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My murano and me. Compact and reliable.

Problems - being a 2007, I have notice the ride does not seem to be as smooth. Maybe it needs some shocks, also the leather seats are beginning to wear, I have noticed a tear in them. After a while the body paints has started to peel, but it is 12 years old. Performance - this SUV performs quite well, never had a problem, also very reliable, has never left me stranded so far. I do not particular care for the back glass window wipers, do not really see the need for it. This SUV was certainly built for comfort, I like the seat adjustment, I definitely love the rear view mirror type compass, it lets me know if I am traveling e,w, s, etc. Love the Bose speakers, so much clarity to them. One of the most handiest features of all is the rear under the car mirror. This feature is a life saver, so handy to have. I even park my vehicle by it. When you open the liftgate, there's so much room inside. Talk about the amount of bags that can pack in there, oh wow! This SUV is my style, compact.

- Annie H

Great family vehicle for people who tend to lock their keys in their car.

This car is one of the smoothest driving cars I have ever driven. The back seats are very spacious and there are two buttons the driver can set his car seat and pedal adjustments on. Overall it is a great family vehicle - there are a couple things because of user error and maintenance that are a bit frustrating but nothing that can't be fixed. For instance on the screen you can check your tire pressure, well 2 of our sensors are broken and it doesn't tell you which two- you have to do process of elimination when filling up your tires. Also don't accidentally wash your key fob. The doors come with a button that if you have the key fob within a certain distance of the car it will unlock. We washed it and its short circuited. Luckily though there is a key entry so as long as you still have the key you are ok. Another great feature is that there is no way for you to lock the keys in the car. There is a security feature that makes it impossible to lock the key fob within the car.

- Gabrielle N

2007 Nissan Murano high miles, slight features

I have a pre owned 2007 Nissan Murano. It has high miles, but still reliable. Performs good, no service lights are on, probably because I keep up the maintenance. One minor problem is the acceleration upon take off. Sometime while accelerating up or downward it slows down, still not sure why. So far I have not experienced any major problems. Did I mention it has over 200,000 miles. As for features: no sunroof, a reverse camera, normal Nissan nothing fancy, and the seats are comfy. Back seats recline as well. I would most definitely buy another one just more features next time.

- Shanti P

Reliable, Fun to Drive Nissan Murano

I purchased my car used and it had 54,000 miles on it. I've driven it over 100,000 miles, and aside from normal maintenance (brakes, tires, oil changes, battery), the only repair has been to the windshield! It gets 20.0 mpg, and that's an average for both city and highway mileage. The backseat comfortably seats 3 people. My only complaint is the back storage area is a bit small. I have a stroller I keep in the back, and that leaves little room for groceries. Overall, this has been an extremely reliable car and I would definitely purchase another Murano!

- Jenny S

Reliable, fast grocery shopper.

2007 nissan murano, . 6 cylinder, all wheel drive, with moonroof, back up camera, and plenty of storage, I have noticed that around 60 70k on the highway the steering wheel starts to shake, this could be the wheel alignment, or it may need to be rotated, I had it in for a oil change, and they found the cv joint is leaking fluid, this will cost around 270 to fix also there is a clicking noise when I turn the wheel, the speakers are really good, amazing sound throughout the vehicle, the color is grey, very nice color.

- Angie N

White 2007 Nissan Murano with tinted window very good on gas ac works prefect.

My vehicle is reliable it's the perfect car for me its white four door with cream interior with FM/am radio CD player and a maintenance check up. Cold ac with power window and an low jack tracker also excellent on gas the horsepower it's fast. The radio blast to a good level also good on oil change. Has four cup holders very spacious for grocery, luggage, and passenger. Very comfortable seats, power steering wheel with handy radio control the tune and the volume and cruise control.

- Kim S

Low maintenance and a great ride.

Murano is comfortable and easy handling when driving. Seats 5 with ease. Easy to read gauges and low maintenance. Has gauge indicators from low air in tires to oil changes when needed. Sunroof allows for fresh air without windows down. Ample legroom and compartments for all needs from change to cup holders. Best feature is the keyless entry never have to worry about misplacing keys. Automatic shutoff for lights. Hatchback also great feature for easy loading and unloading if items.

- Anne S

Interior and Exterior is in good condition, good on gas.

