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Nissan Murano: Very good with a couple minor deficiencies.

My Murano has 71,000 miles. It has held up very well, which I think speaks to the reliability and durability of this make/model. The only issue I have encountered is that the climate control system seems a little temperamental; the controls often do not adjust fan speed according to the graduated segments of the knob (you click the fan speed to lower the speed one notch, but it lowers it by three notches or even increases the speed by a couple notches). There might be an electrical short there, but it does not annoy me enough to pay to have it diagnosed. I bought the car because it was bigger and heavier than my previous car, which had been rear-ended. It is noticeably heavier than my previous car - the weight noticeably affects the stopping distance as well as the gas mileage. I definitely feel safer in this vehicle, and I sit up higher also, so a better view. However, because the front windshield slopes dramatically, it is extremely difficult to judge where the right front corner of the vehicle is - you cannot see that area well enough from the driver's seat. The front bumper also is not visible, and it sticks out from the car about a foot or so, making it susceptible to bumping into objects in front if you are not careful. The rear-view camera was an unexpected bonus (I did not have one previously) and it works great. There is plenty of room inside - even the back seat is spacious, and the storage area in back is quite large.

- Mike M

Performance. The nissan murano is a wonderful fast and smooth driving SUV.

My murano is a wonderful smooth riding SUV. I have had it for 5 years and have had no major problems. Just back brakes and tires..It is pretty fast. Before you know it you have to be careful because it's so smooth riding that you will be speeding and not know it. The only thing I don't like is it's so hard to park. The tinted windows hard to see. I love the sunroof. It is a pretty pearl white. Very comfortable seating inside. Nice radio and great factory speakers. Again the best thing about the murano is the smooth riding..

- Tina G

True family car-highly recommend!

This is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned, by far! I love that it offers so much space for family and cargo, but still feels like driving a car. Easy to adjust seats, which is a plus for me and my husband. Fits 3 car seats across the back seat, which is another huge plus. Drives smoothly, nice feel to the pedals. Love the sunroof, the touch locks, and Bluetooth capabilities. All these things make for a comfortable and convenient vehicle for my busy life!

- Rachel M

2012 Nissan Murano most reliable car I have ever owned!

My Nissan Murano is almost perfect in every way. I have had almost no repairs except to the driver's side visor which has been replaced once and needs to be replaced again. There have been absolutely no repairs on any parts except for that one thing. I get the oil changed regularly and use medium grade gasoline. It has gotten 19+ miles per gallon since it was new and still does six years later. It is reliable and comfortable and wears well.

- Becky S

My Nissan murano is awesome. The drive is so smooth.

No problems so far. I just purchased this vehicle a month ago. I absolutely love it. It's very spacious and drives great. I love the look of it and the way it drives. It's very smooth on bumpy roads. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. I love the push start feature. My favorite thing is the dual air feature. I stay hot and husband stays cold. It's a great way to keep us both comfortable.


Great investment vehicle!

I love my Nissan Murano it is the perfect size for a small family and it is still nice enough for date night. It drives smoothly and I highly recommend driving a Nissan Murano. I haven't experienced and serious issues with this vehicle and I have driven it up and down the east coast so even with a lot of travel this vehicle has proven itself to be a great investment.

- Janet B

Nissan Murano is a multi tasking vehicle.

Great ride and very safe. Very reliable and roomy for long trips. It has several luxury features and good on gas mileage. Both in town and highway. It has auto back door release and the seats fold down if needed for extra space. I was able to rest at the hospital in the back while my daughter in law was trying to give birth to my granddaughter. Very comfortable.

- Nora L

Nissan Murano: mid-priced luxury.

Smooth ride; quiet cabin. Drives like an Infiniti. Elegant driving experience. Great for family without giving in to a minivan. Lots of headroom. Does tend to roll forward (or backward) on an incline. Also, visibility is limited, especially for short drivers like yours truly. Factory paint is very delicate and scratches easily.

- Michelle G

The family Nissan Murano.

The car is very spacious. The leather seats are easy to clean but the crevices are very hard to get cleaned out. The sound system is very good. I wish there was a way to add internet connections so that my family could use this option on long trips. I have not had any major mechanical issues and the car has been very reliable.

- Rebecca M

Family friendly, storage and comfort drive.

