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Janice's SUV. An interesting detail about my vehicle is that it sits up high

Very dependable vehicle. It is comfortable to ride in. I like the ability to sit up high or adjust it to sit low. The vehicle is very spacious. It has bucket seats in the front with a compartment in between. It has one full row seat in the back that seats three people with a pull down tray to put drinks in. The seat also pulls down in case you need to put something in the hatchback and need to let the seat down. The hatch is very spacious. It has dual pipes. The only thing I have done to this outstanding vehicle is replace battery and put new brakes and rotors on the front. The color is beige. I'm not too happy about the paint job. The paint is peeling off of the left back door. Oh I forgot to mention I also changed the headlights because they were so cloudy from condensation. I couldn't see out of them very well so it left me no other choice but to replace them. Overall it is a very good vehicle and I have no regrets for purchasing it. Based on traveling in the town where I reside you get probably about fourteen miles to a gallon which is not good in my opinion and highway miles probably about twenty one miles to a gallon. But as I stated it is a very good and dependable vehicle. Oh one other thing I don't like is that debris falls in the creases of watch where you open the hatch. Being that I don't have a garage it's hard to keep that area debris free. I would hope that the newer model Muranos are made better so that all the trash from pine trees and other trees can't fall in there. But again it's a very reliable SUV.

- Janice G

Comfortable, quiet ride with spacious interior!

The 2009 Nissan Murano still runs like a dream. Low noise while driving. I lucked out and got a Bose stereo system. It is a v-6 so do not expect to blow other cars out the water, yet, it does possess great pickup and gets up to 55-60 quick. The leather interior is still pristine with minimal defects. The rust you may read about is true. The seat springs are very susceptible to rusting. But you cannot see it and it does not hamper the functionality of the seats. Front driver and passenger electronic controls and lumbar adjustments in the driver's seat add to the seat comfort. Little fatigue for the driver since the seat can move forward, backward, up and down. The seat backs recline almost prone for resting at a pit stop. Blind spots are in the rear with the small windows in the trunk area. Not a lot of viewing area on the rear trunk window but the rear camera takes up some of the slack. Panoramic sunroof nice addition. Good air system for heat and air conditioning. Even a control to send extra air to the backseat passengers. Rear seats recline and go forward—for more trunk space—with electronic and manual controls. Rear headrests are difficult to adjust. Gas hog so expect to pay $60-$80 for a fill up. Overall a great car for the money, and quite spacious

- Terri G

Murano 10 years and going.

Pros: it is quite and comfortable. It started as a single person vehicle and has grown with my growing family over the years. My favorite features are the moonroof, heated seats, Bose stereo system, push start and keyless entry. For a 10-year old vehicle having keyless entry and push start appeared to be ahead of the curve. Cons: constant tire pressure light issues. Any time the tires are rotated or replaced, get a little low and refilled, the tire pressure light comes on and mechanics have a challenge of determining the root cause. For a vehicle I bought and owned for 10 years (only owner), if that is the biggest issue I'll take it!

- Kelly E

It is very fun to drive. The tech for 2009 is still relevant now for this car.

My Nissan Murano has been a really fun and reliable car. The performance is satisfactory and it looks great. Does everything I need it to in a crossover. Only 3 issues from the beginning, wish it had a bit more power in engine, need to have a much better turning radius and blind spot in both sides of windshield (columns) are bigger than I've ever experienced. Overall, I have had this car for 10 years and for 8 years it was almost maintenance free...but the last 2 years things started to wear out and break. I chose to keep the car instead of buying a new one. Hoping to have it 2 more years without major problems.

- Jay Y

Amazing Luxury Quality SUV For A Fraction Of The Luxury Price Tag

Vehicle accelerates and brakes smoothly with a very comfortable interior. Spacious enough to seat 5, including 1 full car seat and 1 in a booster seat. A family member purchased a Mercedes suv the same time I purchased my Nissan and they commented on how nice mine was for a lot less money. The only negative is there are a lot of blind spots due to wider cabin framing around the windshield that took getting used to and making sure I could navigate turns without failing to see someone walking on sidewalk which is why I only gave 4 rather than 5 stars.

- Lacie M

2009 Nissan Murano, the best SUV of that year!

I feel very safe in my car. My Nissan Murano is the basic package, but it doesn't need all the bells and whistles. It drives very smooth and handles well. I wish the turn radius was a bit tighter but its good. My car has many options to listen to music, including radio, mp3 jack and CD player with 4 disc changer option. It is very save with driver and passenger airbags. There is a break problem with our model, but the company has already sent out a free fix option form for us regarding that problem. Overall I would stick with the Nissan brand.

