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Nissan pathfinder will amaze you.

The truck rides very heavier. A lot heavier then it actually is. It is powerful. It can quickly accelerate to make a lane change or entering a highway. It is good on gas not great but the all the time four wheel drive makes up for that. When it is either running or in snow having that four wheel drive will keep you moving. Great ground clearances great interior space. Leather is beautifully stitched and seats are very comfortable. Huge storage area in the trunk when you put down the third row. The third row is another bonus when you have small children or just you want to take a bunch of people. Head room is high. Bose sound system really sounds amazing. Car is very nice to look at.

- Matthew K

The Nissan Pathfinder is a great vehicle it's dependable and a smooth ride .

I love my pathfinder . I find the performance to be incredibly good. I haven't had any problems with it and I bought it with over 100,000 miles on it. The driver's seat is very comfortable you can even adjust the height of the pedals. It has three rows of seats that easily fold down. Another feature some can appreciate is it has I believe 5 outlets to plug a car charger into. Just really love this car. It handles like a charm and when we had some flooding last week it breezed right through some of the smaller creeks that run over our roads out here in the hill country.

- Sharon R

This vehicle is noted for having transmission issues!

I purchased this vehicle used shortly over two years ago. Thirty days after I purchased it the transmission went out. Apparently this vehicle is noted for having transmission problems. I had the transmission professionally rebuilt and the part they got from Nissan was defective and it had to be taken apart again and fixed! Beware of the Nissan pathfinder and transmission!

- LaDonna W

Plenty of storage and hiding spots.

This vehicle is one of the best vehicles that I have ever owned. It is spacious, rides smooth, and has plenty of storage. There is a cargo cover in the back and it is awesome. I have never had one before. It also has four cup holders and even an ashtray. They are no longer put in cars anymore and even though I don't smoke I can still use it for a change holder.

- Crystal S

My 2006 Nissan pathfinder woes.

My car had a factory recall on it before I bought the car. The antifreeze leaked into the transmission due to z factory defect and the transmission had to be replaced. Five or six years after I bought the car I had problems with oil leaks and eventually they got so bad that the motor locked up and I had it replaced. Haven't had any major problems since then.

- Jennie D

06 pathfinder, great car, not great on gas.

Drives great. Has low miles for a car that is 13 years old. Plenty of room for me and my child. Gas mileage is not good at all, however. City miles are really bad. Highway miles are decent though. And driving more in the city should have been taken into consideration, but, it is a great car for the price I paid for it. I will always buy Nissan's from now on.

- Kevin M

It's good for family rides.

Honestly the car itself is great but have had many problems due to the dealership being horrible. So my advice is to choose the right dealership. Choosing the right dealership is key to a good, long lasting car. Be very cautious. Always take a good long look at the car you buy. Always check for the small things you might not think about at first.

- Nicholas I

Mechanically sound and very sturdy.

Reliable vehicle, no major mechanical problems. Its comfortable and has good cargo space for small family four or five members. Not very good for families bigger than that. Plenty of engine power for towing or going up a mountain and the four wheel drive is great. The seats are decent but not much legroom for the second and third rows.

- Jose E

Great to drive, not great gas mileage.

My pathfinder is very comfortable and has a lot of extra amenities. I wish it got a bit better gas mileage though. I like that it is four wheel drive and drives really well. It is quite comfortable and has a good bit of seating. I have had a lot of mechanical problems with it, but part of that probably comes from it being already used.

- Grace E

I love my pathfinder but it can be a problem sometimes.

I have had to replace the drive shaft in my car. It did great hauling a trailer 1000 miles until the very end. It started to overheat and skip gears. It is running fine now. But I tuned it up and everything before I left it just got over worked. It is still working now though. And now it is making weird noises like a clunking noise.

- Brook B

It drives very smooth and when the air works it is awesome.

I've had problems with the transmission the starter the alternator and oxygen sensors also with the catalytic converters which my car has 3 of them. I have had to replace all of these parts and since this car is a foreign car the parts are very expensive and hard to find I have also been having problems with the gear shift.

- Perez C

Great car, despite substantial issues.

Overall, I love my pathfinder. however, we weren't happy with the need to replace the transmission and radiator due to an issue the manufacturer and dealer were aware of but didn't tell us about. Also, the chassis has a large amount of rust that wasn't disclosed on the dealer’s used car inspection that we paid for.

- Becky H

It does not have overhead vents. It does have a third row seat.

The Nissan Pathfinder is a great car for a family of five. It has a third row seat that we usually keep down so that there is extra trunk space. I do not like that there are no overhead vents in the back of the SUV. I have purchased a portable fan so that my children can feel the air during the summer.

- Myeshia U

Has a lot of power yet it is economical.

