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2012 Nissan maxima is a great vehicle for the price I would suggest.

2012 Nissan maxima has a v6 engine. It has a great sound system. The steering is good. I like the cvt transmission at first it is a little weird coming from a automatic transmission to the cvt but now it seems like it is a smoother shift. It has dual exhaust a sunroof. The maxima I have has cloth seats and they are electric. The 2012 Nissan maxima is a reliable vehicle have not had any major problems with the car in 3 years of having it. The breaks are great it can stop on the dime and it has a way you can switch from automatic driving to manual. One negative I have about it is the price of gas it takes premium gas which makes filling it up a little more expensive. Overall it is a great car and would advise anyone on getting the 2012 Nissan maxima.

- James B

My car known to friends and family as "jet".

My 2012 Maxima is six years old and is still in excellent running condition. When entering the freeway I know it will go from zero to sixty within seconds. Miles per gallon is around 22 on surface streets, I wish it was more economical but the car is dependable and I have never been stranded when traveling in California, Nevada or Utah. This car provides an excellent navigation system and hands free phone service. Both systems are easy to use. It has an automatic sunscreen for the rear window, a feature that delights our passengers. And the front seats warm up for those cold winter days.

- Cathy M

Great running Nissan Maxima!

The 2012 Maxima is a great ride all around. The 3. 5 V6 has plenty of take off, and stretch out power with plenty to spare! Power locks and windows, fully adjustable leather seats/heated. Heated steering wheel. It has an awesome sounding Bose stereo with xm. Suspension really hugs the curves. Mine was bought used certified. It has 107k miles on it. No major problems, right side front wheel bearing replaced at 80k, which is kind of early foremost wheel bearings. Transmission slipped twice going into reverse, but it checked out ok. Alignment is a little shaky.

- Don L

Nissan Maxima 2012 s leather moon.

Nissan Maxima s is a reliable, high performance car. It is a family car with the appearance of a sports car. Pricing for me with power features, Sirius radio, additional warranty, leather seats and moonroof were in my price arena of under 28, 000. Smooth ride, comfortable for tall men over 6ft tall. Room for 5 people, plenty of trunk space. Regular maintenance has kept my vehicle running great, since it is computerized you need a high performance battery.

- Taylor P

2012 Nissan Maxima Honest Review

My vehicle is very reliable. I have had it for four years and I have only had regular maintenance done and have had no major issues. It has plenty of features like navigation and Bluetooth. It also has comfort features like leather seats, heated and cooled driver seat, and heated steering wheel. The performance is great too. With 290 horsepower, it is definitely not slow and the CVT transmission is different, but it works good and I have grown to like it.

- Xavier M

Luxury and reliability married!

My Nissan maxima is gorgeous inside and out. I keep the sunroof open as much as possible. The interior is luxurious, camel colored leather with seat and steering wheel warmers that I use year-round. The sound system has high quality speakers with surround sound. The back seat is also super comfortable for three people. I appreciate the very large, deep trunk. It is a very good looking vehicle and has been reliable. The ride is very smooth and quiet.

- Julie W

I love my maxima but the transmission is a piece of metal garbage.

Transmission is hit or miss. CVT is what most cars have now and they are completely the worst. It's a gamble with Nissan at this point, there transmissions are also made for Kia and Hyundai. I'm on my 3rd transmission in 4 years. Luckily I have had warranties on all so cost is minimal but still a headache. If you buy a car with CVT ask tons of questions about it to make sure you're not getting a lemon.

- Wade G

Supper Maxima and it is great car.

I bought my Nissan Maxima brand new and I haven't any problem yet. I have it for about 6 years and I love it so much I mostly drive why and keep up with the maintenance pretty much and it is been pretty great. Although it had accident hit a deer 🦌 and it hit pretty bad the front of the car was almost destroyed. Car repair s fixed really well and it is still works like brand new.

- Mona A

Sporty and family like car.

