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Love my marino, it handles great on the road and is a smooth riding vehicle.

I really like my marano. It handles nice on the road and rides smooth down the highway and in town. My husband and I bought this car as second owners of the car. We bought it from a dealer in 2018. We have had a problem with the power steering. We replaced it a couple of months after buying the mariano. Then 6 or 7 months later the power steering started to go out again. But now this time it is only hard to steer sometimes, not all the time. Seems to work better being cold. As soon as the car warms up, power steering start to act up and does not want to work well. This as been going on for about three months now. As far as the car being reliable, it is very reliable. We live in wisconsin and we have had a very cold winter here. The car started every time in all the cold weather we had. It also handles nice in the snow. . I like the back up camera, but gets dirt very easily. I also like the features on the steering wheel, like that the car tells me how many miles I have to before running out of gas, and what the temperature is outside. All nice features to have. When test driving different cars and my husband and I quickly found the marono to be what we were looking for, drives nice, handles great, not to big and not to small, roomy on the inside.

- Dean P

Why would I want to buy my Nissan murano again?

The Nissan murano is a very reliable car. Inside it looks luxurious and very comfortable to sit in even for long periods of time. It is response time is very well when needing to accelerate, and the vehicle gives great response warning the driver with 'beeps' when it detects short distance from the front vehicle or objects when stopping is required. It has camera view on the exterior from all sides of the car, 360* panoramic view. It has seating for up to 5 passengers (4 passengers comfortable). The surround sound speakers provided are exceptional, providing Bluetooth, standard radio, and optional satellite radio with membership required. Navigation is installed, with updates given by purchase. The panoramic sunroof was one of the top features that sold me on my Nissan murano.

- Domingo N

Amazing look, feel and safety features!

I love my Nissan Murano! The body style is modern and eye catching, the inside is comfortable and the safety features are great! I love that it has both front and back cameras so that I can easily see everything both in front and in back of my car. I use the front camera every time I park so that I can park directly in the middle of the parking space lines. The car also beeps at you if your backing up and someone or something all of a sudden is behind you. The car also beeps at you if you have your turn signal on and someone is in your blind spot. Noises can bother me but this beeping does not bother me at all! I love this car and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

- Megan B

Platinum features are plentiful

I love the features in the platinum package. The heated steering wheel and the heated/cooling seats are great. The extra large sunroof/moonroof is great both season. The Nissan connect feature doesn't always grab the paired phone even when it is on and the only item attempting to pair. The reading text messages feature is good. Very comfortable the seat has many positions to allow for a comfy ride. The car handles well, thought it would be better in the snow but in the NE with the wet sloppy snow it can sometimes hydroplane. Great tires looks awesome

- Amy D

Good dependable midsize SUV.

The murano platinum has really nice heated and cooled leather seats and heated steering wheel. I love the camera on it, the first is your normal backup camera but it also has a second camera that gives a birds eye view of the entire car so that you can see around the entire vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and is a good family vehicle. My one concern is I live 2 miles down a gravel road and the shocks are not heavy enough for driving on that type of road consistently. Overall it is one of my favorite vehicles that I have owned.

- Debbie M

Nissan Murano is a great hybrid but has a few kinks to work out

It's a great car. A little bigger than what I need but I couldn't get a hybrid with all the features in the Rogue Sport. The sunroof is huge and doesn't leak. The drivers side seat warmer and ventilation stopped working perfectly and the dealer said it's not covered for repairs unless it completely stop working so in the meantime I have a hot strip just down the middle. Also, the menu function is very sensitive and there is not a way to lock it causing frequent phone call dialing mistakes.

- JoAnne W

Sporty SUV with plenty of space and comfortable for the whole family

Electronics: Basic backup camera. Easy to use bluetooth connect. Usb ports in the center console for easy phone charging. Several settings available for what your odometer view is. Keeps you up to date on oil changes and tire pressure, along with many other options. Very comfortable for road trips, with great gas mileage for the vehicle's size. Spacious enough for 5 adults with their bags to ride comfortably. Speedy and quick take off and top speed. Quiet and luxurious ride

- Brandy J

Very reliable and sporty and roomy.

