runs really great, I have just found that it tends to break down and just have other minor problems and that might be because it is so old or because it is a foreign car. The car comes with heated seats, a sunroof, a Bose stereo system and many other great features. Over all it is a very nice and reliable car it is just not great in snow and bad conditions like we have here in Minnesota.

- Cassidy P

A review of a great asset to own.

It has a smooth take off, low gas mileage. Great on the interstate and in town traffic. Seats five very comfortable with plenty of legroom. Great maintenance have had it for 13 years and it's still runs just as smooth as it did on day one. Have the sunroof and it is great where I live to drive with it open. The headlights and turn signals are special. Overall, my maximum is a great asset.

- Phyllis T

Nissan Maxima, safe and spacious.

Nissan Maxima is a very safe car. It is very spacious and provides comfortable seating for all passengers. This car provides you with a speed cruise button that allows you to take off in a faster performance level. In this vehicle, you will be able to feel comfortable riding with children in the back seat, where it makes it easy to hook on car seats and seat covers as well.

- Michelle D

Very reliable. Smooth ride. Runs well. I would buy another one.

I have almost 200,000 miles on it and it runs very well. I have had very little problems with it. The plastic headlight covers get oxidized and dull. I have a seat belt sensor which is flashing on the dashboard but nothing is wrong with the seat belt. I plan on driving this car until the car quits working. My mechanic says it will last a long time.

- Wynn G

Nissans tend to burn a lot more oil for some reason but as long as you keep the oil levels up the car should run and perform just fine.

The only major problem I have and have always had with all the altimas and maximas i've owned is they always burn a lot of oil. I've taken them to a couple different mechanics but nobody can pinpoint where the issue is coming from so as long as you add oil to the engine alot more frequently than normal the car should run and perform just fine.

- Alex Z

My vehicle is where I like to enjoy the radio and ride with the windows down.

My vehicle is nice, good gas mileage, good performance all around, all to the motor in the passenger window is often not working or really slow, and the muffler has come loose from the chassis, the vehicle performs nicely. The color is a deep forest green, and the car is nice and easy to clean, has about two-hundred thousand miles on it.

- Justin H

Highlight it is my main ride to go anywhere like the doctor and shopping.

I really do love my Nissan Maxima it is really good on gas plenty of room for me and my family the kid's love it is going for taking long trips on it ride real smooth not had much trouble out of it I drive it around a lot and on trips if I need to take one I do not have to worry about it letting me down or leaving me stranded someplace.

- Kat A

It is a beautiful, fast, and sporty vehicle even with the four doors.

The performance is great it takes off very quickly with a great v6 engine. It is very reliable. The seats are comfortable and there's plenty of room. It has lots of hidden buttons for things that can be a little difficult to figure out. The only downside is the expensive parts and a moonroof(which does not open) rather than a sunroof.

- Haley P

It is reliable with basic routine maintenance. The fuel mileage has also been good.

White Nissan Maxima. It is loud when driving, but not engine noise, road noise from the tires. The metal must be very thin. Repairs have been minimal at 100k miles. Wheel bearing were the most major repair and routine maintenance. As a tall person, 6'3" it isn't that comfortable. Overall though, it has been a good car, reliable

- Daniel M

Maxima is maximum in my books.

I love the power features in this vehicle like the power windows and heated seats. We also have the power locks which is nice. It drives like a dream on these mountain roads and wouldn't trade it except for a newer model. The get up and go is definitely there and I also love the handling of it on windy days around here.

- Samantha M

Good reliable car. Saves you money

The performance of this vehicle is amazing. I haven't had and major repairs in years. Just normal maintenance. This car is very reliable and good on gas. I feel really safe driving this car. The only thing I will say is the price on the tires are pricey and I do have to replace them more often than I should.

- J W

Comfort and luxury without the luxury price.

I enjoy driving my car. The ride is smooth and it has great pick up if I need the speed. Comfortable interior and a great sound system. Living in the desert we do get some cold winter mornings so the heated seats and steering wheel is an excellent feature and the cold ac keeps me cool all summer.

- April R

I love the power in my Nissan Maxima.

My Nissan Maxima is a speed demon. Sometimes I let down all of the windows and go as fast as I can just to feel the power. My car is a little outdated and I am beginning to feel that I need a new one, but as of now I cannot afford one. My Nissan is very well maintained and will go the distance.

- Jordan S

Small car with plenty of space. Very smooth on the road.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle whatsoever. I love my car, it is very reliable. Have plenty of space and very comfortable to ride. My Nissan fits perfect for a family of three. Small car but with plenty of room. The trunk is also pretty spacious. Great to take on the road for a trip.

- Beatrice L

A great car for a long commute.

My vehicle is reliable on gas mileage. It is very comfortable to drive for long distances. Unfortunately the gas gage was the first thing to go out, so it is difficult to tell how much gas I have left. The radio in it has gotten poor overtime. And the brakes need work on them quite frequently.

- Taylor N

Looks good for her age; just sputters a little upon start up sometimes.

