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Very attractive and reliable SUV.

I have really not had any problems in the short while that my son and I have had the vehicle. I have had a pathfinder before and drove it for years with the only problem was with the transmission after years of use. The 2002 only has an issue with having to buy a new battery which is normal. Drives smoothly still. Very comfortable. All buttons have easy access. Color is gorgeous. Easy to navigate during the snowy seasons. Great ac system in the hot and humid seasons. I definitely recommend the Nissan pathfinder to anyone and everyone.

- Teresa V

Love the Steering Controls

I like the capacity and style of the vehicle. Seats are comfortable and everything is adjustable including heated seats. I really enjoy the radio controls on the steering wheel. And the ability to play CD, tape or radio. The biggest downfall is that the back seats don't fold down completely flat. It's almost like there is too much cushion. This makes it difficult to load larger items because it is angled instead of flat.

- Kelsey S

A dependable and durable car.

This SUV is very reliable. It performs well on long trips and does well on most surfaces. It works well on both urban streets and rougher terrain. The tech is not quite up to what one would expect in a newer vehicle. But its is comfortable and easy to use. The best features are the sunroof which is great for sunny weather, and the four wheel drive which is very handy in tough conditions.

- Kenneth B

Good inexpensive single and/or family car.

Personally it's worked pretty good so far. Some of the problems that I have had are the windows do not roll down all the way, the seat adjuster shifts, and it constantly needs washing. The pros of having this car are that it's good on gas, comfortable, a lot of trunk room, durable, and has a decent stereo. I recommend this car for anyone looking for an affordable and safe car.

- Celia G

2002 Pathfinder LE overview.

Over all the vehicle is great. The electric seats have saving button so when you take it in for service & they change seat position you do not have to worry about putting your seat back to comfortable setting again. The Bose sound system is excellent. Handling & performance is of excellent quality. The only thing that I wish was better is the mileage is very poor.

- John S

Nissan pathfinder one interesting thing. It was recalled due to terracotta airbag.

My pathfinder is the best ride I have ever owned. Gets great gas mileage, uses almost no oil " has a leak". Has 199k miles on it and still runs great. Trailing bars is the only major problem I have had with it. I drive it daily. Cloth seats are comfy, adjustable to suit you, netting for the cargo bay area to keep your groceries. Safe. Electric windows!!

- Melvin P

it hit 20000 miles in January 2018 and runs like it did at 100000. DEPENDABLE with the proper TLC you are suppose to give any vehicle you own and carry your family and children in.

I love the exterior look of it. I love the dependability and excellent ride it has been for the 8yrs or so i've owned it. it is strong and pulls my trailer with no problem. the base model may be diff, but my LE(limited ed) came with nice amenities as far as cd player,ac,leather seats, power everything, sunroof , luggage racks, stepside rails, etc

- scotty p

2002 Nissan Pathfinder: A Great, Reliable SUV

This SUV is extremely reliable. I have had it for nearly 7 years and have not had any significant mechanical issues or problems. It is great in the weather as well. My pathfinder has 175k miles and is still running strong. The only issue is the MPG is not that great, which is expected (16 mpg combined), but the cost of ownership is very low.

- Josh H

You will not regret it. It is the most comfortable and sharpest looking trucks.

As a mother, with in infant in a car seat, I love the space for seating. The cargo space in the back and ability to tow a trailer is perfect for my lifestyle, being able to haul a lot of stuff and still have room for up to 4 passengers plus a car seat. The 4 wheel drive is great back roads that tend to flood, freeze, and collect deep snow.

- Joanne S

Nissan in general have strong running cars, reliable.

The car has been extremely reliable and has made it across country several time. At 220000 miles it is still running strong with the help of synthetic oil and premium gas. Over time the console covering has torn which I suppose is to expected over time. Good size and good trunk space. Stadium seating in back.

- Leanne C

Overall a very comfortable SUV

My pathfinder is pretty reliable. The only real complaint I have is it has poor gas mileage in the city. It's very comfortable and roomy. It also has great gas mileage on the highway. The interior is very appealing as well. Lots of space in the back as well for moving bigger items.

- Amy G

Trailing arm bushings recall request

The trailing arms/trailing arm bushings go bad on Pathfinders. It seems to be a large issue and is super dangerous. It has even been given the nickname of the 'death wobble'. In all honesty there should be a recall on them. And the recall should give a retro reimbursement.

- Cindy G

My 2002 Nissan Pathfinder review

The car is very durable and long lasting . I'm have a few transmission issues that make the car jerk and wobble when going too fast. It is aux cord compatible and the inside is clean. The car is good on gas it seems to last. The radio does not visibly work but the clock does.

- Kiara P

Older Pathfinder is always breaking down.

These vehicles age badly. Too many major problems. The cost of maintenance is too high. The heat sensor stopped working. I have had to replace the motor and the transmission. I did maintenance. In the past, cars lasted longer. I don't know if I'll buy a Nissan.

- Cherish O

I love the size and the performance.

Sometimes it stalled when starting it. The service engine light comes on from time to time. I have had to have the computer rebuilder in vehicle. It is a very good ride. It is good on gas and is low maintenance. Overall I am very pleased with the vehicle.

- Mary M

2002 Nissan Pathfinder se.

The vehicle I have is a tank. It has lasted a very long time. If you take care of it. This vehicle does need a new paint job to the hood because the clear coat is peeling. The headlight lenses need buffed out about every year and a half due to cloudiness.

- Jess I

Well rounded vehicle for everyday travel

It's a great running vehicle. 1 previous owner. Had alternator replaced a few months ago. But other than that it needs a tune up. It's very reliable and has decent storage and adequate seating

- James K

I am blessed to even have a car so not many complaints.

Its old. Mpg sucks. But, it has a good engine and has been a reliable used vehicle for me. I like the leather seating and wood grain accents. Has electrical issues though.

- Melissa A

It will get you from point A to point B but it takes a lot of gas.

It constantly needs a tune up, whether it be the engine, the tires, or the emission system. It is an old beat up used car that is in need of a major style upgrade also.

- Paulin M

Very luxurious style on the inside and the outside.

I love the automatic seats, sounds system, 6 disc par, and heavy body that makes me feel protected.I wish the gas mileage was better though.

- Allison B

It's loaded. It has a sunroof and it's a manual transmission.

Runs great! I need to replace the clutch but it drives great. I go off roaring a lot and it's definitely a great vehicle to do so.

- Airan E

It alerts me if I am swerving.

I like how it rides smoothed.. I like the leather seats I love the spacious trunk and back seat.. I like driving it.

- Shea B

It needs new tires so I would not push more than 60 while driving.

It needs an alignment and new tires. Other than that the truck is in great condition for Its year. Good mileage.

- Kay O

Uses oil and the catalytic convertor doesn't work

I wish it had third row seating. I love that it's standard transmission. I love that there is a tow package.


You can get far on this car but you would have to put a lot of gas in it.

I like the way it drives and I like the way it looks. I don't like that it's not good on gas

- Lisa D

Reliability, it has been the best vehicle ever! I have performed most of the maintenance on the vehicle and kept it in great shape.

Best vehicle I have ever owned! It has 200,000 miles on it and everything still works.

- Daniel O

It's a great vehicle. It is very dependable. We drove it across country.

It's getting old. It has almost 200,000 miles on it. The interior is getting ragged.

- Phil S

Nissans are great and I would be glad to own another one.

It's been a very reliable and easy to maintain. Gas mileage is not great.

- Bill M

its durable and last a lifetime. great for the winter

it's amazing. good quality and has lasted for years!

- stacy m