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That it's 40 great interior and contains all the modern text features that you could ask for in a car

It's a great vehicle I love the shade and arrow dynamics of the overall cars body I also really like the built-in navigation the interior and all the controls and technology. The only thing I don't like is how low it sits to the ground if it's at about 2 inches higher up it would have less trouble scraping when going into parking lots in over bumps and things like that because I live in a part of the country that has very bad roads so having a car that is the sporty and low to the ground sometimes becomes very difficult other than that the car is ideal for a modern vehicle enthusiast

- Ryan C

The great look of it, the way it handles and the comfort.

I have not had any problems since ownership, I drive to and from patient homes daily the ride is very comfortable, the quality of the stereo system makes it very enjoyable, the navigation system makes traveling to new places a breeze. The back and front camera are such great assistance when it comes to parking in tight spots. I travel to some places that are not so secure and the keyless entry makes it that much quicker to enter my vehicle with just a touch of my finger, the gas mileage is great as well. The car handles easily and makes driving that much more pleasurable.

- Athena H

I love the interior, it is very nice with dark seats.

I love my Nissan, it is great on gas, especially on the highway. It has drives really smooth and I haven't had any problems out of it so far. It has a nice sleek shape to it and the interior is very nice. I love the seats, but kind of wish there was more room. The trunk has plenty of room for groceries or trips that I need to take. I like the keys that go to my car, very convenient to slip in and out of my purse. I think the spike in my car is great as well. The stereo is big and the buttons are easy to locate so playing music in the car is always fun.

- Lacey R

My favorite car, Nissan maxima.

My Nissan maxima performs great! I do not have any complaints about Nissan vehicles. I encourage everyone to buy one. There are many safety features for my sl. Some include, back up camera, spacing distance while the cruise is set, sensors on how close you are to hitting something, and blind spot detection. This model also has heated front seats and heated steering wheel, apple carplay, and touch screen display.

- Abigail T

My Nissan maxima is a modern, comfortable car.

As of now I don't have any problem with my car. It's very easy to drive. Car seats are very comfortable. I like the rear camera where I can see my surroundings while backing up. The navigation and map is very helpful and it's easy to use. I also like it that the car gives me a warning whenever you are near in front of an object... Helps avoid coalition. Air-conditioning is very cool.

- Grace N

I love having a cool elegant luxury vehicle but I am out a rich person.

I love the backup camera, radio, sporty look (even though it is not really a sports car), and safety features. I love how easy and smooth it drives. The only thing that I do not like is that I need to lean forward when turning left. There is a little blind spot that makes me afraid I will hit the medium when turning left.

- Lynda E

In summary, my vehicle is a fuel efficient, and fun ride.

My Nissan has been a wonderful car. The best feature for me is the gas mileage! I can fill up once and not have to for at least 2 weeks. I have nothing but good things to say about the comfort and reliability. It comes with heating steering wheel and seat capabilities, and tons of different stuff. You'll love the car.

- Jonah M

Summary of vehicle it's pretty cool love the car rides nice for the price.

I like this kind of car, it's pretty cool, it's durable, and smooth handling, cheap for the custom comfort it has, and pretty for the smooth ride it give, Nissan give a pretty nice package for the price they offer it in, its great I love the color, the sound system and the back up camera, and the wheels are slick.

- William R

Sweet technology and sound in a 4 door luxury car.

The platinum model has everything you would want in vehicle features. It is a very smooth, quiet riding vehicle. The technology package is very useful, especially on long trips. The Bose stereo has the clearest sound with 11 speakers. The gas mileage has been fair. It gets around 22 mpg in town and 33 on the road.

- Carmen G

Nissan maxima a good car for the money. It is comfortable, fast and reliable.

This car drives well and has very good pickup. It does not get the best gas mileage but it is a good ride. It is comfortable and roomy. It also has a good size trunk. It has a lot of hands free options to make a safer driving experience. I would definitely consider buying another Nissan in the future.

- Stacy S

Great car; would highly recommend it to any driver.

There are no problems that I have personally experienced with my 2018 Nissan Maxima in the 15 months that I have been leasing it; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the vehicle. It did have one recall, which the dealership informed me of and arranged to fix the issue at my convenience.

- Melissa M

The vehicle performance is just overall outstanding.

Wonderful performance. Sports mode available when driving. Sports tires. Panoramic sunroof. Takes premium fuel. Very comfortable and reliable. Dealership gives me absolutely zero issues when it comes to assistant any help with the vehicle. All around, the vehicle is outstanding.

- Evan W

Best car ever. Love this car. You should get one too.