I own a 2007 Nissan Murano 4 door SL SUV. Interior is tan with leather seats. Outside exterior is white, with Sunroof. I also just put new tires on my vehicle. Windows are manufactured tinted(black) Very good on gas, good travelling vehicle mileage is a little high due to travelling.Body of this vehicle is in good shape no dents or scratches on vehicle, inside leather seat or perfect no wear or tear dashboard is dent and scratches free.

- Betty A

Durability Nissan makes a wonderful car if you maintain it it'll last you.

I drive hey 2007 Nissan Murano very comfortable smooth ride has all the features including the backup camera which is very useful for my wife good gas mileage also being a Nissan it is a very well maintained and the motor is very clean we make sure the oil is changed every 3000 miles which include has gotten us up to 250, 000 miles on the car and it is still in great shape I would recommend the Nissan Murano to anybody.

- Charles S

Nissan Murano overview (2007)

The main issue I've had is with the sensors. For the tire pressure and inside of engine. It was only one fix /cost but since then I've noticed it's a really big gas guzzler. I love my leather seats and the modern look despite it being 12 years old. It fits a lot of items if I were moving myself and I can fit four people in it for a road trip. The rear view camera for backing up and parking is really awesome!

- Desire C

Overall happy with 2007 Nissan Murano.

The tire pressure light continues to blink despite the fact that we have brand new tires. Perhaps it needs to be reset but the glitch is annoying. My right window goes down on it is own sometimes if you press the button to raise it too hard. I am not super happy with the cars turning radius or gas mileage. Overall I am happy with the style and comfort of the vehicle and would buy a newer model if possible.

- Michelle A

Nissan Murano the best vehicle to get.

I love everything about my vehicle he has a backup camera and built in GPS which is helpful. The vehicle also has a sunroof and heated seat. Fuel efficient saves great on gas. Has a great drive not rough vehicle drives smooth. In the building computer you can see how many miles do you have before empty. This vehicle is truly the best I've had it for almost a year now and haven't had one single problem.

- April C

2007 Nissan Murano great size and really comfortable.

I love Jeep s this is the first Nissan I've owned its does the job but I would rather have a Jeep I guess the things I don't like about it is how long the front end is. . And the price of parts. It's a nice size comfortable and roomy. My daughter is 6 foot tall and 450 pounds her only problem is the seat belt and we have not been able to find extenders for it even through the dealer.

- Carol W

Runs well with good cabin space and storage

I like that it has sufficient room to carry large items in the cargo area. I do not like the fact that there are not automatic door locks and I have to remember to lock them manually. Feel like this is a safety issue. Also have problems filling gas tank as even if it is empty, it frequently cuts off and on as gases build up in the tank (I think?) Seems like design could be improved.

- Donna F

It's a comfortable and stylish vehicle for family of 5. Durable and safe .

This car is reliable and safe. The problems that we've encounter with this vehicle are censor issues. And of course the normal wear and tear from having a car for 5 years. It is spacious for a family of four but since my family have grown in quantity and size we have to upgrade to something bigger. This car drives and rides really smooth. We take the car on long trips.

- Hannah B

I really like my Nissan Murano.

This vehicle provides good visibility. It is also good in bad weather, low enough profile that wind does not cause huge problems but not so low that it cannot get over snowdrifts. The four wheel drive is very handy. The back is easy to load and unload. The tire pressure gauge has never worked, but that is the only ongoing issue I have had with this vehicle.

- Katie P

Good car but hard to see back.

2007 murano is a good car. One problem that I do have is that because of the shape and small back side windows, I can barely see before switching lanes. I wish there was just slightly more glass, but not too much though. I am only 5'6'. It is hard to see sometimes. I am not one of those people who switch lanes only by looking at rear view and side mirrors.

- Alex B

2007 Murano and no problems

I love my Murano! I have leather seats that have heat. Easy to keep clean. The back up camera is very handy. Lots of room for shopping. The Murano handles the road well. The only things I don't like about it is the steering is very hard. Also it doesn't have a cell phone port. I'm sure the newer ones do but I love mine and never had any problems with it.

- Tracey M

A small SUV that is comfortable and safe.

