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I never want to say goodbye!!

Overall performance of my pathfinder le has been exemplary! It was the first vehicle I learned how to drive, and I have always felt safe in it. The only problem I have ever had consistently with it is that there is a leak coming from above the overhead compartment, and this only ever occurred when the vehicle was parked on a decline after a heavy and long rain period. Does not happen while driving. Be aware that the GPS system must be updated occasionally in order to get the best correct results. The vehicle is equipped with an amazing heating/air system that heats/cools very quickly and I have always been more satisfied with the short time it takes to get to the desired temperature than in any other car. (also has rear air/heat controls) the seats are also equipped with heating technology which I have used a few times and have enjoyed. One thing I have always appreciated is that the driver's window has the ability to fully open/close with only one press of the button instead of having to hold it down. (may seem like an unimportant factor but I absolutely love it!) Same thing is true for opening and closing the sunroof. Ability to control the side view mirrors down to the smallest angle from the driver's seat is a huge plus. Another feature I use often is the "trip" feature, which, along with how far you've gone, tells you exactly how many miles of gas you have left. On safety: I have always felt safe in this car. There have been times where the wind has been so strong that I could feel the tension on the steering wheel, and yet the car always felt stable. There have been many situations in which I have thought to myself, wow, I am so thankful I was in this car during that. This vehicle has never disappointed me and I have enjoyed every drive!!

- Abigail C

Nissan pathfinder are amazing vehicles!

I have had this nissan pathfinder for about ten years. I love the size of the car and the fact that it has a third row. It enables me to be able to put all the kids I watch in there and feel safe while. Doing so. I love having a sunroof as it gives me that extra breeze. I have had some problems with the hearing and air system. It is too expensive for me to have it fixed and I do not know if it is a general problem or a defect with the nissan pathfinders that year. The car has over 200 thousand miles on it so it has thus been super reliable in that aspect. So besides the hearing and air the car has not had any major issues his the basic wear and tear. I wish I could keep this car forever but reality of it is I cannot. I would recommend this car and year to anyone looking for a 3rd row SUV.

- Judith M

Love the Silver with metallic sparkle paint.

I have almost 189,000 miles on my truck. I didn't start having problems with it until I reached 130k. I had to replace the timing chain and alternator at this time. Wheel bearings and shocks. At 183k-185k I had to replace the spark plugs and oxygen sensor. Also the catalytic converters went. My truck still has a nice ride for the age and mileage, its safe and dependable. Very spacious inside. 3 rows if needed Plenty of trunk space. Nissan is my preferred brand. Normal wear tear, brakes, tires etc.

- Laurie A

4 wheel drive, pedals move, sturdy car.

I love the 4 wheel drive feature because when it gets really snowy I want to be able to feel safe in my car. I also like being in a taller SUV but it is not a giant car that is impossible to park. Inside the my favorite feature is the pedals move so I do not have to be so close to the steering wheel. Being short that is important to feel like if I were to be in an accident I would be safer not being so close to the air bag.


My favorite car I have had!

I have not had any problems with this vehicle at all. I love the way the car looks. It is an older car but it still looks like could be new. I am quite short but I love jumping up in my vehicle and being able to see the whole road and everyone around me. I live in Colorado and the 4 wheel drive is a life saver in the snow and ice. It does well on gas and drives very smooth. I wouldn't trade my car for anything!

- Victoria S

Happy driving in my Nissan Pathfinder. Easy to drive and low maintenance.

My car is a 2005 Pathfinder. The problems have been minimal regarding repairs. Gas mileage is not as good as other cars though. It is very comfortable even driving long distances. Leather interior, sunroof, tinted window, heated seats. You can also adjust the seats electronically as well as the driver's and passenger's outside mirrors. Air conditioning w/cd player and am/FM radio. Defrost on back window.

- Tina M

Still runs and looks good after almost 14 years.

I have had my pathfinder for many years now. I enjoy driving it and it has performed well over the years. Nissan has been a good choice for my husband and myself. If you maintain your vehicle and keep up on oil changes etc. You can drive a Nissan for a very long time. I would buy another Nissan if looking for a new vehicle. I have not had any major issues come up. We have owned three now so far.

- Sheryl C

It is engine is very powerful and fast.