No problems. Great performance. Very reliability. Very comfortable. Fully loaded with everything you can imagine. Leather heated seats. Sunroof, automatic starter, navigating system, rearview camera, satellite radio, smooth driving performance. Very roomy.

- Teresa W

Over 30 mpg on a mid size sedan.

It is very fast, roomy and is exceptionally good on gas. Looks like a cockpit when you are driving at night. Has sonar technology to alert you when you are too close to something in the front. Rear facing camera enables you to backup with ease.

- Lindsay E

The heated and air condition seats are amazing!

I have the premium edition and I love it! It has a camera all around the car, the speaker are Bose, I love the heated and air conditioning seats, the car drives really smooth and it's the most comfortable car I have ever owned.

- Teresa E

Safety and comfort features are better than average.

I like the quality, style and features and amenities. Have owned Nissan products for a long time. Only complaint is I do not like the quality of the sound system and think it could be improved.

- Michael T

The comfort of the Nissan maxima.

Comfort level of the vehicle finds me spending time out by the lake, kicked back, and watching the sky. Superb smooth driving, slick interior, good gas mileage. I love this car.

- Max H

Nissan Maxima - great car!

I love my new Maxima! It is sporty, but big enough for me and my family. Great features - Apple Play, Navigation, back sun shade, heated/cooled seats. Also good gas mileage.

- Haley A

My car is very reliable and dependable and it is very good on its gas mileage.

I liked the ride. I like the color. I like the gas mileage. I like the backup camera. I like the comfort. I like that it has plenty of room. I like the reasonable price.

- Kelly B

It's almost brand new and look at how it looks, it's a Nissan a car people don't normally call a "good looking car."

It's a very sleek car with a really nice design, won't ever think someone is talking bad about the car. Extremely comfortable. And so far no problems with the car.

- Matthew P

It's a fun sporty family car.

It is a great sporty family car. It has all the modern electronics. It Is a fast car when you need it to be. I have not had any mechanical problems with the car.

- Jeff v

This vehicle drives and handles the road amazingly!

Great car! I was worried about going from a SUV back to a car but this car drives amazing! True luxury and better than most luxury vehicles I test drove!

- Christina D

100, 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.

My 2018 Nissan maxima is the best vehicle I have ever owned hands down. . Smooth, sleek, fast, dependable and most of all excellent value.

- Kevin L

I feel like it's a high end car for a mid range price.

The Maxima is a great car. I love the interior. It gets decent MPGs and has nice acceleration. It's also a really nice looking car.

- Julia H

cool, fast and exciting to drive

the styling is really slick, love the horsepower and performance the interior is cockpit style with comfortable seats and cool styling

- Der Z

Gas mileage/ price/ stylish/ fast speed.

Very reliable, good gas mileage, easy to drive. . . Stylish, inside design looks sharp! Not as expensive as some cars.

- Lynn G

Great vehicle. Great on gas.

Love my car. Lots of room. Sunroom is a plus. Good mileage. Good on highway miles. Good on gas. Trunk is a fair size.

- Flores F

That it burns a lot of gas.

Engineering is superior - technology is advanced. Smooth riding, minimal noise, navigation options are great.

- Sue J

It's a great value with great features for the price.

Great acceleration. Good on gas. Sporty yet sleek. Handles well on curves. A lot of features for the money.

- Dena H

Holds me securely in place around corners/turns with aggressive driving

Has an ability to adjust the headrest in 4 directions (forward, back, up, and down,Snug at the hip and back

- Lyle l

Maxima. Built for comfort and luxury.

Car is incredible. All the safety features along with the luxury make this the best car I have ever owned.

- Mark E

Safety features are the most important thing:.

Like the styling and the horsepower. The color and they interior styling there is nothing that I dislike.

- Dereck Z

It is comfortable and handles very easily.

That it runs well, looks nice, has great seats. I do not like that it takes up a lot of gas and has gps.

- Lisa R

Auto drive. Cruise control is on it too.

Very nice comfortable car. Rides very smooth. Easy to steer. Definitely an a + vehicle. Ordered up.

- Devin E

That it's brand new with black exterior and black 19 inch rims

I like that it works I like that it's black I like that it's new I like the interior

- Daniel H

I dislike the brakes on my car. They squeal all the time even after the dealership said they fixed them. Other than that I enjoy the smooth ride, the controls on the steering wheel, and the look/ color of my car.

The safety rating for my Nissan sedan is very high, good vehicle for a small family.

- Brett B

I love my car! The drive and features are amazing, I get compliment all the time, and I tell all of my friends about it.

An easy and comfort of the drive, the speed, the design, and the vibes

- Lydia T

Reliable and/or dependable affordable would highly recommend

smooth & comfortable ride,good on gas. no complaints or dislikes

- Vincent J