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2011 Nissan maxima the affordable race car with the drop top feel.

This car has some serious power for not being modified. It's very reliable and comfortable. My favorite feature is the panoramic sunroof. Gas mileage is a little above average and with 200k plus miles it still runs excellent. I've owned a few maximas, they are solid dependable cars and they also look super stylish. The stock exhaust sounds like a mini race car..I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable sporty car, that's also comfortable for the family. Only downside is it takes lots of extra tools to work on so unless you have a shop and plenty of knowledge it's not easy to work on besides minor replacements.

- John J

The 2011 Nissan maxima is a stylish, reliable car with luxurious features.

Fast and reliable for a little sports car. It has an attractive body and spacious inside. The rear camera is a plus in case one needs extra assistance. The brakes need to be changed quite a bit--not sure if that is manufacture quality or an unknown issue on the previous owner's behalf. It is easy to drive, but eats up gas (at least, the way I drive, it does). It is comfortable and has easy Bluetooth connection with steering wheel buttons to make changing sources and other features easier. Extremely reliable and durable car.

- Sabrina S

Leather 2011 Nissan Maxima sports car

I love my car is it is a 2011 but looks at least like a 2014. It has heated seats and steering wheel. It has a big screen with bluetooth but only for audio. It has nice rims and all is leather. I have never had troubles with my car besides having to do the basic tire changes here and there and of course oil changes. It is a very reliable car i have taken it plenty of times out of state with no trouble.

- Estevan G

My Nissan: a dream car for a family or an individual.

It is a wonderful vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, without sacrificing power or torque. It rides like a dream and is very quiet. It is the car of choice for my family and i. It is the perfect vehicle for long or short duration road trips/vacations while also being a wonderful vehicle for tooling around town or grocery shopping. It is roomy and spacious and is very satisfying to both my wife and I.

- Matt M

Our car is a great car for traveling long distances.

We haven't had any problems with our car yet. It is a used car and it runs perfectly fine for a car that was made in 2011. It has a front and back sunroof with leather seats and seat warmers for winter. There’s also a built in GPS and Bluetooth connection for your cell. The driver side also have a cooling vent in the driver seat for hot days. And the ac is in working condition.

- Maria R

Great car so far, Nissan Maxima.

Very reliable vehicle. Nice looking interior. Fully loaded which is a plus. It accelerates very quickly as well. I have had no issues with this vehicle since I bought it except my check engine light has recently been turned on and I will be looking into that issue. Other than that mostly satisfied with the car its sturdy, safe, looks nice and drives nice.

- Laura R

Perfect young lady car nice.

Love the car. Nice sporty look. The tires treat run quicker than any car I have had before. The seats are pretty comfortable. One con is the Bluetooth capability I do not have the ability to directly listen to music from my phone. I have to have transfer cord and AUX cord. It would be better if it worked like calls d.

- Brittany. B

The sports version of the maxima makes the car very pretty and drive very fast.

My car is a very nice looking car but it has its downfalls. There have been many occurrences where my car has not started or broken down and needed to be jumped. Because it is a sports car it has a very low gas mileage and I go through gas very quickly. The car is also very bad on rough or gravel roads.

- Kylie T

Its spacious, drive good and been very dependable.

So far, I have not had any major problems will be vehicle. I do my normal maintenance oil changes and tune ups. I purchased my car at first because it was roomy and comfortable. It being reliable for the most part. So far so good, I hope it continues since it been paid for.

- Rae R

Sleek designed car that needs performance tweaks.

Had the transmission go at 78,0000 miles. Timing chain went at 66,000 miles with a bad timing cover. Is comfortable with sleek design. Disappointed it has all options except bluetooth connectivity to connect music to radio system. Not a big fan of the cvt transmission.

- William W

Nissan Maxima Reliability

My Nissan Maxima comes with all of the bells and whistles that it could have for a 2011. It's a reliable care that has gotten me across country quite a few times. Sometimes the lights go on even when there isn't a problem but that's really my only complaint. Great car

- Ramonna W

My review of 2011 Nissan maxima.

