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The backup camera. I feel weird not having it when I drive my husbands vehicle.

I love my Nissan Pathfinder. It is reliable, comfortable, roomy, etc. I love that it has a backup camera. The only thing I might say I do not care for is the USB connector does not connect my husbands android which makes him irritated. It does connect to my iPhone though. We have had some minor issues with that, the clock, and just getting used to the fact that the layout of all the buttons up front are hard to get used to. Other than those minor things we love the vehicle. My kids fit nicely. We have a third row in case we have extra people in the car with us. And there is just overall plenty of room for all of our stuff when we go on road trips.

- Callie A

Nissan pathfinder 2016. Thankful for its reliability.

My nissan pathfinder has been a great investment! I went from a Honda odyssey which was comfortable, spacious, gas friendly, but wasn't reliable in the snow. The pathfinder is comfortable, spacious- although incomparable to the odyssey, affordable, and extremely reliable in the snow. I feel safe and secure in my pathfinder. . Minor things that I would change; cup holder design, a more intuitive and user friendly gps, and better trunk space. I also happen to be a fan of the old design, where it was square but the pathfinder is sleek and elegant for SUV.

- Cohen A

Useful, reliable, comfortable & reliable SUV, not quite perfect.

My 2016 Nissan pathfinder platinum is very roomy; good for hauling. I use the inside stowage are mostly for landscaping supplies & materials and it is very adequate. It is very attractive inside and out and very reliable. It is very comfortable & interior features are fairly intuitive. I have had zero mechanical problems in my first 6 months of owning it. I have 2 minor complaints: (1) the mirrors are too small for the size of the SUV; and (2) the rev sound of the SUV is too loud and sounds like an industrial vehicle.

- William C

Some pros and cons of the 2016 Nissan pathfinders.

The vehicle has been very reliable. We've had minor things break, such as the a/c outlet. The vehicle is a bit loud, as the road noise does not seem to be quieted enough when on the highway. The vehicle is a bit boring as far as the style, both interior and exterior design. The heat and a/c is strange when you try to run the dual settings. There is a threshold where it just does not seem to be able to balance the difference in temperatures well. Would probably buy another Nissan, but would look into an armada next time.

- Jennifer A

Nissan Pathfinder great family ride.

I drive the 2016 Nissan Pathfinder. It is my first SUV. I am not in love with it. I have always driven a truck. So going from our RAM 1500 to this Pathfinder is a big difference. I hate being so low to the ground and when next to passing traffic it moves the whole car. It does get great gas mileage and fits both my kids car seats while leaving plenty of room. The kids love the built in DVD players. It is great for long road trips but can get annoying when kids constantly want it on.

- Breanna C

Nissan pathfinder s - a great choice.

Pathfinder has a pretty powerful v6 engine that also produces surprisingly good mileage overall, around about 26-28 mpg. Best feature for me is the third row seating, though next time I will be looking for captain chair seating as to provide easier access to the third row. I have the s-class so it does have a few features missing that I would like to see in future, such as a back-up camera and navigation screen.

- Darren P

The Pathfinder rides comfortably and has easy to navigate features and controls.

I bought this car for the third row, I keep it folded down 90% of the time which allows me to fit a double stroller, groceries, and lots of other things easily in the trunk. The second row comfortably fits two large convertible car seats with the center seat armrest folded down. The only issue I have had is the automatic lift gate occasionally not opening or getting stuck.

- Sarah R

If you want a reliable car. I would recommend, getting a 2016 Nissan Pathfinder.

This 2016 Nissan Pathfinder is all wheel drive. It's a gas saver, although its a 6 cyl. Rides and performs well. Seats seven adults comfortably. Gets me from point A to point B and c and so forth. Has keyless start up. . Haven't had any problems, or issues with this Nissan. I recommend this Nissan to all my friends and any one who wants to seat 7 adults comfortably.

- Humberto S

The pathfinder is great for families due to its reliability, comfort, and size.

