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2003 Nissan Murano is extremely reliable.

My vehicle is really reliable. It has lasted through long road trips through mountains and rough roads. Gas mileage is great. We can drive for about 6 hours straight on one tank of gas. It is a really comfortable car as well. Plenty of room and the seats lay back pretty far. The only thing I do not like is the seats are leather but that is just my personal preference. Features include a screen with GPS, how many miles until empty, tire pressure and displays specific alerts like oil change due or low tire pressure. It has heated seats which comes in handy in the winter with cold leather seats.

- Miranda S

2003 nissan murano summary. Comfortable. Easy to use awd. Reliable and well made.

It is extremely reliable for being its age. It is sleek, fun to drive and appropriate for living where there is snow. The AWD is amazing and you do not need to stop to put it on. The interior is very comfortable and roomy. The hatch back is very convenient for dogs, groceries, major shopping trips to the mall and so much more. The seats are comfortable. It was a very worthwhile purchase.

- Del V

This is a good car no complaints.

I do not have any vehicle problems I really enjoy this car an it is my boyfriends so I cannot complain lol it has a lot of room it is comfortable it is smooth driving an it is not too big of a vehicle. We use it to do just about everything it has a lot of trunk space an the features are great no problems starting or warming up in the cold really a great value.

- Elijah F

It is a great family car plenty of space. My favorite feature is the seat fixes.

Great on relatability and performance as long as you get you oil changes every once in a while. Does take a little longer for heat but great on gas. There seems to be more electrical problems then anything for instance my radio reception goes in and out often sometimes I cannot even use my radio for the day. I find twenty bucks usually gives me half a tank.

- Alyssa L

Great Car, Not Great to Work On.

The only thing I dislike about my Murano is the position of the engine. It is sideways, so most of the work it needs isn't done easily without a car lift. I had to go in through the wheel well just to replace the alternator. I was told by a mechanic that Muranos are the most difficult car to work on. It's expensive when I don't do the work myself.

- Megan B

2003 Nissan in excellent condition.

The car is 15 years old and has the expected issues. Catalytic converter failure, cooling fan failure, thermostat failure and brakes. The car is in great condition with no rattles or shakes. Mileage is good, usually 23 to 24 mpg. I drive it about 40 miles per day to and from work, is interstate traffic. It has power everything.

- George B

The vehicle is nice for it is age. It drives powerfully and is dependable.

My vehicle has small, minor issues. I have to use mid-grade gas. Also, in the winter, I have to wait for it to warm up. I currently do not have any air so I usually do not drive until after 7pm. The car is rather comfortable. The rear seats recline for additional comfort for passengers. There is a sunroof. Very spacious.


Easy to drive and comfortable riding in for long distance.

Transmission had a recall which we were not aware of so when we had our transmission oil flush out car would no longer move. We had to have a transmission completely rebuilt, which was a disaster we had to send back for times till they finally got it right. Besides that one episode has been a great mommy/family vehicle.

- Jennifer B

The Nissan Murano saves you a lot of gas.

The Nissan Murano is a good vehicle because it does not give much problems and it saves you gas. The seats are not leather so the material for the seats are perfect for the summer and winter. There are some things about the Murano that I am not a big fan of like the poor rear visibility and slow steering response.

- Cynthia B

2003 Nissan Murano- purchased 2019

I've have no problems with this vehicle since I purchased it. It's great on gas and has a very smooth ride to it. The leather heated seats and sunroof is a favorite for me. Trunk was a bit tricky for me when I first got the vehicle but eventually I figured it out. I'm still learning some of this vehicles features.

- Carol E

My car rides very smooth it reminds me of having a sports car.

I love my Nissan Murano it runs great drives fast I love all the options of my car I think the number one thing I like about my car is that you do not see any of them in scrap yards so that just let you know that you have a good vehicle the only problems I have ever had out of it are the front end hubs and axles.

- Heather G

My Murano the comfy reliable car that is spacious

Time belt fail and ac not so strong it has a great gas mileage and very spacious seats turn down for complete flat back. I really like it for camping and outings for luggage you can place on top of car very easily and rides very smooth. I am going to fix the issues with the time belt hopefully will work again

- Crystal M

It's great on gas fill up with 30 dollars a great look leather seats.

When I first got my car it had a couple problems with it but I was excited to have it it's very reliable and I like the way it looks..Leather seats black now the only thing wrong with it now is motor mounts but it's very reliable its good on gas very if anyone would get a good car get a Nissan murano.