I just purchased my Nissan Murano less than 6 months ago. I love the space and the comfortable drive. My husband and I have one son and it is the perfect size to transition from a car to a bigger vehicle to accommodate a growing family. They make great for road trips and lots of storage space when shopping as well.

- Kiara R

I have the best car ever!

I love my Nissan murano because it is as comfortable for trips as it is easy to drive around locally. It is a 2012 and it is problem free! Having a sunroof makes it fun to drive. Also love the heated seats and the Bluetooth phone. The price of the car makes it an extra value for the quality of the car.

- Pat H

Love my Murano, the best SUV.

I love my Murano, it is a comfortable, smooth ride. Love my interior which are leather seats. Beautiful exterior color, lots of compliments. Sits up high enough to see traffic well. Good space for luggage or cargo. Gets good gas mileage. Problem. Windshield has had to be replaced twice for cracking.

- Pat F

Cool momma. So ready to hit the road, and ready for all the obstacles.

I have had a Nissan since I was 25, I had a Nissan Sentra for thirteen years and the only thing I did was kept the oil changed and kept it serviced. I had a pathfinder and the only thing was because of the salt on the roads, the bottom rusted. I now have a Murano and I have not had a problem.

- Pamela S

It is extremely dependable and has lasted several long car trips.

I really like the tinted bronze color, the sunroof/moonroof, and the leather seats. I wish that Nissans were a little more high tech and had an upgraded audio system with Bluetooth that comes with the basic models like most other cars. I also really like my nose surround sound speaker system.

- Melanie A

Smooth riding and calm driving.

Hey there well my vehicle is a smooth driving vehicle. I love it very much has nice tires and good steering wheel. Has seats you can fold back in need of putting big things in. My cool vehicle I named Rosaline because its calm name for a calm smooth driving car. I really do love my vehicle.

- Rivers T

Great car poor customer relationships.

In my opinion Nissan has the best engine on the market. The ride is great, fuel economy could be a little better. The only complaint I have is they no longer provided roadside assistance which I was not very happy about and when I sent a letter to Nissan about it I never received a reply.

- Frank P

Best SUV I have ever owned!

I use this SUV to haul my pop up camper. We have dogs and love the space in the rear of the murano. We stay up on maintain and have had zero problems. Best vehicle ever!! It is rugged enough for all our outdoor adventures, but classy enough to dress up and go out for a night on the town!

- Amanda W

Nissan is #1. The performance & comfort of this vehicle is. Amazing!

I love Nissan products! We have had 5 Nissan vehicles! They all except the last one, which does not have very many miles on it, have had at least 200, 000 miles on them & still going! We have had very few problems with these vehicles. I am sure we will buy a Nissan for our next vehicle!

- Sandra H

Nissan Murano: luxury feel, midlevel price.

I love this car -- it is great for a family without feeling too utilitarian or "minivan. " It handles like an infiniti, and has a quiet, luxurious cabin. Gas mileage is average. My only complaint is that there are some visibility challenges. This is my favorite car I have ever owned!

- Michelle H

Murano sv platinum edition.

I purchased the car used with 60k miles on it. I have had to replace a wire that cost $200? So far it is a reliable car that I feel safe in. We are a family that lives out of our car putting about 20k on it a year. I will not hesitate to allow my daughter to drive it when she is 16.

- Jeanne P

It is roomy and comfortable.

I have had a lot of problems with this car. The head gaskets leaked onto the alternator causing it to catch on fire. The 02 sensor has gone out several times. Door locks freeze up and my back hatch door had to have several mechanisms replaced and still only opens occasionally.

- Sammi M

The seats, height, positions both driver and passengers. 2nd row semi-reclining.

Like it because it is stylish, roomy, equipped with modern conveniences. Dislike the lack of storage compartments. The console storage is small and the double tray/door does not stay up. The tiny slide out bin in the back of the console for second row passengers is small.

- Patti F

This car is comfort in all ways. It has ample leg room. It has the best seats I have ever had in a car. Plenty of room for storage and head room for my very tall husband.

I love how plush and comfortable the seats are. I have never seen another car with seats like these. The height of the vehicle is percent for me because I have a bad back. If I could change one thing I would have the passenger seat adjust up and down like the drivers.

- Layla L

Very cool car and why I love to drive it everyday.

