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Have had a lot of cars but this car is truly the car for reliability.

No problems. It has taken us on trips and is great on gas. Very easy and comfortable to drive. It runs so quiet we have left it on when we went to eat, when we were done and came out saw radio light was on then realized it was still running. We have had it for 3 years and nothing serious has been wrong. We got flat tire is about it. We have drove off-road for a eight mile drive and no problems. It is nice it is all wheel drive don't have to worry where we drive it because it goes on any kind of road. We have drove high in the mountains and never cuts out and transmission gets us up in high altitude easy. Glad to say it is a great car for anyone who goes on trips in mountains or just to travel in. It has plenty of room to lay back and sleep and good size when taking your pets with you. There is plenty of room when your buying big items doesn't look like a lot but there is plenty of room. We are very happy with this SUV and we don't worry when we go on trips we know it will get us there. We have even slept in the front bucket seats they lay back far enough you don't feel cramped. They come with a lot of good features, air and heat vents for back seat radio is very nice sound, easy to put down back seat only one lever. The gas mileage is great and the air is the best we live in Vegas and need great air conditioning and never gets engine overheated. Just love this car. . .

- Beverly G

Roomy and sporty mini SUV. Fun to drive. Lots of space and good-looking.

When I purchased the car in 2018, it only had 22,000 miles and I am the second owner. It is very comfortable and attractive. It is dark blue with gold pinstripes. The wheels are sporty. The interior is beige. All the rear windows are tinted. I added tinting to the front passenger and drivers side windows. Including the eyebrow of the windshield. I like the power. It picks up speed easily. No lagging at all. I drive cross-country one to two times a year and I am able to cross the Rockies and cascades with ease. It is a six cylinder and averages twenty two miles to the gallon. The interior is roomy. Plenty of room for my kids and grandson in the back seat. In the front passenger seat is also roomy and has individual climate control. The cargo area is spacious. I can fit approximately 15 loaded grocery bags. The controls are convenient and easy to use. The control panel is visible and east to read. One gauge tells you when it is due for maintenance. My only complaint is that is difficult to defog the front window. When I turn on the defrost the window does not clear quickly and you cannot wipe with a cloth. It seems to be in between the layers of glass. Possibly the windshield is failing. However, I believe this is a quirk of my car only and not a problem with all Muranos. I love it and plan to drive it for 10 years. I would definitely buy again.

- Kari B

My 2014 Nissan murano the good and not so good side of this family SUV.

This was one of my first pick when choosing a family car, we needed more room than my husband's truck and something that was better on gas. I like how when we decide to go on trips how much room there is in the back for all our things, I have 2 car seats in the back seat but that does not leave much room for anyone to see in the middle seat. I wish the front seat headrest moved back with the seat more or that they could be adjusted in different way, I find that it in a little uncomfortable when driving for a long time. I find that it is great on gas and I love the backup camera, however I wish that there was a way I could hook my phone up to play my music list. Overall I would say that it is a great car for a small family.

- Lindsay R

2014 Nissan murano - a great mid-size SUV!

My murano is one of the best vehicles I have owned. It is reliable and has had very few problems in the 2 years that I have owned it. I have a long commute to work each day and my murano is not only dependable but drives like a champ through any weather - snow/ice, heavy rain, etc. It is very comfortable, which is helpful for the 2 hours that I commute each day. The only thing I wish that I had bought the premium model to get the heated seats, moonroof and electric seat for front passenger. This car is a winner and I will put many more miles on it before I trade it!

- Marilyn A

Murano rides smooth and is a comfortable ride.

My Murano drives pretty good and if you are sitting in the back seat it's a very smooth ride not near as rough as a lot of other vehicles when you ride in the back. Everyone that rides in it thinks it comfortable with a good amount of legroom. It has a GPS which I use a lot and Bluetooth which I use daily. I haven't had any major mechanical or maintenance problems. I get regular oil changes and tires rotated. My main complaint/problem is it has a lot of blind spots. It also does not get good gas mileage.