The main complaint about my car is the gas mileage it does not get that great of mileage. It is probable comparable to a truck in how well it does. Another negative is the fact that parts for my car seem to be more expensive than others. It is a great vehicle as far as comfort goes and it is a great size with a lot of space and trunk room inside it.

- Bailey H

It may look small, but the inside feels huge!

We had to fix the radiator on the car because it kept overheating. Other than that the car is amazing! It is so big and comfortable to be, my passengers love it! The car is also very reliable, I am also the driving on the long trips, and joy rides. It has automatic windows which is something I love. Also has an automatic seats on the driver side.

- Maggie K

Rear cargo space is excellent.

My vehicle has had no major problems just the regular maintenance. Regular oil changes and a new fuel sending unit is all I have had to replace on my vehicle since purchasing it 3 years ago. It gets above average fuel economy for a midsize SUV.The seats are very comfortable for long distance driving, while the trunk storage area is very large.

- Rebecca M

User friendly, family car, smart car, keyless start.

It is a great family car with a lot of space. It is very user friendly, as it will alarm when exiting and the headlights are still on, it will not lock when keys are left inside, among other things. It has a lot of features for under the hood maintenance as well, to remind users of when certain things are needed to be done or soon to be done.

- Gigi A

2007 Nissan Murano SL AWD

Great SUV to purchase on the market for this model year. The 2007 has a Good Size and can fit 5 people comfortably. It has adequate trunk space and the Hatch in the rear allows for larger items. The Engine has enough power, the CVT cuts down on it a little but still enough to live with for daily driving. All in all a 7/10 as a daily driver.

- Michael A

In the summer I can put back my sunroof, turn up my amazing radio.

I fell in love with how much space I have! Driving is smooth and very dependable on road trip, the gas is great. I couldn't have asked for a better car. My family members are always wanting to drive my car instead of there's. I love the review camera because I can't back up good at all and now I have no problem. I absolutely love it.

- Rebecca R

I am in love with my Murano!

I am completely infatuated with my 2007 Nissan Murano. It may look small but it is so roomy. I have 3 children, all of which are in car seats and they all fit in the back seat!! Super hard to find a midsize SUV that accommodates a family of 5. The built in navigation and seat warmers are my favorite features! Great on gas as well!!

- Kelsey S

Nissans are worth every penny and engine last forever.

I love the space in the back and that the seats fold down so I am able to carry larger items. The seats are roomy and I don't feel scrunched up when riding in the back. Very spacious. Also it gets pretty good gas mileage. The CVT transmission is great. I can't even feel it when shifting. All around it is a wonderful family vehicle.

- Chastity W

Roomy and easy maintenance.

I love the gas mileage. It handles great. It has a very roomy design without being a large vehicle. I do regular maintenance and really haven't had any major problems with it. There is a lot of room to move large items if you put down the seats. It is low enough for my elderly parents to get in with easy and dad to have leg room.

- Brooke M

This car has almost 200 thousand miles and is still running.

Since purchasing car there has always has some type of issue. Computer problems or gauges are misreading. Always getting work done and things fixed and it never seems to be completely fixed. Parts don't seem to last long I had to get motor mounts done over and over. It uses a lot of gas 50 USD will fill up and not last long.

- Christ G

Plenty of storage space and easy on gas.

I love my vehicle, I haven't had any problems with it other than replacing some tires, drive smooth, very roomy, easy to clean, this car tells you when the oil needs to be changed and the tires rotated, it has a CD a 6-cd changer, if you smoke cigarettes this is not the car for you because it does not have an ashtray.

- Shannon B

It gets good highway mileage and it's a good family car.

I like the size of my vehicle because it's perfect for my family size. I like how high off the ground I am because I am short. I love the amount of trunk space I have as well because I always have a lot of groceries when I go shopping and there's always a lot of laundry in my household to transport to the laundromat.

- Erica W

4WD car with a great engine with the ability to comfortably and safely transport groceries to trekking in dangerous climates in unfavorable road conditions

The 4WD has saved me in many situations. The engine is good and the car has served well from grocery shopping to camping. The design is a favorite of my wife. But I truly dislike how cheap some of the cheaper items are on the car and find plastic moldings falling off and needing to be put back is very irritating.

- Choong l

Red in color, automatic windows, economy, a/c, power steering, storage.

