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Great horsepower and daringly unique interior designed by blue angels Pilots.

I absolutely love my Nissan maxima. Designed by the blue angels, it gives me a thrill of power when behind the wheel. Throw it into sport mode and it flies down the road. It has made many long trips with me and my family and withstood 3 large dogs. The biggest issue with reliability is the radio sometimes cuts out due to it being satellite radio. The low profile it has does pose problems with speed bumps and steep driveways occasionally. If you keep up with the oil and tires, this car keeps going a while. I especially enjoy the driver assist notifications when changing lanes or coming too quickly on someone. The car actually brakes for you depending on the speed sensed by the computer! It also has smart cruise control that allows you to decelerate and accelerate According to the distance and speed of the car in front of you. Overall I would not skip out on the v6 for price. It is well worth the buy if you like to go fast and need a good commuter car.

- Carolyn S

The best car you will ever own.

The Nissan maxima-2016 is an awesome car. I have no problems other than expected maintenance. I travel every week with my job, and it gets great mileage on the road-close to 30 mpg. I have back problems and the front seats are very comfortable and supportive. The Bose sound system is great. I would definitely choose another maxima for my next car.

- Bill B

My Nissan is powerful and such a beautiful car with a lot of features.

I love the performance of my maxima. I like that the newer models all come with navigation system and satellite radio. It is a very reliable car with a lot of power. The model I have is the 3. 5s and it comes with remote start. I hate that it does not come with the heated seats and turn signal on the mirrors but all the other models do.

- Mary L

Everything inside is brand new.

Since I bought the car I have never had a breakdown and is very comfortable inside with and air conditioner inside to regulate the temperature. Its stability is great with a very high center of gravity. I will always recommend any of my friends and family members to go in for nissan brand cars if a anytime they need to purchase a car.

- Che A

Red and hot and good pickup.

Good speed, good comfort, heat, etc, space for 4. I find that it is hard to get into without hitting my head on the roof. Tires get deflated when it is lower than 35 degrees for an extended period of time. Front cowl is too low and scrapes any entrance to store or driveway that I go into unless I am going less than 3 mph.

- Thomas S

The Nissan maxima is a great car.

Vehicle is reliable. It has a ton of features that love. I hate that it takes premium gas because it is expensive. Vehicle is comfortable as well. There has been a couple of recalls on the vehicle which is undesirable. I wish the sr sport package that I got on my car had an option for sunroof.

- Jamie B

Spacious, modern and comfortable.

I enjoy my Nissan maxima especially for long car trips. I travel often for work and the reliability of the vehicle is important. Additionally the features like reverse camera and Bluetooth capabilities add to the comfort of the car. The car is spacious and fits my 6’8 husband comfortably.

- Ashley A

My Nissan maxima is the envy of many people due to the appearance.

Great power, and very reliable. Has great rims, and lines. Computer is setup well. It has a great Audio system, power leather seats. The color is the new granite, and it attracts attention in a positive way. The trunk and back seat are very roomy. It is a very classy sports like vehicle.

- Nancy L

Sporty Nissan maxima with self start feature.

I have not had any issues with my maxima. This is a car I have always wanted. Even though it is up there in price it is sporty but also very roomy. And had a reputation of being long laying and reliable. Has touch screen and navigation included. Self start for cold mornings.

- Angel B

Fun to drive and comfortable on long trips.

I have no problems it is a great car. It handle really great and it is a fun car to drive. Its fully loaded and handle great on the road. I would get this car again if needed. I would totally tell anyone to buy one. It is totally reliable and so comfortable on long trips.

- Jane N

It has a lot of power and love the v6 engine for speed.

The Maxima is a smooth drive that has great pick up. It is a great looking car. I have had Nissan Maxima for the last 8 years. The only downfall is there is always a recall for something like the seat belt, brakes, airbags. Otherwise, it is a great car and recommend it.

- Anna C

Very spacious rides good reliable and very good on gas.

I have not had any major problem with my car just the normal things like tires, brakes and oil change it a very good reliable dependable car love my car it rides good and very spacious inside, large truck rides very good on highway and around town and very good on gas.

- Melissa Y

a mix of classic and modern

The Maxima is a notably quiet car with a ride that nicely toes the line between comfort and feel for the road. It is certainly akin to entry-level luxury cars and a clear step up from midsize family sedans. Seat comfort and adjustment are typical for the price range.

