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Nissan Murano: safe, reliable, and great gas mileage!

I have always driven a Honda brand of cars. My family is loyal to the Honda company and their cars. The problem was I wrecked my Honda CR-V car and had to buy another vehicle. Looking for a new car I wanted something that was safe, and reliable. One of the cars that came up as both safe and reliable was the Nissan cars. I have never driven a Nissan car before and no one in my family ever had one. I got a 2010 Nissan Murano black beginning of this year. I have already driven it for one whole year and I am in love with it! The gas mileage for my car is very good and the features that my car has to offer are stellar! I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a new vehicle!

- Madison B

Big body, smooth ride, spacious, mild gas guzzler, luxurious, reliable

The Murano is very spacious. To me it's a luxury car. It does have a couple of button that I'm not sure actually do anything. It took me a couple of months to find the emergency break. I love that the back seats fold down, so that there is more trunk room. Gas is a little pricey. I fill up about 2 times a week and that about $80 all together. The first car I truly enjoy driving. It's a big body but the handling and the drive is extremely smooth. Although when something breaks down the parts are expensive. Murano's are also temperamental. I plan on buying another car in a couple of years and I definitely want to get another Murano.

- Tay D

The last vehicle I will ever own.

This has been my all time favorite vehicle that I have ever owned. The comfort seating makes this suv a dream to drive. The sunroof is incredible because of the double glass, giving you all the airflow you need. The height of the back trunk area makes loading groceries a breeze. There is ample legroom in the backseat to accommodate even my 6'2" son. The performance is wonderful as the 4wd is a huge plus and the suv even has the ability to read rain conditions and put your wipers on the perfect speed without lifting a finger. Love it.

- Victoria F

The vehicle is all wheel drive which makes driving in all the weather conditions we have in Oklahoma very dependable.

This vehicle has been extremely reliable and has had no major issues since we purchased it other than routine maintenance which all vehicles must endure. It is very safe, and drives very smoothly over bumps and around curves. The back storage is plenty for my golf clubs and can still put other things such as groceries in the trunk. We did not purchase nav with the car, because it would have cost us an additional sum of money which we did not feel was worth it knowing that we can use smart phones for maps.

- Sam Z

Good vehicle for first time car buyer.

9 year old vehicle that has been very reliable and comfortable. Great size, roomy back seat and room in the back. Runs down car batteries quickly. Not completely satisfied with the technology that comes with the car, specifically the Bluetooth capabilities. There's no ability to play music over Bluetooth, and there is no aux cord connection as an alternative. After 9 years, the transmission is starting to fail, and multiple mechanic appraisals have said that Nissan is notorious for transmission failures.

- Beth W

The best car I've ever driven!

I have not had any problems with my car. It is a joy to drive. It handles well and is very comfortable to ride in. I live in Michigan where there are frequent snowstorms in the winter and the roads become very icy and slippery. My murano stands up to these bad road conditions very well and I feel very safe driving it in these conditions. Even though my car is nine years old it is in excellent condition and still looks really good. I would not hesitate to purchase another one in the future.

- Kathleen W

Comfortable ride never fails to be a joy to drive!

Nissan murano is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven. I love then heated seats, the trunk space and the moon roof. In the last year, though, the backup camera has stopped working. The radio has never gotten good reception and I have had to keep satellite radio as a result. Having purchased the car used I was not sure how to use some features and the aux was not easy to figure out. Overall though I love it and would definitely buy another murano.

- Lesley M

I love the dual sunroofs.

I drive a 2010 Nissan murano with dual sunroofs, backup cameras, Bluetooth, power seating and windows. Good bass system, brand new tires. Available with standard front-wheel-drive (FWD) and optional all-wheel-drive (AWD), the Nissan murano is one of the largest vehicles utilizing a continuously variable transmission (cvt). Fuel economy was rated at 18 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway (same mpg FWD and AWD on the new epa specifications).

- Andrea J

Very comfortable and big enough to haul lumber for my hobby of making yard art.