The brakes wear easily. Good on gas and long distance driving. Pretty fast. Runs really great on oil and oil changes. Plenty of room for an family of 4. Sunroof is definitely a plus during the summer. Excellent stereo systems and speakers with the 6 disk CD changer. Custom alloy rims and 18 inch tires make for the smooth ride. I think the trim and cut is pretty sporty and cool.

- Larry S

Sport package that gives the car an unbelievably good comparison to luxury cars

I love the sport trim package. It makes the car looks edgy and sleek. The leather is also a great feature that gives the car its edginess. Although in the summer time it gets a little hot, so leather isn't that great. The gears are great. The horsepower of the car is unbelievably good. I feel like it is up to standards compared to other luxury cars.

- Brendan K

Sport Max is a sharp, high performance car I am very glad I purchased!

No problems with performance. I would have preferred leather and premium sound. It has been very reliable over the last 4 years I have owned it. No major repairs needed. Tires are a bit expensive to replace as they are low profile. This makes the car look very sporty though. Not great for Minnesota road conditions, but I manage.

- Tanya K

2012 Nissan maxima awesome.

No problems runs great. Very comfortable and is fully loaded with a panoramic sunroof. Hands free for phone. Navigation. Special feature that saves CDs when u put them in called music box. Awesome car. Had the car for 2 years and the handle is great. Rides wonderful. Very comfortable and roomy car for individual or family of 5.

- Alane H

Love my Maxima. Favorite car ever.

I love my car. It took me several months to pick a car. The Drivability and comfort is my two favorite characteristics of this vehicle. I just replaced the transmission which is a specific and expensive type of dual transmission with airbags. Apparently they go out frequently. But I would still buy my car all over again.

- Sarah P

My car works for me get you one.

Runs great, good gas mileage, goes fast, comfortable, no burning leather seats air and heat works great, love the sound of the stereo speakers, very reliable, love the push to start feature and being able to drive as manual or automatic, wouldn't change anything other than the bad paint job a got a few months back.

- Tee C

I love my full roof moon roof.

My Bluetooth has issues quite often connecting to my phone. When I stop or go my driver seat slides back and forth just a little bit. It feels a little sluggish when in drive, it is quicker in sport mode but it uses more gas. The gas mileage is not very good, my car says it averages about 18. 2 miles per gallon.

- Rebecca S

I love Sirius XM Radio, full glass sunroof, black leather seats

This car has been really good, drives well, stylish, rotary transmission, love the backup camera, leather seats, heated seats in the front, heated steering wheel, electric adjustments for steering wheel, seats and full glass sunroof. With well kept maintenance keeps the car running smoothly on and off the highway.

- Tamara B

I like the OEM rims on my car. I love the ride it give me on the highway

I love the performance of my car and the gas mileage it gets is great as well. Everyone think my car is an Infinity because of the interior of my car. I drive for uber so gas mileage is very important to me. The engine performance is great as well, and it does have that sports car fell although its a sedan.

- Curtis R

Dependable with speed a great combination.

It is very reliable, true to the Nissan brand. It has all the safety features as well as auto windows. It has a sunroof with seat warmers. It has dual temperature thermostats. The seats are all leather with Soft Spots throughout. The cv transmission makes for smooth gear transition without jerking.

- Jane A

Nice for casual use and for a family.

It has a few problems with the air conditioning but for the most part it is reliable and hasn't caused any issues it has a good on road performance as well, my brakes need to be checked soon as well. And everything should be fine it's a nice car for casual use the trunk space is also a quite small.

- Chris M

Great car for your everyday or traveling.

I have not had any mechanical problems out of my car. The interior is really nice, solid black. This car also gets great gas mileage. I drive in traffic everyday and I still get 24. 2 miles per gallon. I highly recommend this car to anyone. It has plenty of room for traveling or carrying children.

- Chelsea H

Dependable and great ride!

My vehicle is now 6 years old. I have had no issues with the vehicle; it rides very smoothly. The only change that I would appreciate is to make it easier to get in and out. No matter how I configure the front seat, it seems to be leaning backward making it difficult to exit the vehicle.