- spencer m

Comfort and style makes driving a breeze.. I would recommend this car.

I love the ease of the push to start and early start features. Drives smoothly and is not loud. The sound system has a nice punch without having to be extremely loud. Comfortably move seats with the push of a button. Dual air temp control is great for long car rides.

- Lisa L

Love my Nissan maxima platinum!

I purposely bought the maxima platinum because I wanted all the " creature comforts" and I got them: heated and cooled seats, a sunroof and a moonroof, upgraded leather seats, Bluetooth everything, etc. My only problems are the paint seems to scratch very easily.

- Fran G

Nissan maxima - good value for your money.

Very reliable. This is the second maxima I have purchased and I am very pleased with it. Nice comfortable ride. Roomy interior. Great ride. The vehicle looks and drives very sporty. Options that cost extra on many other cars are standard with this vehicle.

- Tony S

Safety features are amazing!

I love the safety features of the car. The only issue I have is the tires are not good in snow. So I just get snow tires for the winter. This leaves a low tire pressure light on and makes it difficult to determine if you have actually low air in the tires.

- Carol L

It is everything you ever wanted.

I have never had a problem with my maxima, I guess it is why I keep buying them. Performance is top notch and features are easy to understand and easily accessible. I love everything about this car. Every time they change the body style I buy the new one.

- Tracy M

Not your average mom car.

Very comfortable and fun car to drive. Plenty of room for the family but still sporty. Great looking car. Receive lots of compliments. By far one of my favorite vehicles purchased to date and I have owned a lot of cars. Highly recommend of in the market.

- Kimberly B

The Maxima is innovative, plus has convenient features like heated, and air conditioned seats.

The Maxima is a nice looking car, and looks expensive. It has many safety features that have been beneficial in helping us avoid accidents. It also has many innovative products including bluetooth, and GPS. I have no complaints about this car.

- Joan S

It is one of the safest car I have ever been in with all the safe options included

I love this car it tell you everything, in answers you phone, Nav, Moonroof,Sunroof cool & heated seats,it has all the security alerts if cars are in your blind spot or breaking in front of you; there's nothing I dislike about it

- Harvetta P

This car will get you to you destination in style.

I love my car. As a base model it has many features that my old car didn't even though it was a BMW. The Maxima has a great engine, and the exterior is very beautiful. The interior is very spacious and it's a dream to drive .

- Jon S

It is a lot of car for the money, with special features, and a great ride.

The Maxima has a lot of great safety features including assisted braking, and side mirrors with lights. It has both heated, and air conditioned seats. It has a GPS, with bluetooth connections, and a panoramic roof.

- Joan D

I absolutely love the bronze color. It makes the car stand out from others.

The car gets Great Gas mileage. It has a Smooth ride with awesome performance. I love the V6 engine. The front sensors are very sensitive, especially in the rain. The passenger seat is not adjustable up/down.

- Constance H

It can gain speed very fast. You have to be careful with the acceleration.

I like that it has a built in navigation system, starts up with the click of a button and looks beautiful. The only thing I don't like is that it is pretty small and hard to get a car seat out of.

- Mercedes G

Nissan maxima review, a fun car to own and drive.

I love my car! It has lots of features and is very sleek and stylish. The powerful v6 300 hp engine makes it fun to drive as well. I just wish it used regular gas instead of only premium fuel.

- Daniel B

It's great on the highway and has a very large trunk

Love the maxima especially the almost 300 HP. Have only had it for less than a couple of years and have already had to replace front and back brakes and all 4 tires. Not to happy about that

- ann k

spacious car and fast for a sedan

comfortable seats. roomy interior, great gas mileage, spacious trunk, remote range tends to dwindle over time and costs to much to reprogram at dealership for a less than 5 min job

- Amy D

Great gas mileage and lots of space.

Smooth riding great gas mileage. Has Bluetooth connection and Wifi which provides great convenience. backup camera helps with safety. This car is very stylish and has lots of room.

- Crystal M

It's a fast, comfortable car that handles well in snow, rain or ice.

No problems, performance is great, lots of legroom, seats are very comfortable. It's a fast car, it handles well. I have driving Maximas for 15 years and will keep driving them.