- Sarah S

Great vehicle if you baby it.

Great vehicle except it has quality issues. The vehicle is fully featured, has tons of options and luxury features but the quality of the build is sub part. For instance, the power tilt steering wheel has cheap plastic gears in it so after about 3 or 4 years of it automatically adjusting each time you turn the car on and off, they break. That seems to be the issue across the board. Very similar issues throughout the entire vehicle and Nissan tries very hard not to cover these problems. So it is a great vehicle if you baby it.

- Jason R

2009 Nissan Murano best vehicle I've ever owned

I can't say anything bad about my Murano. I purchased it three years ago, used, and it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is spacious enough for the entire family but is sporty enough to not feel like a "Mom car". I have never had a single mechanical issue, and to this day, with over 130,000 miles you can't even hear it running. My husband and I have decided when it's time, we will trade this one in for a newer model. I would drive a Nissan Murano from now on.

- Brittany T

2009 Nissan Murano SL was a good used car purchase

I bought the car used 4+ years ago with just under 80K miles, the first thing I noticed was the ride is really smooth, the gear shifting is almost imperceptible as I accelerate to road speed. The heated drivers seat with lumbar support can be adjusted to suit any driver. The Bose sound system still pumps out a ton of sound. I've replaced the tires, the brakes and the battery and had some minor exhaust work last year. I would buy this car again in a heartbeat.

- Mike R

Great vehicle, fantastic in the snow!

I really enjoy having our nissan murano, from the keyless start to the fold down seats it is almost everything our family needs in a vehicle. . I live in the northern part of michigan and what a champ this is in the snow and inclement weather. I'd definitely purchase another one based on handling in the snow alone. . This is a very efficient vehicle and the only detract from the car is that the seats are uncomfortable for any sort of long distance travel.

- Melanie O

Awesome quiet, roomy, comfy ride!

My car is roomy and the leather seats are comfortable. There is lumbar functions along with many other seat adjustments. Driving is a pleasure. The drive is smooth and quiet. I enjoy the panoramic sunroof and tinted windows. The car seats five pretty comfortably and even with two car seats a smaller person fits well. Trunk space is ample and you can put the seats down for more storage. It does guzzle premium gas. That is my only true complaint.

- Terri F

Strengths in my Nissan Murano are size and gas miles per gallon.

I really enjoy my Nissan Murano. I have never had issues with how it runs or mileage on it. I have traveled with my family on long trips and have been very comfortable. I would definitely consider buying a newer version of my vehicle in the future. My children love the space that they have to sleep of be comfortable on long trips. Grocery shopping and vacations are easy to do with this type of vehicle. No need for anything larger.

- Erica M

Practical vehicle with a touch of luxury.

My murano is 6 cylinder engine so get poor gas mileage around town. The size and engine also helps me to feel safe and protected. The high profile allows me to see around other cars so visibility for me and to be seen by others is a huge advantage. The comfort features and smooth ride is equivalent to a luxury car. I have had the usual expenses involved in preventive maintenance; no breakdowns in the 5+ years I have owned it.


We love our Nissan Murano Luxury Edition

This is a very nice vehicle. We bought it to travel to a hospital for my treatments. The Murano LE has front and back heated seats. There is also a convenient remote hatch. Also it has Bose speakers. Bluetooth telephone capability. We bought it with it having 113,000 already on it. $11,000 We are happy just wish it wasn't white... too many of them out there! LOL I have mistaken other ones to be ours.... kinda scary. :)

- Wanda G

Nissan Murano - superior inferior workmanship and handling.

Most comfortable ride and super relaxing seats. Joy to drive on short or long trips. Very spacious. Great all round view. Superb suspension. Contemporary styling for an older vehicle. Stylish interior workmanship and power that easily places it in a league above rivals such as the Mazda cx-7 or Toyota highlander. I 'd buy this car and recommend it to anyone looking for comfort, luxury and reliability in one smart SUV.

- Thomas W

2009 Nissan Murano Review

My Nissan Murano is incredible. I bought it used, but it was still in great condition. I've put thousands of miles on it, but I haven't had to bring it in for any service yet which is always great. The only issue I've ever had is with the Bluetooth. It has it, but only for phone calls not all audio. So you will need to buy a separate AUX cable and it's a weird one and not all stores sell it.

- Ashley H

Fantastic crossover for work or play!

I have never had any issues with this vehicle. It drives like a sedan and has all wheel drive. The interior is very nice and the space is great! It is extremely comfortable to ride in even with 5 passengers. The sound system is top notch and comes standard with 6 disk changer. The wheels are oversized so you have maximum control especially on highways. It is an extremely reliable vehicle!

