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Like shaped flawless midnight on wheels with 5 percent tint.

I haven't really noticed too many handling issues however the suspension is really stiff when cornering, the summer tires make up for that. Performance wise it is amazing and has a ton of power when I step on it it is extremely reliable especially in the rural areas that I travel to. I do like the added comfort of the heated seats but they are not for long distance driving, especially for larger people. I love the added features of the Bluetooth, panoramic rooftop with moonroof. The only issues I had with this vehicle were the facts that I didn't have many options to upgrade its performance level through aftermarket parts aside from a chip and the exhaust. I like the CVT transmission but I wouldn't mind a manual in lieu of the slapstick design. I liked the leather interior but I was lucky enough to get a midnight package on the styling which was a black on black model with a midnight black suede look/feeling upholstery with red stitching. I liked the alloy wheel tire combination, very sleek for stock. The charging USB was a nice touch for both the front and the back. The sound system was a hard hitting and immaculately (not Bose). The trunk opening could've been larger, but all in all an awesome car.

- Marvin R

Pros and Cons of a 2014 Nissan Maxima

I bought this car pre-owned with a clean history of no accidents. I bought it in 2017 so it was 3 years old when it came into my possession. From the start, the headlights were so dim it was as if the lights were off, I've had to use high beams to see at night. Other than that, the brake pads seem to wear off pretty easily and I've had them changed twice already. The car is a bit shaky even a few days after changing the pads. Other than that, the car is quite smooth. The interior I have is black leather with a red trim which I love. The sound system is great but I believe the previous owner had it altered. The exterior stays pretty clean as it is black, there usually is not notable dirt accumulation from daily driving

- Michelle M

Loud music feature! I love it! You can cruise along!

I just recently purchased this vehicle 2 months ago! It is very luxurious with comfortable leather seats with lumbar adjustment that I love. It is fully loaded. Automatic door locks when the car is started. Has heated seats, great for cold weather along with heated steering wheel. Has the option to have your music play a bit louder while driving in faster situations such as the highway! It is very roomy in the back! Large trunk! I cannot say enough good things about it. Definitely recommend it! ????.

- Jennifer I

My Nissan isn't a bad car

My Nissan Maxima is a very reliable car and it gets me where I need to go. It has a good amount of space compared to other cars that are so tightly packed. It's not too low for a car and I really enjoy that, considering I had a much bigger car before. My Nissan isn't too bad on gas. The sunroof is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole car. It's perfect for nice days to leave it open. Even though I have plenty of miles on it; it still drives almost new. Not bad at all.

- Kris M

Nissan Maxima SV Car Review

Overall my car has been very reliable, it has a nice look to it and it is definitely my favorite out of all vehicles I have previously owned. The only downside is the mirrors used to go down when the car was in reverse however this feature no longer works and the mirror gets stuck. In addition, my tire light comes on frequently but it doesn't tell me which tire. Otherwise this car has been wonderful and it drives great.

- Courtney R

The fancy, sporty, non "mom car".

I absolutely love my Maxima! It is very roomy and comfortable. I have more options than I could have imagined for the price (like a steering wheel warmer and weather radar!). It is a great family car yet also sporty. It does not feel like a "mom" car at all. It has the get-up-and-go that you need to merge onto a busy highway. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat!

- Amanda G

2014 Nissan maxima. Reliable, lots of pep, safe and roomy. Great family car.

This vehicle is possibly the best one I have owned so far. Plenty of power, very maneuverable and responsive suspension. Simple, easy to read instrumental panel. Very reliable, I just change the oil, filters add gas and go. Only thing I dislike is the air conditioning vents, in my opinion they're too small and when turned on to high setting it is very loud.

- Martin P

Great mileage. Smooth driving. Easy to understand maintenance.

The drive is very smooth. I drive close to 100 miles a day give or take, and I've had no problems with my car in the time I've had it. Great mileage; I usually put gas in my car every 6-9 days depending on how much driving I do in the city/highway. The screen makes it easy to see when I need to do maintenance or when maintenance is due.

- Amanda B

The joys of driving an Nissan maxima.

I love my vehicle and almost everything about it. My favorite part almost has to be the push to start button. It's the first vehicle I've had with one of them and it's just so convenient. I also love the body and the interior of the car. It's very roomy on the inside and I love the features that are available on the middle console.

