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My rear hatch won't open and the Nissan won't fix it.

If Nissan would back up their product and fix the problems I would love my car. I've had a few small problems like the window not rolling up and down. I took it in and Nissan fixed it. In April my rear hatch stopped working. I can not open it electronically or manually. Needless to say a SUV without the access to the the rear hatch is useless. I took it in to Nissan, it was still under warranty at the time, they told me they did a temporary fix and to bring it back in later and there may be an update on the computers to fix the problem. I took it back in July and I was told that it was a computer issue and that computer issues only have a 5,000 mile warranty and they weren't going to fix it. I contacted Nissan and was told that is not true that it should be under warranty but they won't fix it. I am not impressed with how Nissan has handled the situation at all. I will not buy another Nissan.

- Bridgett

The Nissan Murano is a smooth, quiet ride.

It is a comfortable ride. I am not used to the size when it comes to parking or making tight turns in some parking lots with medians. Blind spots can be a problem on the highway. It does get up and go when I need to accelerate. Great space and storage in the cabin. Love the backseats and the easy release to put the seats down so I can take my dogs out. It is a bit wide and tight squeeze to park in the garage with another vehicle. Wish it could hold 6 CD in the stereo. Overall very nice smooth ride and MPG is crazy good for an SUV.

- Tammy S

2017 Nissan Murano is a very spacious vehicle.

I personally love my vehicle. It handles very nice. The drive is incredibly smooth compared to other models such as the Nissan Rogue, which was my other choice when I was purchasing my vehicle. The backseat area has enough room to comfortably seat a full grown 6 foot man. I get very well gas mileage, about 34 miles to the gallon. I love that I am able to nicely fit a family of 5 in this vehicle plus have room for the dog in the way back hatchback area! I find this to be a very reliable vehicle overall.

- Sally K

Great family of 4 vehicle.

My Murano is the most comfortable vehicle I have owned. I really like the push start feature, but I would like to be able to start it without fully getting in the vehicle. But I should probably learn to use the remote start option better. It is very reliable. I love the way it drives on the highway and it is heavy enough to not let the wind bother you while driving too much. Perfect size for a family of 4. Love the color gray I got too with lots of chrome Accents.

- Cara S

It feels very safe to drive and handles well.

I love the style of my vehicle and the way it rides. It handles really well and it feels like it is hugging the road. I have taken several long distance trips in it and it is been a very comfortable ride. I have had some issues with the back up camera and screen which they cannot seem to figure out. I wish the doors were a little taller and next time I would get the side cameras because you do have a noticeable blind spot. But overall I really like the vehicle.

- Karen Y

Sunlight SUV - this SUV is the brightest car because of the beautiful sunroof.

I love my Marano because it gives me plenty a room for two car seats and extra space for all the kid luggage. I wish the trunk was a little longer since I have to store a double stroller and a single stroller depending what I need. I love all of the extra cup holders in the doors but I wish the middle seat came down with two extras. The sunroof might be one of my favorite features since it allows sun to come through the whole car.

- Christie J

A powerful & comfortable mid-size SUV.

My 2017 Nissan Murano is a reliable, powerful mid-size SUV. As a 6 cylinder vehicle it has a lot of pick up. I have leather heated seats which are very comfortable for long distance and there are several seat adjustments to get your most comfortable position. The back up camera not only lets you see behind the vehicle but also gives you an aerial view from above so you can actually see all around the car on the display screen.

- Kelly P

I think the most important feature is that it makes me feel safe on the roadways.

I like the safety features, like the cameras for backing up so I can see behind me easier. I also like that my rear view mirrors light up if there's a car to the side of me or in my blind spot so I know not to run into them.I also like that if somebody calls my phone, i can hit a button and talk to them from my car instead of the phone. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage, I wish it were better.

- James P

Good car, reliable and easy to drive.

None issues so far with my vehicle. Car drives very well, seats are extremely comfortable and interior/exterior very classy and fully loaded. Gas mileage is good for an SUV. I really like the storage and trunk area. Back seats are electric and very easy to put up and done. There is also seat warmers in the rear seats that is a nice touch for my passengers.

- Tina G

Interesting mocha color that shimmers in the sun. Black interior.