- Shelby M

Nissan murano: a good looking reliable mom car.

I love this car. It is very reliable with zero to none maintenance issues which is very important for me with a car. Spending money on fixing a car and more upkeep than driving is not in my budget and makes me upset. After doing research on this vehicle it pans out to truth of what people say about these cars. Reliability as well as style is something that I look for in a car that this car provides. Look no further if desire a good working SUV with little to no patience to be done.

- Lauren A

Great quality for this used car for the price

I purchased this Nissan Murano used as 2014 with only 23,000 miles and within my price range. I relied on many reviews and am satisfied with the dependability of this car. This car is smaller than my previous minivan but I had wanted to down size. This car has been very dependable and runs like its brand new. My neighbor had the same car and didn't need any repairs until car was over 100,000 miles. I am satisfied and would recommend this car to anyone seeking a dependable vehicle .

- Kelly H

Comfortable all weather vehicle.

Love the safety features. Gas mileage is ok, which it were better. Very comfortable. It is a great long distance vehicle. It is great in bad weather. It handles well. It fits 5 comfortably. I do not like how the mat in the back inches forward. I would recommend future models have something to make it more stationery but removable like two holes and hooks. That mat also attracts lots of dog hair. The seat reclines in the back and I like that feature as well.

- Susan M

Comfortable, reliable, great features.

I love my murano. It is very reliable. It is spacious both in the front seats and the back. It nice to have the dual controls for the air. Front passenger can control their own temperature. I wish there was a little more room in the cargo area to carry sports equipment. I am also impressed with the four wheel drive. I like that it kicks in when I need it. I do wish that it told me for sure when it went on through. Overall it is a great vehicle.

- Lisa S

Comfortable with lots of amenities.

I love the size, not too big, not too small. The features such as back-up camera, GPS, Sirius radio, heated seats are great, as well as the ease of folding the back seats down and putting them back up. The brakes are a bit touchy and take some getting used to. My biggest complaint is the paint. For some reason this vehicle shows scratches and dings much more than any other vehicle I have owned. It's very comfortable and easy to drive.

- Alison F

Nissan murano 2014 excellent gas mileage.

It is a really comfortable and smooth riding car. It looks small on the outside but there's plenty of room for a mid size vehicle. I love the gas mileage the most. I filled my tank and drove 400 miles before I had to fill up again. Nissan just did a recall on my power steering hose system and informed me about some other parts needed for the front end alignment. It is a little stiff right now. I have no real complaints about this car.

- Joyce G

Very affordable gpm Murano.

My 2014 Nissan Murano was used but in great conditions. It includes cruise mode which allows you to drive at a certain speed with your foot off the gas pedal. And a very economic gas mileage. Each gallon contains 22. 9 miles and it usually takes about 40 dollars to fill the tank. Another very comfortable feature are the seats. With 3 different buttons to adjust the height, angle, and distance of the seat to the pedals.

- Leah D

Nissan Murano is a reliable and comfortable car.

Thus far I have not had any problems with my car. The performance is great, no problem. Reliability is outstanding as I said I have had not problems with my Nissan, Murano. The comfort is good as I drive long distances to visit with relatives on a monthly basis. There are enough features for me too many would be too complicated for me to understand. All in all I am very pleased with my choice of automobile.

- Jane P

Nissan Murano the perfect vehicle.

My vehicle is a Nissan Murano, I haven't have any problem with it, it's a perfect vehicle, very comfortable and it has to many modern tools that make my drive easier than ever. It has lot of space ( a really big trunk with light) and seats are really comfortable, every passenger has their own a/c window and a light that they can use it anytime they want to without asking the driver to turn it on or off.

- Katherine F

Keyless start is what I like

My 2014 Nissan Murano is a really great vehicle. The features that I love about this vehicle is the keyless start, the back camera feature, the Bluetooth phone availability and the automatic trunk that goes up and down with the push of the key. I love how this vehicle takes right off in traffic. I only wish this vehicle had a third row to seat more people. Oh, I also love the double sunroof!

