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Love my Nissan pathfinder. Safe sturdy and reliable.

This has been one of the best cars I have ever owned. It began with a lease and I rolled it into a purchase. I hope Nissan comes back with the pathfinder model again so I can purchase a newer one. The back seats fold down completely flat and accommodate my 2 dogs who love the room in the back. They can safely stick their heads out the windows without falling through the seats holes or hooks that I have found in other vehicles. This car rarely breaks down. I change the oil every 3,000 miles and have never had major repair work done with nearly 150,000 miles, it is still a reliable sturdy car.

- Amy R

It is safe and reliable for a family of one or three.

It's a nice family suv. It's not the big suv but not one of those small things they 'claim' is an suv, a car with a big trunk. I like that it's reliable and I don't have to worry about my wife and kids everyday. It's built strong and safe. My only dislike is I wish it were bigger. Once you add two car seats and maybe have to use the third row for someone to sit in the 'trunk' is smaller than a hatchback!! I can't even put my stroller in there!? Guess that's why they make straps and luggage racks lol.

- Brandon J

2011 Nissan Pathfinder terrific looking vehicle, great all around.

I love my 2011 Nissan Pathfinder. It is fun to drive, I feel very safe in this vehicle. The gas mileage is ok, the power that the Nissan pathfinder has is great. I have no worries in the snow, it goes great. The reliability of this vehicle is amazing. I have the oil changed every 3, 000 miles, tires rotated, fluids checked and change the air filter every 6, 000 miles. The features are great. Bose stereo system, touch 4x4, heated seats, it is a great ride and a safe vehicle.

- Christine R

Powerful has truck fell smooth ride.

Great power no mechanical problems ever plenty of room has 3 rows of seats smooth ride but can handle light off road condition it's fast and get kids to school safe. Cargo rack and storage is great. I would buy another if Nissan don't change it. This SUV is rugged and has a full frame love the drive train would recommend for family and outdoor travel.

- Jon S

Nissan pathfinders are wonderful mid sized vehicles for the average family!

My car has all the extras. Sunroof, heated seats, heated steering wheel (the best for ladies with cold hands), leather interior. It drives so well too. It is small enough to get in and out of parking stalls, but large enough to carry two kids, groceries and extras I find along the way. I love my Nissan pathfinder!

- Lisa C

Honest opinion of a mom who uses her vehicle for daily use.

Car has just tripped 100,000 miles and is still going strong. Only complaint I have is a factory defect in the paint. On both driver and passenger sides in the front of the vehicle, there is paint chipping and rust beginning. Vehicle has nice amenities, but I do wish the rear lift gate were automatic.

- Katie Y

Adapt to your many needs.

After a few years the vehicle began squeaking and the radio began acting up by not keeping the sound level consistent or recalling the last station. The vehicle has lots of space and the seats fold to any configuration that is needed to carry everything from groceries to a big screen television.

- Mas H

It is safe to drive. Seems to be built well.

It is a family SUV which is nice. I can fit our kids and some stuff. But but but. You put the kids and a stroller and a bag and boom! No space. Wait. What? I thought I had a big SUV. No just a car with a big rear end. I cannot afFord the actual big SUV, a true family needs so for now it works.

- Brandon T

It is a great truck. Quiet. Reliable.

My vehicle is the basic model. I was given it. And I wish it had a few more features. I think it should be easier to retrieve the spare tire. The rear wiper should cover the window when active in a wider span. The engine is fine so far. However the vehicle only has 34, 000 miles on it.

- Christina C

Comfortable car, bad on gas mileage.

It is a very comfortable car, it has a lot of room and I love the 3 row seating. The only problem I have is how much gas it takes. Its 15 mpg which can take a big toll. I also love the exterior design and interior leather on the silver edition I have. The car is overall really reliable too.

- Madeline H

I love my pathfinder. It drives great.

I love that my pathfinder has seven seats. It drives really well and is comfortable to drive. The third row folds flat which is great and create a lot more trunk space. I feel like the second row is really small and does not have much room for legs but it is still good.

- Kim B

Pathfinder is overall a nice family vehicle.

Gas mileage is poor. Had problems with heating/ac fan and with the rear tailgate. Engine noise is very prevalent in the cabin. Seating and dash layout are both good. Sound system is poor. Cannot get satellite radio. Center console area is setup nice and convenient.

- Kevin M

The seats are leather, but the backside of the seats are fuzzy cloth material.

Pathfinders are a more rugged vehicle, like a Jeep, but for a family. There is not a lot of legroom in the middle and back seats, but it is okay if you need to haul someone in a pinch. The back seats lay down so that you almost have the hauling room of a truck.

- Sabrina P

The sunglasses holder is top notch.

Tires need changed often, radio is kind of sad, wish there was an AUX cord plug in or Bluetooth was already installed. Lots of room considering almost all seats come down. College student so car holds lots of things, enough room for multiple suitcases.

- Jennie M

Black 2011 Nissan pathfinder.