My car has navigation. Heated front and rear seating. Heated steering wheel. Power seats. Panoramic sunroof. Power lumbar. Power lift gate. Twenty inch premium wheels, the vehicle is all wheel drive. It has a premium sound system with subwoofer and full size spare tire.

- Cameron N

Classy looking automobile! Very roomy without being largely awkward to drive.

I really like the look of my car. It drives really well and is a smooth ride. It is very roomy and very easy to manipulate the fold down rear seats that provides a lot of storage. One down fall is the headrests in the back seats limit the view out of the back window.

- Kimberly R

My car has proven to be reliable and performs great.

I have had my car for 2 years and so far no problems as long as routine maintenance is kept up. Performance and reliability has been great. I have heated seats which are great in the winter, front and back moonroof is awesome and keyless driving has been interesting.

- Brittany A

I love all the features and love how the vehicle drives.

I love my Murano! It has leather seats panoramic roof, heated seats, heated steering wheel Bluetooth steering wheel controls power liftgate and all wheel drive. I do wish the opening for the sunroof was bigger, also wish I had cooled seats and I want remote start.

- Robert S

It has great features like sunroof, heated seats/steering, rear view camera.

I love the reliability, performance and comfort of my vehicle. It handles well and smoothly. The automated features (power windows, sunroof, trunk opener, seat warmers) are great. All wheel drive is great for the winter season. A lot of space for a mid size SUV.

- Courtney H

Nissan Murano is a great family vehicle.

Great vehicle. Very dependent. Has all the comfort add ons you could want. Heated seats, front and back. Air vents for the rear seat. It has double sunroofs, one in the front and one in the back. The leather seats are great for clean up after the little kids.

- James B

Great dependable vehicle for family of 4 plus large dog.

The heated seats and steering wheel are a great bonus in the winter months in northern MN. It is a smooth ride and dependable. I can easily fit my kids and 100lb dog. The headspace is a little on the short side, but there is adequate legroom and trunk space.

- Erin W

I love the cars remote ignition and keyless door locks.

I like that it is a nice ride and has a lot of features. I don't like that it's not good on gas mileage. I also don't like that it feels small with a tall husband and an infant car seat. Also not much truck space because of the way the backend is rounded

- Amie L

It has lasted so long without requiring any significant maintenance.

I haven't had any major maintenance to take care of and it almost has 100,000 miles on it now. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of space. I don't have any complaints about my car. I would buy a newer model of the same car when it is needed.

- season s

Safe, reliable, and spacious.

It is reliable, safe, comfortable, and very spacious. Gas mileage is great. No major issues. It is worth the price. I like the features. I have nothing negative to say about it. I have recommended it to many people. I would buy it again in the future.

- Kristen K

Handles snow and ice very well

I got this vehicle after moving to Chicago because my mustang could not handle the snow. It is a nice vehicle and a good value for a used SUV. However this vehicle was not my choice and therefore I feel like I settled for the vehicle

- Leanna C

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it does not get good gas mileage at all..

I like my Murano because it sits high and drives nicely, doesn't feel like a truck, it is comfortable. I dislike the gas mileage. My only complaint is Nissan does not stand behind their vehicles like they used to.

- Denise F

It is very dependable. comfortable interior, plenty of legroom and lots of storage space.

It runs perfectly. Tracks on the road very well. The size is perfect for me. I like the keyless entry & ignition as well as the backup camera. The gas mileage could be a bit better. No complaints at all.

- Dana L

Love the fact that it rides so comfortable

I have never had any problems with this vehicle. We bought it used. It is reliable and that's what I need for my kids. Air conditioning works great and also love the multiple choice changer

- Andrea J

It's a great vehicle. Good tech and comfort. I'd buy it again.

I like the hauling capacity of my Murano. I like to sit up high. I miss the power sliding doors and flat entry that my van had. I tend to get my foot hung up on the door opening.

- Vicki K

It gets me and my child safely to where we need to go.

I like the size of it, it feels safe and sturdy on the road. I like the leather interior and nose sound system. It has good trunk space, I wish it had a little larger back seat.

- Heather G

All models are different and can Be customized to your likings. It gets good gas mileage for Andy suv

I like the way the SUV looks. I dislike that after I bought I had a huge system failure and needed $4000 grand in work but the Nissan corporate would do nothing to help me.