My car is very very reliable... It has a sport style to it which I like.. It has a good get up and go.. The gas is not to bad it get good gas mileage I have paid about 40 at most when gas at highest... I love the backup camera it has... I wish it has a put to open up the trunk by itself instead of me have to do it... Sometime the Bluetooth doesn't work it won't connect or it will be connected but won't work.. But overall it's a really good car I would get another one if I could.

- Rachel R

Nissan Murano is one of the great cars you can purchased.

The performance is great. Easy to use and very comfortable. The space is good for a family or just couple. The interior design as well as exterior is very simple yet elegant to look. Its very easy to use and manipulate. The feature of the car is also nice, with individual lights for each passengers and air conditioned provided at the back. The trunk is also spacious. This car is very useful whether you go for casual driving, or trail driving.

- Czarina Joy Y

Comfort is yours in this stylish vehicle.

Overall a very comfortable and stylish vehicle. We did have 2 problems within the first 6 months that took several trips to get repaired, the brakes and the rear hatch would not close. Both times we had to take it for service multiple times before it was fixed, rather frustrating. Both no issues since then. The backseat is roomy. We have transported our large dog and suitcases on a trip and everyone was comfortable.

- Carole L

Awesome mom car for the not so average mom!

My vehicle is amazing. It handles well in all types of weather. I have two children and still find that there is room in my car. I have had a variety of different vehicles but this type is by far my favorite. I love the sleek look, sporty accessories, sweet interior design. I feel young, fast, stylish and safe. I can always count on my car and that really matters. If I ever get a new car it will be the same kind.

- Tiffany B

Best car I have ever owned and I have owned several.

This is my 2nd Nissan murano and I cannot imagine owning anything else. It is reliable, roomy, state of the art and I really enjoy driving it. I get compliments on it daily! The only drawbacks are, when it rains, the back up camera is blurry, and when it is really hot outside, the steering wheel does not have a cooling system for summer like it does for heating in the winter. Other than that, I love this vehicle!

- Dee M

Extremely reliable chic and modern SUV

Slic classy and modern interior with many options for optimal customization. The ride is smooth, the pick up is fast, it's a bigger roomier interior everyone in my family is over 6 feet and a group of 5 of us fit comfortably. I've had the car for 3 years and have driven all over the country ( more miles than average 3 years owning) and have not had one issue, extremely reliable.

- Leanne U

Review on 2016 Nissan murano.

There is a lot of road noise. I have had problems with moonroof several times and problems with driver window twice. The moon roof has also had a leak which they fixed but they did not fix the cloth interior on roof because it was not covered under warranty. I already have had transmission problems. This vehicle gas mileage is not good.

- Heather D

Great loading space, great steering wheel!

I can't say we had any problems, so far, even though we bought it used. We only had to do regular oil change, changed tires and we've been advised, since it's an all wheel drive, to rotate tires at every oil change (we do it every 5000 miles) since this will double the life length of the tires. I can't think of anything else, right now

- Lorena M

Great dependable car. Very sharp looking.

Have only had a problem with a tire sensor and a tire losing air. Has been a great car so far. Drive it 40 miles daily. Is great on gas mileage. Drives smooth and has a good get up and go. Love navigation system. Also really love touch screen for radio controls. Just wish the screen controlled temperature in the car instead of dials.

- Stacie F

Exceptional performance vehicle.

Tightly made, quality vehicle. Extremely reliable. Comfortable seats and smooth riding. Features include safety features including warnings for swerving and braking. Excellent sound system. Very roomy with great storage in back including seats that lay flat. Heated and air conditioned seats. Multiple cameras including backup camera.

- Regina C

Dream car: my Murano is a dream fulfilled!

I absolutely love my Murano. It has been my dream car for many years and I finally was able to purchase it a few years ago. I have leather interior and heated seats and I definitely appreciate those features because I live in a cold climate and have several children. I have no complaints about the Murano. It has met my expectations.

- Bette A

Est features of the murano.

I love the comfortable ride and the style. The car has just the right amount of safety features and technology to help the driver see the blind spot and change lanes safely. The visibility is good and I like the heat/cooling seats. The rear seats go down for added space i. The trunk for transporting plants and gardening supplies.

- Linda D

Good gas mileage. This is the car you get if you want to look like everyone else one road.