Drives great, take it camping fits a lot of stuff, parts are on high side. Has a lot of room. And storage. Has all the bell and whistles and get good gas mileage. Has child safety locks and tie downs. Seat have split fold down so you can keep one side up and still have some sit in the back. Has hidden compartment.

- Kathryn S

Nissan Murano detailed faults.

2007 Nissan Murano, has its own problem when it over 10 years old. The transmission hose that carries the transmission fluid keeps breaking and leaking. I have changed it 2 times. The struts and shock absorbers make a squeaking noise when making a turn. The alternator which charges the car battery will break down.

- Eric A

Decent but wouldn't buy again.

Funny noises and vibrations. Radiator had to be replaced. Drivers seat bracket broken. Motor mount went bad. Oil leak from oil filter adapter. Decent gas mileage. Has not ever left me on the side of the road (fingers crossed). Definitely hoping not to keep for much longer though. 125,000 miles right now.

- Matthew B

Great SUV for families! Very spacious!

I bought it used so it has a few issues but it is reliable and has plenty of space for my family. The fuel mileage is decent for an SUV and it has plenty of interesting features like a backup camera, and a miles til empty digital gauge. I am a music and podcast love so I wish Bluetooth came stock.

- Kent S

Great family SUV, with 200, 000 miles down.

Great size SUV for my family with car seat comfortably in the back seat and plenty of cargo space, almost 200, 000 miles. It's been great thus far but now its problem after problem with these high miles, and difficult to work on. Replaced several parts recently, to get it ready to sell/trade in.

- Stephanie S

2007 Nissan Murano: this car is super dependable and has great features!

I love my Murano. It has big roomy seats, and has plenty of foot space for my backseat passengers. I also like that the seats fold down for hauling large items. It runs and handles like a dream. I haven't had any mechanical problems with it. I was also surprised that it has a backup camera??

- Misty S

Sharp reliable Nissan Murano.

Very reliable, AWD, cassette and 6 cd player, rear view camera, heated seats, about 18mpg, smooth and quiet driving, slight oil leak, keyless entry, remote start, spacious, dark leather interior, no Bluetooth or navigation. Turns easily. Chrome peels off after long term exposure to weather.

- Sahara F

I have check engine light on and cannot figure out what is going on with vehicles

I got it used so I can't really say it is a decent SUV like most vehicles it has its issues but it's great for snow weather or course it's all wheel drive and in decent shape but I would prefer to get a brand new over used car. But you got to work with what you have and make the best of it

- Jennifer T

2007 Nissan murano s review

A/C Doesn't blow very strong, but is a very reliable vehicle, have had minimal problems out of it, is very comfortable, is definitely a family vehicle. Good on gas. costs 40 to fill up and lasts 350 to 400 miles. Easy to clean back mat and floor boards. Rarely blind spots like most SUVs

- Shelby J

Enjoy your Nissan Murano :)

I love my murano. Specially the all wheel drive. It already had a couple issues when I bought it but overall it's been a pretty good car to me. The seats are wide and cradle your body comfortably. One of the reasons I bought it. I would buy another one but maybe a newer year then 2007

- Cate R

All wheel SUV Performance Vehicles

Nissan is a good performance vehicle. I have not had any problems with it. Automatic adjustable seats. Navigation AM/FM CD AC 4 wheel drive power steering keyless entry sunroof five passenger seating temperature seats. Luggage strap child proof door locks. Center console V8 engine

- Rochelle A

It's a nice car because it is a nice color.

the manifold has to be replaced as well as all the shocks because they are blown. All the brakes need to be replaced. The car needs all new tires. Another problem it has is the ball joints that have to be replaced as well. Overall the car is nice because it is a SUV which I love.

- Alicia M

2007 Nissan Murano SL great vehicle and would definitely buy another one.

My vehicle rides great. I have a built in DVD player. Leather seats and the rear seats recline. Great ride. I did have to replace the transmission after 110,000 miles. Engine is sound. The car is very reliable as I bought used. Plenty of room for all gear people and animals.

- Kathleen R

great system that helps remind to keep up on maintenance. Leather feels high end.

It's very comfortable. Seats are spacious. Space in car is utilized great with lots of functional compartments. Looks luxurious. Rides nice. Have had some minor issues with window. Love the way it looks and all the amenities. I plan on buying another newer one for my next car.