- Sharon S

This vehicle is nice on the inside and outside. It has a sunroof leather seats.

The Nissan Maxima is a very reliable vehicle and it is good on gas. When driving this car it doesn't take much because it takes off easily which is good for people who have heavy foot. It has leather seats and a surround sound system. It also has a big trunk and a map navigation system.

- Guadalupe S

2012 Nissan Maxima (review).

2012 Nissan Maxima is a really good car. They are known for being one the fast cars by Nissan. Some features include had music stereo with radio, air conditioning, and good mileage. They are also know for there engine with has a pretty good engine make Nissan Maxima is a very good make.

- Mike S

Great air conditioner and heater.

The Nissan maxima is a spacious, comfortable car. It is four door and has great features like heated and air conditioned seats, as well as great speakers to play music through. The only problem I could see with this car is that in the summer, the door handles can become extremely hot.

- Breanna N

The interesting detail is that it loses power.

Car will lose power and not start every 3 or 4 months. You just have to wait 10 minutes or so for system to reset itself. This is extremely irritating because you do not know when it will happen. I have had to call my husband a few times to come and get me due to the car not starting.

- Sandra A

It is black and has bright blue lights.

My car is really comfortable and it drives smooth, you do not even feel a bump while driving, it has seat warmer and especially in the winter it keeps me really warm, makes me not want to get out of the car to go into work every single day, it has Bluetooth, no more cords for phones.

- Rachel S

2012 Nissan maxima is an excellent, high performing, reliable vehicle.

Nissan maxima 2012 are excellent buys as they run really fast and strong as long as you use 93 gas which is premium. The car has nice boss speakers, keyless entry and great body make. Its reliable and the performance is awesome! You will have little to no problems with this vehicle.

- Jenny C

White Nissan Maxima SV with Sunroof

Have had a few issues since purchased. Transmission has went out. A/C compressor went out. Most auto parts store doesn't sell Nissan parts for the car and usually can only be purchased from a Nissan Dealership. Anytime car must be fixed, it seems a lot more pricey than other makes.

- John M

Great engine performance after 7 years

I've put on over 155,000 and had no issues other than normal wear. The engine runs great and never had any mechanical issues. The AC still runs perfectly and I've kept up with the oil changes regularly to ensure great engine performance. I've only had to replace the battery once.

- Leslie O

Very nice v6 and runs smooth.

Very comfortable, runs very smooth, and have a nice v6 engine. Leather heated seat also and nice loud Bose speakers for good bass in the front and back and also in the door panels. Another plus is it has a sunroof, backup camera and very nice interior design which caught my eye.

- Trevor G

Great dependable sedan car.

Very reliable. No major problems as of the two years I have had it. Comfortable sitting. Has a sunroof. Excellent sound system. Drives smoothly. Sirius XM available along with CD player and Bluetooth. Not very good on gas though. All in all I am very happy with my purchase.

- Jay T

This car has similar power to a muscle car but drives must smoother.

So far I haven't had any issues with this car. It is dependable and I love driving it. It's comfortable for passengers and has lots of room in the trunk for storage. I get a lot of compliments on the look of the car. It's sensible for a sedan but also has a sporty look.

- Mary C

Great and definitely a keeper

Good car. Affordable, safe fast, good look & sporty. Gas mileage is ok in freeway but not in stop and go traffic. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. Especially first time driver for its safety. Good family car. Got 4 four door sedan. Overall great car

- Damien M

My car is very comfy and has a lot of room.

The car is fast and very comfortable. It is hands free only with phone calls however I do require an AUX cable to stream my music from my phone. It is smooth and reliable, great on gas and the trunk has a lot of room. I can usually fit my double stroller and a car seat.

- Sara C

Power to burn, top-notch reliability.

The power of the car is extraordinary. It outperforms most "sports cars". The comfort level is also amazing, and the handling is absolutely top-notch. It is also been extremely reliable. Repairs have consisted of mostly normal wear and tear issues. Highly recommended.