I am loyal to Nissan. I loved my Frontier! My husband picked this vehicle (so no emotional attachment). It's wide (which makes parking a challenge). The front hood dip by the windshield (the top edge) is terrible in the sun. It reflects the sun into my eyes. Backseat is not roomy. I guess I like the gas mileage and the truck.

- Kris C

Nissan Murano SUV Platinum AWD 2016

This is SUV gives excellent service. Traveling long distance is reliable and comfortable. It's good on gas. The features of this SUV are supreme because it's a platinum AWD. I am very satisfied driving to vehicle with no major problems. As an owner very proud to recommend driving this vehicle for many more years to come.

- Barbara P

Sleek, reliable SUV with advanced technology.

Great car, no problems since purchasing 8 months ago. Gas mileage is decent at 21 mpg in the city, about 23 mpg on the highway. Love the smooth transmission. Very comfortable and reliable. Sleek design of the exterior. Interior is also very nice. Love the advanced auxiliary, Bluetooth features, and quality speakers.

- Kylie R

The vehicle is family friendly.

This vehicle is awesome. Great on gas. Good family vehicle. There is plenty of room for a family of 5 to sit comfortably. There is a lot of room in the back for storage as well. I really like how this vehicle drives. I like being up higher than the average car. There is plenty of cup holders as well as USB ports.

- Melissa B

SUV that drives like a car.

If you are looking for a sporty vehicle with lots of room, then this is it. Awesome performance. Very reliable. Get regular maintenance and the vehicle runs great. I would trade in for a newer version in the future. I love my murano. Best decision I ever made regarding a vehicle. An SUV that drives like a car.

- Natasha H

Love my Murano! Great vehicle of the money.

I bought my new car after doing research. I previously have had Honda's Nissan's and Fords. I found that Nissan's were more reliable. The Morano is stylish, roomy and very comfortable. Performance is great, no mechanical problems. Love the backup camera and the sound system with Bluetooth. I love my car!

- kathy s

It contains my art supplies. rides smoothly and does not require frequent maintenance

Low maintenance. The car goes several miles without falling apart or breaking down. The trunk is wide enough to carry loads of supplies and it has enough sitting room for large families. It has a reassuring name, i associate the name Nissan with quality and it makes me very proud to be seen in my car

- Elizabeth u

Murano Platinum- smooth ride

I purchased the model with 22 inch wheels, and it makes for an incredibly smooth ride. Very roomy and comfortable. Love the platinum features. 3 years and no major problems. It handles well and I enjoy the extended sunroof. I also have plenty of space in back to pack whatever I need. Great vehicle.

- Colleen C

Nissan Murano - a perfect SUV.

I purchased Nissan Murano last December after driving a Honda for 10 years. And I absolutely love my new vehicle. It is a very spacious SUV, perfect for long distance travels as well as commute to and from work. Nissan has great customer service as well, and it came with 1 year if free oil change.

- Marina D

My vehicle is white with shell interior. The camera system is awesome.

The Murano rides great. The interior is very roomy and comfortable. The vehicle is reliable. There is adequate room in the back area for luggage, groceries, etc. My only issue is that the drivers side seat warmer/cooler does not work anymore. That is one feature I looked for when buying a new car.

- Kris H

Sleek design with tons of space.

Sleek design that offers a ton of cargo space and easy to fold down back seats. GPS system and XM radio are great add-ons. Fuel efficient, even for a 6 cylinder engine. Roomy back seats for passengers and ac system reaches the back effectively, I would definitely recommend to either men or women.

- Bonnie K

It is a 2016 Nissan Murano SUV with AWD.

It drives really well, one of my favorite things is it can accelerate quickly. It feels like it sticks to the road, I have AWD and I have never had problems in rain or snow which is nice. The interior and exterior is also cool, I get a lot of compliments on my car. It does what I need it to do.

- Kaitlyn R

The dash and interior side panels have faux mother of pearl accents.

The interior leather is soft and the seats are well padded. Traveling long distances is a pleasure. I like that the passenger front seat can lay flat. Only issue is that the radio volume knob on the dash is not accessible to the passenger. The car rides smooth and has great noise reduction.