I really like my car it is very spacious and very comfortable and reliable and can go through tuff terrain and I have been in accidents before and my car has always made me feel safe even in the snow and even in heavy rain storms my car has always proven to get me from point A to point B and my mom has owned the car before me and even though it is 13 years old it still runs perfectly.

- Michael D

It is very versatile and can fit the needs of many different people.

I love that I can drive an SUV that fits all my needs. The third row provides room for more people but also folds down to provide lots of room for whatever I may need to haul-boxes, building supplies, groceries, furniture-there's really a lot of room! I love that it is an SUV but really feels and drives more like a car. It gets great gas mileage for an SUV, too.

- M R

The Nissan Pathfinder is spacious, reliable, and drives comfortably.

My Nissan Pathfinder has been a reliable vehicle for myself and my family for many years. It is spacious, drives well through all types of terrain, and hauls all of our gear comfortably. We have 2 kids in carseats and it fits that aspect well. As the car gets older we have had some minor problems and recalls, but overall the car has been reliable and durable.

- Casey T

This is my first Nissan. Based on the success I've had, I would certainly purchase another of this brand.

I purchased my 2005 Pathfinder as a used vehicle in 2010. I have been very happy with this SUV. It now has close to 300,000 miles on it and has just started showing signs of wear and tear. Not bad for a 13 y/o vehicle with that many miles. The interior is very nice and roomy although the third row seats could be a bit more comfortable for long trips.

- Kenneth E

Yeah for a v6 it do not burn as much gas as I thought it was going burn a.

205 Nissan pathfinder it is pretty good on gas v6 and so far just had to put brakes on it oil change and it is red check the tires and stuff so I got to get a tune-up good minor adjustment on the valve system that got a little bit of a leak somewhere leaking from your it is yeah it seats 8 in the comfortable ride truck that seats 8 pretty good.

- Wayne C

Reliable and runs great. Has every feature possible in a vehicle.

Has every feature possible in a vehicle . Needs a paint job the paint is chipping off due to manufactures poor paint job. Leather seats in good condition has 3 row seating . Pathfinders have transmission problem in 2005 up to 2009 already had it replaced but after that runs good as long as you have an oil cooler put on.

- Terry L

Style of car still looks like a newer model

Overall been a good and reliable car however the model and year of my car had some engine problems and I had to replace the engine at my expense. The car rides good and has comfortable seating for long trips. This is my 2nd Nissan Pathfinder and would probably purchase another Nissan when the time comes

- Lisa D

Super size SUV with all around great tires.

My 4 wheel drive shaft snapped and cracked my transmission. So now my transmission fluid leaks out and I'm using 3 quarts a day just to go to work and home. Other than that it is an awesome overall SUV. Seats 8 and has a luggage rack on top. It is white in color with knobby mud tired all the way around.

- Chris P

Comfortable and Enjoyable

The Pathfinder is easy to drive, very few blind spots. Sits nice and high off the road making it a very comfortable drive. Parts are easy and inexpensive when needed. The availability to have a DVD player and Bose sound system are very enjoyable. The gas mileage is not the greatest but there are worse.

- Nicole N

Third car's a charm. I love the retractable sun roof.

It is the best car purchase I have made so far. Very reliable, hardly any problems. Just the basic maintenance really is needed to keep my car on the road. Nice leather interior w/power windows & seats, as well as heated. Power adjusted forward/back. Third row fold up/down seating. Roomy trunk area.

- Teh N

Car is room but also great if you are looking the haul things around

This car has a 3rd row seat which is nice if you have lots of people in the car. It also have lots of room if you decided to put the 3rd row down. Only thing I can say is bad is the gas. Since it is a suv it does eat up gas a lot and you would need to pump premium. Overall, I enjoy the truck.

- Sally T

It has great mileage so no worries when traveling

Nissan Pathfinder is a really reliable car. Great for long distance travel. There is a problem that could ruin the transmission but any mechanic will have a the solution to fix. Just a quick installation that prevents the transmission from screwing up without having to remove the transmission

- Ethan L

It has a feature of moving the side mirrors without physically adjusting them.

My vehicle is nice because even though it isn't necessarily completely new, it gets the job done. It has a nice power to it, not requiring too much pressure on the gas to go. Additionally, the car is not too big yet it isn't too small, so it is a nice compromise for driving on the road.