First 5 years no issues at all. I've replaced tires once so far. A few months ago I had a problem with the electrical system but I didn't know it was a electrical problem. I had to have it towed to a garage. I couldn't start the car. I could push starter button but just the dash lights would come on but the engine did nothing. After getting it to the garage they did a thorough inspection and found a fuse blown in the fuse box under the hood.

- Daniel K

The Murano is very spacious and reliable

I bought my vehicle used with about 60,000 miles on it from a Nissan dealer. It came with a limited lifetime powertrain warranty. At nearly 140,000 miles my transmission blew and my warranty covered the labor and parts. Other than that, I have had no problems with my vehicle. I get decent gas mileage for having an SUV. It is very spacious, with plenty of storage space in the cargo. Heated seats, am/FM radio, cruise control.

- Katarina R

This is an amazing family vehicle!

I absolutely love this car, there is just enough space for me and my kids as well as they little puppy. It drives amazing and does great on gas, my kids love how spacious it is and they don't complain about being uncomfortable in a small tight place anymore! I would definitely recommend this car to anyone that wants a smooth comfortable drive that their kids will enjoy as well.

- tess H

Best vehicle I have ever owned!

My Nissan is extremely reliable. I have 100k miles on it and have never had an issue with anything mechanical, and only once has anything failed in the car, and it was just a fuel sensor. It drives smoothly, like a dream. Plenty of power, smooth stops. I love the convenience and layout of the dashboard, and everyone is always amazed at the ample leg room.

- Kari M

Some minor issues but generally great

Radio/ac/general display control panel has issues. Won't save the last radio station and volume. Takes a few weeks to get the clock to reset for daylight savings. Everything says it's the battery but we've had it replaced. Otherwise, it's a great car. Had great mileage for our camping trip and the AWD worked very well for that and the snow/ice we get.

- Kelsey G

I love this car all around.

Extremely comfortable and roomy. I love how easy the car drives and picks up speed. I am able to make sharp turns despite the car being bigger. Everyone in the car has plenty of room. I love the trunk space. Hooks up to Bluetooth. I just wish it had one more row of seats in the back. Great for a family of 3, family of 4 could be a tight squeeze.

- Melissa S

Durable vehicle, not fancy but good enough in its performance.

The air conditioner has given some problems about losing gas and not cooling enough, the gas consumption is around 16 miles in city, the car is very comfortable, easy to drive, the radio button gets a little damaged, in overall the car is pretty food and stable, after around 3-5 years it started to give some maintenance problems but normal ones.

- Orlando B

It is a very safe car, well built.

Great car, no problems. . In the eight years I have owned it I have only needed to do basic maintenance. The car is very comfortable. There is plenty of legroom in all seats, my family and I are tall so this has been great. The trunk has plenty of room, I have used my car for road trips, it is very comfortable and roomy for all of our needs.

- Jamie P

Sharp Murano This 2010 Nissan Murano caught my eye as soon as I saw it.

I love the look of my Murano. It's white with tan interior. It's VERY comfortable with leather, heated, electric seats. It has been a very reliable vehicle with the exception of tires going low frequently. It has a moonroof, power windows, plenty of space for storage in the trunk area. Overall, my Murano has been a great vehicle.

- Misty L

Best in class, love my Nissan

My older car runs better than some of the new ones. I have kept the maintenance up on it. She has 170,000 miles only recently have I had to put an new alternator and 2 co2 sensors. In 2018 I did have to replace the ac motor which was very costly but worth it when you live in Florida, you need the AC. I couldn't ask for a better car!

- Scott N

Very spacious and beautiful.

I love my truck it runs great the radio is a good sound system I love driving it especially on the freeway the drive is so smooth. The miles was low when I bought it the only thing if rocks hit the window on the freeway it will kinda leave a crack there is a recall on that but my truck is perfect for me and my kids.

- Davis D

Great family car for taking those vacations cross country.

My husband is a big person he could use a little more leg room. It would be nice if they made one with a v8 engine. The vehicle could use more pickup in the mountains or when passing another vehicle. There is a good amount of room for passengers and we enjoy the dual ac feature. I am always cold and husband is not.

