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Mostly good some glitches needs software update

Love backup camera. I back into parking spaces so I can exit safely and camera makes that easy. Had lots of trouble with power steering leaks but finally fixed after 6 times in shop. Gas mileage terrible at 85-95 mph on interstate like 200-250 miles per tank but at 62-67 mph I get nearly 500 miles per tank Had front door windows open themselves half dozen times last year both to identical halfway point when car is parked and locked. Screen display needs more features which could be added via software update. Especially Bluetooth which is fine for phone calls but won’t play music from phone and grabs text dictation from phone and garbles all words into gibberish then can’t hang up the dictation without making a dummy phone call and hanging that up. Roof rack only has bars running front to back with no cross bars so I can’t put anything up there. I got it used with 145,000 miles so I don’t know if they were there originally. It drives nice. Lots of power when I need it. Don’t know it’s max speed. Haven’t been above 125. Maneuvers well at all speeds. Added little round stick on wide angle mirrors from the dollar store which took care of blind spots for lane changes It’s been reliable in the 30,000 miles I’ve driven it except for that power steering leak I mentioned. It was easy to change brake pads and I replaced the battery and changed oil and had to replace fuel level sensor under rear seat. It was saying half tank when I filled it and empty 100 miles later after only using 6 of the 21 gallons. I took seat out and bought sensor at parts store and a repair shop installed it for $50 then I put seat back in. Now my gas gauge is working again

- Jim b

The Murano: a few great features (rear camera, good speakers) with some cons

Since my car is a bit dated (2006), it does not have an auxiliary cord for me to connect my phone to. So, I have to use an adapter that overrides a blank radio station. These adapters wear out/break over time, and it's difficult to use while driving long distances since radio stations change. It's a bit of a hassle, and I hate how unreliable these adapters can be. I really wish my car had an auxiliary port already built in. Also, the car's gas mileage is subpar - I believe it's about 17-18 mpg. Finally, ever since I've gotten the car, I've had issues filling my gas tank. When I leave the gas pump filling unattended, it often stops early or will not stay down. It's like there's an air bubble inside the tank that falsely says it's full when it's not. This has left me leaving the gas station with a not entirely filled tank of gas or the inconvenience of having to manually hold the pump down and guess when it's full.

- Caitlin A

Reliable and Family Approved SUV, With Remote Start!

I bought my Murano used from a friend in 2018. I have not had too many problems with the vehicle since I purchased it. I've had to replace a few minor parts such as windshield wipers and a fuse or two. It gets fantastic gas mileage on the highway but not so much in town. It's very reliable which was needed since it's a family car. It's also very comfortable on long car trips for the kids and me as well. The kids enjoy the cup holder and I tend to enjoy the extra space it puts between them. It has a remote start feature that I enjoy especially in the winter months living here in Montana. It also has GPS and automatic headlights which are nice as well. If I could change something I would add probably a bigger gas tank.

- Jessica W

A classy vehicle for everyday needs and long trip comfort

y vehicle is a 2006 Nissan Murano. It is a classy looking car though an older one, people often comment that it looks like a newer SUV. I find it responds well on pickup, stopping, speeding up when needed in a tight situation. I have used if for long road trips and both I and my passengers commented on the leg room, headspace and the comfort of the seats during a full day of driving. The features include a rear view camera that I really love, power windows and a performance oriented air conditioning and heating system that responds quickly when needed.

- Nancy K

My Nissan murano, on it is last 2 legs!

I like my nissan murano. However there are many issues that have come up in . The last year. The horn no longer works. The back passenger window motor stopped working. Several warning lights are lit up on the dash display. The automatic driver seat adjuster does not work. I could name another half dozen issues with it, but at the same time, the vehicle is 13 years old with 117,000 miles on it so there are going to be issues. All in all, I enjoy driving it.

- Kelly W

Nissan murano: a solid, comfortable ride.

Have had exhaust issues. Seats are very comfortable and roomy in front. Back seats are typical, less comfortable but adequate. Gas mileage averages 19 to 20 mpg. Low trade in value. I use my murano for work so I carry several files and materials in back. The hatch opens up in one piece and is heavy. It would be nice if the hatch was split so that materials could be accessed from the top half rather than always opening the heavy whole door.

- Tammy L

I love the built in Bose system.

I do enjoy the murano. It drives well other than the cv axle on the passenger side is about to go. The murano is a elegant looking vehicle, with a Bose system built in. It being well elevated I don't have to worry about scraping, or have issues being able to see around me. The back up camera makes backing up to obstacles a breeze, not having to fear I'm going to hit anything. The lay down seats are wonderful for more space if I need it.