- Nikki M

A Great car with four stars

Murano is reliable, have had no problems except a leak in the rear back brake light that caused electrical problems a couple years later. We bought it new and it had this slight crack in side the light but they said it was no problem. It took a lot of diagnostic solving. Now it is fixed and s good. I recommend the murano , it's a great a value, make sure everything is perfect when buying.

- Kelly G

Nissan Murano - I love the performance aspect.

I really like my Nissan Murano. I have the 6 cylinder model and it has not given me any problems. It is dependable, has a lot of get up and go. I do not worry when I go to pass other vehicles on the highway because I know how well it performs. I would definitely recommend the Murano and will buy another one when I am ready to trade this one in. Again, this vehicle is highly recommended.

- Rana L

The perfect vehicle for me!

My vehicle fits my personality. I am a simple and conservative person, not into a lot of flash. My Nissan murano is just right. It has style and flair, yet it isn't too flashy. Some of the features that I enjoy are the hands free phone feature, the navigation feature and voice command feature. Not only are they convenient features, but they are also safety features in my opinion.

- Felicia T

Nissan Murano is a good suv

This has been a great little Suv. I love the backup camera, especially at night. The gas mileage isn't too bad. There us a nice trunk area. My phone calls hook up thru the bluetooth which is great. I do not like that my music from my phone won't play thru the bluetooth. I wish my steering wheel was heated. I would like a some more seating for my growing family.

- Courtney H

This is the perfect vehicle for everyday and weekend outings.

It performs well and it's reliable. I have two children so I have two big car seats in the back seat with room for a third. The trunk is very spacious. The only issues I run into are cosmetic. For instance my driver visor fell down and I had to have it fixed. A couple of years later my passenger visor was doing the same and of course is $200 plus to fix.

- Shaila R

Love the sunroof super cool

This car has a very nice acceleration and drives so smooth. This car is dependable to drive almost anywhere. Every person that has gotten in my car compliments on how nice it is. I love the leather seats and seat heaters! The seats are easily adjustable to fit your personal comfort. I also like the safety features like the blind spot warning.

- Madison B

Great economical family SUV.

We really love our Nissan Murano. It works well for our family. Gas mileage is decent for this size SUV. It is very reliable and safe. And to date we have had no major mechanical issues. The only downfall is the backup camera is not standard on the newer models as they should be on all SUVs due to the limited visibility while backing up.

- Jennifer F

Fun, reliable, safe, good quality murano.

My car is awesome. It has a great Bose sound system, rides really smoothly, has a 3.5 liter v6 engine, black leather seats, heated seats, among other features. I have done minimal maintenance on the car. It has been very reliable. It has great traction control and AWD so it is safe in the snow. It is fun and comfortable to drive.

- Susan G

Definitely turns heads with its unique design, and mine is the only one in town!

I love my Murano crosscabriolet and have been very pleased with it overall. Leather seats are extremely nice and the Bose stereo system sound is awesome. It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive or ride in and I have no performance complaints at this time. I frequently get good comments and compliments about it everywhere I go.

- Julie M

My favorite part of the car is the Bluetooth setting!

I bought the car with 43,000 miles on it and it runs great! The gas mileage is perfect and so much cheaper than my previous car. The only problem I have is with electrical, I just recently had to replace the AC and the window buttons. The car drives really smooth and I really love the size of it, it's not too bulky at all.

- Kelsey M

Good vehicle, reliable and good gas mileage. It is very good in the snow.

It is reliable in the snow and very convenient. It has power locks, push to start. Also it has an alarm setting so you know when someone is trying to get into your car. Also tells you when and what maintenance is needed. Very reliable car I would not trade it in. It is very good on gas mileage in town and out of town.

- Erin L

The Nissan murano is peppy and will get u wear u need to go fast and efficiently.