- Robinson R

Luxury ride for less money.

The Nissan maxima is not very expensive but it looks, feels and drives like a luxury car. I like the Bluetooth feature. I also enjoy the sunroof. I prefer to crack open the sunroof to let the hot air out than open the windows. I like that you can just tilt the sunroof without opening all the way. I also like the keyless feature.

- Dana F

A car that combines luxury with simplicity.

We bought it used. It is a good car and reliable. It has about a 20 gallon gas tank and gets about 22. 5 miles to the gallon on the main road. We really have not had any difficulties with the car. There are a few annoyances due to the sometimes not so intuitive technology but that does not really count as a maintenance problem.

- Stacey R

It is the safest, most reliable vehicle I have owned to date.

I truly love my Nissan maxima. It offers just the right amount of style and comfort, as well as exceptional driving performance. Upon purchasing my car, Nissan quickly became my favorite brand of vehicle and I will definitely purchase another in the future. In addition to the maxima, I also like both the Altima and rogue.

- Suzanne C

I love my maxima! it's the best car I have had in recent years!

my car is not for sale, but it is nice to drive and has a great engine.I like how the car drives and I like how it feels inside the car. I prefer cars that are lower to the ground like the Nissan is. I wish I had more cars in my life like the Nissan maxima. It definitely has become my favorite car as of late. I love it!

- john R

2014 Nissan Maxima luxury, style, and comfort

I love my vehicle. Great mileage. It has just enough speed and power with a v6 engine. Performance wise it's great considering the price. Fits my family of comfortably. It could offer more rear legroom. Also the trunk space is small compared to others. Comes with great interior as far as leather and panoramic sunroof.

- Tee E

What I like about my car.

I really enjoy my car. I like the size of it and that it gives me pretty good room for everything and everyone I need to transport. I like how quiet it is when it runs. It gives me pretty good gas mileage and it's also pretty nice to look at. And I like entertainment system and controls it has on the steering wheel.

- Gwendolyn R

The Nissan maxima provides maximum satisfaction.

We cannot find anything to hate about this car. It is reliable and comfortable. The ac is especially comfortable, and the passenger can adjust it to suit him or herself. Gas mileage is good, and can be monitored. Road trips are much less stressful because of the performance and comfort of this automobile.

- Jo S

Performance is great, reliable & does not require much maintenance.

Accelerates well. Maintenance is not too costly. Does not break down much. Clean, quiet drive. It is very reliable meaning I do not have worry much about engine issues or anything too serious. I love the engine performance as well. It has enough space to comfortably sit 5 and looks modern inside and out.

- Miranda H

5 stars! Is the rating I would give a Nissan maxima.

I love my Nissan maxima. I had a 2006 maxima before this one. I have no complaints at all. Very reliable and safe. I love the look of the vehicle and the way it drives. I love the bucket seats and the navigation system. I will continue to buy maxima because they are luxury cars at affordable prices.

- John C

This car is so much fun to drive; and loaded to boot.

I love my car. The v6 w/CVT is zippy and economical. The paddle shifters are fun when your in a manual mood ('w/o all the work). Responsive steering, handles nicely. Heated and cooled driver seat is amazing. Beautiful, sporty car. Mine is a gorgeous pearl white w/ dark charcoal leather interior.

- Angela W

Plenty safety while still comfy and sporty.

Very comfortable ride. The back seats even comfortable for long legs plenty safety features everything has a reminder from tires to oil change large screen for backup camera seat warmers for cold winter leather seats also dual air conditioning for passenger and driver backseat vents as well.

- Tricia H

Seat and steering wheel warmer.

Only complaint I have is that I have to use premium gas. Sometimes it can be hard to maintain that type of high priced gas. It has a lot of good features that I honestly didn't know were even on the vehicle. Had no clue that it was The luxury version of the make and model of Nissan Maxima

- J B

Travels in all kinds of terrain.

It is a red truck that I really love and if really fast with surround speakers. It is really spacious inside, but it consumes a lot of gas. 20$ gas only last for a week or less if the commute is more than the routine. Other than that the car works really well through all types of terrain.

- Alyssa A

I love the glass top on my car!