- Deborah M

Double sunroof and leather seats.

It is a heavy duty SUV.. Has plenty of space. Very comfortable. Good on gas. Has FM radio station. Has Bose speakers in it. Has double sunroof. Motor always runs well. Nice leather interior. With let down back seats. Just has blind spot on passenger back window. Just have to keep oil changed and it runs forever.

- George S

Pros and Cons of Nissan Murano

I love my truck. It looks small on the outside but is very roomy on the inside. The back seats let down for extra storage in back if needed. The only downfall that I've had is that I recently had to replace my transmission. The mechanic told me after much research that it's a known problem for those trunks.

- Ashley J

Nissan Murano - great details, and style.

I really like this car. It has a good style, design, and plenty of space. It is a little bigger than what I had wanted but it gets the job done. I like that it has all wheel drive, which is great in the winter and has no problem on ice. It has many adjustable features, which it great to accommodate height.

- Emily P

It is fine but has a few issues I'd like improvement on.

The window does not roll down anymore. The leather has started to rip in one place. I like the sunroof and the heated chairs. The back seats are not very comfortable. I would like even better gas mileage. My lights do not come on automatically when they need to even though I have it set to automatically.

- Morgan W

Very reliable vehicle with great performance and safety

Problems only with recall on transmission and replacing battery. Can go 5 thousand miles between oils changes no problem. Rotate tires every 5 thousand miles. Great gas mileage and v6 engine has plenty of power. Has screen display for stereo that is very good. Interior holds up very well. Love this car.

- Dusty M

Love my Nissan Murano, loyal customer.

Easy drive, comfortable, roomy. Might get a new car next year for the increased safety features. Would love another Murano, which would be my third. I have had Nissans for the last 30 years and have been happy with all of them. My only complaint with this model is the heat does not come up fast enough.

- Anne M

Sleek design and comfortable 2nd row seating.

When I first got it I liked it even though I wanted something else. After a while I noticed the on board computer that runs all the functions was making the gas pedal and acceleration slip. There is an option to turn it off though. Other than this problem everything else is fine. Could use more space.

- Rich R

Love my Murano. Wouldn't trade it for anything else

Super dependable vehicle. I've taken mine on long road trips and it's a very comfortable ride. Love the Bose system in it. There is plenty of storage and I absolutely love the rear console with drink holders. I keep my serviced regularly and plan on keeping it for a few more years before I upgrade

- Judi L

Spacious, comfortable, and practical

My vehicle is incredibly reliable, relatively gas efficient, and easy and fun to drive. Aesthetically, it is a bit of a mom mobile but the available space makes the trade-off worth it. I find the interior to be of good quality and the leather stands up to the constant abuse I and my family put it to.

- Monica C

Mid sized spacious vehicle.

Nothing gone wrong with the vehicle. Yet I had to change the oil and tires and keep up with maintenance. but otherwise a great car that still rides smoothly. I love the size and space offered to carry cargo. I features all wheel drive with a hitch available for towing. It also has a 6 disc CD player.

- D'Angelo D

Really love the sunroof and heated seats.

Love it. No problems runs really good. Comfortable seats. Got everything I ever wanted except GPS. Very reliable and excellent on gas. Drives really smooth. Just the right size, definitely do not need a third seat. Really love the sunroof and heated seats. One thing I wish I had was a start up key.

- Kari D

When time comes I will upgrade to another murano.

The murano rides very smoothly. I like the quick acceleration,it is nice and roomy. The brand Nissan is dependable and this model is attractive and affordable. It handles nicely.l. get good gas mileage. The hatchback opens easily. There is plenty of room in the trunk for groceries or supplies.

- Linda W

The things I love about my 2010 Nissan Murano!

I love everything about my Murano except that it needs more cup holders. I love the heated seats, sunroof, dual temperature controls, Versatility of being able to haul stuff or people. Love the AWD love the intelligent key would love a remote start gas mileage is ok I think it could be better.