The Nissan murano performs very well. It is very peppy and drives very smooth. It is super reliable and the smoothness of the ride and the luxurious interior makes for a comfy ride. It has nice features and places where u can do add ons. My favorite feature is the sliding console and the back seat adjuster.

- Jasmine J

An SUV for a single person to a family. A great vehicle for all.

Great vehicle. No maintenance issues. Great gas mileage for an SUV. Comfortable ride for both driver and passenger. Navigational system, Bose system. Moonroof. Leather interior. Great vehicle for a single person or a family car. Large cargo space for hauling groceries to sports equipment to beach chairs.

- Tracy B

Can find a needle in a haystack.

Autostart few problems, great handling, brake's smoothly, decent gas mileage. Great for trips 250-1345 miles, comfortable ride and smooth handling. The oil change ratio 1:25000 miles far away from home you are safe within reason. Have great locator for destination traveling an hook up for GPS online system.

- Mark J

Silver 2014 Murano family vehicle.

Since I have had my Nissan Murano I haven't had any problems. We've owned the vehicle about a year. I do wish it had more updated technology. It is a very reliable vehicle and great for families. It has tons of space for car seats if you have little kids and a huge trunk for shopping which is always a plus.

- Tiffany W

My vehicle is a 6 cylinder SUV that gets 22. 5 miles to the gallon.

I enjoy my car it is very comfortable, and I have never broke down, the car is very reliable. It is speed performance accelerates nicely and does not work hard switching gears. It includes a backup camera also it includes a sunroof. Automatic trunk door opener and electric windows power seats, heated seats.

- Ethan C

Great stylish car perfect for a family.

It runs fantastically. It's not too loud either. I was surprised at how good on gas it is. We fill the tank once a week. We love the space for our family of five. Even with three young kids in carseats its still comfy. It's a great family car that still looks sleek. The trunk space is also great!

- Sara F

Awesome vehicle for pets, families, and long travels!

Our murano is fully stocked with heated front and back seats, sun and moon roof, all electric windows and locks, leather seats, and two DVD players. We've had the cars for a year and a half. We have a 65 pound dog and a newborn and this car has made our lives easier and so much more convenient!

- Brittany G

It is a great car. It is a good car for a family.

No problems. It rides real smoothly. And his quiet. Running, you can hardly hear the motor. It gets good gas mileage and is nice on a vacation. Lots of room to carry all the stuff you need on your trip. Plenty of room to carry your grandchildren in. It is just a great vehicle to own and drive.

- Lucy H

Nissan murano is stylish and reliable.

My SUV is a great vehicle. It's reliable as well as luxurious. I'd recommend anyone to get one. The gas mileage could be better but being a person who loves SUV's you kind of have to expect that. Great ride, very spacious and rides very smooth. Push button ignition makes it state of the art.

- Derek C

2014 Nissan Murano interior features

No problems in performance or reliability. I am very pleased with the features and interior of the car such as the heated seats in front and rear, heated steering wheel, automatic lift gate, sunroof, and a button to lift seats. The ride is very smooth and I really enjoy taking long trips

- Nicole T

Affordable quality at your hands.

My SUV is durable and great in the snow. Not a gas guzzler and takes regular strength which is a plus for a SUV in these high gas price times. The only con to my SUV is the radio. Though has Bose speakers the radio signal is poor and you get a lot of static and loose stations frequently.

- Christina S

Overall the vehicle would be a great purchase. A great family car as well.

Overall the performance of my car is great! It does have many problems with the battery which we always have to end up taking it to get checked. It does run smoothly and is actually very spacious inside. The seats are not leather or that type of material but rather a cotton material.

- Diana A

Unusual and fabulous SUV convertible.

Great driving, very attractive, good handling, small trunk is a negative, no spare tire is another negative. Stylish ride, good gas mileage, great stereo system, excellent air conditioning and heating systems. Love the color. Love the convertible and high seating. Roomy interior.

- Laurie I

Best SUV on the market today.