- Vanessa A

2009 Nissan Murano sl AWD. Fun to drive. Nice sleek look.

I drive a 2009 Nissan Murano sl AWD. I am of a weightlifters build and am average height. I find the drivers seat to be too narrow. I have read and seen many transmission issues from Nissan. I wish I got better gas mileage. The engine runs well and the ride is always smooth. Also I am not a big fan of having to pump 93 (premium) octane into my car as it is on average $15 more expensive.

- Carlos H

My vehicle has been very dependable and I love that it has a double sunroof.

My vehicle has been very reliable over the last 5 years that I have owned it. It is comfortable and provides me with everything I need in a vehicle. I have used it to drive for uber and help people move. I love the ease of cleaning the leather interior and the double sunroof has been a great feature. I have had to put very little into my vehicle for repairs and it runs great.

- Michelle T

Comfortable,reliable and convenient !

My Murano has been a very reliable car. It's extremely comfortable and perfect size. Not to big or small and high enough to see road ahead. I especially love that you can remove key if you forgot something while car still running/warming up. I've been blessed that I've haven't had any major problems. Just maintenance and basic replacement parts.

- Din R

I do not have all the "toys" on it. Performs well and is very reliable.

Very reliable car with few issues at all. Comfortable, large enough. Steady oil changes, etc. Car has 45000 miles of both long distance and short distances. Love this car. Requires large tire which are expensive but ride is smooth and comfortable. Like larger size for safety in case of accident. Enough power with 6 cylinder engine.

- Ann D

It�s old, but you wouldn't know it.

I love the rotary transmission, it never feels clunky. The interior, for a 2009, is ahead of its time and with a backup camera and heated seats, it seems like it should be a luxury model. The only thing I dislike about the vehicle is the loud exhaust - the last couple years it has gotten louder but I assume this is because of age.

- Danielle M

Comfortable, navigation, backup camera, , seats fold down for large items.

2009 Nissan Murano has issued a Safety warning regarding Brakes. The dealership will check, flush brakes and order the replacement part for you. For a 2009 - The comfort accessories package, backup camera, are great. It has two DVD or gaming systems in the back of the front head rest, two moon roofs. Very dependable car.

- Angela B

4WD, SUV, roomy, back up camera, GPS, map.

There is a major issue with the fuel sending unit. Other than that it rides well is reliable, comfortable, smooth, and can go from the city to the country. I have taught both of my children learn how to drive safely in my Murano and the back up camera has also helped along the way. Most importantly, it is very safe.

- Jessica M

Excellent SUV that is practical and sleek

The Nissan Murano has been great overall. Larger wheels than most SUVs and the back up camera is excellent. The stereo system is also great and the interior is spacious. The acceleration isn't the best, but besides that it's a great car. Very reliable. Only had to redo brakes, but that's normal after 10 years.

- Jared B

A flawless finish for a used car which makes it easier to maintain.

I'm currently driving a crossover. I had to buy this Murano, but I'm glad It rides great but I still haven't gotten use to the variable transmission. There is no changing of gears which is weird. But compared to my sports sedan, it's slower but you can carry a lot more stuff, like groceries or bags of mulch.

- Paul A

This is a great all around vehicle for families.

I love the Nissan Murano because it is big enough to fit me and my 3 children and all of our camping gear but small enough to be an every day car and drive around town. It has lasted well, has few issues, and has everything standard that needs to be. I would have loved to get the one with the rack, though.

- Lindsay T

A nice overall package of features and performance.

Rides well. Solid feel, responsive performance. Visibility is excellent, good feel for where you are on the road. Easy to park. Has a nicely tuned suspension. Can feel the road, but still gives a smooth ride. Engine is quiet, but will jump when you ask it to. Is sure footed in ice and snow. No worries.

- Donald J

The car drives as good as the day I bought it.

I have owned this car brand new it has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It has nine two though and miles on it and runs as good as the day I bought it. I have a home in the mountains it climbs hill with no problems. It has been 90. 000 Miles of nothing but oil changes on a regular schedule.

- Robert S

2009 Nissan Murano - the Lexus lookalike

I don't like that it requires premium gas to perform it's best. It uses a lot of gas. Other than that, the car is comfortable and spacious. I like the style of this model more than the new one. I also the screen panel. It's big and wide. Nissan should consider making this model. I like the rounder look.

- Serena P

I love the warming of the seats and how high the car is.

Perfect car it just wastes a lot of gas, the breaks go fast too fast. Need more space. More options inside. Better radio because I feel like it should have a better touch screen radio for such a cute ca. Besides that the comfort is really good and the seats have warming options so that is really good.