- Charles M

My vehicle is my dream vehicle

Gas mileage is great considering I live in a small city with a lot of traffic. The built in navigation system is dependable, and I have never had any mechanical issues so far.

- Alexis G

Comes in a sport car; touch screen, easy to navigate, very comfy, luxurious.

My car has a dent but not a big type of deal. Performance is great my car is a sport car. Has awesome furniture in the inside and great features such as GPS and touch screen.

- Monica M

It takes full synthetic oil.

I like all other devices/features in my car besides the fact that there is no Bluetooth feature. I like the color. I like the cotton seats. I like how good it is on gas.

- Sarah L

Came with free satellite radio trial

Love my new car it has really grown on me,extremely reliable great on gas excellent on the highway not so hot in the rain gery comfortable great features for what I paid

- Megan Z

You get tons of options for the price and can usually get quite a bit off of msrp.

Only one minor issue so far. Very reliable, good power, good gas mileage for a decent size V6. Has a lot of options found in more expensive cars for a lot less money.

- Michael V

The car has been very durable with minimal issues and good gas mileage.

I like the body style of the car. Good gas mileage. The inside is very spacious. I also like that you can start the car via the key fob. Minimal issues with the car.

- Aly P

It is an affordable and good looking car. It drives really well. I have had the car for 2 years and it ha required minimal maintenance, besides the normal oil and tire changes.

I like the way that it drives. I do not like the stereo system. I have had compatibility issues when connecting to any other device through the center console.

- Heather R

Has a lot of luxury - level options for a good deal less money

Great interior, lots of standard and additional options, good gas mileage and power. Dislike the graphics and UI of the nav system, feels cheap and outdated

- Michael C

It is great on gas and made in America.

I love the gas mileage and room, I do not have any complaints. I like the sound system. I like the way it handles and rides and there's no cabin noise.

- Lindsey A

It is family friendly and inexpensive.

It gets good gas mileage. I have Bluetooth connection. It is convenient to get oil changes and always give me notifications when services are needed.

- Theresa C

It is a sleek and stylish vehicle.

I like my Maxima because it rides nice. In the 18 months I have owned it I have not had to take it in for any issues. It is a good family vehicle.

- Chelle B

Be careful of the automatic braking system.

I love everything about the car. It rides great. It has just enough power. It has never let me down. I have driven it on long road trips many times.

- Carrie K

simple change of oil and filter rotating tires

my vehicle is of excellent quality, so far without problems and with good performance, good power and low maintenance, certainly a good brand


It is amazing. It handles like a dream. Would recommend it to anyone.

Roomy comfortable safe. I don't have any complaints. Rides like a dream gas mileage is exceptional never any complaints from passengers.

- Robert T

It has power which is good because I commute a lot. I like that my car isn't gas consuming.

I don't like that my steering wheel blocks my speedometer. I don't like the dent repair package. I don't like that the warranty is good

- Tashika M

It runs like a new car and looks like a new car.

No complaints I like how it drives and looks payment could be lower. I wood like burgundy paint and tan leather sets with a sun rough.

- Barbara O

It does not hold its value when driven off the lot

It's sporty looking, fast, and has a lot of premium accessories. It's also very safe with blind area indicators and collision braking

- Michelle m

Very good to drive and also very nice looking. It is in very good shape.

The car is very nice and I would recommend it. The car is in great shape and easy to keep up. Very good on gas and relay ability.

- Anita S

There is actually room in the back seat for grown-ups with legs!

The main dislike is blind spots trying to check traffic behind me and the side mirrors block my view of curbs during left turns.

- Carol B

The safety options, like the sensors in front and back and the backup camera.

The seats are hard to get out of that I do not like. The gas mileage could be better. Other than those it is a comfortable ride.

- Kathy R

smooth driving and takes curves amazing

Spacious, handles well, sleek. We have owned seven Nissan Maximas over the last twenty years and they have never let us down.


Comfortable and heated seats.

Love the performance hate that little things are breaking like water in headlight and weather stripping on doors peeling off.

- Carol D

350hp and 258 pounds of torque to the wheel

Reliable car. First car purchase and I have very happy with my decision. PRetty good gas mileage, and pretty quick too.

- wade f

Very comfy reliable nice looking Nissan

Runs great! No problems. Very reliable and pretty darn comfortable. Gets really good milage so overall no complaints.