- Travis S

Comfortable ride even for senior citizen.

We have had no problems with this vehicle. Is comfortable to ride in and very spacious. This was bought used and has provided good transportation. It is black with gray leather interior. Excellent sound from radio, Bluetooth. All electric windows and both front seats.

- Carolyn A

The body of the car design is my favorite.

The main concern of the car is the tires. I know others who have had to replace tires frequently. Nissan is a reliable car. I have had it for over 6 years and it has held up performance wise. The interior is beautiful/spacious and the body of the car is well designed.

- Joy A

Excellent service department.

We love our Nissan maxima. We especially appreciate the service we receive at the dealership and have only had the vehicle serviced there. We have purchased four vehicles from the wolfchase dealership in Memphis and would highly recommend them to others in the future.

- Jim L

Midnight edition all black everything!

My Nissan Maxima is the midnight edition, black on black. I get about 25 mpg in town and 33 mpg highway. Handles the road well. Rides smooth. The only con in my opinion is the fact that it sits really low to the ground. Features on my edition is sunroof and spoiler.

- Rhonda M

If I am not mistaken, might have been one of the 1st cars, with a reverse camera.

I haven't had any major problems at all. I have had this car for about 6 years. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Smooth riding, reverse camera and pretty comfortable. This car get stars from me easily. I can see this car lasting almost a lifetime.

- Adrian B

Gas for this vehicle is expensive, especially because it does not get good mileage.

I like the style of the car when it comes to the interior and exterior as well as the look of the wheels. The car is not good on mileage, though. Also, the car was pretty expensive for what it is. It's a decent car but I would prefer a more efficient vehicle.

- Kim C

Family/Sports sedan! This car is perfect for the adrenaline junkie who also has a family. The best of both worlds.

I love the sleek body styling. It's a sports/luxury car all in one. One thing i do not care for is the cvt transmission. It's worked flawlessly, however it feels weird to drive and constantly has a drag that can be felt.

- Matt G

Average looking car but has speed. Nissan maxima is it.

The Nissan maxima is front heavy. This is most noticeable when you are going pretty fast and go over uneven roadway. I believe Nissan corrected this in later models. We did not know this until after we purchased the car.

- Monier R

It's perfect for someone trying to gain their independence again.

I love my car. After becoming paralyzed I needed something I could drive. I can easily transfer in and out of the car. My hand controls work great. And the controls on the steering wheel are a great added bonus!

- Bridgett W

Such a smooth ride love it!

I love my Nissan maxima, it has been great as far as comfort not loud on the inside and a very smooth ride, the only negative I ever have is it does not get the gas mileage it was rated for.

- Emily T

Treat it like a sports car

Powerful engine and quiet comfortable ride. Pretty to look at. Has had repeated problems with emissions and electrical with repeat repairs for same problem...feels too high-maintenance.

- Heather C

It works great and it doesn't take up that much gas but still a car is a car I think it's fine and runs smoothly for right now I only had it for 1 year anyways

Well every time I drive it makes a weird noise nothing to worry about but it only happens when I start the car and I get worried but it's just fine overall it's not that bad of a car

- George J

Drives very comfortable and smooth.

Love how it looks and rides. Good on gas mileage. Do not like that the back seats do not fold down. Do not like that you can't have the front sunroof open, without the back one open.

- Harmony S

My car is in very good condition.

I like that my card is big, fast and has never given me any problems. I love the Bluetooth feature. I do wish it had a usb outlet. It will be more helpful for my phone charger.

- Rosie J

Nissan maxima for the win

I bought my car because I was having issues with an old car. This car has given me no trouble, runs well, seats are comfortable. The only thing I wish it had is a built in GPS

- Megan M

It is very safe to drive and I always feel safe while driving.

I really like how upgraded the vehicle is for the year. I enjoy having a backup camera, heating and cooling seats, moonroof. I wish the car was newer with less miles.

- Megan X

The color and the rims it has a nice look to it.

The brakes and steering are great and the horsepower has some torque on it. I love driving my vehicle as it also has become an economical choice by saving gas.