- Carmen A

The best midsize SUV I've ever owned!

It has a smooth ride. Comfortable seating. The inside is not to big but not to small. I love the two sunroof/moonroof combination. The stereo system is Bose. I feel comfortable driving in the winter conditions. The leather heated seats are nice for winter, but not bad when it's summer also.

- Kim G

Are you looking for a sturdy and reliable car!?

Nissan Murano is a very reliable vehicle. I highly recommend this vehicle to families looking for a safe and sturdy car. My alternator went out but Nissan dealership took great care of me and wasn't terribly expensive! Although I have an older version it runs smoothly and is very well made.

- Maggie Y

Alternator issues but overall good vehicle.

The main problem I had with my murano is the alternator. With only having it a few weeks & just under 100k miles, the alternator want. With no warning. Thankfully we had full coverage and got it replaced. Other than that, the car is great. Luxury perks such as camera & heated seats.

- Olga R

Pearl color. Sun and moon roof.

No problems or concerns at this time. Recently bought this vehicle used. So far runs great. Comfortable interior and convenient features. No AUX port is an inconvenience. Great safety features, keyless entry and start. Rear door has automatic lift and back seats fold with push of button.

- Amie S

The SUV that offers everything.

This midsize SUV is perfect for hauling kids, dogs, etc. I am close to 250,000 miles and still have yet to have a major issue. The gas mileage is great and ride is smooth. I would highly recommend this vehicle to other families or even someone who would like something bigger than a car.

- Jordan H

Great family vehicle and spacious trunk space.

The car runs smooth, maintaining it is not very expensive. It's reliable and gets me to and from where I need to be. Great family vehicle especially since I have a 3 year old. Seems to be extremely durable and dependable. Extremely spacious and the trunk space is perfect for groceries.

- Casey S

The car has to take premium fuel for best performance.

Overall the car is great. It is comfortable, is the perfect size, includes an AUX port for music, and has plenty of room in the trunk. I think it gets decent mileage and I only have to fill the tank once a week. I do not like that the car requires premium fuel as that gets expensive.

- Kai M

Perfect shiny black paint with silver details and leather type seats.

This car has been lovely. We have had it for several years and have only had to do several repairs on it. It is quite literally taken us across the country! I love this car. While there is only two of us now I am hoping to still have it when my husband and I settle down to have kids.

- Erika B

Little maintenance required

Multiple blind spots. Smooth driving. Very comfortable. Easily adjust seats. Radio controllers sometimes do not work. Like the height of vehicle so that you don't have to stoop to get in. Great gas mileage. Great braking system. Very reliable. Basic maintenance has been only needed

- Jackie C

Almost Perfect In many ways

I love my Murano. The only complaint I have is sometimes it is hard to see out. The panels surrounding the windshield are thick and have a large blind spot. There are other blind spots when changing lanes. Otherwise the car runs great is comfortable and has an amazing sound system!

- Jennifer S

Decent car, can't complain

No aux cord, but runs great and able to stir really well, very nice color, and sound system, just which it would be a little bigger as it is small for an svu. It needs a little more technological advances for the year of this car as it lacks things other cars made this year can do.

- Kayla T

I have owned 2 Nissans over 20 years, it is the only brand I can depend on.

Issues with brakes after having to stop abruptly, dealer fixed. Issues with the tire sensors going out or reading there's a flat when there is not. The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned, minimal upkeep, very dependable. Driven over 160,000 miles and it still drives like new.

- Shan W

Great, comfortable family vehicle.

This vehicle hasn't had many problems. We got it used and only had one previous owner. It is fairly comfortable and has built in seat warmers. It doesn't always go as fast as quickly as we would hope, so can be annoying while highway driving, but it does have some horsepower.

- Trisha J

Looks can be deceptive...

It has a push button ignition and sometimes it starts itself when I am not in it. When I try to accelerate, it serves up and I really have to apply the gas to get it moving. It gets terrible gas mileage. It is attractive, spacious, has heated front seating, and a backup camera.

- Christine P

Love my maintenance free murano

I love my Nissan Murano. I have well over 100,000 miles on it and it has never had any major repairs outside of the normal wear and. On a vehicle with that kind of mileage. It's been a stress free vehicle to drive over the years. It is the most reliable car I have ever driven.

- Linda D

Smooth reliable comfortable gas saving ride

It's a smooth ride and spacious. There are 3 charger ports, one in the front, one in the middle, and one in the trunk. Leather seats, 4 wheel drive, 6 CD changer, aux cord, air conditioner, dual temperature climate control buttons, seat warmer for the driver and the passenger.