- Dawn M

Nissan Murano- great family car

Comfortable, plenty of space for car seat, stroller, etc. Leather seats are great for kids and look nice. Sunroof is nice. Large trunk. Rubber floor mats easy to clean, practical. Back up camera. Back wipers. Haven't had any problems so far. Runs very smooth. Quiet. Excellent sound system.

- Beth S

Luxury and comfort in an SUV.

Great ride, comfortable, easy to handle, luxury items, all electric front seats, seat memory, large storage area, tinted windows, modern looking, great customer service at autonation Nissan dealership, great trade in value, reliability, not too big for a small person like me to handle.

- Janet B

It is an overall good car for the money. Not luxury, but close.

I love the look of my car from the outside. I like the shape and that I have a reverse camera. I like that it comes with a Sirius radio. Only dislike is that parts seem to break earlier than I would think they should. For example, my front window doesn't roll up anymore already.

- Jessica H

This vehicle is family friendly.

This vehicle is very family friendly. There is plenty of room in the backseat for 3 car seats to be comfortable. Not bad on gas either. The camera as you backup is really nice too. It did come with Sirius radio, however I chose not to keep it. This vehicle is definitely a good buy.

- Melissa B

Problems using Bluetooth in murano.

I like the murano but the only real problem I have with it is that the Bluetooth does not always work. It has a very hard time connecting sometimes. I have taken it to Nissan dealer about 4 times but the cannot find anything wrong with it and they tell me to reload my phone again.

- Sue R

Safe, powerful, reliable feels good!

It has great handling. Extremely reliable. Terrific 6 cylinder pickup when getting on the highway . Super powerful horsepower. . Handles like a dream.Very smooth ride. Perfectly comfortable everything is within reach. The features are well lit and the controls are easy to use.

- Melissa M

Nissan Murano information.

My Nissan Murano is excellent drives well good on gas and extremely comfortable. The features are really a plus, radio, air; Bluetooth. The drive on the road is very smooth. One of the nice features it can be anything you like, a family car or easily becomes a hauling car.

- De M

Always an issue! But, trust and believe I always make a way.

The starter bugs out and will not turn on sometimes. I do not know what to do sometimes but go to a overpriced mechanic. Just to try to fix the issue. Then my brakes always seem to have a problem. But, I try to make a way so that I will not be without a vehicle.

- Stephanie R

Nicely designed compact SUV.

It's nice medium size car for daily commute. Nicely designed. Very reliable and cost effective. Very comfortable for daily commute. Easy to clean. Very good performance. Little bit small for big and tall people. Less maintenance and takes small parking space

- Kamal D

It makes me feel safe while on the road with other drivers.

I love my Murano. It has GPS in the panel which is helpful as well as rear view cameras to help while backing up. The color is so pretty and the leather seats with the heating feature is amazing. For me, it is worth every dime I spent on it.

- Goldie C

It has a large cargo area so you can travel far away from home and be sure you can fit what you need for the trip in the vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle. I also like the fact that it has enough power so I can take off quickly is I need to. I don't like the gas mileage and I don't like the vehicle's reliability. Had a major problem and two minor problems.

- Philip d

The Nissan Murano is very comfortable to drive and ride in.

I like the features of the car. The navigation, bluetooth capability and sound system are amazing. The care is comfortable. My only real complaint is that the rear door has a tendency to come back down part way after being opened.

- Kirsten M

It's overpriced - you can get many of the features without such a high price tag.

I regret buying it. We spent too much and I'd rather just go back to a sedan. Despite being bigger, it doesn't feel like it has more room. The technology is nice, but I could've gotten most of the technology without paying $40K.


very safe to drive,has automatic warning signals

we love our car in which it handles on the road and gives us a wide turning radius,very roomy and we enjoy the open roof feature,it has all the great additions like gps on a 6"screen,not much not to like on this car

- gerald g

I is very comfortable to drive. I feel like I can see well, but I don't feel like I am driving a huge vehicle.

I love the look of my car. It is very sleek looking. I feel safe when I drive it. I love the large screen for the NAV system and satellite radio. I also like the back up camera. It makes me feel a lot safer.

- Mary A

The vehicle is OK but could be better

The vehicle has had problems in the past, Including broken plastic fixtures. Also had a major problem which required the front axle to be replaced. The gas mileage 22 to 23 MPG and the ride is somewhat bumpy.

