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This vehicle has more stuff then some cars in 2018.

I like the car, you can unlock it with a push of a button on your door when your keys are around and do not need to turn on your car with the keys just sit down and push the brake and button on the right side next to the wheel, but you do still need the keys in the car. The people in the back seats can change the radio from the back and volume. The you can worm up or cool up the seats in the front. When you turn of the car and open the door to get out your seat goes back and your wheel goes up so you can get up just fine, and when you get in your are and turn it on it goes back how you left it. Also it has two sets on how you want your seat to be adjusted if there’s more then one person driving the car. It will tell you how much miles you have left with your gas. The screen it touchscreen, the speakers are amazing. The I my problem I have with them it that for AUX you have to buy a specific cable it is not like the normal AUX cable and for iPod you have to get like to different items for it to actually work for an iPhone 5 and up. I love to put my own music that is why it is a problem to me.

- Cecilia J

Maxima's are worth the money!

My Maxima is extremely reliable. I have had it for more than 8 years and have only had to make repairs on normal wear and tear it maintenance. It gets good gas mileage and has a larger fuel tank for a sedan. It is very smooth and comfortable to drive. My only concerns are that the undercarriage is very low to the ground (although the driver is not), and the tires are low profile directional and tend to be more expensive. There was a plastic carriage under the engine and main components that quickly broke off partially and had to be removed because it was dragging. I have to be very careful with parking because it is rarely high enough to clear a curb/barrier. The tires have to be ordered and it took quite a while for them to become somewhat affordable. Otherwise my Maxima has been well worth the money!!

- Jeremy A

a head turner. just looks very sleek and luxurious inside and out. chicks dig my ride. they love my rims on it too. cool auxillary plugs and bluetooth. double moonroof is so cool. even the rear windshield has a screen that can rise up in the back for more privacy. very fast acceleration even if you switch it to manual drive which is available.

2009 Nissan Maxima. Black. Black leather interior. very loud stereo system. double moon roof.. so awesome. sunroof. seat warmers and seat coolers. very cold ac. great horsepower. great gas mileage for a v6 engine. i put 22 inch chrome rims on it. new shocks and all new front end suspension parts. runs even stronger and straighter. engine can be modified with cold air intake for more horsepower as well as intake manifold can be modified for more speed. i always get compliments on my vehicle from strangers. easy to change the oil and transmission fluids myself to save money. very bright headlights. a fun easy car to drive.

- james w

Very reliable 2009 Nissan maxima.

This vehicle has been very reliable, requiring only two repairs other than normal maintenance items in 155, 000 miles. At about 125, 000 miles a rear wheel bearing had to be replaced and at 153, 000 miles the air conditioning compressor failed. The maxima gets decent fuel mileage - about 23 mpg - and the performance is great. Being the sport version, the ride is fairly stiff but very comfortable on smooth highways. Over all I am completely satisfied with the maxima and also completely satisfied with my dealer - troy Nissan of troy, Alabama.

- Jeff S

A well running car that will last.

It is a very reliable car. It runs good and the air conditioner runs very cold. The seating is very comfortable and the ride smooth. Some ignition problems including an air sensor that had to be replaced two times. Other than that it runs well. The power steering leaks and needs to be replaced. Overall I am satisfied with the car. It has a lot of miles on it yet it is still running well. I have kept up on the maintenance on it. I think that's the key to keeping a well running car. Regular oil changes. And tuneups are very important.

- Marian L

Great reliable car, very spacious for family of 5, no car problems.

Love the performance on this vehicle. It has a fast get up compare to other cars. The horsepower is great. The maxima is considered an premium car size type. The thing I dislike about this car is that it is required to put premium gas in. It sucks because the gas price is high for premium. I haven't had any problems really with this vehicle since I purchased it. Great reliable car. I have a family of 4, an baby on the way, very roomy inside for all the kids. The trunk is very spacious also. Enough room for all of us!.

- Antonio M

Best Generation of Maxima's Ever!