My car is fully loaded and I love all the extra features! The heated steering wheels and seats come in handy in the winter time. The car handles very nicely. Maintenance doesn't cost too much and The look of the car is sleek, sporty, and stylish. It's a perfect fit for me and my family.

- Taylor H

My car is named "pearl", and she is the best car ever!

My Nissan Maxima is the best car I have ever owned. It is a smooth ride and is very comfortable either driving, or as a passenger. I purchased this vehicle used, with only 24, 000 miles on it, and got a great deal. Other than normal maintenance, I have not had any problems to speak of.

- Suzanne C

It looks good and is still reliable. It was a good buy and i would definitely buy another maxima.

The vehicle was bought used instead of brand new. It looks very sleek and cool and its black, black cars are the best. Earlier this year we started having trouble with the battery and when we replaced it the on board computer stopped working. We have tried to fix it but nothing works.

- Shanae C

That it is very dependable and has enough power when needed.

Very reliable car that has given me very little maintenance issues. The car is very comfortable to drive and I have taken many trips with it. I use the car for my business and have put over 100000 miles on it so far. I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a nice looking car.

- Dan J

Farm maroon color that changes in the sunlight

I have had no vehicle issues. It gets me where I need to go and is extremely sporty. Handles well and definitely a comfortable ride highly recommend. My car has the sunroof option and the 18 inch sport wheels for an additional flavor of sportiness that is suitable for male or female

- Johnny F

Sporty car for the entire family.

Reliable but requires premium gas which is like 70 cents more than regular. Gas in city is around 18 mpg and highway is around 21 mpg which is low. On the positive it is fun to drive. What sold me was the fee family car with the sporty feel. A little pricey for just the family car.

- Donald R

The Nissan maxima is a great stylish sedan but its is also sporty and great.

My car has no problems it drives real well it gets great gas mileage it performs great in turn I love my car but any success to owning a car is up to the car owner taking car of it like daily maintenance trips like the oil transmission fluids being changed on a regular basis.

- Kim Y

Beautiful car. Beautiful mileage.

I absolutely love the black leather seats in my car. Very comfortable. The sunroof lets in just the right amount of light and air on a sunny day. The gas mileage is absolutely phenomenal. I do not travel often but I only have to fill up the gas tank once a week and I love it.

- Morgan K

The body shape is beautiful it look very sporty.

My car has been very dependable just had trouble with the transmission but luckily I had a good warranty which was made available when I purchased the car so it was fixed without having to pay out of pocket for it which is very expensive and I would not have been able to fix.

- Sharon M

Super sporty, classy, clean and smooth riding vehicle.

Super classy and sporty interior, leather with red threading. The only thing I do not like about the car is the auto shift transmission because it makes me worry my transmission is going out from the inconsistent rpm meter movement. Overall I would recommend a Nissan maxima!

- Jenny C

That it is a very good looking car.

I love my vehicle, it has everything I need and want in a mid size sedan, it is very fast good with gas and it looks really great, about the only thing I don't like about it is that it is not that good in the rain, I can easily hydro plain when its to much rain or puddles.

- Jose L

I love that my car is very spacious in the back seats.

Great car. Comfortable and gas too. Do wish I could have gotten the premium package. The car is spacious and trunk too. The car has many safety features. Music system is great and best of all looks new still even though it's from 2014. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Jennifer V

My car has an amazing sound system, great on highways.

Electrical problems, but besides that nothing else. Runs smooth. The car is beautiful. The sound system is amazing. The bass is amazing. The only complaint is the sensors tend to act up. But besides these little issues the car is perfect. Couldn't ask for anything better.

- Trina H

Great performance sporty car.

My maxima was a year old when I purchased it and was in perfect condition. It had about 8,000 miles on it, and now it has close to 54,000 miles. I haven't had any mechanical issues with it. It is now out of warranty, but have not had to have any mechanical repairs.

- Dans B

i currently have no complaints, my wheelchair fits easily in the trunk, there is enough room in the backseat for my daughter and her friends

the Maxima is an extremely roomy car and has been very dependable i have yet to encounter any problems this is my second maxima i have owned. it also has a great stereo and speakers, the option to sync your smartphone via bluetooth makes for more driving safety.