- Nadine K

2007 Nissan Murano is a very comfy and up to date car even in 2018.

This car has been very reliable the whole time I have had it. No problems while taking care of the vehicle. The car is very comfortable and has many features to make sure you and your passengers are comfy. It has many features that also help with the performance of the car.

- Jack M

Reliable, some small issues.

Overall performance is really great. It was a certified pre-owned and in an accident with the previous owner which means it has a few issues. One issues no related to that though is the it has an overflow drain thing on the rood and when it doesn't drain water gets inside.

- Jennifer W

Mid Size car, semi spacious, rides smooth if kept up to pat.

Just recently had to get a new battery, the SUV eats up gas like nobody's business but spacious and drives well. The comfort of the car is nice the interior is leather (black) and the seats heat up. Takes a lot of maintenance but is very suitable car for a family of four.

- Shay D

Nissan murano is a must own!

My murano is super reliable with very few to no serious problems going on 12 years owning the car. It is comfortable and gets really good gas mileage. Some models do not have all the bells and whistles that other more expensive models have but it gets the job done for me!

- Carson E

Amazing features for this car. Great mom car!

I love my Nissan! It's great on gas and very roomy! For a 2007 I have a backup camera, electrical seats, seat warmers, rooftop window, electrical mirrors, and they back seats lay down completely making traveling amazing if you pack heavy! Definitely a good first mom car!

- Ariel L

I have a 2007 Nissan Murano. It may be 11 years old, but it runs like a champ.

My Nissan Murano is my baby. The car runs great! Such a reliable family car. I absolutely love it. I haven't had any problems with it. I have had it for about a year and only have had to do the normal maintenance checks and changes. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Rebecca C

The car is in good condition and has not gave me a lot of problems.

The car makes a weird noise like a rattle when I accelerate. I took it to the mechanic and they cannot figure out what is wrong with the car. It runs smooth besides the noise. The gas tank fills almost to the top with $40. I haven't had that many problems with the car.

- Wendy M

Review of two 2007 Nissans.

Both driver side visors fall down constantly, and it is because of a recall notice we never received. Car is not bad, at 200,000 miles all Nissan check engine lights come on and won't go off, good luck passing an inspection. Overall I'd say on an a-f scale it is a b+.

- J L

Will buy another when I need a replacement!

Love the handling and the fact my Murano does not look old! I have bad shoulders and it easy to maneuver. A big plus! Issues are rattling timing belt - my mechanic says they are know for it; not-so-great gas mileage; leaks in sunroof and around door. Lot of moisture.

- Anne D

Nice vehicle for family or self.

It runs good and has good features. It does not have a backup camera. The gas mileage is okay. It has a lot of space for people and also convenient if you are moving to college and need to haul your stuff. Overall, I like the vehicle. It is good for me and my family.

- Ella K

Great vehicle, dependable, fast overall great car.

I haven't really had any problems with the car. The most difficult problem is if you are trying to fix it yourself they did not make it easy. The heated seat are nice but tent to get to hot for me. Also the backup cam does not beep when you get close to an object.

- Jake I

The Murano is a long lasting car with few problems and reliability.

Very reliable and good mileage, some problems from time to time but it last very long, had it for 10 years and still is really good shape. It is 20 miles per gallon which is really good honestly. They have lots of space for people and items you can put in the car.

- Amber N

This I an attractive car - I would purchase another one when the time comes.

I have absolutely no complaints about my 2007 Nissan Murano. We purchased it used in 2012, and it has not disappointed us. It is an slt with leather heated seats. Extremely comfortable. Decent mileage - not as good as I thought it would be, but still decent.

- Pamela L

Dependable car.. Just know for a ticking noise.

It has a ticking and the engine that I have not been able to get anybody to fix.. The last mechanic said, that is just the way the car is.. By side that I bought a car a year ago and I have had almost every part in the car replaced to fix the ticking noise.

- Terri S

Great vehicle for all weather. Nice to have AWD living in Indiana.

Had to replace window motor, wheel bearing, and undercarriage in back. Otherwise, it is a great vehicle. Fully loaded and everything else works as it is supposed to. Needs new tire but that is routine items. I would purchase another Nissan in the future.