I love the cameras, there is a backup camera and a birds eye view in addition to side cameras, I really have a 360 degree view. This makes backing up and parking a breeze. The leather seats are comfortable for long trips. I have two children and a dog and have plenty of room for them and a double stroller and even some cargo room. Gas mileage on average is 19-23.

- Kristen C

We have had zero issues with our Nissan pathfinder.

Our Nissan is black with a leather tan interior. It rides great, has 3 seats which is great for hauling our grandchildren. The mileage was great when we bought it new but seems to be getting less miles to the gallon. We have excellent service on our Nissan pathfinder at lupine Nissan in Rochester MN. This is our second Nissan. We have had zero problems with it.

- Diane S

It is a very safe car due to its size and durability.

It runs and handles very well. It has comfortable seats. It is a pretty big vehicle so that needs to be kept in mind when parking and driving. It has a great feature - camera that pops up when you are backing up- so this helps with safety. The car has a keyless entry and keyless driving so as long as the keys are on your person you can drive the car.

- emily a

It has the ability to play movies, 3rd row seating, and a smooth ride.

The Nissan Pathfinder drives very smoothly and is fast for the type of engine it has. I love that it has 3rd row seating to accommodate my growing family. The 1 thing I truly dislike about the Pathfinder is that it has Bluetooth, but not Audio Bluetooth which means I cannot play music or text through Bluetooth. I can only make phone calls.

- Megan J

Pros, cons, good, bad and the ugly.

It's a great vehicle in lots of ways and.Looks awesome. . Only downside is the fuel economy is horrible. I may get 27 mpg on the highway and 20 in the city. I also like the 3rd row seating which is great in this size of vehicle. The stereo system is also great in this vehicle. Overall I.Very satisfied and would consider another.

- Bryan L

2016 Nissan Pathfinder, what I like and do not like.

It is comfortable, just gets boring to drive after a while, it fits our family of 6 fine for right now, but I can see as the kids get older that they will not be able to fit in the very back. The air conditioning has gone out on me already and had to have it replaced. Other than this is rides smooth and is pretty ok on gas.

- Stacey G

Nissan pathfinder - grows as your family does.

We are very happy with our Nissan as it is a family car and with two infants there is still space for prams etc. I would definitely recommend this car for people looking to expand their family. The car is safe reliable and fuel efficient. The after sales service is excellent and this results in further savings.

- Gur S

2016 Nissan Pathfinder sl 4x4.

Problems include many alerts that refer to your driving asking "do you need a break?" Without any reason for it to be an alert. Performance is great. Reliability is great. I came from an old used car and this one was a good choice. Very comfortable seating for 7. I would like a tow package to come standard on it.

- Stephanie B

My Nissan Pathfinder is the first push start car I have and I love the future.

I really love my car is good on gas mileage it is very reliable it has plenty of room for all the kids and dogs my only downfall I do not like about it is the black trim along the top has already come off and I got my car not that long ago but all in all I think it is a great vehicle could use some seat warmers.

- Sabrina B

Great family car with easy third row seating.

I love driving my SUV, it drives like a car but is higher up off the road like a truck. It is very smooth driving and accelerates nicely on the highway. It's a perfect family vehicle for my 5 person family. We use the back row for my oldest child who is 4, and they are able to get in and out of the car easily.

- Erin Y

Pathfinder, perfect road trip vehicle!

I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. I feel like it could add a few more features that are included in the base price. Android co connectivity would be great, not everyone is in love with the Apple platform. Love the amount of space in my vehicle and it gets great gas mileage. Love it for road trips.

- Kimberly P

Pathfinder cozy and comfy! A great family car.

It is spacious seating 8. It has a clear rear view camera which is probably my favorite feature. The back seat has capability to adjust the air control. Gas mileage is great, it performs and runs smoothly. I personally have not had any issues. Minor maintenance is needed but is typical with any vehicle.

- Vanessa R

We love our Nissan pathfinder.

So far knock on wood no problems but a minor issue with key but easily resolved with a battery. The a/c is ok not great on second and third row but gets the job done. Love the third row seat feature because it fits my family and if we have any guest that want to come along we have the space for them.

- Jam M

I call it my mid life crisis car.