- Kerri L

Very reliable. Handles well. And love the cvt.

Purchased the vehicle with 40, 000 miles. Currently has 160, 000 miles. It has been perfect. Minimal problems. Very reliable. Still happy with today as the day I purchased it. Regular maintenance of course. Recently started using synthetic oil. I also use premium fuel.

- Javier P

Great vehicle, perfect for families or travelers.

The Murano is a great car, plenty of room for myself, my boyfriend, a car seat, and my 100 pound dog. I am able to haul and transport larger things with it also. It is a sporty and very good looking vehicle. 10/10 would recommend. My mother also has a 2007 Murano and loves it.

- Alex K

I love my Nissan Murano. It's a great ride.

The car is reliable and roomie and comfortable to drive it's got good gas mileage. It was also affordable. It's the right size SUV for me. Not too big. Not too small. The Nissan name is very well known and has a good reputation. I would purchase another one in the future.

- Judy M

Nissan Murano from 2009, including the LE trim.

No problems, very reliable. The only thing that I can say is that the fuel gauge gets stuck sometimes which is problematic, but it goes back to normal after a couple minutes. Also, the air filter is hard to replace as it is in a very awkward position next to the engine.

- Robert S

Affordable luxury for full size families.

Roomy, comfortable & lots of legroom. No performance issues after all these years. Sensors are wonderful because they pinpoint areas that need attention. We are larger people and find this car to be very generous with the room. Back seating is very comfortable also.

- Karen G

Only one problem with this car.

I have had no major issues with my vehicle. The only problem that has ever come up is the locking lug nut. When I purchased the car the key to unlock them was not included. I was stranded with a flat tire and the lug nut had to be broken to take the tire off to fix it.

- Lindsey F

A car for everyone especially for big family.

Great car, easy to maintain. Recommended for a long hours drive like drive interstate. Very comfortable at the backseat passengers. Big space of trunk, not a problem if buying a furniture just adjust the backseat and it can fit all of families baggage when traveling.

- Merry B

Great sub and good performance!!

No problems it runs great! Air is not the coldest but I had the same issue with my Nissan pathfinder but the overall performance is excellent!! Tons of extra features: Bose stereo system, sunroof, heated and power seats and full leather. Even has heated rear seats!!

- Michael D

Special perks with pricey replacements

I love the special features such as automatic back door, rear view camera, sunroof and heated seats. However, the replacement parts for very pricey. New spark plugs were $200 and that was without labor since they were already inside the car working on other things.

- Amanda M

Riding, singing and styling!

I love the Murano. It fit 4 kids comfortably with a whole hatch to spare! I plan on getting a newer version very soon. It's the best ride. I have ever had!! We love the sound system. It sounds like we've invested in some serious equipment, nope-it came with it!

- Kimberly B

Best SUV ever, that never gives up on you.

Great, reliable, flexible and very comfortable. Ways to drive and ride..On different trips and occasional distances and daily routines..Love my car..Its SUV and can take Andy rough routes in any bad weather..Including heavy snow, rain and mud and even high water.

- Svetlana O

It's retail value is much better than most other vehicles. It has a lot of perks and that is one reason we have held on to ours for 9 years.

The Murano is an elite crossover. Ours has lasted for 9 years and we have little complains about it. It has a GPS so it gets me to unfamiliar locations. It's gas mileage is not great, but better than many other vehicles like it. The Murano has great ratings.

- Jo L

It's a smooth ride, especially for an SUV, & has great gas mileage

I love the smoothness of the ride, even though it's 10 years old. I love the gas mileage I get. I love my bag & info screen. I wish it had a little more room in the back end. I would also like it if I had the option to charge my phone while the vehicle is off.

- Amber F

I love the moon roof. It looks great. I love it!

I have only had vehicle for about a year. It runs great! Had almost 100k when I bought it, now 208k. Prior owner performed routine maintenance as scheduled. No problems with anything. Love the ride. It is quiet. Not too bad on gas considering it is a 6 cycle

- Toni M

2009 Nissan Murano: great car.

It drives really well but was sold as is. I have had the air conditioning go out and had to get it fixed and the headliner leaks when it rains. Other than that it is a reliable car. The engine is in good shape and it does not leak oil like my last car did.

- Emilie W

It is a very nice car and is up to date.

I love my Nissan murano. It is a smooth ride. Had very few miles on it. Has heated seat, electric windows. The best part is they have this thing where if there is a car close to you at night, it kind of makes the back window darker, so it is not so bright.

- Crystal H

Nissan Murano: roomy, powerful engine, great stereo system.