This car rides so smooth and is very quiet. It is excellent in the ice snow and rain. I receive many compliments on it and how roomy it is. I would recommend this car to anyone. I have never had any issues mechanically. I will buy another Murano when it is time for a new car.

- Jill R

My second home away from home. My comfort zone

I drive a lot for work so I am constantly doing maintenance on my vehicle. Mostly oil changes, brake pads and rotors. I enjoy the shape of my vehicle and the way it handles the road. Great screen for navigating comfort is felt by all passengers by having heat control seating

- Nina W

Great but there are blind spots.

The car has been a great fit for us. We have had no mechanical needs in the entire time we've owned the car. The biggest complaint I have are the blind spots in the car. It is hard to see other vehicles behind and around my car in traffic. Others who drive the car agree.

- Kerry D

I love the way it drives!

I really love my Murano! I love the design and the way it drives. It feels more like my old BMW than a Nissan. It is reliable and the windows on the roof are fun. It gets good gas mileage to. It is big enough to fit kids and things, ;) but also easy to park in the city.

- Liz R

I have been in 2 fender benders and both have been very reasonable to fix, with the parts being inexpensive compared to other brands I have had before.

I like that this Murano has 18 inch wheels, it makes me feel safer, especially in the winter. It's all wheel drive is great for when it is icy and snowy out. It has all the bells and whistles, including bluetooth, back window wiper, phone chargers and back seat videos.

- Brenda B

Fast, spacious, can tow a boat or trailer, good on gas and very durable!

I like how it can tow trailers and it fits people comfortably. Very good car I've had no problems with it. Good transmission and motor. Spacious and huge trunk. The car doesn't have any issues and it is a few years old. Mileage and durability go hand in hand. No issues

- Jessica C

More with the Nissan Murano

Solid car with good acceleration and brakes. The interior is very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The middle console is intuitive and expansive with feature. The physical car does have some blind spots that make it difficult to maneuver when changing lanes.

- Christopher F

Enjoying a smaller yet efficient SUV.

I really have enjoyed my vehicle so far. The gas mileage is great and so far maintenance is simple up keep. It is perfect for our family at this time and the hatch has plenty of room for travel. I do however wish that it came with the hard rubber floor mats.

- Terry R

I love my maroon Nissan Murano.

I love this car. Drives extremely smooth. I love how much backseat space and trunk space there is. Fuel economy is excellent except when you need an oil change. Cruise control is a must. I only wish it had a better stereo system as well as a backup camera.

- Ashley M

Plenty of space for whatever your need is!!

I have had my Nissan Murano for 1.5 years and have had no problems! I have two children so it's big enough for the car seats and still have plenty of room. There is also plenty of space in the back for groceries, ball gear, luggage, whatever we're taking!

- Taylor T

Kristen's car is the best thing ever.

My car has no problems. It's been great with no real issues at all. It's comfortable and has all the features I want. Like sunroof, electric windows, back up camera, heated seats. There is GPS. It drives really nice. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Kristen F

The Top of the Line Nissan

This is such a great vehicle, I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is in the market to buy! The vehicle rides very smoothly and is very comfortable as well. I love all of the features and how the vehicle is small and sleek, yet still roomy.

- Alyssa S

Honda versus Nissan. Honda wins.

We've always been a Honda owner and recently went with a Nissan. We prefer Honda for functionality, comfort, and reliability over Nissan. We've had coolant issues, electrical issues, door handle come off... Etc. Honda’s in my opinion are more reliable.

- Pauline S

A lot of crossovers have a 4 cylinder engine and don't drive as nicely as the Murano. The V6 engine really makes a difference in the speed and power of this car.

The Nissan Murano is a good crossover SUV. It's roomy without being too large, has a V6 engine that gives that extra power, but is also fuel efficient. It's a great family car, but still stylish. The price is also very reasonable for all that it offers.

- Kitty H

Bad Bluetooth problems in 2014 Murano.