Comfortable and reliable. Air takes a few to get cold and the higher it is on the less cold it becomes but still does the job. Decent gas mileage. I love the radio touch screen and back up cameras. Bluetooth at times does not connect to phone and Bluetooth settings are greyed out in the settings but that is a random issue that does not happen regularly.

- Ashley T

I love my vehicle and I am so happy I purchased it!

The gas mileage is great, I get 18 mpg around town and 24 mpg on the highway.! It drives like a luxury car, very smooth on the highway. It is very comfortable for trips or around town! We have taken several long trips with the SUV, it's very comfortable on long trips. The only thing I do not like about the vehicle is Apple Play.

- Lindsey M

Red sporty SUV, top of the line.

We went with a brand new all features in this car. We have never done that before but needed something reliable and with warranty. Since it is platinum edition, it has all bells and whistles. Heated and cooled seats, sunroof, electric seats. The blind spot indicator and special cruise control are features I have never had.

- Sarah S

Great 360 camera features.

Luxury features at an affordable price. I like the bird's eye view when backing up. I also like having the parallel park camera so I know how close to the curb I am along with the front camera. Never have issues with parking. Also like having a touch screen display for navigation, SiriusXM radio. Very easy to use.

- Karl S

That it gives you a great safe ride while looking stylish!

I love my Murano Platinum Midnight edition. Runs smooth and feels safe. Has a lot of great features. Super comfortable seats with heating and cooling. The styling is very sleek and beautiful. Looks like or better than some of the high line SUVs but less costly. Perfect size for my 2 large Great Danes!

- Susan L

My 2017 Nissan Sports Utility Vehicle

Very roomy and comfortable. I can get all my groceries in and out very easily. My child can get in and out easily. Very good to travel and will Hold a ton of things like suitcases, big ones and small ones. Easy to clean as well on the inside and the outside. I have driven a Nissan for over ten years

- Brooke A

My murano features and reliability.

Great SUV. I am tall and I would be happier with an inch more of leg room. The safety features are well worth it. The only thing would be I wish the sound the car makes when approaching something when backing up could be louder. The pick up on the vehicle is excellent and the drive is very smooth.

- George S

Happy Murano driver - go test drive.

The truck is amazing and efficient. I had previously a luxury car and was tired of the maintenance. I now hardly visit the dealer unless oil change. It is fun and has all the technical bells and whistles. The integration with apple was a plus. Additionally, I have heated seats with no leather.

- Brian G

Intelligent key fob & intelligent cruise control features.

Bought brand new off the test drive line with only 11 miles on it. Within the first 6 months it needed to be serviced. The master cylinder brake booster was ordered and replaced on vehicle. All expenses and rental were covered as this occurred well within the 3 year-complete-warranty period.

- Eric G

The Stylish and Dependable Murano

My Murano has been a very dependable car. I enjoy how it interfaces with my phone, and the navigation is helpful. I love that it is 4 wheel drive. I am very short so the fact that the drivers seat moves up and down and not just backward and forward is nice. I also like the body styling.

- Lisa T

I recommend the Murano to anyone looking for a reliable Crossover SUV.

I have not have any major issues with my vehicle to date. I've only had to keep up with the regular maintenance (oil change, tire rotation, etc.). I absolutely love the Murano. This is the 2nd Murano I've had. I always recommend it to others who are looking for a reliable crossover SUV.

- Kelly B

Love the Murano. Hate the Honda dealership.

It is good, super reliable and comfortable. I have only had issues with the Honda dealership I bought it from. It is super relaxing and a strong vehicle. No issues and is a quality purchase. The performance is good and can maneuver throughout the freeway at fast and slow speeds.

- Kevin D

Sporty, sleek, and sharp!

This car drives like a dream. The steering is very responsive but not too tight. The road noise is very low. The exterior is sporty and looks very expensive, and the interior is very sharp. It has all of the features, bells and whistles. I love how it looks, and love driving it!

- Susan C

Do not love this car probably would not buy another.

I am 5'6' and have a hard time seeing out of this car. I have an oil pan cover that has came off multiple times and the dealership put back without actually repairing. Also at least one recall on this car for brake system. I spent 7 hours at the dealership to get this repaired.

- Dana R

Roomy without being too big.