- Mandi W

Murano attributes. Ease of handle and being able to see at a distance.

The gas mileage, ease of handle, features, heated front seats, roomy enough for me, rear seating is great and able to adjust seats for hauling items in the rear, sunroof is amazing for the seasons, legroom is great for rear passenger seating, adjustable seats in the front, visibility is great.

- Betty B

The climate control panel is interesting in the center of the knobs.

It runs great. Strong steering capabilities, gentle ride and good stopping capabilities. The interior has ample space for sitting also a large trunk forward sometimes. The only complaint with me that the infotainment is a bit spotty. The display goes in and out but it works perfectly.

- Kevin K

Great automatic features to vehicle

Heated leather seats, multi-point adjustment for driver seat, reliable vehicle, buttons starting to fade, heating & air conditioning comes on quickly, remote start & auto-trunk/hatch release as both button on dash, outside vehicle and via key, plus button to open gas tank/door

- Nadine C

Murano big car in a small car.

It has more space than it appears, handles like a small car. It is still runs very well after 8 years with no big repairs. There is not any fancy technology like back up camera or screen for navigation. Steering is very easy to handle and breaks have lasted without any major repairs.

- Bekah U

2010 Nissan Murano is a great luxurious reliable vehicle.

The 2010 Nissan Murano is a great vehicle, it is very spacious with convenient automatic pull down seats in the back so you can fit luggage in the back with ease. It has a nice double sunroof and a relaxing interior for those that are looking for more ease when driving their vehicle.

- Edward W

My Nissan Murano is a very nice vehicle. I love the sunroof!

I really love my Nissan Murano. I have had it for a few years now and it has worked pretty well for me. I have had a few issues with it but overall it is a nice vehicle. I love having a sunroof. It was a must when I was looking for a vehicle. I also love the black leather interior.

- Jennifer C

It�s an awesome car! Will always be interested in Nissan Murano.

It's the best car I've ever driven. I would totally buy another car newer model or the same as I have now. It's not amazing on gas but it's a very comfortable car. Has plenty of room front and backseat. Also nothing has ever been wrong with it. I like how high it is off the ground.

- Anna S

My Nissan Murano is a larger vehicle so it makes me feel safe.

My Nissan Murano drives very smoothly. It is the largest vehicle I have owned and it makes me feel safer. I have cloth seats which is ideal in Florida because leather seats get too hot. I don't have many mechanical issues with my car, very reliable for road trips and everyday use.

- Kristin L

rear view camera and heated seats

my car has helpful features such as a rear camera and heated seats. It seats five people which is perfect for me and my sisters. It is very roomy overall and has a large trunk. The Nissan drives smoothly and I have not had any problems with it since I got it about a year ago.

- anna A

Nissan Murano is comfortable for four.

I haven't really experienced any problems with my Nissan Murano. I love it! I like the interior design and space as well as how the car handles when I drive. It is roomy enough for 4, which includes a car seat. It does get rather crowded when/if I try to squeeze 5 people in.

- Karen H

Why I love my Murano no problems with this SUV.

I have had not even one problem I love it, it rides beautifully very comfortable to drive or ride will buy another one for sure. Very reliable. I have had the Murano for three years now and also glad I went with the Nissan jean Nickerson. Buy one you will have no headaches.

- Jean N

works fine but could be better

car is reliable and works fine. No major issues only transmission fluid and oil changes. Variable transmission is ok and tires aren't too expensive. wipers work well but need replaced every year or two. Gas mileage is ok but could be better because the car is a six cylinder

- Ben A

The vehicle is very roomy. Great if you have a couple kids.

I think the comfort level is perfect. The seats give me the perfect amount of support. I find the car to be very reliable. The only real problem I ever have had so far was the air conditioner broke on me. It rides very nicely. The heated seats might be my favorite feature.

- Sheila D

Now it's used as my dog car.

Only repairs were related to mileage and normal wear and tear on the Murano. The vehicle handles well in snow and rain. I have `165. 000 miles on the vehicle. Starting to get a little slippage in the automatic transmission. I get 20 mpg around town and 23 mpg on the road.