Bluetooth tends to disconnect. My phone is the primary connect, yet when another user gets in the car, it connects to their phone. The next time I use it, mine is disconnected. Other times it will tell me my phone is connected but it does not work.

- Leslie L

Our 2014 Nissan Murano has been extremely reliable and efficient.

Our Nissan Murano has been great. We have owned our vehicle for 4 years now and have not had any problems at all. Only routine maintenance has been performed. We now have about 60,000 miles on our Murano and have been very pleased with this car.

- Matt B

It's an easy drive SUV, great for small families.

I like the way my Murano drives, I love the heated seats and easy seat settings. I like the double sunroof. I dislike the size now that my child is getting older and bigger, the leg room in the back seat isn't as good as I would like to have.

- Brittni J

It looks nice inside and out. Purchased basically brand new. Paint job and interior still looks brand new. My car has normal wear and tear, but still looks great.

My vehicle currently has 86,000 miles on it. Never had any issues whatsoever. I maintain all my vehicles as per manufacturer suggestions. My NIssan is very comfortable, handles well in all weather, looks nice and is a great family car.

- Mary H

It is a little on the pricey side.

I has great pick up and a smooth ride, the interior is nice with easy controls. The seats are comfortable, love the seat warmer. Also all wheel drive is great for Michigan winters, I never have issues driving in snow. Very comfortable.

- Doreen A

Murano , My vehicle of comfort and style,

My vehicle is great on gas, especially on the interstate. It provides me with great leg room, it seats 5. But great for travel, the back seat fold down allowing me to use it to carry a large load. The audio system is great, .

- Maria W

It has great handling on parkways. I feel confident when entering a parkway or expressway, due to the pickup.

I like the style of my car, an older Murano. I love the pickup and how it handles very smoothly. The seats are black fabric. I was worried it would feel very hot in summer, but the fabric is very comfortable all year round.

- Jodi W

It is a gas guzzler, especially on surface streets.

I like that my Murano has lots of space, but does not feel too big. It has nice features like GPS, backup cam, and heated seats. I also like the automatic hatch for the trunk. I do wish though that it had a third row.

- Caitlin H

I am paying a price comfortable for me.

It has the features I need. The purchase price was for me. Very satisfied. I love the dealership and the way they worked with me to get the car I desired. It has AWD, heated seats, sunroof, Bluetooth, navigation etc.

- Sylvia G

Murano's Ignition Switch?

I can not stand the ignition button that can shut off WHILE driving. (This has happened to me.) I also do not like the transmission shifter and how it does not lock. I do like the size, comfort, ride, style, etc.

- Lisa R

It makes me feel safer driving since I am up higher.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle are the tires seem to need air quite often, that is not really a vehicle problem, but a tire problem but since they came on the car new I consider it a car problem.

- Charlotte G

Great reliable family car.

I love the size of my vehicle. It has just enough room for my child, things and dog. I wish there was better music capabilities built in so I dont have so many chords. Wish I could get my texts read to me

- Kodie R

It's super bulky and kind of hard to see out the windows.

It's really bulky to drive. The windows are super small. The sound system is pretty good. Though I wish the tires (that came with the car) didn't deflate so often. They've deflated 4 times in the past year.

- Max M

I love the feature that it will not lock if your keys are left in the car.

This vehicle is comfortable to drive and ride in. I love the large windshield, gets approx. 18 miles to the gallon. It is wonderful in the winter with all wheel control. It heats and cools quickly.

- Crystal B

The murano has great highway mileage.

I like the murano because it's good on gas and it is able to fit my entire family comfortably. What I do not like about it is the more expensive tires because it is larger than most tires.

- Hugh H

This car has a really roomy backseat with separate air vents so that my rear facing daughter can feel cool air immediately.

The Murano is spacious, comfortable and gas efficient. I love my Navigation system, the side sensors and the look of my dashboard. The seats are comfy and the trunk is extremely spacious.