I love the way the maxima drives. It definitely has some power but transitions smoothly with the cvt transmission. The seats are very comfortable with plenty of legroom and the drivers seat has an extra slide out that I do not use but some may find comfortable.

- Karen M

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Very reliable good gas has heat and air dual control satellite radio sunroof leather seats heated seats backup camera electric seats handles the road wheel is spacious enough for myself and husband and three children I have not had any issues with the vehicle.

- Brandy B

The Nissan Maxima: an excellent choice for a roomy, sporty sedan with class.

I like the size and handling of my Nissan Maxima. The trunk is large, and there is plenty of legroom. I also have some advanced features on my car, such as heated/cooled seats and power sunroof, that make driving more enjoyable.

- Melody T

This vehicle is comfortable and pretty fun to drive.

Reliable transportation. Very comfortable for long drives and road trips. Would like a slightly smaller engine for better fuel economy. Has an attractive exterior and still looks "newer" even though it's almost 8 years old.

- Cait E

It is considered a 4 door sports car. . So it is sporty and luxurious.

I love the body style. . It drives really good. Very roomy for long road trips. . Love my panoramic sunroof. . Only thing i dislike is my gps can sometimes be off. Sending me off the interstate, then putting me back on.

- Julie C

Comfortable ride and very reliable. The vehicle is very attractive to the eye.

I love this car, it is great on gas. I have traveled long distances the features are very user friendly and easy to identify. I have had no major issues with the car and have only needed to do the maintenance required.

- Jessica B

It is mine and when I wear this one out I want another exactly like it.

I love the leather heated and cooled seats. The dual moon/sun roof. I love the response from the car. It handles beautifully. I love the styling. I love all the added features. The back up camera, in in car navigation.

- betty e

The built in navigation system and the leather seating of my car are very good.

I really like my car. It has leather seats. It has the built-in navigation system. The comfort level of the car is very good. I like driving the car. The smoothness and the performance of the car are very good.

- Kolli K

It rides great and has lots of get up and go power.

The car performs great. Lots of get up and go and good mileage. There is a part below the front bumper that is lower than most cars that has caught on curbs, inclines, etc. and required repairs three times.

- Ned C

A great vehicle for all your life's travels

I like my Nissan because it is a really nice looking vehicle with slick curves and great features such as a big sunroof, large windshield, loud speakers, rear view back up camera and pretty good gas mileage

- Alexandra B

That it is long lasting and with stay on trend with other style cars.

I like that my car still looks stylish with the way it is shaped. It has been very durable and is spacious on the inside. It has a great sunroof and moonroof that is very appealing.

- Courtney C

It get good gas mileage, is a reliable car and I haven't had any major problems with it at all.

My car has been great. I haven't had any issues or concerns with it until lately failing to start sometimes which I think is something minor. It's roomy and has great gas mileage!!

- Jason J

The most important thing that others should know is that the brand and model is hot right now and a lot of people is buying them.

What I like about my vehicle is the movable steering wheel and the lock in adjustments for 2 people. What I dislike about my vehicle is the expensive maintenance and tires.

- Stephanie H

Drive it safely and carefully as if it were yours.

I love how roomy the inside is and how smooth it drives. I love the color, pearl white but sometimes wish I would have gotten a different color because it shows dirt, etc.

- Sonja H

I am so grateful for this car!

My automobile drives smoothly, still gets good gas mileage, is very comfortable and is paid for. It drives so smoothly on the highway, you may have a tendency to speed.

- Rosalind R

The Nissan Maxima is powerful and reliable.

I like the technology such as GPS and satellite radio. I also like the safety features such as traction control. And the car is mechanically reliable.

- Barry D

It is very roomy & I love the panoramic sunroof.

The gas mileage is not the greatest. I usually only get between 19-21 miles to the gallon. That is really the only thing I dislike about my car.