This is the best vehicle l have owned and I had 2 VWs, a Mazda and BMW. Super comfortable to ride for long distances, great road handling. Spacious, clean luxurious. Extremely reliable and fun to drive. No major repair costs beyond tires and oil changes.

- Thom W

Reliable with a smooth ride.

It has been very reliable with only general maintenance. The ride is smooth and the seats are very comfortable. It handles easily and has great power when needed. I like the look of the vehicle. The interior has held up well. Like the push button start.

- Connie L

My Nissan Murano is my favorite

Comfortable. Spacious. Gets me from point A to point B. Smooth drive. Great on gas. Has a 5 CD changer. Has a lot of room in the trunk. Reliable. Haven't had too Many car issues knock on wood. It's white with 4 doors. Great traveling car and a family

- Armine D

Amazing Amenities on the 2009 Nissan Murano

We have the SL model of the 2009 Nissan Murano. The amenities on this vehicle are amazing. From the dual panel sunroof to the power back hatch we have been nothing but impressed with everything this vehicle has to offer.

- Stuart E

It rides extremely comfortably even after 9 years.

I loved the design of this SUV when I initially saw it. I knew I would be driving this vehicle sooner or later. Fortunately, it wasn't too much longer than I bought the SUV. I still have it and it runs nicely.

- Patricia L

That it is very dependable and reliable.

It is very comfortable for road trips. We get good gas mileage. We have experienced no problems mechanically. The recommended maintenance keep it running like new. Have only replaced tires and brakes as needed.

- Patricia E

It definitely looks a lot better on the inside.

I got the vehicle when it had about 120, 000 miles on it. My transmission is about to go out at about 200, 000 miles. Otherwise, it is a cute car. The interior is very attractive with the bright orange lights.

- Megan R

Very dependable and fun to drive

I like the fact that I have over 165000 miles and no major problems. A very nice ride with little road noise. Love my heated leather seats in the winter. Negative is it is hard to see out the back windows

- Craig W

It family friendly. It is great on gas.

I like the appearance of it and I like the set up. I do not like how there is not much acceleration and I do not like how it does not have any aux or Bluetooth. Overall I enjoy driving this vehicle.

- Savannah D

It has been through 2 owners besides me but still drives great.

I bought the car used and as is but lots of issues have arisen since I bought it 6 months ago. I do like the car and it drives great but I am afraid it might nickel and dime me like my last car.

- Emilie W

2009 Nissan Murano SL Performance

I believe my car is well made. The only problem I had during the ten year of ownership is I had to replace to power booster on the brakes, but that is that only complication I have had so far

- Thuy N

Mileage not great, windows too high.

The windows are too high up, it is annoying when you are trying to punch into a keypad for gates etc. Also it takes premium gas so not fuel efficient and it seats 5 and only get 20mpg.

- Callie M

Nissan murano starting to fall apart

Comfortable and has nice features but visibility is poor. Currently starting to have a lot of electrical problems with sensors, leaking windshield. And leaking wiper fluid reservoir

- Kerry R

The quality is worth the price! Very dependable plus our comfort is a 10 +

I absolutely LOVE IT! The seats have lumbar seats which are great for our backs! Very spacious and dependable. Runs great! Only dislike has been the type of transmission it has.

- Connie D

The gas mileage it gets is very good. The car is nice looking and comfortable.

My vehicle is very comfortable to ride and easy to drive. The size and roominess of it is perfect for my family. It gets very good gas mileage. I feel safe when driving it.

- Janis P

I love the automatic features like moveable seats and mirrors. Heated seats.

My vehicle drive well. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I have had very few performance problems. Mostly normal wear and tear is all I have experienced with the vehicle.

- Olga A

It's reliable but has glitches.

It has been extremely reliable. I have not had to do much to it but maintenance. But it has a bunch of little glitches that I hate, like lights always on the dash.

- kim c

It is a very reliable and safe car.

My only complaint is that a lot of the lights keep on turning on, but there is nothing wrong with the car. It is starting to get old, but it was good for the years.

- Sarah H

It has a great safety rating.

It has great storage space and features. Some of these include heated leather seats and temperature control on each side of vehicle. Great gas mileage for an SUV.

- Heather W

The trunk space is very large even with fitting a family in the car.

I like the space the car provides. There is room for the driver and passenger. There is also room for children in the back. I enjoy not feeling crammed in a car.

- alei T

This is a good everyday car for people with children.

Easy to drive, smooth ride. The back holds a surprising amount of stuff but does get easily disorganized. Backs seat is roomy- easily fit 2 full size car seats.

- Casey C

It is reliable. No maintenance problems.