- JoAnna C

Maxima - hands down best sedan out there.

I love my Maxima. I have had it since 2015 and never had any major issues. All I have had to do is normal wear and tear fixes. It drives great and the seating is comfortable. I would tell anyone looking for a sedan, that the Nissan Maxima would be a great choice.

- Heather P

The 2014 Nissan Maxima sport

Smooth ride, fully loaded, comfy, sunroof, Bluetooth telephone, electric seats, aluminum wheels, air conditioning, dual pipes, floor mats, large trunk space, provided Spare tire, automatic headlights, rear and front defrost, power windows, sports gears setting.

- Nita E

Great daily ride. Comfortable and reliable.

My Maxima drives well and has very good gas mileage. I had an Armada previously and miss the size, but my Maxima has enough room for daily use for my family of 4. It is comfortable and has great features like rear view imaging and heated and cooled seats.

- Erin C

My maxima is extremely reliable for driving around town and on the highway

I really like the size and comfort of the maxima. The leather interior and sunroof were essential in my decision. Heated steering wheel and heated seats were also a must. Drives extremely well and gets good gas mileage for my job that requires much driving

- Michael H

It's hard to pinpoint one detail I love them all

This car is very reliable great on gas I've had for a few years and I haven't had any problems with it I love the way it looks and drive it's just the perfect car. I would encourage anyone to get one you will love it. Even my husband went and got one

- Raven T

Fast and very reliable; has smooth maneuvering mechanisms, can be put into sports mode

i love the fact that the car is fast and accelerates fast, i love the look but sometimes it feels too big and the It's a bumpy ride to me, not sure if it has any major issues going on but thats my only complaint

- keshia t

It is a wonderful car! It is so fun to drive!

The car is extremely comfortable. It drives smoothly and accelerates fast! The fuel efficiency is great as well. The only drawback for me is that the car insurance on this car is extremely expensive.

- Sierra K

Great car comfortable ride all. It wants is a oil change some tires and tune up.

My car has over 100k miles runs great everything from a/c to CD everything is power and still works great it's a very comfortable ride not too much room for taller people in the backseat great car.

- Tricia M

This car has heated seats and the steering wheel seats up as well.

I do not have any problems with my car. The only thing I did not like when I purchased it is the particular model I have only came with leather seats. It's very comfortable and has great features.

- Celeste M

Great family car but noisy moonroof

Never had much trouble with my car, it is definitely my dream car. I do have a moonroof that makes noise. The dealership has looked at it many times and has not figured out the issue.

- Angelique B

It's a family car that has good gas mileage. It's kind of sport and reasonably priced.

I have no complaints about my maxima. I wish that i would have purchased the platinum edition or sports edition and the color white. I have had no issues with it since i've owned it.

- Tina B

It is a good car, however there likely will be maintenance involved. Slightly higher repair frequency than other cars I've owned.

Good car. Great features, great interior and exterior layout. Decent gas mileage. Some minor and major problems covered by warranty. Like Nissan but reliability is a bit lacking.

- Merv G

I feel it is luxurious even though not very expensive.

It drives like a luxury car. It does have a blind spot but I feel all cars have a blind spot. I enjoy the Bluetooth and the sunroof. I prefer to open that instead of the windows.

- Dana F

This is the best vehicle I have owned.

My vehicle has good handling, the power is great. I enjoy the stretches on the highway when going out of town. My car is very nimble and can get in and out of traffic quickly.

- Brandon P

The maxima is very reliable.

I absolutely love my maxima. It is stylish, has enough room for comfort for four adults. It also has plenty of trunk space! It is very fun to drive and has great performance!

- Jennifer T

One thing I have to say, it is durable and dependable. If you take good care of it, you will get a lot of mileage out of this car.

I would have liked it to have more room. I would have also like it would drive a bit faster. Last but not least I would have liked it to come with innovative technology.

- Sho Y

Fast pick up. Reliable I have hardly had to take it in for repairs. It is a beautiful model. It seems to keep its value.

I have not had any problems with my car. In fact this is the fourth Maxima I have owned. It is very reliable. I drive a lot and I am glad it has strong and fast pick up.

- Susan E

You can use regular unleaded, but it recommends premium fuel.