- Danielle B

A Safe and comfortable car.

I love the leather seats and all the adjustments that can be made electronically. While sitting in either driver or passenger seats. The back seats recline too. They also lay all the way down to make back great for getting large items home. I do wish it had the button automatic close on the hatch but later models probably have that. Its comfortable, drives great, has the auto wheel adjustment for traction in snow. And heated seats.

- Michelle C

Still going strong after all these years.

Very reliable. Never had a major problem. Still going strong. Just doing regular oil changes and routine maintenance such as brake jobs, front end alignment, purchasing new tires when needed. We have had transmission fluid changed once. Never had any expensive issues with this vehicle and that is why it is still our main mode of transportation. I would like a new car but why buy one when this one is paid for and still looks great.

- Leah B

It is nice that it beeps at you if you forget to turn off the lights.

It is a fine car but has cost a lot of money in repairs and parts to keep it running. The radio and sound system is pretty good and easy to use, the display is easy to read. There are like three different warning lights for tire pressure, so some of the warnings can be redundant and unnecessary. The heat and air works pretty well. The trunk is very spacious and good for work equipment or long trips.

- Emma C

Rear view camera, GPS, CD and cassette player, 20” wheels.

19 Years old with 195, 000 miles. Recently replaced subframe, cross-members, and a/c belt. Almost always has a “check engine” light on the dash. Fuel meter frequently says “empty” even after fueling up, usually needs refueled at 160 miles on the trip meter and I reset the trip meter after ever refuel so I know when I need to put more gas in. Vehicle is relatively reliable though.

- Alyssa H

Nissan Murano great for the family.

Great car, the stock suspension system is not that great, I would recommend updating as soon as possible. In city gas mileage is terrible, but if your hitting the road for a nice long road trip you can probably get 350 miles to the tank. Overall this is a great reliable SUV, perfect for the family, and has ample room in the back seat for the kids.

- Brent R

Very nice car to purchase good on gas rides smooth.

Good on gas nice color rides smooth. I've had problems with the windows and tire shoulders it is a great car low miles I love my marine color is black with sunroof and tilt DVD player back camera heated seats huge trimester let down in back plenty of storage room space tire caps that came with car crown handles around windows and Edges of car.

- Stephanie J

Overall a decent vehicle!

driver side seat after three years of the purchase broke, and there was no recall on the car for this. Overall the drive/ride is smooth. As the car is aging there are more issues that arise as with any older car, but simple fixes. Overall this has been a good reliable car, but would have done more research on cars available.

- Angela C

Came equipped with a DVD player and 6 disc CD changer

I've only owned it for a few months. Engine seems to run great. Downsides are that it doesn't have an auxiliary cord, bumpers are really cheap material and it doesn't get great gas mileage. I love how it rides and it's super comfy! I wish it read a bit higher and that it had a better stereo system and options for the sound.

- Anna K

Typical SUV for small family

The only real issue I have is due to it being a used car it needs a lot of maintenance other than that I don't have much of an issue with it. I understand that used vehicles need more maintenance so that's not really a complaint. I enjoy the ride and the mileage it gets. And it's very comfortable and has a ton of storage.

- Kate T

Its very spacious and comfortable.

I bought my car used from a dealership in Pennsylvania in march 2018. It came with a powertrain warranty and I have had nothing but problems with it since. It's a nice looking car and it's easy with the children but it's currently broken down on the side of the road. This will be the third time it has been to a mechanic.

- Michelle H

The smooth adventure vehicle

It runs smooth the only issue we've had with it is the engine tends to over heat in the summer on really hot days. Other than that it is a good vehicle and it gets us where we need to go. We've taken it camping and on long road trips. It fits a lot in the back which is perfect for a small family who loves adventures

- Gary G

I can fit my entire life into it.

Spacious and comfortable. The only downside is peeling clear coat. Gets me too point A to point B. Can fit my entire life into the vehicle. Have used it to get to and from Idaho to Texas multiple times over the last three to four years. Plan on keeping it till it breaks down. That is when I will purchase a new car.

- Caitlin P

Not to many problems, just get in and go. Pretty good on gas.

I really enjoy driving my car. It is older 06 so it's over 170000 miles. The only real problems have been rattling tailgate, just put in new tires and front tire stuff kind of expensive. No real other problems. Gas mileage is averaging 25 to 30 miles per gallon. So not to bad. I just get in the car and away we go.

- Leann F

Perfect for a family of 4. Great for road trips.