Great buying experience, fun to drive, lots of room but not too big. Have had no issues and get great customer service from Nissan. Very comfortable and has great options. Safe and reliable enough that my 16 year old loves it too. We have had several Nissans, highly recommend.

- Suzanne H

Love my Nissan Murano I give it 4 and half stars.

I love my Nissan Murano. It drives smoothly and handles great. I love the navigation system and has lots of room. The only downfall are the headlights, they need upgrading. Not very bright even on high beams. Other than that I love the vehicle. I have had no problems with it.

- Angela H

color, steering, gas mileage

comfortable, reliable, excellent steering, sunroof, great on gas & highway mileage. comfortable seats, roomy, great trunk space, All weather vehicles. Seats are easily adjusted, Easy to clean, love the color. 4 wheel drive, all weather tires. Perfect for a large family

- Jennifer B

Nissan Murano- quality vehicle.

I am not a fan of the rounded back SUV I have found it is harder to transport boxes etc. Very safe vehicle, comfortable, heated steering wheel is my favorite. The apple car play does not always link up and I have to unplug then plug back in to connect it to the car again.

- Katie A

The only problem of my car according to me

The car itself is smooth. You don't feel the speed, it's steady and convenient. For my preference it's not too big as height and not to small. The only problem it's the width. I feel it's too wide, and that's when I have problems with like turning or looking over a curb.

- Kimberly G

Nissan Murano 2017 is great.

I love the body style of my car and it is great on gas. The inside has a lot of roomie space which is great for passengers or road trips. The price of my car was good for a mid size SUV. I have no complaints about my car at all. I will keep this car for a long time.

- Stephanie R

We love the spacious interior and cold weather package.

Our Nissan has been a quality vehicle so far. Although it only has 7000 miles. We love the styling and power of the v6 engine. Not crazy about the CVT transmission but so far it's been great. It has great comfortable heated seats, heated wheel and plenty of legroom.

- Del P

Magnificent Murano, the car you never knew you needed in your life.

The car is a little bulky so parking tends to be difficult at times, other than that I have no complaints. Gas of course is expensive but the mileage is fantastic on the car, I fill up on a bi-weekly basis. There is a lot of space and it is a very comfortable car.

- Lexie B

Why the Nissan Murano is a banging car.

There's nothing really wrong with my Murano. I love it a lot! There is plenty of room in the car, it is very safe & is super technological. The gas is not that bad on it either. I am in love with my Nissan Murano. I trust it completely because it is very safe.

- Charlotte D

we really like the travel report, It�s nice to know your best mpg

The car come fully loaded 4wd, Bluetooth capabilities and a GPS. It was a great purchase from the start and within the price, we have had it a little over a year and have and no real issue except your normal wear and rare. 10/10 would recommend to a friend

- Vanessa P

Great car and totally recommend it

The car is a smooth drive. The features are up to date for the trim level and has good acceleration. The seats are very comfortable and people who drive in the car say so too. They also talk about how roomy it is and how big the trunk space is as well.

- Christine D

The nissan murano is not inexpensive. It has a high price tag and uses premium gas.

I love all the safety features in our car. It has bluetooth and answers the phone while driving. It has cameras all around and beeps when something is too close. It assists in braking if a crash is imminent. Our car really looks very strong.

- cindy a

You will expensive maintenance comparable to Cadillac and Lexus.

I love my Murano. It drives nice and sporty but still has space for the kids. I don't like that Nissan requires expensive maintenance to maintain their warranties. I love all the features, like apple carplay and the 360 degree camera view.

- Sara D

It is expensive, drives nice, looks sharp.

I love my vehicle because it is pretty, rides very smooth, and has a lot of extras. A few things i do not like about the vehicle is that it is expensive, some interior items were made cheap. I would recommend to others to buy a Murano.

- Charity M

Excellent looks, upscale cabin and great gas mileage

What I like: - Great exterior looks - Great gas mileage and V6 Engine - Upscale interior What i don't like: - Lack of adequate cubby hole for mobiles - Paint job quality not that great - Lack of Android Auto/Apple Carplay

- Farhan K

Pros and Cons of Murano 2017

I really love the car. It has a high end cabin with extremely comfortable seats. It has advanced tech features that are user friendly. The only issue with the car is poor rear visibility with a slow steer wheel response

- Tom P

It's really great looking with the 20 inch rims and bright red paint.