- George U

2010 Nissan Murano 4 door all wheel drive

Smooth driving. Cold ac. Plenty of horsepower. Low road noise. Plenty of space. Spacious 'trunk' hatch area. Individual heat and air settings to help keep individuals feeling comfortable. Would highly recommend. Looking forward to potentially upgrading to a newer model

- Brandon B

A great investment in durability and style.

I love the rounded style, the durability and I feel like I can depend on this make of vehicle. I love the interior cockpit feel, and it feels very stylish. The back seats have a feature to put up with the pull of a button. I love how much room is in the trunk as well.

- Cathy G

My Nissan Murano: great looking vehicle. Smooth ride and comfortable.

I have had the car for about a year and love it! The interior is leather and very attractive. It has an 'upscale' feel to it and is very comfortable. The ride is smooth and it handles very nicely. We have only had to have oil changes and no other issues to report.

- Judi F

Just a great vehicle, I have not found anything that I do not like about it.

I love all of the features, the comfort, the rear view screen, the stereo, the six CD changer, the push button start, the hatch in the back, the smooth ride, and how well the cruise control works, the comfortable leather seats, just a great all around vehicle.

- Kent P

Very roomy small SUV for the ever growing family!

This is my second Murano. They are roomy, handle well in the changing conditions here in New England and are reasonably priced for all that you get. Other than normal maintenance I've had very little issues with either of them. I highly recommend the Murano!

- Heidi B

Nissan Murano - versatile and easy maintenance.

I love the size and versatility of my Murano. It has enough room to haul all my kiddos gear and still have room for groceries. It is reliable, easy maintenance, all around a good investment. I would be comfortable purchasing another Murano in the future.

- Sis C

2010 Nissan Murano Pre Owned review

Bought it a couple months ago with 100,000+ miles already on it but it runs great. Had to do minor repairs so far. I drive 2 hours a day 3 days a week and then the rest casual to dos. Spacious, fast, feels like a tank. I like it a lot. Glad to have it.

- Katie C

High crash rating which is good. Blind spots on back side windows which is bad.

It is a small SUV. No real big problems as of yet. It is very reliable, comfortable, and nice to drive. I love that the seats in the back fold down, has a sunroof, multiple cup holders, child locks, child windows, roomy trunk.

- Amber R

My Murano is roomy and I love the sunroof

There is no auxiliary input and no way to upgrade to one. Beware of your tire depth they can cause your transmission to go out and void your warranty. It is a very smooth operating vehicle and I would purchase another one

- Stephanie B

Very advanced and pretty!

I love our Murano. It has keyless entry and automatic everything. The back hatch is perfect and the back is roomy. Perfect for Halloween. It does not have a space for aux cord though and it does not have Bluetooth.

- Jessica T

My Vehicle Is Affordable And Dependable. It Is Comfortable And Fuel Efficient.

I Like My Vehicle Because It Is Comfortable. It Also Is A Nice Size Vehicle And Gives Me Very Good Gas Mileage. It Is Also A Dependable Vehicle And Requires Minimal Maintenance. It Also Has An Attractive Style.

- Gary B

It is durable and reliable.

I love the drive, color, seat fabric and space. I hate that there always seems to be an issue with it and the issues have been expensive. Seems like no matter what i do, i cannot get the brakes to stop squealing.

- Lisa C

Its very nice and spacious.

Had it only for probably two weeks and I am having trouble with the cvt or transmission that's what the code kept popping up about. So now I am stuck with a car whose transmission could possibly be going out.

- Courtney B

Great family vehicle. Fits all our needs!

Has a terrible blind spot along the sides of the windshield. Drives great. Backseat comes down in two parts which is nice when I need to keep a car seat in but put the seat down for hauling things as well

- Jill K

How many miles it has on it.

I like that it has a camera on the back so I can see behind me while I am backing out. I like that it is a button you push to start the engine instead of turning the key. I wish there were seat warmers.

