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It is a gas guzzler but the amount of stuff you can fit inside it crazy.

The size of the car is great and it rides pretty smoothly. The inside is very large and roomy. You can fit 7 people with some luggage or other items in the car as well. Great visibility from the dashboard and the driver and passenger seats recline, move forward/backward and also up and down with the angle of the seat. Does well in all weather but in extreme cold and snow the car will struggle and the batteries have a tendency to die. I went through 3 car batteries in one winter. Other than obvious wear and tear and maintenance coming from how old the car is, it's very reliable and I would buy it again.

- Marie S

Perfect vehicle for a big family. Very spacious.

I had to purchase a bigger vehicle because my Chevy cruze didn't fit all 4 of my kids plus my husband. We settled on a used 2010 pathfinder. It is very spacious and comfortably fits our 1 year old twins and our two boys who are relatively tall for their age. It drives smooth it feels comfortable and safe. The gas is a bit pricey, but for most SUVs it usually is. We are more than happy with our purchase we've had no problems with our pathfinder it works perfect for our rural mountain home.

- Nancy M

Wonderful and comfortable family vehicle.

Easily fits a family of 5 with plenty of cargo space left. Wonderful for travel. Middle and rear seats fold down to make plenty of room for fitting large things. Wonderful vehicle for towing trailers or boats. Comes with a DVD player to keep the kids entertained. Separate air and heat controls for front and rear. And driver and front passenger have separate air and heat controls as well.

- Melissa W

Color and features are the best.

The size is great and all the features. I love the color as well it has 4 wheel drive and traction on ice. It has a third row of seats for more passengers. I really love my Nissan. It drives smoothly. It also has a great sound system. There is nothing I would change about my Nissan. Well maybe one thing may payment it is way too high.

- Laura M

Review of the 2010 Nissan pathfinder.

The car itself is very safe and comfortable. The interior has high quality materials. It takes a long time for the car to heat up during the winter, but the performance in the snow is well, I have yet to feel unsafe. The breaks are kind of touchy, and you have to really press down on the gas. Sound system is not the best.

- Kayla M

I enjoy using the back up camera and nice radio system.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. We have not had too many issues with vehicle. It was brand new when I bought it. Good mileage on long drives. Holds a lot for traveling. Has hitch for pulling trailer. Back up camera picture goes blank now every so often but for most part works great, rely on it a lot.

- Theresa T

Perfect vehicle for family who travels or just for everyday running around.

When we bought our Nissan Pathfinder I thought the third row option would be a feature that would be really nice to have. We only have two children so we do not need the extra seat space often. In hindsight, it would be nicer to have more leg room for the second row and not the third row option.

- Abby W

It makes me feel safe on the roads. It is solid. The optional third row of seats is very handy. It's a little hard to park sometimes, though.

I wish I could trade it. I bought it to keep my then teenage son safe on the roads, but now he is a college graduate and I am stuck with this huge vehicle. Otherwise, I like that it gets reasonable mileage, turns well, has comfy seats and great A/C. I wish it hooked into my iphone and all that.

- Teresa m

The faulty parts of vehicle.

I have had to replace ac compressor twice, also replaced alternator and starter. There is still an issue with the car starting when it is cold outside. I have had the car tested and parts tested multiple times, but cannot get the issue resolved. Many things on this vehicle have been faulty.

- Amanda S

6 passenger car back seats folds down and it has vents in the middle/ back row.

I haven't had any problems with the car it runs good to be an 8 almost 9 year old car the only opportunity it has is that it doesn't have enough leg room for those who are average 6ft and the fuel efficiency is very bad you get up to 253 miles but other than that the car is reliable okay.

- Jason B

2010 Nissan Pathfinder se SUV.

New abs actuator. Other than regular maintenance, I haven't had any other problems. Has roof rack and third row seating. Has good highway mileage. One owner and no wrecks. Has cloth seats and CD player. Also has the tow package. I recommend this vehicle. It has been reliable.

- Amber S

There us a lot of value in this vehicle. This has been a family car since 2010.

The gas mileage is not the best on this car which is to be suspected with most SUVs. Also there is no ease in reclining the rear seats. The car is spacious and provides a lot of extra room. The SUV is also vet comfortable and has a lot of additional charging ports.

- Jessica K

Nissan Pathfinder is a great car

The Nissan Pathfinder is an extremely reliable car. Plenty of room to fit my family of 5 with cargo space in the back. Regular maintenance has kept my vehicle in top shape. Great for cross country road trips and camping.

- Tamara B

It's comfortable, a little rugged and has a sunroof.