The Murano is loaded with safety equipment. It is the quietest and smoothest driving car I have ever owned. It has AWD to handle the winter months with no problem and it gets respectable fuel economy for an SUV.

- Alan J

It has a lot of great technology features.

I like that my vehicle has the push to start feature and has WiFi capability. I do not like that it doesn't have a lot of legroom. I do not like that the trunk does not have the auto open and close feature.

- Julie C

It handles and looks like a much more expensive car. Great car for the price. I really do love it.

I love the look of my Murano. Very sleek. Looks expensive. Handles/drives very well. Only thing i really don't like is the fact that it does not have android play, built in navigation and auto lift gate.

- rebecca w

I have no regrets for buying this expensive (for me) car

I like that my Murano is more luxurious than my old Murano. I love the way my Murano looks. I wish my Murano was the same size as my old Murano. It's a little too big. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Elaine M

The Nissan Murano is equipped with built in technology that provides a peace of mind while traveling.

I love that my NIssan Murano is designed with innovative technology that helps with my commutes. It is stylish and provides a comfortable ride. I have no complaints about my 2017 Nissan Murano.

- Mary R

Drives well and it reasonably priced

My husband actually chose this vehicle. The Murano drives well but has a few blind spots making it difficult to see everything. We purchased it because of the AWD but I think the car is ok

- Kathleen K

I feel safe in it. It feels sturdy and strong when you drive. I've never had any issues.

I love my Murano. I have absolutely no complaints. It has excellent get up and go, breaks well & drives great in the rain. It has heated seats which I love and automatic start. Love it.

- Nicole M

It is reliable and I have not had any issues.

The vehicle drives smooth and has many features for less than most American vehicles. I love the seats they are very comfortable and it is easy to do technical things with the vehicle.

- Kara C

IT's a safe and reliable car. Easy to maintain and good fuel efficiency for an suv

A mid size suv. AWD, Midnight Platinum edition. I like the comfort, the low cabin noise. great seat comfort. space for the kids and all our gear. good efficiency and great styling

- Borja B

Good size comfortable Nissan Murano.

I love my Nissan Murano. It is very reliable and comfortable with pretty good gas mileage. It is very spacious and even has lots of legroom for my 6'5" husband to be comfortable.

- Julie L

It has a lot of inside head and leg room which offers the same comfort of a more expensive "luxury car"..

Likes it is very comfortable for traveling. It has plenty of front and rear head and leg room. There are not enough cup holders and hidden storage inside the car are a premium.

- William P

It is spacious in the back seat

I love the roominess in the Murano. When searching for a car it for my needs and budget: 6 cylinders and All wheel drive. I even got a bonus remote car starter

- Tunisia C

I love the heated seats and steering wheel in the winter.

I don't have an opinion on cars. I could care less about them. They get me from point A to point B. Although I will say that I miss my Jeep Sport Cherokee!

- Mary C

It's bigger than its looks! It's hard being so low but so big! It's a love hate relationship. Beautiful car!

I don't like that it feels very large and I am so low. I love the features with keyless entry and navigation. I don't like that the windows feel small.

- Bethany M

They should know that there are no automatic headlights.

Comfortable; safe and built well; dislike that it is cloth seats and manual seats; I would like it better if it were leather seats and a convertible.

- Jill R

Nissan Murano. . . The best SUV.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle. It has maintained its value since I started driving it. Routine maintenance and never any other problems.

- Lacey B

Great family vehicle, dependable, reliable, fun to drive.

I love the size, way it drives, backup camera. I would say the only complaint i have is that the car will randomly disconnect my phone from bluetooth

- Wendy L

Rims, sunroof, electric heated and ac seats, system

This is a very nice car. I have the platinum version and I absolutely love it. It has all the nice availability of accessories and rides very nice.

- Hollie G

The car is very reliable and great on gas and it is very comfortable to drive on long distance trips.

Cute, fits my style, burgundy color is popping. Has cool features like a navigation system, great speaker sound, automatic start. No dislikes

- Cruzita L

It is economical and also very comfortable for myself aod other passengers.

I like the look. I like the navigation system much better than Onstar. I like the heated seats. I like the back up camera and safety features.

