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overall, the Nissan pathfinder is a great car, with lots of stuff to be good.

overall, the Nissan pathfinder is a great car with little to no flaws. The only bad part about it is its make. You have to be careful with it to make sure it doesn't touch anything, as it is somewhat weak. The performance on the car is amazing, allowing you focus on the road while doing everything else to make sure you and everyone else is safe and having fun, because it also has a music player. New and old users of Nissan will get used to this cars comfort very quickly, as the sleek design and softness of the seats will make you feel like you're driving a car from heaven. The car has so many other features and storage compartments so that having being a parent or a single driver will still help you into your comfort zone.

- cory R

Great mid-size SUV with great flexibility of the interior space.

Love the size. Get the SUV space and feel without it being so large that it is hard to park. Love the space in the back and the way the seats can fold down independently. Do not love the console though, no open space to put small items except the enclosed arm rest and a whole/space in the dash that things fall out of when you make turns. Cup holders in the door are not useful - they are small and hard to get drinks in and out of. Gas mileage is not great. These are the small details that I wish I could improve, however, when it comes to the important details - reliability, comfort, space - I love the pathfinder.

- Melanie W

They did a good job with the TV.

It originally had cotton seats, but I wanted leather. They did a terrible job of putting the leather in, they left the seats in the car while they replaced them, and the seat belts are very hard to buckle in the back because they fall down in between the seats if they are not buckled. The back panels of the two back rows of seats are all falling off and they didn't do a very good job of trying to fix it. Also, the side trim on the doors are still the cotton so it just throws the whole thing off with cotton on the sides with leather seats. There is also a hole in my roof that they made and didn't bother to fix.

- savannah C

The Nissan pathfinder- a great overall vehicle.

My Nissan pathfinder is a great vehicle. I bought it new and have owned it since. It is a very reliable vehicle, never had any major problems at all. It is a very roomy vehicle for our big family and extremely comfortable to drive. It handles very good in all road conditions and of course great in the snow with the four wheel drive option. The backup camera is a big plus tool. The seats go down very was making it very comfortable to each the back then put the seats back in for the kids. It has been a very comfortable reliable vehicle and I am not very quick to get a different vehicle.

- Cathy B

My pathfinder can fold all back seats down.

My pathfinder is honestly perfect for every situation. I am a single mom, so it helps on birthdays when I can fit quite a few of my kids friends in it with the 3rd row seating. Also camping trips are so easy because the back seats all fold down. It drives so well in all conditions, plus it has 4x4. I cannot speak for all used cars... But when I bought mine it ran great and it still does. I've never had a mechanical issue. Nissans are pretty reliable, and I adore my pathfinder:).

- Taj P

Wonderful low maintenance vehicle great for families.

I love driving this 4WD vehicle. The performance is wonderful and I have not experienced any major or minor issues with the vehicle. I usually conduct all of my own repairs as well for minor items such as oil changes, brakes, etc. And have not had any trouble accessing any of the area of the vehicle. The third row seat functionality allows for a total of 6 passengers which is great for a small family.

- Austin K

Modern alternative to the minivan.

I love my Pathfinder, with a growing family with children and pets, needing space and more seating, and not wanting to get a minivan this was a great alternative. My one thing I wish I could change is the 3rd row seating, I would not recommend it for a big teenage or a adult, but good for kids, just wish there was more leg room.

- Joanne A

Basic and simple but very reliable. Great car for a family with small children.

Spacious back seat but very little leg room in the third row of seats. A lot of road noise as it has aged. The pathfinder has been a reliable car over the years and I haven't had any issues with it. My car is the very basic package. I wish I chose something with a little more features. Perfect for a family with small children.

- Chelsea C

Great looking car not so good on the gas mileage.

Not very comfortable and very loud. While driving it is hard to hear inside the car it is a very noisy car. Love the style and color also like the leather and heated seats. There is a lot of room For the smaller size of SUV. The engine is great and has a lot of get up when taking off. Not good gas mileage.

- Julie T

Best car I ever had! All weather vehicle.

Great in all weather! Completely loaded with heated seats and leather interior! I have a 7 passenger with room for storage for traveling and also a luggage rack. I also have rear cameras and a Bose surround sound media with touchscreen and Siri. Bluetooth and steering wheel controls! I love my vehicle!

- Maria P

Great family car for big or small family.

My vehicle fits my family of 6 perfectly with plenty of room for all of us and our stuff. Love the folding down seats in both rows, which gives us many options to sit. The car has been very reliable around town and on long family trips. Gas Mileage is decent for an SUV about 16 mpg around town.

- Danielle C

Pulling capacity fits our family's needs.

It fits the needs of our family. It has 4 wheel drive which we use to pull our boat out of the lake. We are also able to pull out pop up camper. If I could improve it, I would recommend adding built in Sirius radio instead of having to add a portable one. Could also use more USB ports.

- Irma G

The best car for me and a good buy.

The performance on the car is great and the engine runs well. Furthermore, it gets me to my designation at a decent time. The car is comfortable I feel good when I get in the car because it is fuel efficient. Also, the car is reliable due to the fact because it never gave me problems.

- Courtney A

I really enjoy the look of the vehicle as well as the 5th row seating.

Thermostat has gone out of vehicle and the heat won't always work. We got it repaired and works fine. The leather is also wearing off on the steering wheel. Other than that it is a great vehicle that is very versatile. We love taking it on long trips and camping.

- Troy W

I love the space and versatility.