- Sarah N

It has great driveability and the continuously variable shifting is really nice.

I love it. I haven't had any mechanical problems. Reasonable mileage. I think it's pretty and very comfortable. I love the way it rides and I love the continuously variable shifting.

- Susan K

Best car I've ever owned and I'm 55 and have had a lot of cars.

I've never had a problem. I ordered it loaded- love the seat warmers for my back condition. It drives like a dream...motor so smooth you can't hear it. Turns on a dime and GORGEOUS!

- Robynne B

Comfortable and fun to drive. A great family car. Sleek.

I love the comfort of the interior. It's roomy but not too big so I feel comfortable driving it in traffic or on the highway. It has minimal blind spots. It drives well.

- Jana S

It is dependable and holds its value.

I like the way it handles and the size. I also like that it rides high and you have a good view of surrounding traffic. Also it has a very comfortable interior.

- Carol M

Mighty little SUV by Nissan

The Murano is a great crossover SUV because it's roomy enough without being a gas guzzler. The engine is a V6 so you still have the power behind the wheel.


That it is dependable, and made out of quality material. Nissan done a great job on this one.

I love the dependability of my car,it is very conservative on gas. It is a 4 door automatic, hatchback that is considered a Suv. I have no complaints.

- Don E

Very durable, spacious and kid friendly for great travel.

I like the power, and 4x4 ability, it's quiet and lots of room. I dislike the base model it would have been nice to have the land navy and heated seats

- Zoe B

The most important thing others should know about my Murano is the heated steering wheel is wonderful in the winter.

I love my Murano because it has heated front and rear seats and heated steering wheel. It also has a sunroof. My Murano is very comfortable to drive.

- Atara K

Others should realize it is not a luxury level auto. It is loud and a rough ride.

I love the cameras that are used. The sensors help keep safe when turning. The back opens and closes on its own. And it has lots of space for travel.

- Cecilia J

It is reliable, durable and easy to handle and drive.

Out of all the cars I have driven since 1979, the Murano is my favorite. Quiet, smooth driving at all times. Sturdy, almost like being in a truck.

- Stephanie B

The Nissan Murano's is a trustworthy and dependable vehicle.

Very comfortable ride, very roomy. I like and use the hands free phone system, and the GPS. I have found the Murano's to be a dependable vehicle.

- No S

Super reliable and it has been trouble free for years.

Perfect size to see over traffic. My two large poodles fit it the hatchback area great. I wish the gas mileage was better, but it is not bad.

- Christine S

It is not very energy efficient.

The vehicle is very comfortable and has a lot of room. The downside of the vehicle is the gas mileage. It drives nice but the gas is too low.

- Anne V

It gives you what luxury cars have for less. You don't need to spend more.

My car is great. It has all the features we need. It is large enough to haul most things. It can get by trucks on the freeway. It looks nice.

- Helen J

Should get better gas mileage since its not that big.

I really like the back up camera, adjustable seats, satellite radio. Nothing to really dislike except it does not sit as high up as a truck.

- Lana M

I feel it is safe and comfortable.

Like the size and the amenities. Dash is easy to read, everything is easy to reach and operate. Dislike the braking - a little too touchy.

- Alison F

They should know that it includes multiple media player options, has blind spot monitors, and TVs for kids in the back.

I love the design of the vehicle, how safe it is, and it's comfortability. I don't like how the newer models are making it look outdated .

- Heather S

It is no longer made by Nissan.

Do not like the 2 doors or the small trunk. I like the interior and It is very roomy. It is a cross cabriolet. Get a lot of compliments.

- Mrs B

The Nissan 2014 Murano is a great family size vehicle.

This vehicle has served us well. We have not had any problems. It's great on space and fuel consumption. Will keep it as long as I can.

- Rose h

Its extremely reliable and very comfortable.

I do not like the color of my vehicle. I also do not like the exterior design. I love the interior of my vehicle, as well as the space.

- Desire A

Great gas mileage for an SUV.