- Lynne W

It has good gas mileage especially for a car that size. 29 mpg around town

I like the heated/a.c. seats. I like the heated steering wheel. I like the sound from the audio. It's powerful. I like th burnt orange color

- Lori T

The interior is very luxurious and the vehicle is affordable for the options.

It handles great and the interior is luxurious. The vehicle is very roomy and comfortable to ride in. The options are great for the money.

- Mary B

Great daily driver with plenty of cargo room

We love our nissan murano. it has enough space for five adults to ride comfortably. There is a good amount of cargo space in the back.

- wendy n

Can safely put 3 children in the back

Love the backup camera. Great roomy interior. Smooth riding. The only thing I dislike is the emergency brake would prefer a hand brake

- Mare N

Smooth ride. You don't feel every bump that is on the road.

It's roomy and has a smooth ride. The trunk has different areas for putting things. Also gas isn't bad & Nissan takes care of you.

- Kim B

It has more room than you think in back.

I absolutely love it. It has great gas mileage too. This is my third Nissan that we have owned. However I do miss my larger SUV.

- Karen B

Murano is a great SUV, love it!

Drives very well for an SUV, but small and compact enough to not be too bulky too drive. Very smooth and gets great gas mileage!

- Lacey T

It has an excellent crash test rating, very roomy in the back seat.

I like the size, not too big and not too small. I also like the features of the touch screen/navigation. I love the sleek look!

- Jen L

It's a beautiful car including very stylish and handles well.

I love the style and color. It handles very well and hugs the road. My only dislike is the door opening needs to be larger.

- Karen Y

murano great rideives a g

the murano gives a very smooth ride. It gets good gas mileage features such as navigation treat me It has g and bluetooth

- tobie b

Handles well and drives very smoothly.

I love the black rims on the new design. The seats are super comfortable. For a v6 it is got fairly good gas mileage.

- Jacqueline L

I love the sleek look of the body

The best most reliable vehicle ever made. It drives very smooth, has Bluetooth capability and it's a good family car

- Tanya S

It is good on gas mileage handles well in the snow.

I like to fact the it has a back up camera, I also like that there is air supply in the back, the vehicle is roomy.

- Yvonne H

It's very average, I was used to having a vehicle with a few more bells.

Its smaller inside than I wanted and the side mirrors do not retract. The air conditioner takes too long to work.

- Elizabeth R

It is easy to drive and I feel safe in it. The handling is superb.

I like the navigation and securities systems built into my Murano. I dislike the brown leather seats inside.

- Shawn C

I the way it handles great and has a lot of room,

I love the way it handles. the looks of vehicle. i love that i can answer my phone. i love the backup camera

- cynthia N

Safety features. Rear view and bird's eye camera, alert if another car comes to close

We opted to have the bose sound system and navigation package added. I love it! Only complaint is the price.

- Pamela B

The car is extremely comfortable and has a lot of space in the backseat.

I like how spacious it is for my family. I like how smooth it drives. I also like the features it has.

- Lauren S

Safety features along on how economically is on gas and if it has anti lock brakes.

I love the interior of my SUV. I love the look and style of my SUV. Easy to use navigation systems.

- Andrew A

It's a good but but we could have done better

love the look stye but It's hard to clean on the outside & needs a few more bells on it

- michael M

That it's a great little car in town or on the interstate.

I like to drive my Nissan Murano and I like the size of it. So far no complaints..

- Lori M

For an SUV it gets great gas mileage and get about 26 mpg in the city

It has a ton of bells and whistles that make driving super fun and enjoyable

- Alexandria R

It has a quiet and smooth ride.

Love the nice quiet ride. Has great gas mileage. Love the looks of it.

- Sharon D

it is a great car made for families

I like the color and that it has a camera in it. I don't like the size

- nikita G

it is a quality product and has a lot of useful features..

i love the styling and ride and features...There is nothing i dislike

- dennis b

It's all wheel drive and very good MPG rate. I have drive this car for extended period of time and have no issues

It's very dependable car and allow me to enjoy life to the fullest

- Fred F

It has a lot of safety features, airbags, cameras that you can see all the way around the car.

It rides rough. It does have a nice sound system and lots of room,

- deneen u

all wheel drive and very dependable car to carry a lot of things

very good and reliable SUV for a long time to drive and have fun

- Polina F