- Emily H

That it is in fact a family car and that is great for travelling, the trunk space is just right to carry 3 to 4 suitcases

I like that the vehicle is bigger than a sedan but not as big as a full size SUV, the gas mileage is good, the interior is comfortable, the downside is that the engine lacks power from my point of view.

- Harry G

It is a very smooth ride and quiet.

I love the push to start engine so I do not have to physically have my keys on me. I love that it has heated seats in every seat in the car. I love that it is fully automated. I love that it is roomie.

- Lauren H

Some of the things I love about my Murano.

Seats are very roomy and comfortable being able to adjust front and back seats. The hatch is very convenient with lots of room and storage. Good on gas for a small SUV. Backup camera is a great plus!

- Savannah A

Others should know that even though it is close to 9 years old, it is a great car that serves a great purpose.

I like that this vehicle is reliable and has not given me much trouble since I purchased it. I like the roomy trunk and it allows me to haul large amounts easily. It is good on gas mileage.

- Jon S

Bose stereo system, leather seats, comfortable car.

It had to have a new transmission put in it and luckily we bought the extra bumper to bumper warranty. It has comfortable seats, Bose stereo system, heated seats, sunroof and leather seats.

- Michele H

My Nissan is comfortable and reliable.

My Nissan is very reliable and comfortable to drive. I have over 160,000 miles on it with very little expensive beyond typical maintenance. Really reliable and very comfortable.

- Amy R

It's comfortable and reliable

Love the look and comfort of my car. Drives well and no problems other than normal wear and tear. I wish the gas mileage was better and that the bluetooth supported by phone.

- Melissa C

That it is a comfortable ride that is good on gas.

Dislike I do not have AUX inside for listening. I like how it drives and it is good on gas, I like the sun roof and I actually have good experiences with Nissan dealerships.

- Crystal K

Great gas mileage and all wheel drive.

Prices of parts are a little high but other than that the all-wheel drives handles in any weather, and also has traction control if you get caught in a messy situation.

- Steven S

It's not great in one particular area but it is but better than average in all areas

I love the roominess. particularly head and shoulder. I dislike the weight because it takes away on performance. I love the that I never had a serious problem with it.

- vyto c

2010 Murano great car! Rear camera, plenty of room in rear.

It is solid comfort. I feel that it is very reliable. It rides smooth and fairly quiet. I have good visibility and can adjust the seats, side mirrors easily.

- Susan D

It is the perfect size for kids.

I like bigger cars so I love my SUV. I like the leather seats and the interior. The gas mileage could be better but it is an SUV so it is expected.

- Grace M

Feels like a big SUV but handles like a small car.

The Murano handles like a small car but advantages of having a SUV. The car is 8 years old and still runs perfectly fine without any major repairs.

- Bekah U

It is a dependable car. It gets decent gas mileage.

It is very comfortable to drive. It drives well on the highway. I like being able to see traffic as it sits a little higher on the road.

- Linda R

It's a good size - mid size suv

I like the size of it . I use it for work and it is big enough to get a lot of my samples in but it still drives smoothly - like a sedan .

- John H

The best feature for passengers is the heated seats in the 2nd row seating.

I love my vehicle. It has all the bells and whistles I wanted and so much more. I enjoy the heated seats, double sunroof, and navigation.

- George Z

Extremely reliable for the past decade

The Murano has been a very reliable car for me. I have over 100,000 miles on it currently. I have minimal repairs and maintenance to do.

- Jason s

Backup camera is essential for sporting events, daycare and busy neighborhoods

Roomy and sporty but not a mom car. Back up camera is great. The back allows for enough room to travel for days with lots of luggage

- Amber D

The Murano is a quality vehicle that I feel safe in.

I like that my vehicle is safe, comfortable, roomy and dependable. My only complaint would be wish it had more cup holders in front.

- Diane L

It has a ton of awesome features and is super easy to drive, park, and store things in.

I love how easy it is to drive. It's sleek and has a lot of nice features. I also love how much I can store in the back! It's huge!

- Heather J

They should know that is fit for a family.

I like that it is spacious. It is well on gas. There's really not much I do not like about the car. Everything was fine to me.