- jamie S

Beautiful body style and very dependable

Very spacious & comfortable, perfect for all types of owners, family size SUV if needed. 3rd row capacity, large trunk. Suitable for different sorts of activity, camping, road trips, general commutes. Extremely dependable if properly taken care of. Do not have a single complaint.

- Kim H

Power and the space to take everyone everywhere you need to go!

I love that my car is big enough to take everyone anywhere we want to go along with all the crap we need to take with us. We can take it to the city we could take it up mountains on dirt roads we can take it anywhere we want to go. I do however wish it got better gas mileage.

- Gretchen F

Tires color of the car and the 4.0 motor it has.

Very roomie and fits the whole family. I would buy this car again I love the color being black. With the leather seats that fold down. To able to carry anything. Great horsepower with the 4.0 motor in it. I think that the 17 inch tires are awesome for this size car.

- Jackie S

So many great extras I love them.

I love the sunroof and the heated seats. I do not like the fact that I cannot change the steering wheel it only has 2 positions. The back windshield wiper needs to be larger. I like that I can take the second row & make the trunk larger by putting the seats down.

- Linda D

Works great but not that comfortable.

It has 7 seats with automatic windows and locks and that is nice. Works great in all weather and conditions. Not much leg room in the middle and 3rd road seating. Not a smooth ride or that comfortable. Not enough storage space in back with all rows in use.

- Ashley C

Does have a chip in the windshield either from a rock or a bullet.

When I first got the car I had a problem with the fan belt and something else, those two problems caused a bigger issue- costing me a lot of $$. Through it is issues, it is gotten me 10 hrs away and back just fine. Does cost a lot to fill up the tank.

- Brie H

Do not buy it! It will just break down and Nissan should give a replacement for anyone who owns it.

It breaks down all the time. It has a problem with the transmission. We have already replaced the transmission and it is broken again. It always has weird sensor problems as well. All in all it is a horrible car that I wish I had never bought.

- Lindsey S

It is very Reliable and does not use a lot on gas.

I like the fact that it has enough space to haul everything I have to carry for work. It also came with GPS and the best sound system. There's isn't anything I don't like about it only that it's been 10 years and it's starting to fall apart.

- Rosine E

It's very sturdy and it will last you as long as you take great care of it.

It has lasted me a very long time. I love how flexible the seats are in the car, and I can fit a lot of passengers or a lot of stuff depending on my needs. I only need one car for every job I could ask a vehicle to do.

- Jacob S

Just how reliable the car has been for 13 years.

The vehicle has been reliable for the 13 years that I have owned it. It has never been in the shop for anything other than regular maintenance. The only complaint I have is that it won't last forever.

- Greg l

The third row seat is very small and only small children can fit in that row.

I love the size of my Pathfinder. It has amazing trunk space that is perfect for my large family and it fits my family perfectly! My only complaint is the third row seat is extremely uncomfortable.

- Kayla P

It has a transmission that is not powerful enough for the vehicle.

The pathfinder is known for issues with its catalytic converter as well as maintaining proper oil pressure and issues with AC, all of which we have experienced. It has become a complete money pit.

- Kelly H

It is an affordable SUV option.

I appreciate the space that the vehicle provides. The seats are comfortable and look nice. The sun roof provides extra light and a nice breeze for afternoon drives. It still runs very well.

- Naomi Z

My vehicle also has a third row seat that can be removed for added space for groceries or sports.

I love my vehicle because it has everything I wanted. It has a backup camera so I can see what's behind me and GPS so I can find my way around. It has great gas mileage highway and city.

- BethanyL L

It is very reliable. I have had very little problems with the path finder.

Extremely reliable SUV. Leather/heated seating, sunroof, power windows. It is very roomy and comfortable with two extra passenger seating for 3rd row seats. No major problems or repairs.

- Teh P

Favorite thing is the seat warmers

Has been a great car for taking trips with kids. 3rd row seat really helps. Cons are that we've had to replace sway bar links several times. This may be specific to our car though

- Patricia C

Gray Pathfinder is just the perfect color

I like everything about my Nissan Pathfinder. I am a mom of 4 kids and this SUV is just perfect for my family. Haven't had any problems with this truck. Will recommend it

- Gloria A

It has pretty decent mileage, and 4 wheel drive.