- Star M

Reliable car. Smooth ride. Great AC

It is a very nice car. I started having problem with my cruise control. The light for the set was flashing and now cruise will not come on. Overall though it is a reliable car. I get decent gas mileage for an SUV. Also air conditioning works excellent

- Zo B

To be an older model vehicle it has great bells and whistles.

Very reliable vehicle with great gas mileage. The Trunk is extremely spacious for a mid size SUV. Easy to maintain. Great features including backup camera, sun roof, auto fun rear view mirror, and 6 disc CD changer. Great vehicle for a small family.

- Rebecca N

It is a crossover so it rides like a car and storage and safety like a truck.

Problems have been since it is almost at 200 miles it needs an oil change every 2, 000 miles, it always makes noise and the inside is not updated. I love it for the ride, the crossover storage and I feel safe driving the vehicle.

- Laura G

Very spacious, excellent type of car. It's in between a small SUV and a little compact car. It's perfect for starting families or if you want anything bigger than a compact.

I really love the room that the car has, especially in the back seat and the trunk. The variety of colors and styles that Nissan offers is very nice. However, there seems to be a lot of problems with the engine quite often.

- Victoria N

Dependable, comfortable and affordable.

The Murano has been a very dependable vehicle with a need for only regular maintenance. It is an extremely comfortable car and when it time will most likely purchase another Murano. I have been very happy with this vehicle.

- Kari H

Rides great, it's nice and spacious. I love that it tells you how many miles you have before the tank is empty on dashboard.

White nissan murano. I love the look of the car and that I can drive in the snow. Doesn't get great gas mileage. Also not real crazy about navigation system - much easier to just use google maps on my phone.

- Kristen C

I enjoy the console of my vehicle because it has two separate compartments

My Nissan Murano has been very dependable for the last 10 years. I have had very minimal maintenance problems besides normal wear and tear. It get good gas mileage and drives smoothly.

- Branda B

It has gone MANY miles, with excellent performance.

It's a very sleek and pretty vehicle, very roomy and comfortable. Good on gas. Nice acceleration and braking. Nice handling. Very reliable! Would definitely recommend this vehicle

- Cindy R

It is durable and dependable.

My car has over 200k miles on it and is still kicking, it has carried me a long way and is still dependable. It has required minimal work and has definitely met expectations.

- Lacey B

AWD and heated seats and comfort are a huge plus.

I love the heated seat and windshield on back window. Very comfortable vehicle with onboard navigation and backup camera. Beautiful leather and nice comfortable roomy ride.

- Pri S

Reliable, roomy, powerful and gets good gas mileage.

my car gets about 20+ miles to the gallon which is good. It creaks a bit, which is a bit unnerving, but it definitely has good pick up and power for the highway.

- Cynthia N

It is fun to drive and very reliable.

I love the way it looks. It is very comfortable. It has been extremely reliable. I do not like that it takes premium gasoline. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Julie H

Nice smooth ride and lots of legroom. Quality product

Smooth ride, decent gas mileage and I like that it sits me higher than in a car. Dislike there is no sunroof and a cvt transmission is the worst thing made

- John C

Awesome gas mileage and a good company to buy from.

I feel like its a good car for my town. It gets me around places. Also, it's a little iffy with the amount of gas used but its a good car overall.

- Martin H

It does not get good gas mileage.

Doesn't get good gas mileage. Isn't bluetooth ready. Always something wrong with it. Love how smooth it drives and its really easy to handle.

- Jennifer M

Comfortable and has a great view of the road. Makes driving a pleasure.

I love the smooth ride and the power it delivers. Great view of the road. Fuel mileage is low around town. Difficult to repair on your own.

- Richard H

Gets 30 miles to the gallon.

Like how it drives, it is comfy, and pretty. It is older so needs more repairs than a newer car. I love the interior and space that I have.

- Amy F

That after 11 years it is still running.

It rides very well, I really like the look of it. The only complaint is that it's a little small but that's because of a growing family.

- Sarah L

2007 Nissan Murano all wheel drive.

Has caused a lot of problems. Radio no longer works, there's a rattle in the back. Always having engine problems and trouble starting.

- Kristen H

Heated seats. Sunroof air conditioning.

Murano is very easy to drive. Very comfortable. To ride in very economical on gas lots of legroom. . Heated seats feel good in winter.