Purchased this vehicle used in September 2018 (9 yo car) with only 135,000 miles on it. Definitely well taken care of and looks and feels almost brand new. Aggressive body styling and interior design. Has given me no problems (so far)! Powerful car with good gas mileage (considering that it has a V6 engine) 18 city/30 highway. Definitely not my first or last Maxima. The only thing that I hope will be improved in the future is the trunk space (but not a deal breaker for me) since this car came with an aftermarket system.

- India R

Reliable and sturdy companion

I really like that my car is sturdy. I've been in a few minor accidents and rear ended a couple times and the bumpers have not dented too much. So my car has not needed a lot of repairs. I also like that I have not ran into any serious issues with the car. My only problem with the car is that the tire sensor seems to be broken. The sensor light is always on even though the tire pressure it's good. I've tried to get it fixed and a reset however the problem came back within a couple of weeks.

- Lucy L

My blue Nissan Maxima is the nicest car I've owned.

The piece underneath my drivers side door is not very sturdy. I stepped on it on accident and it is falling off. Sometimes, when I started the car it rattles. Not sure what that's about. However, I love that it is a push start and can be remotely started from outside the vehicle. It really helps with climate control and not having to sit in a freezing cold or scorching hot vehicle. It is a very pretty car also.

- Grace M

It has a V6 in it so it takes more gas but I love the power it has.

I love my car! Its very reliable and doesn't give me any issues besides the average maintenance. Before I bought my car I had a 1997 Nissan maxima so I know Its a reliable car and it will last me a long time with regular maintenance. The only problem with the car is It's a little hard on gas but Its not unbearable. Overall there's more pros than cons. I would suggest getting a Nissan. The brand is very reliable.

- Azure B

The heated steering wheel and the heated and cooled seats is amazing.

My Nissan maxima is very comfortable, reliable, the seats are heated and cooled my favorite is the heated steering wheel. There is a console in the back seat where they people in the back seat can control the radio and the heat/air conditioning. It also has a screen in the back window I can push the button that will pop up a screen to dim the lights or the sun from coming in the window. Love my car.

- Brandy L

Fast, reliable, sporty, yet designed like a luxury vehicle.

I love my Nissan maxima because it is roomy, it has some serious get up and go, and it looks great. I also like the fact that it seems to hold its value. We do not drive much, but it appears to get good gas mileage and it is very comfortable with a drivers seat that can be adjusted in many ways. The trunk is a tad narrower than I'd like but overall that does not matter as much to me.

- John H

Very dependable Take care of your Nissan and it will definitely take care of you

Nissan maxima is a great car never had problems keep oil changed. Drives smooth the performance is awesome I think you can drive this car over 200,000 thousand miles and it will still drive great. I have several friends that drive a Nissan spoke nothing but good things about their vehicle. If I had to get my daughter a vehicle for college Nissan is the way to go very dependable

- Elsie B

I love how fast it goes and how quickly it picks up

I love everything about my car, it is super reliable, I keep up on the maintenance so I never run into any big issues. My car also has GPS system and is the sports package with paddle shifters. The only issue that I have come across is the paint chipping but other than that it is a beautiful car inside and out and also has heated seats which is a lovely feature in the winter .

- Brittany B

Dependable and comfortable.

My Nissan maxima is the best car I have ever had. Very comfortable with heated seats and steering wheel, which is beneficial in winter. It handles well in the snow. Live the Bose speakers. Have not had any mechanical issues at all. The car is very spacious for driver and passengers for back seat. Big trunk for hauling and shopping. Music adjusts to speed, which is also nice.

- Jill S

Wonderful vehicle! Very good investment!

I have had this vehicle since 2009. We have had very minor problems from it! I think the only problem I have had recently (10 years later) is some of the sensors going out. This is a wonderful and reliable vehicle. The trunk on this car is very big and great for storage. Even though it is a car there is still plenty of room in the back seat for all three passengers.

- Lesley R

It doesn't use regular gas. So automatically you will pay more in gas

Cost of repairs is fairly cheap. I currently have a problem with my car and no one can figure out what the problem is. Engine light is on but all the repairs have not fixed it. At least according to the sensor. Good on gas on the highway. Interior is large and very spacious. Sound quality of the stereo is great. I love my car just wish I had bout the model newer

- Nicole W

Red interior clean reliable transportation well. Kept maintenance.