My Nissan Murano is very reliable. I have taken a few 12 hour road trips and it offers me safety. It is nicely designed from inside out perfect for a family of 4. The maintenance is also very inexpensive. I also enjoy the easy to find items to replace. It has not let me down I really enjoy it I can say I love it!

- Georgina G

My Murano is perfect for tall people and for a family that is starting out.

Height is perfect. don't need to strain to get in or out of the car. * very spacious each person has their own space. * air condition is purely a thing to love especially on those hot summer days or when your stuck in traffic. * keyless entry is a must. * performance wise - I do not any complaints about it.

- Cheryl S

The one thing I like the most about my vehicle is the backup camera.

Performance is amazing. It gets really good gas mileage, has a really good sound system, and comes with a backup camera! It is really comfortable for people who like off the ground cars. It features automatic windows, seats, and locks. It is also capable of having a remote control to lock and unlock your car.

- Cheyenne S

I thought they were really nice until I've owned one

My vehicle may be a lemon because I have had constant issues with it ever since I've owned it. It would not pass inspection less than a week after leaving the dealership with it. I had to put $1800 into fixing it and now, I have to put another $1500 into fixing it and it is only about 5 or 6 months later.

- Towanda E

Love it SUV are great roomy good on gas.

It is good on gas and roomy, cold ac which I love a lot the people I got it from. Was very nice. I love SUV or trucks. I am not a car person much but certain ones is fine. The car that we have is good but it not feel big enough for me since I am overweight it makes it feel like I can't breathe.

- Kimberly D

Its overall good vehicle.

I really do like it. There is a common problem with the front seat breaking. And the back seat vents work little to nothing because on same blower as front but fan blows enough to warm it up fast. Otherwise great vehicle and we love the rack on top to tie things to top for more room inside.

- Danielle D

Good running little cars!

Love the performance - have had to replace front wheel hub / bearings at 140,000 miles but that is not uncommon. I have kept up regular maintenance, oil changes, fluids etc. The lift gate hydraulic arms have gone out and have not replaced them as they are THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS for the parts

- Faith S

Reliable and a happy buyer.

My car is a 1 person previous owner and since I have gotten the car it is been really reliable. I have kept up with routine maintenance and so far I haven't had any “major” problems or thing beyond my control. I have looked into getting a newer one once this one is no longer drivable.

- Lacy G

The interior is great the stock rims are insanely nice.

It's fairly reliable, very little or minor issues have occurred. I think it's a good vehicle for a family of three or more. Great for kids and even just adults too. I've only had problems with the engine one time and that's partially my fault for running it through mud and water.

- Tyler S

It�s amazing. Would recommended for a small family of 4, save to travel.

Have had truck for two years now and I haven't had no issues. Great gas saver, space for a small family trip. Has retro camera.I love it because is so relabeled and cannot be happier with this SUV. I love the AC system, you get to choose temperature for both driver and passenger

- Diana L

Spacious inside of vehicle.

My car is very spacious and comfy for passengers on the inside. I would say the worst issue about my car is that if and when you need work done there is not much space to work with under the hood. I like that you can let the back seats down and have plenty of cargo space.

- Dotty R

It runs great it's a great car.

It rides good, its runs good, overall it's a good car!! The only problem I have had with it is the backup camera went out on it! Radio works brakes work power windows work, cannot lock it through which kind of sucks. Has lots of room inside and a big like hatch area.

- Peggy C

An amazing, spacious interior with minor problems.

It is a smooth ride, there are no major problems other than the fact that the oil spills. I think since it was a hand me down, it is the reason why there are problems with it. The interior and comfort of the car is great and has a lot of space for storage and people.

- Vanessa H

Love the color. Good on gas, need to detail the interior and outside.

Great SUV, good on long distance driving. Lots of legroom in the back. Not many repairs. It is getting older and I will likely trade it for another Nissan vehicle. It is running slow but it is good and I love it. I would recommend to anyone because it is a great SUV.

- Blue Cross And Blue Shield Service J

Comfortable family vehicle.

Comfortable, drives well, hate the little back side windows but other than that we have no complaints. Nice mid-size SUV. Fits our sons car seat comfortably and decent trunk space. Love the heated seats in the winter and the sun roof in the summer. Very convenient.

- Jess E

The good and bad I feel about my car.

Since I've had this car I've had problems with the transmission, continuous problems with the ball bearing. I was without the car for 3 months total at different times. Now what I do like when it is working properly the way it drive! So it has its good and bad.

- Kamil P

Horrible suspension problems!

Suspension is horrible and it sucks up gas like nobody’s business, but it is a very reliable car engine wise. Would I recommend it? Maybe a brand new one, but I'll never purchase another Nissan after this one. It is time to move on to something brand new.