The car started to have some leaks and the rubber seals become brittle. Physical appearance maintenance is definitely needed often. Otherwise the maintenance and everything else like mechanical is pretty good.

- Nicolas C

It is good on gas and it is so easy to load groceries in the back

The Pathfinder was the first Nissan that I ever brought and I just love it. Drives smooth, has not needed many repairs, has lots of room and I love loading the groceries and other big items in the back.

- Patti D

This SUV is very practical with a lot of room for cargo and also passengers with an additional third row of seats

The only thing that I am not happy with my vehicle is the gas mileage that it is around 16 miles per gallon, other than that I am very happy with the performance, space, looks, reliability, comfort.

- Carlos S

Family Car/Pathfinder for you

We have had no problems with our pathfinder. It has been reliable and gets us where we need to go. It can fit up to 7 people which is a good benefit and is great for moving things as well

- Lyndie V

The Pathfinder is very dependable, safe and looks good.

I love this vehicle, because it is really nice. It also has seating for 7, which is the number of people in my family. It looks good and runs good, too.

- Mary C

Spacious and fun with a lot of charging outlets.

I have had issues with the breaks and other front end things. There have been no major problem. I have only needed to replace the battery one time.

- Jessica K

It is really has good gas mileage for an SUV.

I love that the pedals move, the seat goes up and down and it has heated seats. Also, I love the back up camera and the Sirius XM satellite radio.

- Melanie A

It seats 7 people comfortably.

I love the size of this SUV. I love the handling. I really like the look. The only dislike I have is that it could get better gas mileage.

- Anne D

It has three rows and a very large trunk area. It drives smooth.

I like that it has a large trunk area. I like that it has 3 rows but I don't like the small amount of seating space in row two and three.

- Jamie W

Can fit seven people. The two back rows can fold down.

It holds seven people, so fits the whole family. Is able to tow a trailer. Has a strong engine. Be careful with the battery connections.

- Amy C

Very reliable and dependable. I haven't had any problems with it at all.

I love my Pathfinder. It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. The built in navigation works great. I also got a great deal on it.

- kevin m

It is lasting for a long time with no problems.

Love the size. Love the back window size. Gets decent gas mileage around our area. Just wish the third row was a tad bit bigger.

- Michele M

It rides smooth and is roomy.

Maintenance is easy. Just change the oil.... The interior does not hold up well.... The hands free option does not work well.

- Jay B

It is a very reliable car.

Love the way it drives. Love the number of passengers it carries and the storage capability. Back seats are uncomfortable.

- Monica F

The spacious and comfortable ride

It is a fantastic ride. Smooth and very little upkeep. As long as I keep up with maintenance of the car it runs smoothly

- John G

It was part of a collision a full years ago but it works fine.

It was my grandmother's and it was handed down to me. It's a very nice car and I haven't name it yet but I will soon.

- Amanda C

It is a good family car. There is room for the kids and all their stuff!

Like the gas mileage, cargo space, and third row seating. Like the backup camera. Dislike the shape of the headrest.

- Dennis W

I like it very much. It seats 7 people and can pull our trailer.

There is nothing that I dislike about it except for the gas mileage but that is what you get with a 6 cylinder car.

- Deb D

It is pretty cool, it runs really well.

It runs really well, the oil change is alright, the tires cost about 70 each, the windows are about 2 feet wide.

- Jorge S

It hasn't had any major or expensive issues but we do stay up to date on maintenance.

There haven't been many major issues with the car. Runs smooth very reliable. The inside is very comfortable.

- Kristen B

It's great for any kind of weather; rain, snow, sun, and hurricanes. It remains sturdy.

I've had a few problems with the battery in past years, but other than that my pathfinder never lets me down.

- Kira M

It is got great gas mileage.

I like that it is large enough for the grandkids. I love that it is black. I also like sitting up high.

- Mary B

Kong lasting reliable very roomy

Runs good very reliable drives smooth good on gas very spacious handles a lot of cargo fits my 7 people

- Bill G

Reliable and large. Poor gas mileage.

I really like it. I like that I can haul around anything I need to and It's been very reliable.

- Bassel K

It's been a very good car to me and I would consider buying another in the future

I love that it has heated seats and steering wheel. I love that it's roomy. I love the color.

- Angela H

It's comfortable. The vehicle is roomy. Has good cargo space.

I like the comfort of the vehicle. I love that it is high. It is spacious.

- Danika S

The vehicle is good; however, the air condition to the back rows is not good. Other than that is is a good vehicle.

It drives well and is comfortable to drive. I love the height of vehicle.

- Jes S




I love my Pathfinder! I love that it is versatile and can fit my whole family easily.

The Pathfinder offers comfort with a lot of versatility.

- Monica S