- Lindsey H

It will go fast very quickly. The speedometer goes to 160mph.

I like the way it gets up and goes fast. The bad part is it is so low to the ground. I like the sporty look of it. It is expensive to maintain.

- Amber S

It is reliable and moves like a sports car even though it is a sedan.

I love the handling of the Maxima; it can easily be maneuvered through traffic. Also for the price it came with a ton of high valued amenities.

- Gerald B

The ride in the car is very smooth.

It is a little bigger than I wanted. The price was right and had a lot of extras. It was a nice color and in good shape for being a used car.

- Suzanne Z

Decently reliable sums up Nissan

It is pretty reliable. I have skipped oil changes but it still runs smoothly. It has been in one accident and the handling performed well.

- Eva B

Comfortable riding vehicle.

Just regular maintenance on vehicle. Very reliable car abs very comfortable with accessories that are very user friendly and convenient.

- Lori R

My Nissan Maxima is the Best!

My vehicle feels high end without the high price tag. It drives and handles well, is roomy enough for my family and all of our needs.

- Charisse F

That you have a smooth ride in this type of car

Over I like my Maxima Nissan it drives really nice my only complaint with the car with the dealership and things that they have that

- Luddie B

My car is almost fully loaded except for navigation and bluetooth audio. It does have bluetooth calling which is nice.

My car is amazing. I feel as if it is too big. I wish I had a smaller car. Also I feel like I would prefer a manual transmission

- Roosh G

For a sedan, very fun to drive.

It handles beautifully, is comfortable to drive and ride in, and has any amenities I may need. It has also been 100 % reliable.

- Kirsten M

It is dependable and drives great.

Reliable, comfortable, clean, dependable, maybe needs to flush transmission fluid, tires good, ac blows great, tinted windows.

- Felicia H

No problems with engine, etc.

No complaints, this is my 3rd Maxima and I love this car. It drives smooth and I have not had any problems with this car.

- Janet A

This car is great for any driver. It is easy to use and overall fun to drive.

This vehicle is easy to drive and use. I feel safe using my car. I overall have no particular complaints about my car.

- Clara B

Grey 4 door, very roomy. Runs great. I have traveled hundred of miles comfortably.

It's a magnet to other cars. People tend to run into my car. Other than that. Car runs great. A great family vehicle.

- Jaime M

that it is a nice car, just the right amount of luxury and comfort

I love the look and comfort of my car, the only reason why it is not 5 stars is that we are having major problems

- kristin r

The body of the car is very sleek. Drives very well and handles well. Radio great.

Love this car. Wish the inside was leather. Rides nice and it handles very well. I would recommend car to anyone.

- Lisa S

my vehicle drives very well and it comfortable

no problems, just the sensor for the trunk beeps all the time when I drive over a bump in the road that is bumpy

- liza d

The extra features that's what I'm about It's amazing

The NASCAR racing feeling that it has. The extra features. The wheel and how it grabs the road. The price sucks

- Marcus B

It has a lot of power and handles well.

I love how fast my car is, love how smooth it drives, the interior. Dislike that my windows are not tinted.

- Julie S

Power everything. Super comfortable.

Sunroof. Bluetooth. Power windows & seats. Ventilated & heated seats. Premium sound system. No complaints.

- Amanda F

Nissan is an awesome car,

beautiful color, smooth ride, big and heavy on road great city gas mileage, excellent purchase price

- gwen n

a lot of air bags in it and it has a lot of room and great on gas

love that it is powerful and cheap on gas there isn't anything that i don't like yet about it

- tracy b

Great quality, luxury sedan feel for an affordable price. Will last a long time. Looks beautiful.

I love the engine power. Drives very sporty for a sedan, and has nice upgrades and features.

- Katrina S

overpriced vehicle that looks great but underperforms

cvt, rusting, slow acceleration from stop, electrical issues

- pet l

Plenty of power when needed. Handles very well...Great speaker system

Likes:Power, comfort, handling Dislikes:There are none

- Aaron S