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I like the substantial size of the vehicle. It feels safe.

It seems as though Nissan has designed this car to not last much longer than the warranty. Personally, I have had more go wrong with this car after the warranty went out than there ever was while the warranty would still cover the costs (all of which are things many owners of this car have attested has gone wrong after the warranty). This includes issues with the transmission needing to be entirely replaced as well as issues with the heater core.

- Mary L

Sweet ride with plenty of room and comfort

We love our Pathfinder. It has plenty of room. Very comfortable to ride in. You can use both rows of seating in the back or stow and go them to transport large purchases such as groceries or other items. The performance of the vehicle is fairly good although we are having mechanical troubles at the moment. Problems with the tires alignment as well as problems with the cooling system. Other than those issues, we are in love with our vehicle.

- Christina O

The pathfinder 22007 is probably the safest car I have ever owned.

This year is the first time I have had to put any real money into it. I love everything about it except for the leg room for the driver. I am short legged so it does not bother me but when my daughter drive it they feel cramped. I cannot say enough about the performance of this car and shifting into 4-drive is done on what they call the fly. It is fantastic.

- Marilyn W

A nice vehicle for someone who’s interested in buying it.

I honestly love the car, but after a while I started having some problems with turning it on. I eventually got it fixed! This car can last a long time believe me, and it is a pretty nice size for a family of eight! The car is pretty comfortable, and well it is gets me to where I need to be so I am not complaining!! Love it.

- Abigail C

Nissan pathfinder is a very nice, reliable vehicle.

I actually really enjoy my pathfinder. It had 4x4, seats 7-8, has a lot of room, luggage racks, and can tow/haul up to 6000 lbs. I work in retail sales during the day and sometimes in my spare time I do construction. So I am able to have a ladder on top and some tools and things in the back with no problem.

- Ralph J

The Nissan Pathfinder is very roomy, enough space for traveling, moving.

I love my Nissan, no issues whatsoever. It is so roomy, and fits all of our kids perfectly! The seats fold up for extra room. Storage slots under the seats. Our kids actually love to take road trips now that they are not squeezed in together. It is perfect and I am glad I traded my Dodge in!

- Amanda D

03 ford Taurus 4 door runs pretty good.

Just got 2 new back tires and oil change yesterday. Runs pretty good. Back passenger window does not work. Several dents and scratches but it gets us to and from where we needs to go. Air and heat work. Stereo works. Interior has some stains but they might can be shampooed out.

- Elizabeth R

It has a lifetime warranty on the transmission.

It is dependable. It is reliable. Air conditioner and heat works wonderful. Needs to be maintenance frequently, oil change, etc. You have to be careful because it is a top heavy vehicle. I love the brakes, transmission, motor. The transmission had a lifetime warranty on it.

- Hana H

Comfortable and reliable vehicle.

My 2007 Nissan Pathfinder is my daily driver and has been for the past 11 years, with over 200, 000 miles on it, its required very little maintenance, for the make year, it exceeds the standards for luxury features, its been extremely reliable and comfortable.

- Ben S

Great family friendly traveling pathfinder.

Wonderful vehicle, very comfortable, great features: heated seats and steering wheel, reverse camera, seating for 7, smooth drive, decent miles per gallon, lots of storage, and towing capacity. Easy 3rd row seating, heat CD/radio options, Bluetooth compatible.

- Molly B

Manufactured tires are awesome.

Good. Dependable. Never had any transmission issues. Good ac. Good heat. Reliable motor. Never needs much maintenance. Needs to be tuned occasionally but not like most vehicles. Has a lifetime transmission. Tire pressure on manufactured tires are excellent.

- Ana H

Solid, reliable vehicle with no major repair issues.

Mid size SUV. Excellent service record, no major issues. Headroom could be a concern for drivers over 6 feet y'all. Cargo area is one of the only vehicles where seats lay down truly flat. As always gas mileage is a sincere disappointment.

- Paul B

The most important fact about my car is that its reliable even with its problem.

What I like most about my vehicle is that it drives smooth and it's also, good on gas, and gets me back and forth. What I dislike most is that it needs a lot of work every so often. Plus my car tends to stall out.

- Gerard Y

It's a great car for someone looking for something that is both safe and ideal for winter weather.

The car is fairly old but has been very reliable and still offers a decent drive after 11 years of use. The car handles well in bad weather and overall is great for someone looking for a car for winter weather.

- Dishant M

Family Friendly four wheel drive rig. Excellent for driving short or long distances.