My Nissan is very sporty and has good horsepower. This is my second maxima and Nissan has shown to be a very reliable car. It is a 4-door but handles like a coup.

- Roderick H

It is pretty quick for being heavier. The seat heat up quickly in the winter

I love this car. Comfort is amazing and the heated steering wheel is awesome. The ride is very smooth and I love the look of the tinted rims on the sport edition

- Sara M

That it drives so smoothly and is great on mileage.

It's a 2014 Nissan Maxima that is white in color. It has over 70,000 miles with leather interior. It also has a back-up camera video screen that is awesome!!!

- Kathy S

Beautiful detailed auto, luxury car without paying luxury price. Easy to drive, park with good trunk space.

I have had not one problem, this is the 3rd we have purchased, very reliable, comfortable. Leather seats are beautiful, great audio and bluetooth sound great.

- Faye N

Love the heated steering wheel

This is my second Maxima. I'm pleased with the performance and reliability of not only the Maxima but also the Nissan brand. It's a comfortable stylish ride.

- Robin W

Worth every penny, and drives great

Stealthy styling; potent V6 engine; admirable ride and handling; a well-appointed cockpit; an excellent navigation and audio system; good reliability ratings.

- Alexander P

To keep a spare key, because sometimes the doors can lock with the keys inside of it.

I love how sleek the car looks and how well it runs. I love that the inside is leather and easy to keep clean. The gas mileage is great, which is a huge plus.

- Robyn T

It is reliable for me and my child. Haven't had too much trouble out of it.

I have to replace the transmission, and the sensor also needs replacing. The emergency break, tire notification, and door open light blinks occasionally.

- Bailey G

The color of the car at night is black but in the sun is purple

No problems but gas mileage is horrible because of the v6. It's a very reliable and comfortable car. It has Bluetooth for phone calls only not audio

- Tora R

The gas mileage is between 17 and 22 mpg for in city driving.

The gas mileage is lower than expected. Recommended oil changes are too frequent. The car has great acceleration and is very comfortable to sit in.

- David H

The gas mileage is amazing! One of a kind. Wouldn't trade for any other car

I dislike the color of the car but it was the only color available, I liked the car because it's good on gas and good in general! I love my maxima

- Jalynn P

There is nothing mechanical wrong with my car and it has a lot of miles on it.

I like my vehicle. It was the make & model I wanted. I love my leather seats, sunroof, & color of my car. I really don't have any complaints.

- Michelle A

Rides nice, its roomy, it's all around comfy. Good reliable car.

The only negative thing i have to say is that i can Not use a lower grade of gas. But other than that i have nothing bad to say about the car

- Janika S

If you are wanting to save money on gas, my car gets great gas mileage.

My vehicle is reliable. It gets great gas mileage. I enjoy having a Bluetooth radio in it. I do not have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Morgan S

Its safe and good on mileage.

I love my car. It's a smooth. It get me from point A to point B. The Bose system in my car is the best! Its loud and had plenty of base.

- Erika P

It works reasonably well and does what was promised when it was purchased.

No mechanical problems and it gets good mileage. My family fits inside with enough room to spare. Can handle what I need it to handle.

- Kelly D

You get a quality dependable car for your investment.

I love my vehicle because it is sporty and it is easy to get in and out and lots of legroom and stylish. It drives very nicely.

- Joyce S

it runs quiet and handles the roads well and it has lots of room.

I love the design and style and the leather interior and the smooth handling of it.I have no complaints of this car I love it.

- Tina A

Nissan Maxima Great Car to Have

It is a great car overall. It is ok on gas, and it runs very well. Comes with navigation system and many pros inside and out.

- Dennis M

Safe two accidents and walked away unharmed.

Its average, drives okay lots of road noise. Cabin filter needs changed a lot tires and brakes go quick battery last 4 years.

- Heidi S

That it is good on gas, I don't have to worry about filling it up everyday.

I really love my car it has a lot of legroom, since I'm really tall. It's really good on gas I don't have worry about that.

- Sydnie S

Great sports and luxury comfort combination.

2014 Nissan Maxima is a great car. Its Amazing with handling. Its a sports car with luxury comfort. Its pretty good on gas.

- Jamea M

It's a gas guzzler but it's a strong car

It has a lot of power. The only downside is the fuel economy. The maintenance is also a bit pricey. Overall it's still ok.