- Jessica R

Great old car. Very reliable transportation and looks great, too.

No major problems or repairs. Just regular oil changes and fluid level checks, had transmission fluid changed at 80, 000 miles. Biggest expense has been buying tires when needed. Very reliable transportation. Pretty comfortable. Interior holding up nicely.

- Leah S

It's a good all around vehicle for any weather/terrain.

I like that I can fit my entire family in the car easily. We also have 3 dogs that we transport in the back. it has all wheel drive which is pretty much necessary where I live. Any complaints I have are minor--cosmetic issues only. Overall, I love my car.

- aub K

Fun to drive. Easy to handle, smooth transmission.

Poor gas mileage around town. Good engine & transmission. Lots of for passengers & storage. Nice looking outside & inside. Easy to drive & handle. Great sound system. Fun to drive, easy to see the road. Great leather interior with a wonderful sunroof.

- Hugh D

The easy to drive and reliable. Perfect size for a family of 4.

My Nissan Murano is very spacious and comfortable. It is reliable and the size is perfect for a family of 4. The only thing I dislike is the changing gear i feel is too hard sometimes but other than that I love my nissan Murano.

- Leydi A

Nissan Murano is a dependable family friendly vehicle!

I have had very few problems from my vehicle it has over 230, 000 miles on it and has been very dependable. My elderly parents can get in and out of it easily. It is ok with gas mileage getting 19 to 20 miles per gallon in it.

- Lee C

Suv in size, but is a sedan when it comes to gas consumption.

My Nissan Murano is a great suv. It handles very well. The headlights could be brighter though, especially the high beams. It is very roomy inside, especially trunk space. Super comfortable. And is pretty decent on gas.

- Meagan B

It has not needed many repairs except for general wear and tear and really those have not been bad at all....

I love our Murano.....The repair bills have been minimal for 12 years and it still really looks brand new...I can't say I dislike anything about it.....We will probably drive it as long as it continues to run.....

- judy k

A safe comfortable ride for every day as well as longer trips.

I am very happy with the size and handling of my Murano. It is a very comfortable drive and ride.I am not thrilled with the transmission - a Continuous Variable Transmission that famously has repair issues.

- Don J

The quality and durability is amazing.

I love the style and the overall quality. The only thing I dislike is the system to change gears. It is hard and I feel it could have been better. Other than that I love the durability and ease.

- Georgina A

It runs well. It gets me to where I need to be and Nissans usually run for a long time.

It does not have working Air Conditioning. The passenger side window will not roll up. The exhaust makes a loud noise making it sound like a motorcycle. I like that it gets me from A to B.

- Carrie t

If you want a comfortable ride with all the amenities of the high dollar vehicles at a reasonable price, this is a good pick.

It has such comfortable heated seats. The sun roof is amazing. Dual zone heating and cooling is a miracle when you're so easily FREEZING and your husband is constantly hot!

- Ashley B

I want to keep it forever.

No complaints about my car! It is safe and gets me from point a to point b. It was the first car I test drove and felt comfortable immediately. I recommend it to everyone.

- Sivan G

It gets good gas mileage.

The car is too old and we bought is as a used vehicle in 2010. Every year something new happens which needs to be fixed and it is mostly waste of money to keep it now.

- Shawn S

Served Me Well in the Long Run!

Roomy for travel or kids, decent gas mileage, no problems other than expected age related problems. There is a semi-blind spot you have to be careful changing lanes.

- Dorothy G

It has a great sound system.

Nissans tend to have a lot of issues to fix when something goes wrong. It is still a comfortable car, but can get pricey when it comes to getting the repairs done.

- Isaiah W

My car is spacious and comfortable.

Car is comfortable, lots of legroom. Great for moving heavy loads, lots of cargo space. Many mechanical failures are expensive because of little space to work.

- Dotty S

Ok car, for an Ok price but would not recommend

This car is not made for people with long legs. The wheel spacing is so small that you will hydroplane all the time when the roads are wet or it is raining.

- Austyn H

So far it's reliable and dependable. Get good gas mileage.

I dislike that i can't use the Bluetooth without paying for onstar. It did come with tinted windows which i like. But it does bog down when i go up hill.

- Carleen O

If you drive a murano, you'll fall in love with it.

I like the size of the vehicle and the storage space. I like how well it drives. I dislike the the age of the vehicle and hope to get a new one soon.

- Dawn M

I don't recommend it to anyone.

I actually don't recommend this car. It has many recalls, electrical issues, goes through oil, etc. Also issues with power seats and window problems.