- Frank M

It is extremely reliable and a hard working vehicle.

I really like how smooth the ride is and how reliable my Nissan has been. I would recommend focusing on continuing to ad more durability enhancing features.

- James O

I love the maxima, it is very dependable. The interior is gorgeous. The performance is awesome

The maximal is awesome, sunroof and moonroof in the back seat, all leather interior. It has been a very reliable car, we frequently travel 1600 each trip.

- Roberta E

It has 405hp out the door.

I like that it is a push to start.. I dislike that I cannot play music from my Samsung phone because it is not compatible with the system..

- Brenda O

My car is faster than you would think a sedan would be.

I like the way the car drives and handles. I like the sleek look of the car. I like the reliability of the Nissan brand. No complaints.

- Ashley C

How all the features inside the car are used.

Very dependable sporty car that drives very well the leather is tan and looks really nice the slap shifters are sometimes fun to use.

- Chance R

It is great great on gas mileage.

Rides smooth, has a lot of room, does great on gas. I do not have any complaints. I love the color, kid friendly. Heated seats.

- Carter C

The car is safe, comfortable and has great fuel economy.

Love the safety rating of the car. Dislike the age of the car. Life the space available for my family. I have no complaints.

- Krystin R

well one thing you should know about my car is that it runs off of premium gas.

very nice car , I would definitely recommend the vehicle to everyone , it is a lot better than previous vehicles I have owned.

- anthony m

it a great car because it cheap.and.luxury look

My car is better good on gas and the maintenance on it is very reasonable.It is a great car to drive long distance or short

- ingrid r

Its a r title and my insurance does not cover any damage I do to it.

I like the color, body style and sunroof on my vehicle. I pretty much love everything about it. I do not have any dislikes.

- Kiara R

It has one of the best safety rating and is a dependable long lasting car.

I wish I got better gas mileage in town. I get pretty good mileage on interstate. Also would be better if had built in GPS.

- Teresa N

It keeps running, it is indestructible.

I love everything about my vehicle. From the body to the engine all the way down to the battery. I love the way its built.

- Nigeria S

it is big and i feel safe in it when traveling with my kids

it is a very safe car - it is built sturdy . The only bad thing is that is gets terrible gas mileage all of the time

- bob R

Nissan Reliability Summary

My Nissan as a vehicle is reliable, passing high safety standards was an important purchase decision for me.

- Katelyn M

Great car, not much wrong with it and it drives great.

I've had no problems with my car. It's been great. The only thing I don't like is that it has no AUX input.

- Sam H

This is the best car I've ever owned, and I would definitely recommend it.

It's super reliable, very comfortable. I've never had any major issues with it. Overall I rate it 5 stars.

- Sarah J

It is a fast and smooth driving car.

I like that my car has a lot of features, is smooth and gets good gas mileage. I dislike the Audio system.

- Olivia R

Very easy to manage. This vehicle last a very long time.

My car still runs smoothly. It is inexpensive on repairs. I do not have any dislikes about Nissan maxima.

- Erica J

Love my Nissan maxima sports edition

I love my car. It has a sunroof ,its a sports addition. So it came with nice low profile tires and rimes.

- Alisha G

A throw away car since it starts breaking at about 4 years.

Vehicle started coming apart at about 4 years old. Screws are falling out of the interior and exterior.

- Don B

It gets great gas mileage. We drive it all the time and it does great.

I like the gas mileage it gets. I also like the color. I like the way it drives too.

- Bob U

It is a well built, durable car. Does very well in different weather and environment. And speedy!

Not very roomy, but it is quick, and stylish! Very beautiful car.

- Abbie S

Trustworthy sedan. Stylish. Roomy. Excellent automobile.

Low maintenance, Easy Ride, Like the style and roominess.

- Cin M

This is my car. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Good interior space, decent mileage, amenities are good.

- Benjamin L

Reliable, timeless body style

Love exterior, interior outdated but like dashboard

- Amber L