Very reliable, spacious, and comfortable to drive. Have had very few issues with maintenance. I plan to drive this SUV until it can no longer be driven. Best car purchase I have ever made. Only regret is that it's not 4 wheel drive. Would recommend pathfinder to anyone who is interested in my opinion.

- Patti S

Incredible family storage.

My vehicle has a large amount of space for not only storage, but also for people. The seats are very comfortable, and with seven seats there is plenty of room for anyone you need. The back seats do fold, to allow more space in the trunk. The car runs incredibly efficiently and is a safe family car.

- Natalie R

It seats 7 people comfortably.

I have a 2006 Nissan pathfinder. Our air conditioner would not work with the blower above 2 and we didn't know what caused it. Then when we needed the heater, it only worked when you revved the vehicle. It got cold in idle. All we needed was coolant and it fixed the air conditioner and the heat.

- Melanie F

it's very dependable and still stylish among the current line up

this vehicle has not given me any trouble in all the years that I've owned it, it has really been good to me and for me and my family. Nissan did a great job with this SUV sadly I dislike the new updated version it appears to be a minivan. anyway i have no other complaints my pathfinder is great


It runs great and you can put a lot of miles on the car and it keeps going.

I have only had one problem with my car and it has over 150,000 miles on it. The transmission had to be replaced which was very expensive. However, other than that it has been a great car. It has lasted a long time and I think it runs great. It looks like it will last for several more years.

- Monica N

Manufacturer flaw, but fine once fixed.

We bought our vehicle used in 2013. Within 11 months we had to replace the radiator and transmission due to a manufacturer design flaw. We were just past the mileage of the extended warranty, so we had to pay for it ourselves. Other than that, it has been a reliable family vehicle.

- Mandy P

2006 Nissan Pathfinder review.

My Pathfinder is very comfortable and reliable. It's been well taken care of and maintained. The only problem I have had is just within the last year. The head gasket is leaking oil. Other than that, it has been a good vehicle. The ride is comfortable and it holds the road well.

- Leanne M

I really like Nissan cars will buy another one.

I love my pathfinder been driving it for years not many costly repairs minor wear and tear. We road trip a lot great for carrying all my stuff and people. We even use the roof rack. Only problem is gas great highway mileage city mileage sucks and it only takes premium gas.

- Kay B

My 2006 Nissan pathfinder survived 5 Maine winter's. But at what cost.

Reliable & safe. Has been hit 3 times and has never gotten one dent. Very spacious & good for carpools. Many defects with sensors (I. E. Tire pressure and o2). 17-22 miles/gal with a large gas tank. Adjustable seats make it ideal for packing/moving large or many items.

- Ash M

Love truck mommy's best travel truck.

It is a great vehicle for family of seven my family, love camping and going places and this is the best vehicle to take us everywhere, car seat for babies fit perfect, lots of space and good rack on top to take stuff on, good vehicle for a mommy with kids in sports.

- Yuri H

That is really comfortable to ride with family.

I like that is really smooth to drive, the interior is really pretty, I like that you could fold the back seat to make more space, I also like that is for 7 passengers. What I don't like about it is that in the middle row of seat there's not that much space.

- Daisy F

My dependable pathfinder has all the features that I need.

Has very few issues, performs great, always starts, has heated seats, plenty of room both for legs and head, has sunroof, large area for storage in rear of car. It has always been very dependable and I would purchase another car of the same make and model.

- Rose S

Nice SUV but terrible keep up.

Love the shape of it and the room it has but it has given me issues with its computer in the transmission and wiring harness. So now it wont get up and go over 60 now even with brand new transmission. We are still trying to figure out how to get it fixed.

- Chelsea D

It is very dependable, spacious and is a great family vehicle.

Awesome and reliable vehicle! I purchased it used from a car dealership, but it only had one previous owner, 126K miles, and appeared to be well taken care of. It has been a blessing for my family and I. I've only had minor maintenance issues thus far!

- Kali W

This specific year model has had problems with almost every vehicle manufactured.

I like that it has a 3rd row and can hold lots of people and lots of stuff. I like that the back and middle seats fold flat so I can haul a lot. I don't like that it doesn't get good gas mileage and also that I've had to replace the transmission.

- Robin P

You can fit three carseats on the second row. This is huge for me. It allows for a much larger trunk space.

I love that my Pathfinder has a third row seat. This allows my family of five to fit. I do wish that there were more vents throughout the suv to help keep the kids cooler. As a result we have purchased a car fan to help keep the kids cool.

- Myeshia J

Has more torque than expected.

Overall a great car with lots of power. At 90000 miles it is has had quite a few repairs now on many parts, but not all completely needed. Gas mileage good, appearance nice. Not much room inside for a family, but ok for a small family.