I am very happy with my pathfinder. It has been a great car and rides well. The only complaint is how loud the fan is when the vehicle is running and you are standing outside if the car. You cannot hear it if your inside the car. That is my only complaint.

- Kimberly C

Dependable-ready for adventure- family vehicle.

This vehicle easily fits our family of 5. It is spacious, we have room for our golf clubs, fishing equipment, or groceries. This has been a very dependable vehicle. When I need to transport large items the seats easily fold door and provide a large flat area.

- Tim R

Great family SUV that is reliable.

No problems. The vehicle is great. Just not quite enough space in the middle and third rows. We haven't had any issues yet. The only issue I can think of was when we first purchased the vehicle the check engine light kept coming on for an exhaust leak.

- Susan S

Great ride at 150,000 miles as it was at 10.

I really like our Pathfinder, It is comfortable, roomy, and has plenty of storage for when we go camping, hiking, or just getting grocery. It's fairly good on gas, it rides great. I have really enjoyed driving it on the highway and off the beaten path.

- Annette M

It is exceptional if driving in rain or snow. .

I love the ease of driving. . Plenty of room for shopping or traveling. The hatch opens all the way or just the window,. I enjoy having the extra security of the back up camera, I have the option of using. 2 or 4 wheel drive.

- Rebecca N

Spacious Interior and hard working vehicle.

Really good vehicle. Bought used and couldn't be happier. Decent gas mileage for the size. Has a ton of seating and space for storing things. We've fit 5 or 6 people and several dogs in it at the same time.

- Levi R

Nissan Pathfinder: Good family car

My car is good for my family size. We have had very little issues with it. We have had a few cosmetic issues - drivers seat wear on the edges, cosmetic plates falling off. Overall, it is a great car.

- Kerri P

Great, reliable family vehicle.

I have used the pathfinder to pull my camper trailer all over the country, never had a single problem. Solid mpg, safe, comfortable, and plenty of towing capacity for a vehicle of this size.

- Darrel D

It has been very reliable since I got it.

I like the body style and size. Wish it got a little better gas mileage/fuel economy (currently get 17 MPG; wish it was 24 or higher). Could use some technology updates.

- Justin t

they should know not to buy it for the 3rd row seating it's better to just lay seats down for extra storage

the only thing i really don't like is there isnt leg room for the middle row or the 3rd row. This also makes it very hard to get in the 3rd row even for children

- melissa b

Roomy for the price and a reliable family vehicle

Very Reliable and roomy. Run greats and no major issues in the last 6 years. Been having problems with the AC not working properly and no one can figure it out.

- George D

Very comfortable. Leather seats with heaters. Plenty of legroom.

Love the features and amenities. Very spacious for a mid size suv. Lots of power. Only real downside for us is it does not have the cargo room of a full size.

- Jim P

It's big enough for the entire family and can go wherever you want to go.

It has four wheel drive and good ground clearance. It gets decent gas mileage and overall range. It also has more than enough power and passenger space.

- Chris R

It does not makes funny noises when you brake.

I like the feel and gas mileage. Also very roomy with extra seats. Lastly I love the mechanical features like 4 wheel drive. Very dependable SUV.

- Carol C

It is very reliable, and gets good gas mileage in both highway and city driving.

My vehicle is very efficient. I like the mileage, and it runs smoothly. Despite the age, the vehicle is very good on performance.

- Rony P




Know that it is the perfect starter car for a young graduate student.

It has a lot if room inside. I do not like that there is no place to put purse in from when someone is on passenger side.

- Michelle G

Transmission work is expensive.

No complaints. Big size. I wanted something with room but wouldn't kill me on gas. It's great for everyday usage.

- Kevin I

7 passenger. I usually take everyone places in my vehicle

I like the style of the old Pathfinder not the new. I only wish I could have been able to afford a 4 wheel drive.

- Cia H

the four wheel drive is incredibly reliable in snow and mud

Great for all seasons, hauling groceries, moving, hauling sports equipment, kids and pets. Great gas mileage.

- Rachel W

It is safe to drive on the road and highway.

It is comfortable and roomy. It rides smooth. I like the options it came with. don't love the gas mileage.

- Robin C

My car is reliable and we enjoy that there are 7 seats.

I like that it is a 4 wheel drive for slippery conditions. Also that it is sturdy and safe for my family.

- Cynthia M

The gas mileage is not the greatest on this vehicle

Love the third row for when we need extra space, backup camera is very helpful, and rides really smooth

- Amy M

the room inside and comfort, also easy to handle, great mileage.

This is the third Pathfinder I have owned. It is very versatile. Easy to handle and safe to drive.

- Louann W

roomy, basic model, 4wd is piece of mind. runs very well

love my truck, great capacity, runs well. Oxygen sensors keep needing to be replaced

- tara r

I Am attached to it and don't want anything different

Love that I sit up high and it drives more like a truck than other SUVs I have driven

- Elizabeth B

Gas mileage, due to the prices going up and down.

Totally enjoy our Nissan. Haven't ever had a problem. It gets great gas mileage.

- Lon K

I love my Nissan Pathfinder, and the only four stars because I bought it with 100,000 miles on it. Would buy another.

Man this car has room! As a tall man, I can appreciate the amount of leg space.

- Nickolas H

It is actually a truck not a car because it is built on a truck frame so it can handle rugged areas.

I like the third row seat. I like the 4-wheel drive. I wish it was more roomy.

- Amy M