It does not seem as well made as cars I have had in the past. The gas mileage is great on the highway. I wish it were a little bigger.

- Maureen R

This car is not the best for long trips for more than four people.

This is a great car. It gets you from place to place when needed. It doesn't get the greatest mileage but it's good for its size.

- Shannon H

The gas mileage is good and the cargo space holds great deal.

It's the perfect size.. It drives smoothly.. It fits my family perfectly.. I have no complaints about my car at all. I love it..

- Tiffany S

Drives nice and smooth. Has good pickup when you step on it, it goes!

Had issues with underside peeling of coatings/paint. Great line of sight for me with the large windows, seats really comfy too.

- Kat K

It's hard to find parts for it, and the of repair is pretty high.

I like the way it handles. I love it on the highway. It doesn't have some of the features I was looking for, like Bluetooth.

- Anthony H

It's awesome! I love it! :)

It is large enough to haul a lot of gear, but not so large that it guzzles gas. It is comfortable, versatile and powerful.

- Nathan F

2014 Nissan Murano review .

Very reliable, burgundy, 4 wheel drive, needs backup camera, should have more features. Other than that vehicle is great

- Jayree L

My car has the best features for a nissan murano. the car is unique.

I really love the color, the way it drives. I love that it has a backup camera, Bluetooth. I love the moonroof as well.

- Seidy g

It is good for short or long trips and gets great gas mileage.

I love the powerful acceleration response, size, and beautiful inside and out. I do not have any dislikes to list.

- Sandra S


Runs well, comfortable for long drives, AWD, safe in all weather, sits up high which is nice while on the highway

- Katie C

Good quality which makes it a good value.

It's stylish, comfortable and fun to drive. It's also spacious. It was a good price and is/will be a good value.

- Julie B

It drives well and is very dependable.

No complaints. Vehicle is easy to drive and great in bad weather. Love the color and room for carrying things.

- Karen F

Love the color and the way it handles at high speeds.

It's a great car, I have had no problems at all. I need window cards to keep the rain out. . Good gas mileage.

- Carole S

My suv is one of the most suv that a person should have it just don't get me to point a to b but it get me around the country and back it very good on gas

It a great suv and it good to have one and at a great price all it has no problem at all or gave me a problem

- Thomas H

It is reliable and I feel safe when driving it.

I like the design and the options. It drives smooth. And, it is very comfortable. I feel safe in it as well.

- Carrie R

the most important thing is saving Gas in long distant commutes

I wish it was smoother ride My only complaint is style of my car is not the best over ride could be better

- Brian M

Love the pearl white color.

I love the car it drives really nice. Great car for the money I paid I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Leigh G

It has navigation system, AWD, watersense wipers.

Like the way it looks, don't like how the front beams for the windshield land, it creates a blind spot.

- Val M

It is Reliable, powerful yet efficient.

Size and maneuverability are great. Like the fold down rear seats. All seats are very comfortable.

- Mandy W



- cindy z

It's very reliable and hasn't had any major maintenance issues.

It's a reliable vehicle I just wish it had more technology. Also, I need more space.

- Melody O

I love this car for its perfect size. The leather seats are very comfortable and make it feel like a luxury car.

I have never had any issues with a Nissan brand car and would continue to buy

- Lindsey W

The trunk is small because it is a convertible and the top is stored in the trunk when down.

I dislike the small trunk. I like the way it drives and the all wheel drive.

- Diane B

Great gas mileage. It has nice colors. I love the style

I like how it looks. I like the style of the inside. I like the gas mileage.

- James W

nissan murano is very spacious. driving is very smooth.

i like my vehicle because of its features and safety background.

- Jina R

Safe and fun to drive. Good gas mileage.

Has a lot of space inside, feels safe, good gas mileage.

- Kelly B

vert stable car holds the road very well

no complaints at all very smooth riding car

- elwood C

It needs to be driven on the highway often.

It is very roomy. Gets good gas mileage.

- Sandra B