- Debbie B

The vehicle is running fine.

I had problem with basic maintenance with vehicles. I to replaced some auto parts and buy tires. I had to have some body works done.

- Ronald D

All of my other vehicles had a handful of costly problems, but the one I have now does not.

The car runs great compared to my other cars. Also has a great sound system. Lastly looks much better than other vehicles I've owned.

- Michael L

It is a high quality vehicle. It can have high mileage and still drive like new.

I love my Murano because it has room to transport all my flea market goods . No complaints I wish it got a little better gas mileage

- Judy M

Classy vehicle, great performance.

It is a great vehicle, just doing the routine upkeep keeps it in great shape. Even at 160k + miles, it still performs really well.

- Anna M

That it is spacious and has tons of room.

I love the amount of space that my vehicle has and that it is all wheel drive. I do wish that it had a little better gas mileage.

- Amber R

Keyless entry and starting

I like the size of the car. I like the keyless starter. I dislike the leaks from the sunroof. I don't like the gas mileage.

- William S

I think Nissan makes very good vehicles. The murano is a good quality vehicle.

I like the way I feel when I drive it. It's also a somewhat luxurious vehicle and very spacious. Plus I love the gas mileage.

- Sergio C

My Murano is very dependable.

My Murano has been very reliable. Very few problems. Still drives and rides well after all these years. I highly recommend!

- Judy P

The good things about it: color, it has great brights, the ladies love it.

It is not that comfortable, the breaks are not good. I rather have another car that has leather seats and air conditioning.

- Elizabeth C

It's a reliable vehicle for families with lots of carrying capacity

It's a sturdy vehicle that has aged well. There are lots of cupholders. The key fob tends to break open when it's dropped

- Jeffrey L

It does not get great gas mileage.

I like how comfortable the seats in my car are. One of the things that I don't like is that the speedometer sticks 🤨.

- Susan A

I like how much room there is in it, I have kids and they have a lot of stuff. I dislike that there is some kind of malfunction with the heat/ac where it only works sometimes, and after doing some research I found a lot of people have the same problem.

It's roomy, the kids have plenty of legroom, and there is lots of space in the back to transport their sports equipment.

- Jeannie P

It is dependable and comfortable. It is a nice ride and easy to drive.

My vehicle was purchased as a used vehicle. It is pretty dependable but seems to have a lot of problems with sensors.

- Steve C

Nissan Murano on its last legs.

My vehicle has some engine problems. Too loud. It gets us where we need to go. I can get to and from work no problem.

- William B

Reliable transportation. Comfortable ride.

Never had a problem. Just performed oil changes regularly and normal maintenance. Just had a brake job this summer.

- Leah S

Very driver friendly and great for families.

Great driver features. Will not lock if keys inside and car off. Will sound if lights left on and exiting vehicle.

- Gigi A

It is a small SUV it has very good gas intake and the features are not that bad.

I like that it is small SUV it drives great and only that it's a bit small that is the only thing I hate about it.

- Sarah H

That you must set mode to head and feet in order for the ac to work.

Salvage title, ripped seats, not aux, broken fan. However, it is very spacious. The front bumper is scratched up.

- Sarah I

It is super comfy to ride in.

I like the comfort of driving it. I dislike the shape of the vehicle. I like the gas mileage. "Minimum is 100. ".

- Kora G

Great on gas and very dependable.

I like the style. It is sporty yet luxuries. Interior comfort. Also its cargo space is good for most of my needs.

- William S

Able to burn CDs in it and listen

Lots of maintenance too much to list here Tires Transmission Oil Leaks from most of the places that have fluids

- Johnathan D

It has a lot of room and is super comfortable. We've taken several long trips in it.

It is roomy and very comfortable. We've had it since 2007 and it is still in great shape. We'd get another one.

- Angela L

Vehicle stalls occasionally after being stopped for a few minutes (like at a red light). It also currently has bad brakes and sometimes wobbles. Other than the feeling of instability while driving/ riding in the car, it usually gets me where I need to be.

It has quite a few issues and the gas mileage isn't ideal; I would search for a newer and/or different model.

- Katelynn B

It is a great size, very comfortable.

It was a pre-own car and has several small problems, however I love the overall size/comfort that it offers.