Purchased from craigslist, had minor alignment issues. Incredibly reliable, performs just as I need it to. Not too many modern features, but is very comfortable.

- Leo M

Has a 6 CD player in it Great for long trips

Has been great performance, plenty of room, comfortable, has a 6 CD player in it, has been very reliable and we have had very little maintenance on the vehicle.

- Linda W

safe handling comfortable ride fuel efficient a all round quality vehicle

I like the way it handles. it got enough interior room for what I need . it is safe to drive and it has all the features that I need to make driving a pleasure

- rick s

My car is a reflection of my family and all of our needs.

I love the space it provides, it drives smoothly and is fuel efficient. Overall it has been a very dependable vehicle. The only downside is that it is aging.

- Michael W

It fills my needs. I feel safe in it.

I like the way it handles in all weather. I enjoy how spacious it is. I didn't enjoy spending 6,000$ to have work done because of a manufacturing recall.

- Amanda B

It's comfortable, attractive, spacious, safe

I love my vehicle it's a nice size, it's comfortable, it's rugged yet luxurious, has plenty of cargo space, plenty of Passenger room, and feels safe

- Lisa K

Love this vehicle!! Most reliable vehicle and tons of storage space!

The Nissan Pathfinder is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. My Pathfinder has 240,090 miles and is still going strong with minimal repairs.

- Ashley H




Repair work all up to date.

Lots of repairs. 3 transmission replacements. Heat shield problems. Love size and 4 wheel drive. Gets around on hills and rough terrain.

- Georgia E

It is hard on gas. Other than that it is a wonderful vehicle.

Love everything about the vehicle. Only thing I am not crazy about is the fact that it uses a lot of gas. And I have to use premium.

- Stephanie B

It is fast and good on gas. Change batteries within 11/2 year.

I like how high it sits me up and the power when I push on gas. It drives smooth and spacious inside. I dislike how top heavy it is.

- Amber A

Stay out of it's way. It runs better and more efficient than yours.

It's a Nissan that runs better than 98% of newer cars. It's has over quarter million miles. Doesn't use oil. Eat your heart out.

- ron s

Likes and dislikes about the SUV overall nice SUV.

Love the comfort of the size of the SUV but it has a lot of place where dirt and trash can be larger the seats often malfunction.

- Isaac W

It is very reliable and is in general an all purpose vehicle.

I love my Pathfinder. It is has a lot of space for any type of shopping I do. It is also 4-wheel drive for when I need it.

- Donna C

Tough but sleek and has a personality that stands out in a crowd.

I love the size and shape. When I'm driving I feel like I'm on top of the world. It has everything I need and I love it.

- Salvatrice T

Still performs and looks good.

I love my Nissan pathfinder and would have gotten another one however the new model is so different than current look.

- Grace C

Reliable and minimum of repairs.

It's great in the snow. It is easy to drive. It has constant small glitches/problems. It is starting to rust out.

- Meg B

Problems with older vehicles.

Lately I have had problems that I had to fix like a new radiator, new brakes, new transmission, new oil hoses.

- sheila m

I feel safe while I drive.

I like how dependable the vehicle has been. I wish it was more fuel reasonable. I enjoy the feel on the road.

- Hannah J

It is a truck that i can take long distance if needed.

I love that it is a strong and solid vehicle. It is an earlier one and is a dependable vehicle.

- Roseanne S

Used to take my family on adventures and to and from school and work as well.

Love the third row seating so that I don't have fighting kids on every car trip we take.

- Amy B

It is very spacy for moving

I LOVE my car. It is heavy duty. I dislike that the gas tank is not so big

- ines g

It sure can transport a lot of boxes.

It is a very sturdy car. Feel very safe in it. I have no complains.

- Alberto L

I really never had problems with it. Just the small upkeep like any other car.

My pathfinder has been wonderful, love it. Wish it was better on gas.

- Summer T

It has the feel of a truck within the body of an suv

I wish my auto had better gas mileage. 17 mpg isn't the best

- Brian S

It has a very comfortable ride for such a big vehicle.

I like the size of the truck and flexibility of the seats.

- Ben W

It helps me get my job done efficiently at work and is great for families.

I like the size, 3rd row seat. Dislike gas consumption.

- Tara S

Nissans hold their value, get good gas mileage, and are built to last.

Nissans hold their value. It's roomy and good on gas.

- Nette H