- Jasmine J

Amazing family car! You will not regret. The total package.

I am the 3rd owner and I love this vehicle. I only use 93 unleaded in it, and $67 takes me to and from work (plus other activities) for a whole week. I have 2 kids and it holds all I need on a daily basis. Very spacious. I have changed the alternator, since it has never been changed.

- Oriel A

My car is good for short distances and extremely comfy.

It's good car when it comes to going up the street or short distances but it sucks to go longer distances. Still I would recommend, IT like it's comfy if you are looking cornice interior I'd say this car is for you but if you're looking to take road trips I'd say keep looking.

- Alicia C

My new old ride the beautiful 2003 Nissan Murano

Although it was bought used I have only had an issue with a misfire that may have possibly been due to some bad gas. I haven't had it long but so far I've enjoyed having it. Right now my nephew is driving it mostly due to some health issues I'm having. Great car so far though.

- Ingrid B

Unusual color, gorgeous body.

No problems, extremely comfortable to drive, easy to get in & out of, lots of cargo space, I love the color (copper), it is roomy inside, people tell me it does not look like it is sixteen years old, has a great sound system, is fun to drive, was made in Canada.

- Patricia W

Great first car, a bit outdated is all!

Great shape, long lasting. Very comfortable and spacious. Brakes needs fixing, squeaks when braking. Gas lasts a good amount of time, at least 2 weeks. Sometimes the doors do not unlock with key button. Good car overall for a first car, it is a bit outdated is all.

- Tracy M

My Nissan murano the reliable vehicle.

My murano has lasted a very long time. I love driving a SUV because I am short and it makes my ability to see much better. It is reliable and can hold a lot of things in the back. It is an older car so it needs more maintenance now. I would recommend a newer model.

- Jennifer G

Nissan Murano is a junk Don't buy one!

Transmission and motor problems at 129 000 miles. Too expensive to fix both problems. Transmission cannot be repaired. It is disposable. Have to buy new transmission and valves are worn on motor already. Too expensive to fix. 1400. For each valve. Very disturbing

- Linda C

Its very spacious. Drives very smooth and has great interior details.

It's great on gas. Has very comfortable seating also has heated seating as well. I love how smooth it drives and the sunroof. It has a great surround sound radio. Its navy blue so I definitely love the color. It has a nice size trunk and a nice size back seat.

- Megan R

Nissan Maxima is a great car!

Drives okay but seems to need replacement sensors fairly often. It's isn't as good on gas as it was when it was new. However it still looks great. I would buy another one because of my. Successful experience. I also recommend regular check ups and oil changes.

- Theresa C

Leather seats air condition sunroof cruise control more controls on.

I love my Nissan Marengo plenty of room not hard on gas roomie can hold up to 6 people but she lays down so you can slide something u need to move sunroof cruise control and a lot of extra room parts are that are not hard to find and not that expensive.

- Sandra G

It would be a much better vehicle minus all the problems it has.

Simple maintenance like a tune up is very pricey especially for the year that it is. It also has a few recalls on it also. I feel as though it is pretty comfortable and spacious inside.

- Erika A

My experience is the gas mileage is nothing as I was told it would be.

I like that it is spacious and the color is black and there's a lot of room for maneuver inside. I do not like that it is an old model. And that there's someone of more mileage on it.

- Zeinab A

Only once I had it over 200K mileage did I start having issues with transmissions and batteries and such. Before then, I bought it used at 30K mileage, Carmax covered any issues.

I love the fact that is has so much power. It is also very spacious. And it drives very smooth. It has the luxuries of a more high end car with a modest cost.

- Ting S

It has a lot of space. I like a lot of room to move objects to and from.

I like the older vehicles because they are much roomier than the newer models. The only downfall is that foreign vehicles are more costly than American vehicles.

- Denise K

Others should know that it is the first kind of mutant Which means it has a lot of features that were being tested out

I like the seat memory. It is a good size for my family. I don't like that it takes a lot of gas

- Ananda T

I love everything about my car. It is just the right size and roomy. The only thing I don't like is no Sirius xm radio.

This car is very good on gas. Not only in city but Hwy too.

- Desiree P

66660 miles Great condition Taken care of Fun to drive

I like the size the look the quality the ride fun to drive

- Neil B