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Nissan Pathfinder customer review

The Nissan Pathfinder I use to go to work is year 2000. It works very well. The steering wheel is very light on the turns. No steering fluid check up needed. The radiator sometimes needs more water. The car spends a lot of gas per mile. Like 16 miles per gallon. Tire change happens rarely although I am aware of the tire health. I worry about tire health. The car wattles at 65 + mph. This is due to a car accident I had in the year 2008. The car has overheated a couple times due to my negligence. Once the radiator exploded on a trip to big bear mountain. Although I put water in the radiator before I left to big bear mountain. The radiator exploded when I was climbing. Overall it's a nice car.

- Daniel C

It is a comfortable ride and handles well in all sorts of conditions.

I love the car but there are a few things I would like or change. One of them is the number of phone charger ports. There is 1 in the front and 1 in the middle for the back seating area. Both of these are in extremely inconvenient spots. The 1 in the front gets hit by the shift handle and the 1 for the back seating area renders the cup holder useless if you need to charge something. #2) getting into the back seating area is difficult if you have medium to long legs.

- Terri D

Always a comfortable drive.

I love the comforts, the heated seats, the sunroof & the leather seats. The ac & heat work right away & I haven't had any problems. The back seat is comfortable for long rides & the trunk space is huge. I also like the cover I can pull over items in the back. I can also put the back seats down to make more room in the back.

- Linda D

Nissan pathfinder has been very reliable only issues had are due to user error.

The Nissan pathfinder has been reliable since the beginning. The only faults I have had with it were due to user error, hahahaha. My window switch stopped working a while back but that is not too big of an issue to deal with. It gets great gas mileage especially in my small town.

- Dakota F

It has been pretty dependable. It was an older model vehicle but runs pretty good. I've only had to replace one part so far

The cup holders are way too small. They are also in a weird place that isn't convenient for the driver. The middle console does not lift up. I wish there were radio controls on the steering wheel. Other than that it's great.

- Clarisa P

It is a good running car besides the wobble.

My vehicle has a very bad wobble it shakes and it needs a inline meant an cracked windshield the back hatch key do not work the radio doesn't work only 2 headlights work if there are on bright the shift light doesn't work.

- Madison L

The sun roof is easy & has a variety of ways to feel fresh air.

Can't tilt the steering wheel like I want, there are only two positions. I still have trouble with finding the fog lights. The rear window wiper is not big, it only clears a small amount of the window.

- Linda D

It's really good on gas and the radio doesn't work.

Well my vehicle is a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder and I have to say it rides nice and it's good on gas. That's all I really care about and comes to vehicles doesn't look pretty but it gets the job done.

- Eric D

that it has been reliable and inexpensive. I don't have any payments and my insurance is inexpensive as well.

I love my SUV because it still runs great and it fits my huge dog in it. I am not so fond of its color. It is black. Here in Las Vegas it gets really hot. I also don't like all the miles on it.

- Donielle S

I believe the safety features are outstanding on the car.

I love the room that the vehicle has plenty of room. It has a sunroof which I love. I like it because of the fact that it is big enough for my household and we are not all cramped up in the car.

- Morgan H

The Pathfinder is a four door SUV with a leather seats, a sunroof, and a spacious trunk

The Nissan Pathfinder is a great SUV. It is a very spacious and comfortable vehicle to drive. Even after owning it for almost 20 years, the Pathfinder is still going strong.

- Radha P

That is it safe in the ice and snow. It doesn't slide easily and it has all wheel drive.

I like the way it handles in the snow. I also love the comfortable heated seats. During the summer the air works great. I feel safe in it. I don't have any complaints.

- Deanna J

After 19 years the tyranny went.

In 19 years the transmission finally went and I had to replace it, but it was worth it. I will have this car for at least another 10 years.

- Christina B

I like the Dodge neon because its small car and easy on gas unlike my Dodge Dakota.

Its difficult to drive. The steering is horrible, it leaks oil and gas. It makes a rattling noise when you sit idle. It uses lot of gas.

- Rose M

It's a wonderful car to have for a family

Runs great...it needs the heater fixed and it has a small oil leak but its gets me from point A to point B...it is a 4 wheel drive.

- Guadalupe M

My thoughts about a 2000 Nissan pathfinder are very positive.

I find it very reliable, comfortable, fun to drive and I would recommend it to other people. I have used it for several years.

- Dustin C

The vehicle is dependable.

I love how spacious it is. The vehicle is dependable and hit 200,000 miles recently. I have not had to do too much work on it.

- Timothy T

handled great on long trips.

i could hall what i needed .it handled greate on the roads .lots of room for my family. and lugadeand carset. looked great.

- terri b

Nissan Pathfinder provides reliable transportation but is a gas guzzler

My car has leather seats with seat warmers which I love. It has a sunroof. The car is reliable but is a gas guzzler.

- Delissa O

that I've had it 20 years and never really had any issues out of it.

it drive good everything works but the air. And it also needs a new bumper. and also some ns.ew seat cover

- Felicia C

durability and cost of maintenance

trouble free driving since purchase.no problems whatsoever.I will keep it until it starts to give problems

- Val W