- Philip S

Reliability and great for family.

Great looking car, very spacious, drives smooth, compact but still has SUV benefits, little to no problems with upkeep, great on gas, drives great in bad weather conditions, makes my family and I feel safe.

- Lauren G

The Back-up Camera is amazing and the safety features that come standard have saved me from any an accident

I love how it is quiet on long drives and that it needs little maintenance. While I love the heated steering wheel in the cold I wish it also had a cooled steering wheel option for the summer months.

- Patricia H

Great all-around mid-size SUV! Plenty of room, comfortable, powerful and safe!

The design is sexy for an SUV. Plenty of power for get up and go. Comfortable interior. Safe handling after I ran over a large object on the interstate and had a flat tire. No complaints so far!

- Laurie R

Great engine and feels sturdy.

I love my car. It is mid size with a lot of room. It has a very modern look. It is a beautiful charcoal black color. Has leather seats. Has a navigation system and Bluetooth. Nothing to dislike.

- Ruby B

Its comfortable. It provides legroom for everyone and there is a great amount of storage space.

I love it. My favorite features are the smart cruise control, the hated/ac seats, the heated steering wheel and the space in the back seat. It is a comfortable drive for everyone in my family.

- Sam A

The car seats are so comfortable, long car rides your back will not hurt.

I love my car. The seats are so comfortable. I love the pick up the car has. I love not needing to always take my keys out to get into the car and to start the car. The car is very roomy.

- Nancy A

It's an expensive car but doesn't feel luxurious. It doesn't inspire many wows for a 40k car.

It contains adequate space for my day to day needs. It has the latest tech like back/up cameras. I'm not a fan of the interior and wish I had gone with a sedan instead of this crossover.

- Monica F

This Murano is beautiful, fun to drive and has a great safety record

this is the fourth murano I have owned and it is wonderful to drive. It is gorgeous and provides a great ride. Handles well and has ample cargo space. It also has great technology

- Dee G

Looks like a Lexus similar model at a fraction of the cost!

Love my Nissan Murano! It handles like a luxury car and is equipped like one too. Just right size crossover SUV for a family of 3, not to small but not a boat to park either.

- Jen A

That it gets surprisingly good gas mileage for a mid-size vehicle.

This is my third Nissan Murano, and I love it! I find it to be a very comfortable vehicle that is easy to drive. I also like the way it looks. No complaints whatsoever.

- Tobie K

Our 5th Murano! Pro and Cons.

Love styling of Murano Very reliable. Rarely have to take car to dealer for repairs. Dislike the low miles per gallon. But still love the Murano. This is our 5th Murano.

- Karen K

The 360 camera along with all the other features in a fully loaded platinum makes this car so easy and enjoyable to drive.

I love the vehicle. It looks good inside and out, is all wheel drive, gets good fuel economy, and easy to drive. The 360 camera is a must for all vehicle purchases now.

- Levi C

It's comfortable and easy to drive.

I love my car because it's fun to drive and very comfortable. I like the rear view camera and lane indicators. It has a smooth ride and it's comfortable on road trips.

- Susan h

The car handles well in a variety of driving conditions.

I like the styling and the roomy interior. It handles very well when driving and gets good gas mileage. The car has interior features that I like such as navigation.

- Joe S

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it has all the safety features you could ever want or need in a vehicle.

I like that it's really good on gas and has all the safety features. This important since I have two children. I dislike that it already had some things recalled.

- Nicole S

Tired of crumbling roads? Murano’s a winner.

Great for urban potholes. Love height while driving. Love ease of automatic back hatch. Smart /automated cruise control nifty. Navigation on our model faulty.

- Wendy S

It is a very smooth ride.

I like the navigation system as well as the Audio system. I also like the size of the trunk. I dislike the amount of room between the front and back seats.

- Jordan S

That it is better than I thought it would be and very reliable.

I enjoy the reliability of my Nissan, the safety of the vehicle, the comfort, gas mileage, and the style. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Megan Q

It has leg room good on gas if you go longs ways.

No complaints, we really like this car. Everything about this car is great. The seats are so comfortable. This car is the perfect size. Easy to park.

- Jean H

The most important thing I guess is that is drives great and is a comfortable ride

it has the backup camera. the seats heat and cool. all the seats are roomy and comfortable. There is nothing that dislike about this car.