The starter has had a couple of issues but other than that, the car is fairly reliable and does well when maintained. The rear axles are a little loose but I managed to get a lot of miles in before that happened. The paint has lasted a while and is still in factory shape. For the most part.

- kathy P

This is a great reliable car.

I have had this car since it was brand new in 2007. It has great pick up. It looks fabulous. I have had hardly any work to be done on it except the regular maintenance. The only real negative is that it is turning radius is terrible. And still running fine and I plan on keeping it.

- Liv S

Gas mileage runs about and average of 23 not bad. Comfortable on trips.

1st year it was in the dealer shop for repairs every month. Abs, transmission, oil cooler. Ac compressor and condenser. Abs sensors right axle. CD player has never worked. 4 transmissions at 115, 000 miles on it. 95000 miles was when it started to actually stay of the repair shop.

- David A

Great vehicle runs very well.

The car sits low to the ground so have to make sure you don't get too close to a curb. It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel which is wonderful in the winter. Leather seats so it is easier to clean than cloth. There is a lot of room and the trunk has a lot of space.

- Kelsey S

Sleek car that runs well with wonderful mpg

Car runs really smoothly on highway and other roads, is well on gas, traction is exemplary - I'm never worried when it rains, incredibly roomy and spacious for both people and objects, car has an overhead sunroof which is really nice for sunny days, car overall looks sleek

- Marie N

It has power. I can count on it to get me up the hills in my area.

My car runs great and has a lot of power, which I need and like. It has a lot of extras like heated seats, sunroof and dual temperature control. I do not like how poor the gas mileage is. I do not like how poor the paint job was. Black fades too quickly and it looks bad.

- Celeste H

The steering wheel can heat up and the keys will never get locked in the car.

I have had no problems yet. There have been a few instances where I have had to get new tires but nothing has been wrong with my vehicle internally to me. I am very pleased and happy with my vehicle. I cannot really imagine relying on anything else. It's perfect for me.

- Elle C

My thoughts of 07 Nissan maxima.

Great on gas, the only thing I dislike is the turning ratio, it does not handle well when pulling into a parking spot. It has a nice roomy interior. It currently gets 20 miles per gallon which is great for a 2007 vehicle. This vehicle has also been low maintenance.

- Martin J

245, 000 miles and still going Ng strong.

My car has 234000 miles as still has great pickup. Good gas mileage. It is reliable although I do keep up work maintenance. I love my car. It's very comfortable. Air condition is very cold. There is some road noise with this car but it is always been that way.

- Ava K

Luxury vehicle with bunches of usable options.

Luxury vehicle with lots of great options, including steering wheel warmer and many others. Have v-6 engine that gives good acceleration. Handles well, and rides well. Decent mpg, around 26 on highway with car loaded and speeds around 80 with a/c on.

- Rich C

Maximas are great, dependable cars!

Squeaky brakes, but other than that it is a great car! Just had my power steering hose replaced. I have had this car since I turned 16, and it was used when we bought it. For how old it is and how much Its been through, I say it is a wonderful car.

- Brittany H

Comfortable and good looking car with good amount of cargo space

I love the seating, the overall appearance, and the general performance. It has enough power to take the hills and also handles well in snow. I do not like the fact that the ABS has stopped working, and therefore the entire dashboard is lit up.

- Patty Z

The wheel adjusts automatically when you turn on and off the car.

It drives really well, and it's smooth on most roads, The brakes are sensitive, so I have to be careful with that. Most of the adjustments made with the side mirrors re automatic, so I don't have to constantly adjust them when switching gears,

- Shani F

It is very reliable. I have not had to have much maintenance done to it. Keep the oil changed and the occasional tune up and you should be good.

I like my car. However since it is an older model it does not include many of the features I would like. It does include a sunroof, plenty of room, an auxiliary option on the radio. I wish it included a camera to assist in reverse.

- johnny k

They should know that my car still runs very smoothly, almost as new.

My car is currently eleven years old and it still runs very smoothly. I love that it has 6 cylinders so I can quickly get up to speed. I dislike that is does not have any of the features on newer cars (bluetooth, back camera, etc).

- Lan L

This car is built tough and is safe to drive. Good acceleration, all wheel drive for all types of situations

My car has comfort, smooth drive, heated seats, sunroof, and just a great running vehicle. We always prefer to take this car over the others we have, great sound system with rear cameras for backing up. Roomy for moving things.

- Paul C

That it is great to drive - it is powerful, elegant and well designed.

It has lasted for 11 years with very few repairs, it still looks good on the inside. It has great styling. Good power and handling. Great design for driver. Memory seats, rear beeping. large enough for tall people.

- Martha M

Performance excellence to drive no problems on the road.

This is second maximum that I have on I love the performance I like the style on a 2007 I wasn't pleased with the fading of the color blue look like every blue that I have seen on the road the color has faded.

- Betty H

Honestly I do not own a car. This is not my car its my parents. .

It mess up a lot like example like ever 3months my dad is fixing the breaks. Also while driving the car starts to force itself to drive so it starts to slow down. The a/c do not work as good as it should.