- Courtney K

Gas mileage is awesome, when u fill it up, you can ride for a while.

I love that it is an SUV. There if sufficient room in the backseat and trunk. It runs really well. The only issue is the blind spots created by the frame of the windshield.

- Alexis F

I like the button on the back that you can press to open the trunk.

I love my car. There is enough room in the back for a bunch of groceries. The door on the back opens up by the push of a button. It also has enough room for 5 passengers.

- Samantha B

It is dependable and stylish even though there's a newer model available. I would still choose this model over the newer one.

I love the color, size, functionality, amenities and comfort. I have almost 100K miles on the car and it still rides wonderfully! I will hate to part with it one day.

- Zuhura G

The fog lights in the front fender tend to get hit and broken by road debris.

I love my Murano for the comfort of the seats and the smoothness of the ride. The gas mileage is descent for an SUV. The look and height of my SUV is perfect for me.

- KM A

Best all around mid size SUV--love the pearl white color that provides safety.

Incredible value for mid-size SUV. . . Reliable, comfortable--love the heated seats and sunroof! Bluetooth ready for hands free talking. Much safer than most cars.

- Patricia H

Overheats if not kept up on.

Like: I like the color, interior and design of vehicle. I like the sunroof.... Dislike: I do not like how my camera does not ding when I get close to something.

- Jane M

That it is a great truck as of right now.?.

I love my car great on gas, trunk space is awesome not too expensive to fix really do not dislike anything about car I will buy it again just a new version.

- Natalie M

The vehicle had been a reliable vehicle and a safe vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the features that were offered for that year vehicle. I dislike the console it is not functional for everyday use.

- Karen H

This car is very safe and rides great.

This vehicle is very reliable! I love the spacious interior as well as the trunk area. The only thing I wish were different is the features, very basic.

- Courtney M

It gets great gas mileage and it doesn't cost a fortune to fill it up.

No complaints, I love the way it drives and rides. I like that it gets good gas mileage and it's not to big or too small. It is actually very roomy,

- Shannon L

The gas mileage is excellent.

It is quite reliable and has wonderful gas mileage. The vehicle is fine but I didn't like the service contract that was offered when I bought the car.

- Lisa A

Reliable, comfortable car

The vehicle is perfect for my needs to travel with my 2 year old daughter. It's great on gas & very comfortable. The only issue is the blind spot.

- Felicia C

It sounds expensive at first but it's totally worth it. Rides great, terrific quality. Would buy again in a heartbeat.

I love my car. I've loved every Nissan I've ever had. The only issue I've ever had with this car is getting used to the blind spots in the back.

- Amanda S

Nissan is a quality vehicle.

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I love the style, roominess and comfort while driving. It is got a great sized cargo area.

- Lee M

Clean, reliable, sporty and efficient.

Love the car. Everything on it works and the performance is great and it's extremely reliable. It's comfortable, clean and nice looking.

- Don H

Great car for family and vacations

Spacious car and amazing design. I love inside design because it's easy to find everything. I'm having trouble with the temperature now.

- Priscilla M

That it is reliable. It is roomy. Great for trips with multiple people.

I like that it's not too small of a CUV, but a nice midsize. That it has a back-up camera. And has a nice pickup to get on a highway.

- m p

It drives and turns like a car.

I love my truck. It fits everyone. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a third row. The extra room to spread out would be nice.

- Sara B

The transmission is known for having errors. Customer service is not very helpful. I tis very expensive to fix, most likely worth replacing the vehicle.

It had always been reliable. Recently we had transmission errors. My compliant is more with customer service than the vehicle itself.

- Pat K

Performance and space features

It is a very reliable vehicle. I could use more space in the back to carry stuff and it's a tight squeeze with more than 4 passengers

- Chelsea C

There are alarms/notifications for every issue you can think of with the car.

Like the room that it had and it has a good ride. The price was great love the color of it I do not have any complaints about it.

- Denise F

Backup camera comes in handy when backing up...

I like the size of the vehicle. The technology that is equipped in this Murano...Drivability, for how smooth the it rides....

- Tammy R

It is sturdy and reliable and comfortable.

My vehicle does not have very good gas mileage... I like that my vehicle drives smooth.. I like the amount of space it has..

- RHonda N

It has the speed of a v8 in a v6.