- ann g

Great Performing Car but not roomy enough for larger family.

The performance is great. The problem is my kids don't find the backseat very comfortable. When we take trips has a family of 5, we need more room.

- Daniel O

It's a great family car and has served our family very well over the years

I love my car, it is cute and has a sunroof. I have leather interior. It's just a nice car. It's very comfortable if you need to road trip

- Kim R

Fuel economy for a V6 is Awesome.

Fuel mileage is great for a V6 when on the hwy. Has enough room for 4 traveling adults. Has enough storage room for a week of camping.

- Dana y

Maintenance free except for standard oil changes, etc.

I have no complaints. It is a safe and comfortable ride and the in car safety features are reassuring when changing lanes on a highway.

- Linda D

It is reliable. And it is a great on gas mileage and has great features. .

I love the space and reliability, it is low maintenance and is sporty. It is great for a large family and has a great amount of space.

- Sierra S

Convenient compact and sturdy.

I love this vehicle because it is easy to drive and that the back seat goes down and you can easily till around items in the vehicle.

- Hope P

Very comfy ride. Cockpit style seats.

Very comfortable, nice body and color. Do not like the angle of the hood. The sun hits it in a spot that sometimes bothers my eyes.

- Dominick L

I like it is reliability and styling.

No problems so far. This is my 3rd Nissan Murano. It is a perfect size, fairly good gas mileage (not excellent), and nice styling.

- Jack P

Love the ride and the general look and feel of the car.

My husband has difficulty getting into and out of the vehicle. Also it is difficult for me to tell how far I am from the curb.

- Barbara H

It has a very smooth ride!

The only thing I do not like is that it does not connect to the iPhone for texts. Everything else is wonderful for me!!

- Wendi K

It is a very safe ride. It has all the safety features.

I love the navigation. I love the smoothness if the drive. I dislike my leather seats does not have a cool off feature

- Ashley C

It is a reliable car and one I am very happy with.

Everything is good and it runs great. I am happy with my vehicle and would make same choice again and always will be.

- Erin R

That it is a safe car that gets good gas mileage and has a nice smooth ride.

Great smooth ride. Lots of room to store things. It gets great gas mileage. The safety accessories are very good.

- Laura L

My Murano that I love very much

Love the style and functionality of this vehicle. Very roomy interior. Sits up high on the road but looks compact

- Wendy P

How easy it is to drive and handle.

I like how it handles. The gas mileage for the size. I like the lines of the car. I like how comfortable it is.

- Kirsten L

Decent gas mileage for a midsize SUV. The car has been dependable for me thus far.

The Murano is quite a comfortable ride, and the Platinum features really make the car feel like a luxury car

- Alexis C

It is family friendly and spacious.

Seats are so comfortable best I have had in a long time.. Smooth ride.. Could use more power under the hood.

- Carlos O

It is a comfortable vehicle and easy to drive.

Murano has a very comfortable passenger cabin. It is very well built. And it is safe and sturdy on the road.

- Ray N

hybrid & good mileage on both highway and city roads.

I like the hybrid engine and the cooled seats. The gas mileage is a big plus. I don't have any complaints.

- holly n

It's extremely comfortable, especially on long drives.

I love everything about my vehicle. It's the 2nd Murano I've owned. Wouldn't change anything about it.

- Jennifer E

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is a good value overall.

My vehicle is a good size. It has adequate ground clearance. I could do without a CVT transmission.

- Ramon B

It's bigger than the Rogue

I like it because It's a modern car. I love the backup camera. I like the size and the handling

- barbara D

That is a secure car, have good power and makes me feel safe

Is a nice SUV, it fits the family and our things. Good for road trippin and safe.

- Chris M

It runs well and is very well cared and looked after.

No complaints I like everything about my vehicle. Everything is going good

- Erin R

All the greatest and latest features that come with.

It has lots of bells and whistles. It's safe. It is sleek looking.

- Bre K

It's roomy, comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

I like it because I can carry a number of items at one time.

- elinor n

It has incredible safety features that make me feel like I'm doing what's right for my family

It's quiet and smooth. The gas mileage could be better

- Kate B

Great family vehicle with a luxury feel.

- Jennifer B