- Gemma C

Nothing.overall it is a decent vehicle

I like that my vehicle has bluetooth and can sustain an accident. I also like that I can also include onstar vehicle service. I don't like that my car does not anything to help diagnostics for vehicle.

- Christina g

Very reliable, great gas mileage. Roomy and comfortable.

Very reliable. Comfortable. Very fast. Great features. Good gas mileage. Very cold air conditioner. A little noisy, road noise, but better tires help with noise reduction.

- Ava K

The car drives very smoothly and is very sensitive when the accelerator or brake is pressed

I like the leather interior of my car. I feel that the interior is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. I dislike that there's no bluetooth connection for music

- Carlos D

Start it slowly, and drive with care. It's my baby.

I love my car. I bought it used and it is the best car. Comfortable, classy, family sized. We've traveled all across the United States and it's still going strong!

- Leah B

Very little has broken, worn out, or otherwise been compromised by age.

My Nissan Maxima has aged well. The car has power to spare, a quiet ride, and very little natural deterioration. I have been pleased with the car's reliability!

- John P

The steering wheel needs work.

I like my car because it runs good on gas. The headlights are led which make seeing at night easier. It has not given me much problems considering it is used.

- Ariana H

Nissan Maxima 2007 not the worst

My vehicle was used when I bought it it has steering issues, air condition issue, and the paint is faded but other than that it is not that bad of a vehicle

- Jasmine S

The best thing about the vehicle is how roomy it is.

The Nissan Maxima is a very great car, mainly because of the amount of space in the vehicle it is very roomy and still manages to do great on gas mileage

- Nicholas R

it is garbage, and I wish we never bought this car.

We have had other nissans in the past and never had problems. this car is always having problems. the latest one is that it needs a whole new motor.

- kris r

2007 Nissan maxima. Enclosed sunroof and slap shift.

Transmission problems and overheating but other than that a great reliable vehicle. It has a lot of unique features and gives a luxurious feel.

- Brandy Q

It's been a good car, I've enjoyed driving it.

I like my car. . Really no problems. I bought used in 2014. It is getting older with 170, 000 miles. Takes premium gas which is more expensive.

- Brenda B

It has sensors on the back when you back up.

I like the fact that it has heated seats and steering wheel. And that it has a sunroof. I do not like that the paint is kind of peeling off.

- Kate W

One of the few cars that still has a CD player!

It is a pretty reliable car for being so old. Got it secondhand from my mom so it had lots of mileage already but it is pretty sturdy.

- Jill C

It get very good gas mileage and very roomy. Great for s family car.

I like the fact that it has lots of room in it, rides good, no problems with it, and my dislike is bi sunroof, or navigation system.

- Margie S

It runs and drives good. I drive my car to work on the daily with no problem.

My car is a good car. Although it needs some shocks and struts a the moment, but it does get me back and forth to work everyday.

- Keith C

The leather seats look good.

It is very reliable. It had minor issues when I got it but most used cars do. Has leather seats so seat covers are very helpful

- Karen D

Ease of driving, long trips are not a problem.

The car doesn't last long enough. The car is good on gas. The car tires easily go flat which make me constantly buy new tires.

- Breanna M

heated seats and steering wheel great on those cold winter days

4 transmission new oil cooler all new a/c all before 100000 now at 115000 so far so good. abs sensors were a pain but now fine

- David D

This car is family friendly.

I like my car just wish I had something bigger for camping and hauling canoes. Everything else with my vehicle is great.

- Samantha R

It is safe and reliable. It fits everyone and everything you need for a trip.

I like the leather interior and how smooth it is to drive. I do not like that there's no Bluetooth connection for music.

- Carlos D

Smooth ride and reliable car.

THe car is very comfortable and reliable. It is a luxury affordable car. The only complaint is the gas mileage.

- Matthew Y

If a vehicle is taken care of, you will not need to buy a new one for years.

Aside from having regular maintenance done, I have never had to have my vehicle serviced for any other issues.

- Dan S

Others should know that this is a great car. and the body style is one that I really love

My only dislike it the problem with the timing chain. I feel Nissan should have had a recall for this issue

- Helena l

Great Gas Saving Vehicle!

Very reliable when it comes to saving gas so you save a good sum of money compared to other vehicles.

- Darlene L

It's a cheap car. Everyone should understand they are not buying a Mercedes when they buy this car. It's to get you from point A to point B which it does well.

So far the car has been reliable but, should not be purchased for comfort, performance, or features.

- Nicholas L

It's very reliable and has no major repair issues.

It's very dependable. Good on gas, I dislike the turning radius. Too wide. The paint is peeling.

- Chris G

If you take care of your car and keep it up for your car you will never have a problem

I love it the car runs great I never had a problem with it I bought it myself

- Kalvin M

It's a very well crafted car, with good looks, and good power.

Plenty of power with a V6. Smooth ride. Great handling. Very low maintenance.

- Marty D

it runs great and is good on gas

I love the way it drives, and the comfort of the car. It looks nice.

- kris D

The car is old. The car was reliable when new. It now has continuous engine and belt issues.

Maximas are typically very reliable and very dependable cars.

- Hannah L