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Not the perfect car but it is attractive, comfortable and reliable.

Had the car for 11 years. It is very reliable but it is getting old and has really high mileage so it is performance is beginning to deteriorate it feels a lot slower than it did 6 years ago. There seems to frequently be an issue with the steering pump, the battery and I do not find the brakes to be the safest for young, new drivers (every time I take it to the shop they say the brakes are fine but they're just not sensitive enough or at all in my opinion) but other than that, the car is great. It is attractive, comfortable and spacious. My car has been through quiet the adventures over the passed decade and she's still ticking along.

- Ashley L

Reoccurring issues with the make but overall great vehicle.

Overall a great vehicle to have for a day to day basis. Sleek and affordable, reliable for the most part. There are some issues here and there for example, during heavy rainfall I have noticed that water leaks through the rooftop. I have experienced with 3 Nissans now and I would say on every one of them a weird noise starts to appear after a while, they were all push to start so I do not know if that has anything to do. The noise is just there for the most part, I wouldn't say it is a major issue since everything else seems fine with the car.

- Alejandra A

2008 Nissan maxima: an excellent choice.

My 2008 Nissan maxima is a very reliable and in my opinion, stylish vehicle. I have over 235k miles on it and other than regular maintenance (I. E. Oil changes, tire rotations, new tires, tune ups, etc.), I have had no major issues. The vehicle has plenty of power from it is vvt v6 engine and the options/accessories installed are impressive. I would highly recommend the maxima to anyone.

- Edward M

Minor issues/ great interior.

I love my car, however I am currently having issues with the camshaft position sensor and the seat adjustment buttons. My tire pressure light is faulty and has been on for the past 2 years and that can be quite annoying. It is very reliable when maintained often. I have about 160, 000 miles on my car. I really love my interior and the features offered.

- Allison O

I keep it clean and the ride is safe. It's the most comfortable ride you could have.

I like the accessible fluids in the engine. Comfortable seats, custom sound system with 8 speakers and great volume and quality. The inside is spacious and the a/c is great. The v6 engine accelerates very quickly and provides a smooth ride. I don't like the gas mileage, I only get around 20-22 mpg, and the body of the car isn't in the best condition.

- Zach S

2018 Nissan maxima. Navy blue, tinted windows, power windows and lock.

It is a great car. I have had it for four years and not had no major problems other than changing oil. It is my everyday car. It is got great power and great steering and great brakes. It is cheap on gas and truly a dependable car. I drive it back and forth to work, vacation trips shopping. Cars are good for different people. I absolutely love mine.

- Tiffany H

Great gas mileage and very specious inside and love the color.

Pros - V6 engine, custom sound system with great quality and touchscreen display, easy access to my fluids in the engine, great A/C, sunroof, comfortable seats, and a spacious back seat area. . Cons - only get about 20 mpg, poor turning radius, driver side mirror is broken, body is in average condition with some chips and scratches..

- Zach S

2008 Nissan maxima is a great car.

My 2008 Nissan maxima is a wonderful car. I am very pleased with the amount of power and ability to get up to speed. The interior is very comfortable there is plenty of legroom in the backseat. The only downside in my opinion is the gas mileage was less than I anticipated, I am lucky to get 30 miles to the gallon on the highway.

- David C

Good car good on gas good body good sounds.

Would like newer but it is ok. No issues good on gas good car for travel the Bose system is nice. I do not like that the sunroof does not open but overall it is a good car runs good. I really like the trunk space, there is a lot of room. It's a 2008 color is a black grey and I do not like it because to much sun damage.

- Stacie S

It has a wide body. It was hard to learn to drive as a new driver.

The car has a lot of space. It has a wide body. It has a lot of trunk space. It is very good on gas. It is great for long road trips. It is great family car. It did not have a backup camera. The inside seating is this weird hard material. It was great for a car seat and to fit 2 children in the back seat.

- Christina L

2008 Nissan Maxima: An excellent vehicle.

I have a 2008 Nissan Maxima with over 235000 miles on it and have never had any major issues with it, either mechanically or cosmetically. The car runs great, has plenty of power from it's V6 engine, and is fun to drive. I would highly recommend the Maxima to anyone looking for a quality vehicle.

- Edward M

My 2008 Nissan Maxima: this car has so many great features. Black bucket leather seats, plenty of storage space, a backup sensor, and sunroof. I currently have 110,000 miles on it but it still rides like it's brand new!!

The 2008 Maxima is probably the best car I've owned. I bought it in 2011 with 60,000 miles on it and I've NEVER had a days problem with it aside from my passenger window going off track. I would not hesitate to buy another Nissan. I currently have my eye on the Murano :)

- denise h

Semi luxurious at an affordable price

My Nissan Maxima has heated leather seats and a sunroof which are a must for me! It also has a heated steering wheel, which is pretty cool especially in the winter! It is supposed to have Bluetooth for my phone but it has never worked. Overall I am happy with this car.