- Carson N

It is a dependable car to drive.

I like that my car doesn't guzzle gas. I like the amount of space inside the car. I do not dislike anything about my car.

- David M

I cannot say anything bad about my car she does everything perfect.

My car has very good mileage, I traveled to Chicago and Missouri in one day and I still got home on one full tank of gas.

- Katherine J

It's a great combo of sport and comfort.

I love my car. It's the sports model, has good get up and go. Not bad on gas. Looks amazing and has a little hum to her.

- James M

It has good acceleration and handling.

Car is reliable, mileage per gallon is ok average only 23 mpg. Interior feels cheap, and seats are not that comfortable.

- Danny Q

The size and excellent gas mileage.

I love my Nissan. Maxima excellent on gas. Very good car. It drives very well and very clean car. I love any Nissan car.

- Cynthia W

It's very reliable and does not cost a lot of money to maintain.

This my 4th Nissan. They are nice cars and easy to care for. The price is not outrageous and the quality is good.

- Tammie G

It's a reliable car, no mechanical or technical issues.

I like the size. I like the color. I like the leather. I dislike the keyless feature. However, overall satisfied.

- Cash A

It's a fast car and very reliable car that has that new 6 speed transmission in it that you can't feel it shift.

It's better than the first car I had so I like it, but it gets terrible gas mileage and this makes me dislike it.

- john d

Premium only fuel is required.

Quiet, dual air, Bose system are good. Expensive, needs constant repairs, premium gas required are all not good.

- Jennifer H

I love it and it suits my personality. It makes me feel like I've achieved something.

I've had Nissans previously and always had a positive experience. The car looks classy and solid but practical.

- Andrea B

Greatest car for an affordable price

The Maxima is a very sturdy car that drives and handles itself amazing. It is very comfortable for long drives.

- Deborah C

It is fast and the Nissan are also good running cars with very few problems.

The maxima that I have. I love it, rides good. With no problems. The only thing I wish I had was Sirius radio.

- Theodore J

has a pretty good pick up to the solutions

nica sleek design better suspension would be a nice thing because it's the way it should be in this equation

- joe a

It bottoms out fairly easy.

I like that its sporty, and fast! I also like that it has Bluetooth call features. I dislike the cloth seats.

- Nicole C

It feels safe and reliable

I love the way it feels when I drive and the seats are amazing. I feel like The car is responsive and safe.

- Biagio F

It is very reliable... It is comfortable to ride in..

I dislike that my Bluetooth is only for phone calls and not music as well. Everything else is to my liking.

- Tamara M

How to listen to the engine.

I like everything about it. This vehicle runs very well. The only thing I dislike is I want a newer model.

- Cali Y

Reliable, sleek, and sporty. Keep up with maintenance.

It is fine except for the Bluetooth failure at 65000 miles and brake failure on two maxima at 70000 miles.

- Sara M

Fast reliable drink up gas a little to much.

It is a nice vehicle no really big issue very spacious haven't had any problems with it since I got it.

- Abi C

Sunroof backup camera navigation

It has everything under the sun and no problems whatsoever. Perfect car. Very reliable and dependable.

- Dale S

I really like the heated seats and steering wheel.

I love this car. The performance and handling is amazing. It the most comfortable car I've ever owned.

- Brad T

Gas is a big factor to me it's really great on gas

I love my car I have no problems with it. It's good on gas it gives good travel miles it's very fast.

- Christine D

You would love every single thing about this car..

Amazing car. Very beautiful interior as well as exterior, smooth on road great for new drivers......

- Guy M

It is easy to drive. It has a lot of features designed to make driving a stress free experience

I like how sleek the car looks. It moves smoothly and is easy to drive. It hasn't failed me yet.

- Karrah S

Interiors are amazing , especially colour black looks cool

There is no complain, I love my car . Its design is simply awesome . Exteriors are really cool

- Swati S

Gas efficiency is not that great. Everything else is ok

It has a nice design and good power. It has good room. I dislike gas efficiency

- Nancy P

how well it performs and accelerates

love the power and comfort and look. what a classy car,

- Todd K

Reliability and inexpensive

No complaints. It's reliable and paid for.

- Tee G