- Jennifer W

It is easy for me to get in and out of - I have degenerating discs in lower back and neck so this is very important to me.

It is comfortable. Easy for me to get in and out of. Gets reasonable gas mileage. Runs well. Looks nice.

- Janice B

Great family car . Nissan is a great brand has lasted 7 years and has almost 130000 miles and still running strong.

I have had this car for 7 years now it has been a really reliable car. Very spacious and comfortable ride.

- Jenni S

Low mileage for a car 11 years old and in such good shape. Well maintained

Love my vehicle. No issues, easy maintenance. Decent gas mileage. Starting to show age as things wear.

- Tim Y

Sturdy and Reliable Vehicle with Minimal Issues...

This is a very reliable vehicle with few issues when regularly maintained. I enjoy driving this vehicle.

- Chantel S

Reliable vehicle. Runs smooth.

No problems so far. Car runs smooth. Nice interior. Good on gas. Nice design. Would recommend to others.

- Felicia G

Foreign cars are not as affordable to fix when things go wrong.

Bought it used, very comfortable although had to replace the transmission barely a year after buying.

- Kelsey S

That i absolutely love it.

I love my vehicle, it is grey. I have made it my own by adding decals. I hate that my seats are torn.

- Tanesha S

It's a good vehicle that is great for a first car owner

It was a used vehicle and it leaks from rain inside the car. The rest is excellent with the vehicle.

- erick b

Bought it used at 57,000 miles and have put over 100,000 miles on it.

Has provided great room and transportation over the last 7 years. Also like the color and model.

- adam h

4 wheel drive is really nice in the snow. We have plenty of room for traveling with the grandkids. I don't like the blind spots

Well maintained, oil changes and tires rotated on time. The back hatch is a bit tricky to close

- Deborah K

It's mine and it drives great

I live the way it looks. Overall i have not had any problems. It is spacious and drives well.

- Alex V

Continuous shifting and smooth while driving especially driving in the city.

Love the cvt the vehicle has and very few problems in 10 years other than normal maintenance

- Cheryl P

It has seat warmers, which is perfect for the winter.

It's very comfortable on the inside, I can easily fit five people inside, including myself.

- Elijah G

My car is reliable and will get you from point A to point B

Lots of room, smooth ride. It is older and a/c no longer works, rust is starting to appear

- Jeff R

Lots of room, the gas mileage sucks, technology in car is great

I love the way it drives. I hate the gas mileage, I spend a lot of money on gas

- Meg G

The Nissan Murano is a good family car that has plenty of space.

It has enough space to haul, but it gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive.

- Erin F

That it is a safe car, built tough

I love the size, comfort, easy smooth ride. Heated seats, great stereo system.

- Doreen S

Very comfortable. Good drive. Reliable and durable. Never gave me any trouble.

It is very durable. I'm a second owner, and it never gave me any trouble.

- Natalya A

CD player breaks very easily.

It's old and it wasn't taken care of very well by the past owners.

- Survey H

I like the space and storage space. I can fit large items. I don't like the gas mileage.

It drives well but just as most SUVs the gas mileage isn't great.

- Megan G

It has a Rear camera. It has all wheel drive. I don't like that it takes a lot of gas

It is fun to drive. It has a Rear view camera. My car is a beast

- Michelle K

It works well. It is a nice color. The interior is spacious. The seats are comfortable. It keeps my children safe.

It's very handy and reliable.My kids like it and it drives fine.

- Amos S

A lot of storage more than most think

It's a good car. Gets me where I want to go. A lot of storage.

- L B

car has not had any engine or transmission issues in the over 8 years I've owned the car.

car is old. rides rough, suspension gone. lots of storage room

- Ron T

the car allows me to load a lot of cargo and it can be used for trips

it has good features that i like. there is nothing to dislike

- robert s

I like my vehicle bc it is good on gas and comfortable. I like that it has so many features. Haven't had it long enough to dislike anything

it's good on gas and it is very reliable. I love this car

- rachel b

its is good on gas with plenty of room for passengers

love my suv good on gas. holds up will with maintenance

- michelle a

low maintenance costs. low maintenance costs. low maintenance costs.

Runs great. Low maintenance costs. Good storage amount.

- Esteban L