- Christina M

I feel like I am in control. The option of speed in a car suitable for a family.

I love the ignition type and the ease of getting in and out of car without fumbling for my keys. It drives smooth and is reliable. Holds its value well. Biggest problems have been some computer issues and the power window control.

- Michelle B

The exterior is not visually acceptable but the ride is smooth.

Not happy with the fact that the paint job has chipped in several places but I love the interior it is all together and still beautiful. The car runs like a champ and we do regular oil changes and normal upkeep.

- Jerry D

Luxury car without all the cost. .

Very comfortable seating. Lots of legroom. . Good gas mileage. All out luxury car with lots of options. This model can develop transmission problems. But good quality for the money paid. .

- Sharon W

That it has some loud sounds.

I love everything about it- the features, its gas saver, that it gets me to point a to b. I maybe do not like the fact that it has seat warmer because it gets too hot in the summer.

- Leonardo M

The Detailing Is Super And I Love The Bose System That's Come with the car

This is My Second Maxima It's Truly A Four Door Sports Car it's Has The Speed And power When I Need It. And Then It's Still Roomy Like A Family Vehicle When I Need It To Be

- Victor C

Said. It in previous statement, good cars, I bought mine new.

Overall, I have had no huge problems with this vehicle! I brought it new and kept up with the maintenance manual! It is gotta ole and it is time for a new car.

- Tanya F

It's Reliable and has not caused me any issues as long as you take care of it

I like how it looks. The car has been reliable over the years, with very little maintenance. Would consider upgrading to a newer version when I get some bucks

- Mateo G

It looks and drives really nice! Power everything and heated seats are wonderful.

I like that it has a sunroof and heated seats. I love the heated steering wheel. I wish the Bluetooth allowed me to play music through the speakers though.

- Christina M

the one most important thing about my car is that it is reliable and comfortable

my car is fairly dependable. but it does have It's issues and it is a little old. i do not mind my car but would really like to upgrade to a newer one

- Matt C

It is a very dependable vehicle. . . I have had very few mechanical problems.

Comfortable to drive, love the body style. Do not like the road noise. It also has a wide wheel base which makes it difficult to park in tight spaces.

- Lou G

The maxima has been reliable. The seats are comfortable.

Vehicle is reliable. Plenty of power. Do not like keyless system, batteries have to be replaced in keys often. The sound system is great.

- Carol H

It has lots of great options and a smooth and powerful engine.

Purchased used in Dec 2016. Like it's features, power, and handling. Has some minor issues that need repaired. Otherwise no complaints.

- David F

It is safe. It is economical.

I love everything. No problems. Great car, excellent look. Would buy another one. I have no further issues with the car. It is perfect.

- Mara A

This car has good gas mileage and does not need to be filled up as often.

It is a dependable car and good on gas mileage but it has mechanical problems a lot. It seems there is always something wrong with it.

- Rachael F

My Nissan maxima is reliable.

I have had problems out of this car like most used cars bought. But this car is reliable. Though it has its issues, I love my Nissan.

- Jordan L

I feel safe when driving this care.

The keyless aspect. I like the comfort. Reliability is very important. Only thing I do not like is the lack of turning ability.

- Sandy S

It has a really bad turning radius-like a large old sedan or van.

The only thing I dislike is the turning radius-it's HORRIBLE! But otherwise it's great-the maintenance is easy, I love the V6!

- Rebekah J

Good options and plenty of pickup. No major problems.

This great ride with a lot of pickup. It has. Plenty of options. Is ok on gas mileage. Not bad at all for a 10 year old car.

- Mike N

It has been a good car for the past ten years and has been reliable.

It is a reliable car, but it is old. Not many features that newer cars have. Frequent issues related to the age of the car.

- Kristie A

With proper maintenance, it has held up great. It looks very good.

I love the leather seats, the room, and the power of my car. It has lasted 10 years and still looks and acts great.

- suzanne t

It definitely has great gas mileage.

I like the car, it is reliable but is starting to have a few issues. The key fob does not work from time to time.

- Nolan R

The car gets great gas mileage.

Making a noise which I cannot find, need a paint job, needs new interior, do not like the color, need an emblem.

- Fay O

Small nitpick problems

I love the style of the car it's modern and fast and also the only thing I don't like is the gas mileage

- Jon P

Great driving and we haven't had any issues with the motor or anything

Like the style and design. Good driving. Large interior.

- Linda W

It is easily maintained, general maintenance

I love the look, the ride and the accessories

- Valerie B