- Laura L

Best car I have ever owned.

I love my vehicle very comfortable, reliable. Over the years as it has gotten older I have had a rattle here and there, and the rear differential needs some work. But this has been the best car I have ever owned.

- Tanya M

Car is 7 passengers car. It is a SUV. It drives pretty good during winter storms.

Great car, drive smoothly. However, it is not really economical on gas. It is a family car, seven passengers seat. Very convenient when you go on vacation and when you want to transport furniture's.

- Clark S

One thing it is not going on is gas if your job is the distance is a gas guzzler.

I had pathfinder since 2006 I have not had any problems with my pathfinder it is very reliable I love it I go in every three months for an oil change in routine checkup with Nissan great vehicle.

- Antoinette T

It is so roomy and we live it for that

It is very roomy for my big family of 6. We have lots of room to travel, for football equipment as my sons play ball. Room for a car seat and booster seat that fits very comfy in there.

- Tiffany D

Pathfinder. Finding your way with comfort.

I love that it has surround airbags and 3rd row seating. Seats up to 7 people. It is comfortable for most long trips. Some seats in the middle row recline for better comfort as well.

- Heather M

If you keep up on the cars oil changes, tune ups and regular maintenance it will last a lifetime.

Love the reliability and performance, but nissan is known for its oil, gas, and other gauges to stop working prematurely according to the life expectancy of the vehicle.

- David M

Comfortable roomy interior.

Large interior and great Versatility of a third row seat. Easy to fold seats down for hauling large items. Has been a very reliable vehicle but not good gas mileage.

- Mariam C

It has a dvd player built in!! Keeps my kids entertained.

I love that it has a third row. And I like that it can haul around 7 people and all their stuff. I do not like that I've had to replace radiator and transmission .

- Robin P

Drives nice and has held up very well. Gets better than average mileage.

Some rust on the door frame starting. Also had to replace radiator and repair the transmission due to a factory defect - Nissan would not call a recall.

- James K

Once the repairs are made, they're nice cars with a surprising amount of room

I love my car for inexplicable reasons. It's been nothing but trouble since I've gotten it but it fits my family and has usually served its purpose.

- Hannah H

It has 3 rows of seats. Its nice and well maintained.

I like it because it's bigger and has a 3rd row seat. I do not like that it does not have air vents in the back. The hood does not shut completely.

- Tara D

It has been very dependable, has good gas mileage and has lasted many years.

It has enough space to carry my school supplies since I travel from school to school, and has been dependable. It has nice storage in the back.

- Jan D

Power is a little lacking at start.

The car is great, it just doesn't have an aux connection or usb for the radio. Also the AC flow started to malfunction about two months later.

- Melissa P

Drives great. Very smoother ride for an SUV. It has plenty of room, also for whatever you need. The seats fold down to pack all size things.

Drives great, not that bad on gas mileage. Its air conditioning could be better. The stereo system should be a lot better. Plenty if room.

- Krisrue F

It's a reliable car. Good family car.

I like that is has plenty of room. One dislike is that it's had some problems we've had to put a lot of money into. Overall, a good car.

- Jenni N

This car is very durable and dependable.

My car is dependable. I have had very little trouble out of it and all these years. I plan to keep it for several more years.

- Rita H

That the gas tank hold a pretty good amount of gas.

I like the my car is pretty big and spacious. I hate that my car takes so much gas. I end up paying about $40 every time.

- Cameron A

It runs like a truck, and has a small gas tank.

It runs great. It is a great family car. Third row seats and great for traveling. Very spacious and comfortable seats.

- Kayla A

It is durable and efficient. I love it.

It is very reliable, maintenance is very affordable. This car is about 12 years old and it is still running like new.

- Vi M

Its has third row seating Really nice stock radio Great on gas

I like the speed The torque The gas milage The tow power I dislike the color I dislike the price of maintenance

- Phillip D

That the speakers are Bose.

Love how fast it goes. Love my leather seats. Love the built in Bose speaker love the chrome wheels I love it.

- Daniel G

it is good on trips and gas mileage. I love how much it can hold.

it is nice but shakes at times when 55+. it is good on gas. it is a good on trips.

- Randall L

Sometimes it breaks on me and give me a lot of issues but it still takes me to places

It breaks down. It is ugly. It gets the job done so i can't complain too much.

- Brayan S

It gets bad gas mileage and rides like a truck cause its v8.

Large and feels safe. Gets bad gas mileage. Has a rough ride.

- Kyle C

The car makes me feel real safe, it drives real smooth. My daughter plays sports and the car has a lot of room for her sport equipment

I like the room on the car but dislike the way the ac works

- Yessica A