Navigational Bluetooth accessible GPS easy start up overdrive automatic disc brakes all around great on gas compact red in color rear defrost windows built in alarm key accessible overdrive transmission anti lock brakes six cylinder automatic push of a button window locks great pick up speed seat warmer am/FM radio dual side speakers.

- Wesley D

2009 Nissan maxima. Fast reliable and stylish. Keep up on the maintenance.

My car been real good to me. No major problems so far. It is fast and have good handling. The gas mileage is okay. The tires can cost a little more for the good kind. As long as you keep your oil changed and a tune up before winter time, you car could last a long time. I have over 200,000 mike in my car and it is still running good.

- David T

Fast and nice looking car.

Sometimes it has a glitch, water pump or where the antifreeze goes backs up making the temp gages go down. The a/c vent makes a shutter sound when I lower the temp too many sensors to replace, other than that I very much enjoy my car and it has not given me too much trouble. Rides great looks great everything else works just fine.

- Jess P

It is adjustable enough that a 5'3' driver and 6'5' driver can switch.

The dual colored interior is a little offsetting, and having to change the whole light fixture when a headlight goes out is annoying. Not to mention having to get to the headlight is pretty hard. . I love the ride of the car though and how it handles. It is especially roomy and great for road trips. The trunk holds so much!

- Dee R

It drives really great and smooth!

My car performance is really great, I was really impressed with the car when I first purchased it. The only thing that I did not like was that the ac stopped working within the first week but I got that fixed. The car came with a sunroof, comfortable seats, nice tints, etc. Plus the heat works really good!

- Chloe A

Overall I like my Nissan. it�s the perfect size car.

Only real issue has been with the tires. Valve stem in all 4 tires has leaked at different points, causing a need for repair/multiple new tires. Otherwise I love my Nissan, it's the perfect size car and I will likely get another Nissan when I get a new car. Gas mileage is not great but I don't commute far.

- Cassandra B

My Personal Nissan Maxima Car Review

Excellent. Rides smooth with great engine power and wonderful amenities. Handles like it is on rails. Great gas mileage. Stereo system is perfect with all the add-ons. Digital displays are vibrant and helpful for maintenance and repairs if necessary. Large cargo space in trunk and Gary roomy interior.

- Dennis C

Able to switch from automatic to standard.

My maxima has leather seats, heated and cooling seats, has a double sunroof. It's a sports edition. It's a good car very comfortable and spacious. Has a lot of trunk room performance on the road is good on dry conditions, slides in the snow. It's good on gas. Had a push start button. Smooth ride.

- Ivy O

Great car for the past 10 years... Not done yet.

Wheels/tires have always been a problem. Steering wheel column makes funny noises when warming up. Love the ability to switch from automatic to standard. Gone through a lot of breaks. My tall husband says it is uncomfortable. Trunk seems difficult to get things in and out of but plenty of space.

- Jessica F

Very fuel economical and high performance on the road.

Sunroof leaks sometimes and leaves get in it. Recommend getting tinting because the sun bakes the leather and after a while it will expose the inner cushion. Car overall outperforms most, very comfortable and excellent on gas. It also has a boost of power getting up to speed on the highway.

- Sarah A

Luxurious 2009 Nissan maxima.

Smooth driving, reliable and well made vehicle, comfortable seating in the front and back, very spacious, high features including electronics and heated seating, 6 disc CD player, long lasting mileage, great in all weather conditions and very cool in the summer, sunroof and hands free calling.

- Stephanie D

My car is a white 2009 Nissan maxima; it is durable, reliable and adorable.

My vehicle perform very well, it is easy on gas, it drives smoothly. The only problem I had so far was a flat tire and the key stuck in the ignition. But other than that I have no problems with it. My car is a white 2009 Nissan maxima and it is just as cute as it is owner and very reliable.

- Rochelle C

Nice Nissan. Always in style.