- Anna J

Low maintenance, family vehicle only minor issues with it

Great vehicle with 172,000 miles only had some sensor issues. I bought it used but i've kept up the maintenance on it. It's a great family vehicle.

- Laura W

You would enjoy a newer model.

Want newer model. Does not have usb and doesn't have updated features. Does not have a multi disk cd player. Can not use phone through radio.

- Judy W

The one important thing people should know about this car is that the gas mileage is terrible.

This car was bought used and as salvaged. The price was right since it was low mileage. My 1 complaint is that it gets lousy gas mileage.

- Gene S

My car is all wheel drive.

It is an older car so I have to keep changing my transmission oil. The car is very noisy, makes more noise when you are accelerating.

- Alexa R

It is very good in the snow.

I like that it's all wheel drive and I get good gas mileage. I just that it's getting older and requirements more costly maintain.

- Courtney T

It's a very dependable vehicle and just the right size.

It's a good size, it rides smooth and other than regular maintenance have not had any trouble out of it. I would buy another.

- Deborah S

The car had some minor repair work done since we had purchase the vehicle.

The Nissan has over 10000 miles and is still running like it new. Will buy another one. When I will purchase another vehicle.

- Linda W

This car is very roomy! Perfect for families.

My vehicle is currently broken down. When it is running it is a wonderful car to drive. it is smooth and high off the ground.

- Sharinda D

Good and reliable. Smooth ride and works well in all weather.

It drives smooth. Good in snow and all weather. Very reliable, has had no real problems. Plenty of room in trunk, back area.

- Michelle L

Great family car for road trips!

This car has been a great vehicle with very little mechanical problems. It rides smooth, roomy, and gets good gas mileage.

- Lauren C

Nissan Murano nice truck low mileage don't use oil love this truck

Good car no mechanical problem run good cold ac heater drive daily cloth seats good tires don't use oil v6 motor .

- Michael R

It is reliable and drives well in all weather conditions.

It drives very smooth. haven't had any real problems with it. Decent gas mileage. Runs well in snow and mountains. .

- Michelle L

Good over the road and long travels.

Good car on long trips, it lost some power before, so I got a tune up and it has been running well. Good car.

- Keith T

The most important thing is safety and consumption.

Good stability, comfort, cheap parts to repair and what I do not like is that they are weak by transmission.

- Edgar C

It was an okay car to own.

The car ran well. It did what I needed it to do. It wasn't the nicest car. It didn't have the best mileage.

- Louis J

Dependable and only needed basic maintenance

It's been a great dependable vehicle for the most part. We added a remote start which is fantastic to have.

- Holli W

Great performance runs great

I have No problems with my vehicle runs great excellent performance I love my vehicle no problems at all

- Anitryce T

Family car. Baby car. Good car.

I have no complaints about my car I will like the color to be a bit more appealing but it is what it is.

- Ruth C

The most important thing someone should know about my car is that is the size is perfect.

I love the size of my vehicle and how high it is off the ground. I love how large the trunk is as well!

- jenae r

It does have transmission issues when looking up things about the vehicle.

Dislike having transmission issues. Other than that, we love the car. We love the gas mileage we get.

- Felicia S

Good car waste of dash monitor

Drives great no issues to speak of yet. But the dash display doesn't have many features to speak of.

- Judtin B

The car is an SUV that is great for families. The car is very reliable.

I love my Nissan Murano It has been very reliable. I have not had any major issues with the vehicle.

- Diana T

Many things break after 100,000. And it's not cheap to fix.

The window motors break often. They are not easy to change and not cheap. Otherwise I like it.

- Susie A

It's a nice car. Smooth riding vehicle. Easy to pack a lot of things into it without driving a huge vehicle.

I love the size. I love the options it has. Luxurious vehicle. Nice size to drive all around.

- Amy C

the car is not friendly to mechanics. they make the car nearly impossible to repair.

I do not like working on it.the car is hard to work on.i do like that it is dependable

- tim f

Perfect size for a small family, good on gas. Comfortable, great sound. Easy maintenance. You get what you pay for.

Maintenance should be kept up regularly to avoid bigger problems

- Rianne R

drive it backwards before you buy or you will spend a whole lot of time looking for a parking space that you can exit safely

I love the way it looks; I hate that I can not see to back up.

- Judy K

No complaints. Love how it drives. Love that its a truck

My car drives good and it sits up high. And I love nissan

- Lesh B

I like the size and cargo space. I got it used and it's had AC and radiator issues. Handles well and gets decent gas mileage.

The 2007 Nissan Murano is a decent car that works well.

- Patricia H

My car has a lot of space for the whole family

it's comfortable. very spacious. Not very economical

- Maria G