- Freddy P

nissan xterra great pick up

great car, easy to maintain and very clean floors, great brand and great value of money, I liked the purchase process

- sheldon b

My Honda is very secure and safe.

Love the speed and sleekness of it. It is horrible on gas though. It rides smoothly and keeps out the outside noise.

- Pia S

Fun to drive, smooth ride, great looking and meets my expectations.

Wonderful to drive. Good size. A good value for the price. This car in other brands would cost more. Great ride

- Anthony S

The car has great technology. Plenty of room.

It is a very smooth ride with great technology. It has over 300 hp so it has plenty of power. Favorite car so far.

- Jorge C

Plenty of space for a new family.

Smooth running, gas efficient, and spacious. No complaints. Though, with a large family, we need a larger vehicle.

- Tiara W

It is a good car to travel in for long trips or short trips in town.

I like comfort and style of my maxima. I like the trunk space. I like do not like gas mileage I get in my maxima.

- Sarah N

Elegance with a sporty edge.

Reliable - no major repairs in 2+ years owning, comfortable, stylish, powerful engine, sport features, spacious.

- Misty H

Its different system to drive

Its my favourite vehicle and its very familiar.I like very much.its performance is so good.and its pleasure me

- Thomas L

The one thing you should know about this car is that it wastes a lot of gas

This car has been a great car with no major problems, has amazing performance with a great sounding engine

- Robert R

That is does the job efficiently for the price.

No maintenance rides great dependable comfortable worry free. Sleek easy to maintain just drive and go.

- Michael T

The car is worth the price. No problems with the vehicle.

I love everything about the car except the position of the seats. Also the car could be more spacious.

- Brittany H

Nissan Maxima Platinum edition

Amazing car. Platinum edition. Camera on all 4 sides. Fast.leather seats, heated steering wheel, seats

- Natalie S

Love My Adorable Easy , Luxurious, Safe Automobile

Smooth, lots of features, easy to drive, safety features, keyless,color No complaints

- Patricia H

It is very dependable and is a great brand to own

I like that it is super dependable and has a great ride. It has all the extras I want in a vehicle

- Andrea M

when should the tuneup be scheduled

i love the comfort, seating features, and gas mileage and no need to use the key to start the car

- ruddy D

I like the look of the vehicle. It rides good. It is very fast which is not good for teenager drivers.

It is really fast and it doesn't take long to be going a speed higher than you thought you were.

- robyn b

affordable luxury vehicle

great car sedan but drives like a sports car Has all the bells and whistles no complaints

- Stephen p

It is one of the most reliable vehicles that I have ever owned!!

I enjoy my vehicle because it looks really good, has get up and go and it never breaks down

- Andrew B

Best sedan on the market. Plenty of room for family or friends but it still handles like a sports car

I love everything. The way it sits, handles, and drives. The gas mileage is awesome also.

- Stephanie H

The body style is very exciting. And it is really sporty to drive

I love it so much It is very, very stylish A fast car and very cool and clean to look at

- Don c

It's great on gas and it handles great

the style of the car and the way it handles. There is nothing I dislike about it

- jane H

A perfect middle-class luxury vehicle. Performance is good when you are driving in sports mode compared to echo mode. Comfortable and enough leg room for front and rear passengers.

CVT transmission and low maintenance vehicle. Costly when compared to others

- Avi A

It's has speed and feels like you are in the cockpit of a plane.

It's fast and red. I luv the leather seats. Her name is Roxanne.

- Lisa J

Beautiful but not as dependable as models in other years

Too many recalls Great style Odd things have gone wrong with it

- Dawn K

I have no problems with it! Runs super smooth! I live for the features they have. Had this car for 6 years now and little problems

For the 6 years I had it, I had little to no problems with it.

- Crystal B

Very nice ride and a lot of bag for the buck. Quality manufacturer.

Loaded with options. Leather interior. Nice highway cruiser.

- Tom L

it has great quality and structure. it is very good with handling

love my car. it is the perfect size and has great handling.

- christina p

It's fun and easy to drive and a great time

It's fun and easy to maintain and great to drive as well.

- Kurt M

it looks good and feels good to drive

it suits our needs very well, and is good environmentally

- peter M

It's fun and affordable to drive and own

It's awesome and a great value for the money.

- Kurt L