Design and color remain contemporary. Mechanical parts are well made and long lasting. Have had no major breakdowns or failures. Excellent sound system. Controls well laid out and easy to use and reset. Driver's seat adjustments are included. Trunk space is more than adequate.

- William M

the comfort from a small car

Its fast, and reliable and comfortable. It's all black, has run very smooth for its age. It has a sunroof and is all electric. Sits four people and has the best trunk room for a car. Engine works like a beast and can have a fast performance. The stereo system is nice and loud

- roxanne S

2009 Nissan maxima review.

I think my vehicle is, okay. I am a big, tall guy, and a car just does not suit what I need. The car gets great miles per gallon and is pretty fast, and semi luxurious but I would like to have something bigger with more space. All in all, I am just too big for a car.

- Justin Z

2009 Nissan Maxima Sport.

My vehicle has given me minimal issues since I purchased it used. The ride is smooth and enjoyable. Maintenance is affordable which is a plus in my book. My only issue is that it sits low to the ground, my previous vehicle was a SUV so it is a major difference.

- Tonette C

I like the traction control that comes standard with the vehicle.

I have no issues with my current vehicle. I love the way it drives and I have had no issues with the performance. The basic sound system is perfect for everyday use and if I want to put the windows down, crank it up and cruise. The sunroof is an added bonus.

- Sarah D

Nissan Maxima still a great car

I love the comfort and heated steering wheel and seats. I wish it had cooling seats though. It's also a smooth ride. The tires are low profile so sometimes I have issues maintaining proper tire pressure. It's 10 years old so the technology is outdated now.

- melissa S

The trunk is HUGE. This is a perfect car for anyone that commutes or road trips!

The Nissan Maxima is good car, simply put. It has always been reliable for me. I do not have issues, although finding a shop that has available parts, thats a different story. The maxima is a wonderful car for teenagers, young adults, and a small family.

- Emma S

It's my work vehicle but looks when out in a date.

I love my Maxima. It has a good engine, I always bring it in to be serviced where as needed and she is reliable. I currently am experiencing an issue with the ac but I think the last mechanic didn't know what he was doing.

- Xizmenna M

It's got a great, comfortable, quiet ride.

I really like my Maxima. It's comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and has held up really well. I think it's stylish and nice both inside and out. I wish the driver' seat had adjustable lumbar support.

- Kirk K

It's actually assembled in America. Being a Japanese car many people consider it a foreign car.

My vehicle is a nice looking car; unfortunately, it is getting old and has a bit of rust (Wisconsin winters). I like how fast it is, but dislike that it is gray. I would have rather had a black car.

- Jenny M

It is almost 10 yrs okay and runs as if it is only a year old? Great vehicle!

It has great gas mileage and is very spacious especially in the back seat. I love the bucket seats. You hardly know that it is running when it is on. There's nothing that I dislike about my Nissan!!

- Von S

That it has a lot of power. Sometimes the dealer doesn't tell you when there is a recall. That happened to me and I had to have my car towed to the dealer

I like the fact that the car is a sedan but looks very sporty. The car drives like a sports car with a bunch of features that I really like what I don't like is that sometimes the car is loud

- Diana S

Have good record as far as service needed.

Like low maintenance on the vehicle as have nothing done to car except the usual type service.. Looks; have been complimented on.. Comfort.. Only thing do not like is the mileage per gallon.

- Gail H

It has over 180,000 miles on it but still runs great,

I love the style of the car. The features make it enjoyable to drive. It is an older car so has some maintenance from normal wear and tear. Overall a great car though.

- Stephen W

It's reliable and has good AC, but don't count on its exterior.

I like the air conditioning unit used in it. It's very nice. I also find it pretty reliable in general. I wish it was more durable in regards to the exterior though.

- John M

Beware! It is loads of fun!

I absolutely love the style of the vehicle. The smooth ride is like none other and I love speed so it definitely delivers in that department. No complaints at all.

- Tenia L

It is an excellent sedan for families with plenty of space.

My maxIma has been very reliable and has a smooth ride. I love the body style much more than the newer one. It's got plenty of back seat space and trunk space.

- Colleen S

My vehicle was black, with leather interior, Bose stereo sunroof.