It is fast, dependable and sporty. It gets great gas mileage and has never given me any problems. I wish it had xm radio.

- Kim A

The Overall performance is excellent and very comfortable

Easier to get and out of than a regular car. Good on gas for a SUV. Very few mechanical problems. Rights beautifully.

- Janet C

It is very comfortable to drive.

A little slow on the accelerator and not a great turn radius. Would like better gas mileage and environmental features.

- Olivia T

Great, comfortable family vehicle

Drives smoothly and I love the interior. Great family vehicle. Almost time to replace, but have very little problems.

- Shannon S

Feels very safe and reliable.

Motor is very quiet. Seats are very comfortable. Car feels very safe. Love sitting up high. Has been very reliable.

- Joanne F

Plush interior and lots of room.

This has been a great car. Travel all the time. Had this car for six years and only had to replace the battery.

- Kat S

it's a dependable care, and It's safe.

like that It's a comfortable ride. I like that It's good on gas. Dislike that the air con isn't strong enough.

- terry P

It's got so much space. It also has XM, CD, and NAV systems.

My vehicle is comfortable which is most important. I have XM radio. I also have heated seats. It's perfect.

- Katy P


I like the convenience and the drive in the snow. What i don't like is the cost of gas. It is a gas guzzler

- Arlene V

For its size it gets good gas mileage. Across 13o,ooo plus miles we have a lifetime average of 23 mpg.

Seats are very important to us. When we went shopping for another vehicle the Murano met our requirements

- Edward K

thats its easy on gas very affordable classy drives like a dream

nice driving car easy on gas nice inside doesn't have nav device in it has two sunroofs in it reliable

- joseph l

It is a safe and reliable vehicle.

I like the size. I like the color. I like how it drives. I do not like how the windshield wipers work.

- Kyra O

Very dependable. Smooth driving. Great on gas.

I have experienced no problems with my vehicle. I have kept up with basic maintenance. Great vehicle.

- Laura A

It has power and it's a fun vehicle to drive

I like the moon roof and engine power I don't like the location of the USB hub for the phone charger

- Walter S

It's a very comfortable and easy to drive SUV, and pretty easy to maintain.

I like the size and how it handles. I like the amount of storage area. I don't like the gas mileage

- Rob S

It's a very safe and reliable vehicle. It also has great AC.

Feels safe and sturdy. Reliable and no major issues yet. Nice interior and exterior. Comfortable.

- Kristen K

It has major blind spots.But on the flip side if you pay attention you will be fine.

The gas mileage is a plus. The only complaint I have is our family is too big to ride together.

- Tammy J

Dependable car ever and it is a beautiful suv. When you need power to transport. It has it.

Lasted over 200k miles. Very powerful. Love the beautiful red. And very comfortable

- Tingchun S

Has plenty of room. Easy to fit a car seat in. Love how it drives. I like the keyless start.

I like that my vehicle is very dependable and I always have plenty of storage.

- Madelyn R

It's reliable and dependable, great on the highway, and a pleasure to drive

It runs like a car, even though it's a SUV. Its roomy, it's not gas efficient

- Lori W

Dependable truck. Not flashy but gets the job done

I have had my truck for 6 years and no problems. No complaints at this time

- Scott W

It is extremely comfortable.

Love car. Comfortable, good on gas, good stereo. Fits all of my needs.

- Gene F

Best car we have owned. We never have had any problems. The paint job looks as good as it did in 2012.

Great car and long lasting. Will not cause you any problems whatsoever

- John M

It has great reliability. Gets great gas mileage. Great looking car.

It has a fancy body. It's very reliable. And it's good on gas.

- Wendy S

I love the size and look of the vehicle. It has power and room for my family.

It feels like a luxury car without paying a luxury price.

- Anna A

It is Reliable and fuel efficient. It rides like a dream.

I love it! It is reliable and cute too. Size is adequate.

- Lisa H

Nice SUV, comfortable for families.

Have had electrical problems that are expensive to repair

- Donna B

I love my Nissan, I've put 80,000 miles on it and hate zero issues so far. Lots of power and great AWD SYSTEM.... however it is expensive to fuel up

It is a very comfortable ride, with lots of features.

- Adam C

rides nice and good gas mileage

no problems, completely happy with my vehicle.

- shirleen b