I am very happy with my Nissan. I have had no problems since I bought it and other than normal service such as oil change it has never gave me any problems.

- Oliver B

Really thoroughly test drive this vehicle before buying.

We've had to do many repairs on this vehicle. The seatbelt is awful, it's never in the right spot and it's uncomfortable! The gas mileage isn't very good.

- Lisa P

Downfalls of Nissan. Positive reaction to Nissan.

Transmission problems, transfer case problems. Nissan is known for this yet it is not addressed. Engine is great and is a very smooth and comfortable ride.

- Art F

It runs smooth, yet expensive. Also, it is durable.

It is fantastic!!! It is roomy, has decent gas mileage, and I love the toys it offers. One thing though: it requires 93 octane, or the most expensive gas.

- alc c

Dependable great ride, I love my car.

I have no problems and I have over 100k miles and it is paid off. I have never had major problems. All I have done was change the oil, brakes, and tires.

- Avon M

Spacious and safe! There are newer models with more updates but this model/year is still great!

I love the rear view camera and the lines to help while reversing. There is tons of room for my family and our belongings. I enjoy the sunroof as well.

- cretia M

Tire pressure sensors break easily.

I like that it is easy to drive and understand how to use all of the functions. I dislike how I am having to replace important parts so frequently.

- Mary S

It is very comfortable with the easy to adjust the seats, mirrors and temperature.

It sits up higher so I can see around other cars. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted. I don't like that there are so many blind spots.

- Carolyn B

It is reliable and roomy. It could easily fit a family of 5.

It seems very reliable. I got it second hand, yet it has over 126,000 miles on it and is still going strong. I think it is a good looking car too.

- Garrett F

Repairs to the vehicle can be expensive. AC went out at 135k miles - would have thought it would last longer.

AC repairs expensive. Cargo area could be a little larger - not as large as an Acura. Rides nice. Problem with the clock - won't keep a setting

- Dave N

My car is a safe model overall. It is heavy and good in a crash.

I like the size of the Murano. I like to sit up a bit in traffic. I dislike the smallish rear window, which makes it harder to check behind me.

- Susan G

It is in safe working order.

Like: luxury feel in an SUV. Dislike: difficult to see for parking and passing on the highway. Must rely on mirrors more than other vehicles.

- Sarah H

That it is a very sturdy reliable vehicle and it's a comfortable car which has had little major maintenance required over the 110,000+ miles we have owned it.

Love size, comfort, reliability, and overall performance. Only complaints are with operating costs being a little higher than I would like.

- Larry M

I Love It! Wish I could purchase later model of car.

Easy to get into and has good viability. Comfortable riding and easy driving. Right size for carrying additional people. No dislikes.

- doris s

That it doesn't get as good of gas mileage as one would think. I probably would not buy this car again just because of that.

I like that it is not a full size SUV. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I don't like that it doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Kerry Y

Great value, buy a used Murano. Reliable easy to maintain.

Like the room and spaciousness. Like the style. Like the performance. Would like better gas mileage, Bluetooth, and leather seats.

- Herm B

Nissans are very reliable cars.

It has a good air conditioner. Drives good, uses a lot of gas. It gets me where I need to go and so far has not failed to start.

- Janice P

A very comfortable car to drive even on a long road trip.

It can get expensive when it needs any repair. Other than that I love my car how roomy it is and it drives great even in snow.

- Mao T

This car is amazing I love it and don't know that I would or could by anything but a Nissan again!

Its an import vehicle so all the repairs are spendy. Things that break break quick no warning. I can't think of anything else.

- Megan N

I love being up higher than other cars. I feel safe in this vehicle.

It is maroon. I love it but really wish it had all wheel drive. Also I dislike that the radio stations don't always come in..

- Shanna w

It is great on fuel consumption in city.

Nothing to dislike. Like fuel mileage and dependability. Plenty of interior space for multiple passengers to be comfortable.

- Tim F

I keep my car very clean and neat.

Poor gas mileage, love the comfort, durable, average quality, already paid off, wish it was more up to date with technology.

- Erin B

I bought it used. The biggest problem is holding its value for resale.

The float in the car does not work anymore. Cost of fixing items is a little costly. But for the most part the car is good.

- Sheri A

Would recommend purchase of this vehicle to anyone. Very satisfied.

No problems. Very reliable. Have changed tires, wipers and brakes only. Very comfortable for long trips. Good gas mileage.

- Laura D

Great until 100k miles but then falls apart

Loved my car until this year. At 100,000 miles, I have spent $3,500 and now have a leak. Seems like it is falling apart!