When I had to change the tires, the tire excel was not the same did not drove smooth. There was also the issue that I need it to spend a lot money for gas.

- Jorge P

Sports car for a price of a regular one.

Vehicle is perfect - doesn't need any work on it except occasional checkups. Feels and drives like luxury sports car, but at a much more affordable price.

- Taras L

I love the style. Its silver with chrome accents. I love the sunroof and how it fast it takes off.

It's stylish, yet family friendly. The sleek design makes you feel good. The car has plenty of room for the whole family, and space for traveling.

- Erin M

Luxury meets sports car, the best of both worlds wrapped up in one car.

I love the comfort of the vehicle, it handles the road well. It is a luxury car and sports care all rolled into one. My favorite car thus far.

- Sher H

2009 maxima review. Great car for the value.

This is the best car I've purchased. I've had very few problems besides normal maintenance brakes etc only the ac needed replacing.

- Joseph M

Has limited rear space, spare tire takes up a lot of room.

That you can only put grade 93 gas in it. That gas is like 3.50 a gas and u only get 18 mpg...The newer ones you can put 87 in it.

- Heather J

Nissan is a care make that last a long time and is good on gas.

Nissan is a make you can trust. The cars last a long time and get good gas mileage. I do not have any dislikes or complaints.

- Linda M

Nissan reliability at best

No real problems. True luxury with leather heated seats, steering and mirrors. Love the navigation system, Bluetooth, Bose.

- Debra M

Major Flaws such as the paint coming off

It was sold as a luxury car but the suspension is terrible. I feel like I'm in a truck. Also the paint has peeled very badly

- Gabrielle H

It feels like a top of the line vehicle without spending the extra money!

I love that it is smooth to ride and handle. I love that it's design feels like it was made for me. I love the gas mileage.

- Dianne B

I would not buy another nissan maxima

The car drives good but i feel that this car has had many issues thru the years from a recall on the dashboard to bad tires

- Arelis H

Smooth, and comfortable riding vehicle.

Comfortable. Decent gas mileage. Negative aspect is it is a big tank and I have to use premium gas. It is not paid off.

- Taylor S

Nice color that hide dirt quite well. 19 inch wheels.

Excellent performance, nice ride, roomy, great sound system. Enjoy all the features that come with the sport package.

- James S

My vehicle is perfect for me it doesn't give me any problems

There really isn't anything wrong with my car I have it for 5 years and it has been running fine with no problems

- Peguy P

It is a very dependable car. Never had any issues with it.

I like the CVT transmission. Such smooth shifting. I like the roominess inside. It is just a very attractive car.

- Vickie B

Very comfortable to sit in on a long trip and is not noisy. Good stereo.

I do not have any complaints about my car. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and sat in it.

- Lee e

I love my maxima, if you're thinking about getting one than get it !

I love my car , its great on gas and also very sporty but still good for families and everyday activities

- Tevaughn O

It is completely comfortable and fits me and my family perfectly

Love the push button start. Heated seats. Power seats and windows. My car has lots of speed and power.

- mark s

dependable the only issue that I have ever had with it was the air conditioner went out a few times

it's a nice sporty car good on gas. very dependable I love it I just wish it was a newer model

- stacy s

It fits in perfectly if you drive frequently, great gas mileage, fun to drive,

I like the features, transmission, color. It's the perfect size and offers great gas mileage

- Alyssa B

last a long time if taken care of

I like the color and the gas mileage. It drives smooth. It fits comfortably on long drives

- melvin H

Well styled body car but makes for a ton of blind spots

Bad miles per gallon Has a terrible turning radius Only front wheel drive

- Jen C

comfortable needs little maintenance mid size vehicle

no complaints maintenance free appearance nice, aged well even if old

- Anne h

Great Looking Car that handles terrific and will turn heads.

Stylish, good power and handling, nice features. Also very reliable.

- Steven A

Reliable and affordable. Perfect sedan with plenty of leg space.

Nissan is a reliable car. Love the style and its affordability.

- Chiquita L

It's dependable regardless the age

It gets me where I need to go, but I need to upgrade

- Sandra D