My car does not have many problems and there is room in it which is great for if you have kids or guests with you. There is also a third row of seats that can be pulled up or pushed down if needed. This is very safe and I would definitely buy it again.

- Emmy W

The third row seat is a tight fit. If you feel you are going to have sit people there regularly you may want to purchase a larger SUV

The only issue I have had with the Pathfinder is the brake sensor in the gear shift is broken and I have to manually override it to get my car out of park. Have met many people with Nissans who have had the same problem. Annoying but still a good car

- Erin N

2011 Pathfinder Review!!!

The vehicle was great when I first purchased it used. But after 80000 miles it requires a lot of maintenance and repairs. Speaker blew, mirror cracked. AC and defrost doesn't work properly. Doesn't drive that well and I have taken care of it.

- Michael A

Nissan Pathfinder, Rough Rider

To be an SUV there is no room. We can not even go anywhere as a family because our boys can not sit in back seat. Also I have ridden in jeeps that ride smoother. I was really excited about this truck and have been very disappointed.

- Kristi M

Extremely reliable and trusted brand makes this vehicle

It is very spacious on the inside and the exterior design looks perfect for what I typically Drive. It's a very reliable brand and simple to get repairs when needed. My only complaint is that it has a low rollover rating in accidents.

- David n

Very roomie and dependable. Never have i had to do major repairs.

I have a nissan ever since i started driving. I love them and have never had issues with them. Even when i was in highschool and didn't take of them. i have third row seating which comes in nice and still get 18-20 mph city

- Gary t

It is a great car and just the right size for riding 5 people comfortably

I have not had any problems in the 7 years I have had it. It looks great and people think it is a lot younger than the 7 years. I would like a better gas mileage each tank but that is the only complaint

- Nancy H

The pathfinder drives smooth for an suv and it has plenty of extra space and it can tow a trailer.

I love that my vehicle has plenty of room for hauling things. I can't complain about the gas mileage it gets good for a suv. This has been a good car i have not had to do any repairs on it since i got it.

- erin h

Awesome Nissan pathfinder.

It is a great car. We have had no trouble out of it and it has over 100, 000 miles. I plan to keep it until my daughter can drive it. We will be taking it on our third trip to Disney world this year.

- Katie V

The Pathfinder is a very safe, four- wheel drive vehicle that can seat up to 8 people comfortably. The four-wheel-drive makes it so that it can go on any and all terrain and drives very safely in the snow.

The Pathfinder looks great, handles great, and is overall the best vehicle I have ever had. With almost 300,000 miles on it, it still drives like it is brand new. It is great on any terrain.

- Michael M

Love my Nissan pathfinder

I have owned my Pathfinder for 3 years and have no significant issues. Normally wear and tear. Love the seating capacity list wish there was more leg room in the back seats.

- Suzanne M

Nissan Pathfinder, a good car to get you where you need to be

Good performance. Gets you where you want to go. Easy to use, good for new drivers. Not much maintenance is needed. Be careful while driving due to the suspension.

- Alice G

It had fiberglass wheel panels.

It is too large and has a large turning radius. It also has little legroom for the back seat. It does have a lot of room behind the back seat.

- Charles L

It's a great family vehicle. I had third row seating which we need.

Works fine. I am just much more of a truck guy. I have this vehicle because we have three children and my wife had just gotten a new car.

- Cole W

There is plenty of room for passengers and cargo

I love my vehicle. I love the way it drives and preforms. I have had a couple of minor mechanical issues that were easily fixed.

- Jordan s

It's a good family car, but it's okay if your single young guy who drives it.

It is very comfortable inside and I really enjoy driving it. I love the sound system. As well as the fact that I can tow things.

- Felix M

It is a very reliable sports utility vehicle with 4 wheel drive.

Full loaded with leather interior, moonroof, and Bose sound system. No major mechanical issues over the 5+ years I've owned it.

- Matt M

It's dependable and gets good gas mileage with plenty of room.

I like that it has 3rd Row seating seating. I like that we can haul our pontoon with it. I like that it gets good gas mileage.

- Jennifer S

It is a really safe and comfortable vehicle.

Love that it is comfy. It is roomy. It also makes you feel very safe when your inside it. I really do not have any dislikes.

- Jennifer R

It drives great and gets decent gas mileage.

Love my heated leather seats. Love the size and the fact that it has third row. I wish the cargo/trunk area was larger.

- Lindsay G

It is a great family car for vacations and dragging everyone to different events.

It works just fine for me and my family. I have to have a vehicle with three rows because of the kids.

- Cole A

Pathfinder 2011 very good year

It has been a great vehicle with no major work done on it. I keep up with oil changes every 5000 miles

- Herbert H

It is a great vehicle for snow.

It has plenty of room for travel, pretty good gas mileage. It is awesome in the snow, handles great!

- Tara B

That it has plenty of cargo space and seating.

Good 4wd capabilities. Handles well in city or off road. Plenty of storage.

- Kyle D

Very nice family vehicle, very good for traveling!

Like everything, but wish there were more features

- Marie Y