- Amy B

It is very reliable. I have absolutely no problems with it.

I have had no problems with my Murano. It drives and handles wonderfully. It is roomy and the seats are very comfortable.

- Kimberly P

The feeling of driving Nissan Murano.

Driving a Nissan Murano feels very smooth as opposed to most cars giving a rugged feeling while operating the vehicle.

- Dj L

The warranty is really good. And it looks more expensive than it is.

I wish I had a third row seat. I love the shape and design of the body. I feel like the seats and legroom is spacious.

- Leslie A

It is dependable and great mileage.

Love the room it has and. Has great mileage. Easy to drive and the backspace is wonderful. What I dislike is nothing.

- Brenda R

After 100k miles its still reliable and drives as good as it did the day I bought it

Very reliable and drives well on the road. Great family car with entertainment for the kids making road trips easy.

- Andrea L

The car does have power and does get you where you need to go.

I love the way it drives. I do not have anything I do not like. I love the sunroof and the cold air and the radio.

- Crystal M

Good car, reasonably quiet, pretty happy.

Extremely reliable. Gas mileage is about 18 in the city. Fairly quiet ride. Would consider buying a Murano again.

- Robert F

There is a recall that affects the accelerator.

I love the size and the smooth drive. I dislike that some of the interior elements remind me of a station wagon.

- Travis S

I love how spacious my Nissan Murano 2009 is. There is a lot of legroom for my daughter and passengers.

I love how spacious my Nissan Murano 2009 is. The seats are easy to clean with kids and I love the features.

- Brooke T

Great family vehicle or first car

Nissan is a very good dependable vehicle . They are good in the snow as well as the flat lands and mountains

- Amanda L

Drives great. . . Sturdy car in all kinds of weather.

I love the roominess of the car, handles great in the snow. It is a reliable car in all weather situations.

- Julie H

The inside is great and it is nice looking on the outside.

The tires are bald and the breaks are worn down. It jerks a little bit but other than that it works great.

- Anna H

It's easy to drive it gets decent gas mileage and can fit a full grown German Shepard in the back

I like that it's easy to drive. I like that it has a sunroof. I don't like how much its costing to fix.

- ashley m

Very comfortable and easy to drive for a larger SUV

I love the way the vehicle handles. It makes me feel safe and has been virtually hassle free

- Paula B

The problems with the battery! It is too often dead even though no lights were left on.

I like the comfort of my seat. The MPG is ok. However, it has always had battery problems.

- Susan A

It has held up a really long time. Very dependable.

I love the size. It's nice to have navigation and leather seats. It's held up a long time.

- Brynn W

para mi ahorra gasolina y para mi ese ahorro es importante

es un carro familiar es cómodo por sus espacio y es fuerte para ir al campo o a la playa

- iris V

Very reliable. I drove my last Nissan for 20 years.

Styling, comfort, reliability. This is the second Nissan I've owned and I love them,

- Lind B

Powering steering fluid gets low, there were brake problems, but otherwise my care is in pretty good shape for the age

My car is an easy drive and nothing major is wrong with it besides the brakes

- Alicia K

I love it! It is really nice to drive!

Like the easy entry. Like the handling. Like the seating. Like the viability.

- davis M

The car is so dependable a trustworthy car. It hardly breaks down

I like that it's a dependable care. It runs great with no problems.

- Wayne S

Customers should know how spacious the vehicle is.

I love the vehicle. Has a ton of space. My complaint is gas mileage.

- Daniel T

It's a safe car. It has minimal maintenance. It doesn't cost much for insurance.

I like that it is comfortable. Has a good ride. It's getting older.

- Reva W

It doesn't get good gas mileage.

The murano has been a very reliable vehicle. I have no complaints.

- Jack P

The Murano is reliable. It has a good engine and has guts to it. Brakes also are very strong.

It has held up very well. I feel safe even though the car is old.

- Grant W

It gets decent gas mileage for how large it is and has spacious back seats.

Needs repair. Not big enough. Doesn't have the newer features.

- Heather C

My vehicle was purchased new and rides very well.I love the features of the vehicle such as Bluetooth and navigation however I don't like that there have been recalls as well as several issues that seem to have occurred early on despite the fact that the car was maintained and purchased new.

Overall it's a fairly reliable car and is great for a family..

- candra p

Reliable! Good on gas for an SUV. Sound system is amazing

Too small but love it. Needs a bit of a tech upgrade.

- Ashley R

It is dependable and very low cost to maintain.

Dependable. Low maintenance costs. Good gas mileage.

- James H

Great family car with lots of room.

- Heidi B

Perfect size for a family just starting out!

- Grace H