It is a roomy SUV that is kid friendly and handles well on snowy roads. I love the additional 3rd row that I can fold down for added storage. The quality is good, it is just older and could use some tlc.

- Chelsea K

Look and listen to the engine. Also check the Carfax.

Great vehicle! I purchased it used from a used car dealership. It appeared to belong to a soccer mom and had been well taken care of (engine wise). I haven't had any major issues thus far.

- Kali W

Pathfinder not suited for a family over 4

I don't like the fact there is no floor space at 3rd row. Shouldn't be considered as third row seating. Air conditioner and heat seem to stop working if you sit still too long

- Julie H

There's not much leg room in the back. If you have bigger kids or adults it will be uncomfortable

It has held up pretty well for as many miles as it has on it. I wish there was more leg room for those sitting in the back seat. The car seat is also smashed back there.

- Kendra M

Transmission And computer issues

Most of the 2007 models need new transmission. Before buying check on recall alerts and check the transmission and the computer within. Otherwise great vehicles.

- Jhesika M

Big Fan of Nissan Pathfinder

My Nissan Pathfinder has been very reliable. It did have a transmission fluid/radiator issue (which was known to Nissan), but this was covered under warranty.

- Linda B

2007 Nissan Pathfinder, My awesome ride.

My Nissan Pathfinder is very reliable. It runs very smooth and very comfortable. It has plenty of room for my family on trips or moving around in town.

- Jamie S

It is has a lot of space inside.

What I like about my vehicle would have to be the size of the vehicle, the seating capacity that it has within, as well as the mileage that it has.

- David D

It does not get the best gas mileage.

It is reliable and easy to maintain and offers a comfortable ride. The recalls did not apply to everything such as the faulty radiators.

- Barry H

Purchasing a Nissan Pathfinder was a wonderful choice.

I have been very happy with the decision to purchase our Nissan Pathfinder. I had lots of room on the inside for passengers and storage.

- Stephanie C

The 2007 model has a great shape to it makes it stand out!

I love my pathfinder its spacious and comfortable. It drives great like a truck or an off-roading vehicle, which makes it fun to drive.

- Alyssa C

I do feel safe and in control driving the pathfinder.

Seating could be more comfortable, and easier to adjust. Has good gas mileage for an SUV. Should come standard with a outside step up!

- Brenda G

This vehicle is very reliable and functional. There have been very few issues since purchase and it was purchased used.

It rides very well. It provides me with ample space for me and passengers. It works well as a utility vehicle. Very few issues.

- Deborah S

She loves to be pampered and hates having to be left outside. :-)

The third row seating is a very small area but I like having a third row. I wish the vehicle was just a little larger.

- Kelly B

Its reliable and never lets me down.

Its roomy it has 3rd row seating. It gets good gas mileage for its size. Very dependable for the mileage of 150, 000.

- Bruce H

Low mileage and runs good. Again no major issues with this vehicle.

Brought a used vehicle from Craigslist and have not had any major issues. Would recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- Richard B

It drives like a truck and it is very large and it is comfortable

It is like a truck. Gas mileage not good. Not very comfortable. It is very large for carrying lots of passengers.

- Mary C

Nissan Pathfinders are one the most reliable vehicles on the market today.

Nissan Pathfinder is a very reliable vehicle. I haven't had any major issues other than normal wear and tear.

- Perrell F

It is a great car and very strong.

It is a strong and safe car. I have had it for more than 10 years and have had no major issues with my car.

- Mercedes C

It is sturdy and mostly dependable, but sometimes has electric issues.

I like how it drives. I do not like the gas mileage. I like the steering. I do not like the turn radius.

- Ally H

What i like about my Nissan Pathfinder is the total space , it has three rows of seating and the back two can be put down for cargo. i also love how it drives it has a v6 and it is very fast when i want it to be.I love the body it looks good! What i could use more of is mpg.

It last over 180,000+ miles.my truck is a 2007 and it has lasted over 11 yrs and still going strong.

- michelle a

It is very reliable. It is good in winter.

It's very reliable, but it's miles per gallon could be better.

- Ken F

It is a very good and reliable vehicle. I feel safe in it because if it's sturdy nature. It comfortably fits seven people.

That it is safe and reliable without giving up the comfort.

- McKayla B

I like how much space it has even though it's not that bulky. It's a typical car and for me has been durable.

Even though it was bought used, it works like a new car.

- Andrea R

It's a great family vehicle. Turns well for an SUV.

I love how big it is. I hate the gas mileage though

- Amber S