- Brittany H

The 2010 Nissan Murano is the perfect car for millennials on the go

I haven't ever had any issues with my vehicle. It runs perfectly well and rarely needs to go in for service. It's a 10/10 car.

- Tyy J

It is a reliable vehicle.

It is reliable. I like the smooth ride. I enjoy the features; rear view camera, automatic hatch, seat memory, heated seats.

- Mary B

Dependable and reliable. Great vehicle that can fit a lot of stuff.

Rides smooth , very dependable and reliable. Great in bad weather. No problem thus far had vehicle since 2012. Very roomy.

- Christine D

I like Nissan! It is a comfortable car.

Had it for 3 years but just had to put a lot of money into it. 85, 000 miles are on it. Has been dependable up until now.

- Jackie K

Buy one nice car. You wont regret it. Good value for the money.

Love the room and space. Comfortable ride. Good on gas mileage. Sharp car. There is nothing to dislike about this car.

- Sandy C

A crossover SUV with the power to get you where you need to go

Very low maintenance. Very comfortable and plenty of room a features. Easy to drive, great for a family or individual.

- Kevin A

Drives well and not expensive to fix Room for the entire family Roo. In the boot

Great space in the boot & plenty of room for 3 car seats for the kids. Classy and lovely to drive Comfortable seats

- Fiona T

Nissan is a very nice and low maintenance vehicle.

The leather on the inside. And the ride is smooth. Low maintenance. The room it has side of the car. That is it.

- Vida H

Spacious and gas efficient. It's good for families or single persons.

It's cute and sporty but yet has enough room for my dogs. It also gets good MPG and never has any motor issues!

- Kristin Z

My front end needs balancing. . .

I think I need a front end alignment. That or my wheels need balancing. a certain speed my front tires shakes.

- Donald D

It drives great. The inside is spacious.

I love how the car drives. It drives nice and smooth. The inside is very spacious. I do not dislike anything.

- Britt S

Its very roomy inside for passengers and has plenty of room in the hatchback for sports gear and hauling.

Very comfortable ride. With decent gas mileage. Like the hatchback with lots of room. Great in the winter.

- Daniel S

The inside looks and is extremely well made.

Super touchy with braking and gas but also extremely reliable, comfortable, attractive, and practical.

- Harper R

It a dependable and tough truck.

I had a fair amount of engine problems with the car. The drivetrain needed replacement. Guzzles gas.

- Carlos M

It is reliable and has aged well with no major problems.

Like the interior Has Aged well has been reliable Exterior look is only negative No complaints

- Lou S

It is s very reliable and the price was very reasonable.

It is easy to drive, has good gas mileage,reliable, looks good, and was a great price.

- Chan N

everything. It is by far the most favorite vehicle i have ever owned.

I love having an suv. I feel safer and the roominess of the murano is great.

- Karen K

My car rides really smooth. It also has the perfect amount of space.

My vehicle is a SUV. I love my car. Rides great and has just enough room.

- Britt K

This car is so smooth and a very quiet ride. It is also great for having two small children. So easy to get them in and out of the back seats. Safe and reliable vehicle. I just wish I had a new model with more updated features such as Bluetooth.

It is safe reliable and comfortable family car. Lots of room for a family.

- Kara K

It is very comfortable to drive and handles well. The size is perfect for me. It has a backup camera which is very convenient.

It does a great job getting me where I need to go and is good on gas.

- Nicole T

I have not had any problems with the mechanical operation of the SUV, the ergonomic design of the interior, the exterior paint nor the interior upholstery and carpeting. In 8 years, the SUV has required normal oil changes, fluid changes and wiper blades replaced.

The 2010 Nissan Murano is a reliable, trouble free car to operate .

- wray k

It drives very well. It goes good in bad weather. It has plenty of trunk space and great for trips.

Love the vh. Very sporty and dependable. Decent amount of room

- stephanie t

It is a great car. it drives great. love the options which come with it.

Love the way it drives Love the options in it Love the color

- Moe E