I have never had a problem. I have been driving Nissan's since I first started driving when I was 16 and I have loved everyone. I had an original pathfinder and it was a bit uncomfortable. . More like a truck. The current pathfinder I own is so comfortable I feel like I am driving a luxury car.

- Beth B

This car makes for a great "mom" car and plenty of room for transport.

Great car! Just wish the inside was a little nicer, I cannot stand black leather in the summer. Tan leather would be great. Panoramic sunroof is awesome, my toddler loves to look outside. Cargo space is great for dog & baby items. Only con is cleaning it, so many nooks to get crackers lost in.

- Rachael S

Lots of space in Nissan Pathfinder

My pathfinder is a great vehicle. I love the third row for carpooling and I love the extra space when I have the seats down. The third row is great for kids but adults would find not a lot of legroom. I wish it stopped smoother when I step on the brakes and that would be my only complaint.

- Sher S

The pathfinder has several ways to open the back door/hood.

This is my second Nissan, the first being a Rogue. Both cars are easy to drive and handle. The pathfinder is great for road trips and has a very roomy back seat area. The only downside is the access to charge any devices. I have to get through 2 middle consoles and it can be frustrating.

- Susan G

We love that there is enough seats to fit our children.

Space is great. As far as radio and speakers we love. But we do wish there was a backup camera in the car as well because we have small children in the home. The lights are extremely bright which helps us see in the dark. I do like that you can recline the seats back and there is lumbar.

- Brittany H

Nissan pathfinder: great family car.

This car is great for if you are a family person. This vehicle is great for getting the kids to practice with all their equipment while also having room for teammates that need rides to tag along. Equip with TV screens and a nice speakers the pathfinder is a car that is great for kids.

- Andre M

Nissan Pathfinder, roomy adventure.

Comfortable seating all the way around. Comparable fuel economy to rivals. Common-sense standard safety features. Adequate power dislikes. relatively anodyne interior style. Coarse v-6. Base models are spartan. Low-slung second row seats. Other than the first time I drove it.

- Bobby S

2016 Nissan pathfinder is for the most part reliable.

I recently had a problem with the vehicle heating where there was a loud rumbling sound that I was hearing when the heat is on. I took back to the dealer and they charged me 900 dollars to repair the problem. Turns out that there is a fan on the system that was causing the problem.

- Nick J J

Family friendly truck with space beyond limits and gas efficient.

I have not had problems with reliably and features. I love the extra space for activities, groceries and bags. Great vehicle for families. My only complaint is that the seats can become uncomfortable. More specifically the head rest and lower back region is not posture friendly.

- Grace C

Overall great family car.

This vehicle has good gas mileage for being an SUV. There is lots of room especially if the second row is scooted all the way back. There is an optional third row that has two seats that are actually pretty roomy. Drives awesome have had no mechanical problems since purchased.

- Brit P

2016 Nissan Pathfinder: Well done Nissan.

Great comfortable vehicle. Good gas mileage for the size (23+ MPG). Good supply of power from the engine and secure handling on the road. Plenty of room for adults in the second row, and just enough room for adults in the 3rd row (seats 7). Good use of technology throughout.

- Brandon D

Pathfinder strong and smooth.

It is the nicest car we have. The v 6 is super fast and strong. Extra leg room helps with our five grandsons. My elderly father can get in and out very easy. The pathfinder has a super smooth ride. With the strength and power of a true SUV. Plus Nissan makes a great vehicle.

- Angie H

It gives great gas mileage.

The Nissan Pathfinder is durable and reliable. It gives you great gas mileage and has wonderful features such as power windows and door locks. Has a tow mode to pull trailers and other loads depending on your everyday activities. Plus it rides like you're floating. I love it

- Phillip J

Best ride ever and a very smooth ride.

This vehicle ride smoothly it's quiet also. The pathfinder rolls smooth on the awful streets in New Orleans. It also have great space for comfort. As a matter of fact recommended this vehicle to my best friend. She purchased her pathfinder a month ago and cannot be happier.

- Denise G

Very comfortable and easy to drive.

It is very reliable and I haven't had any problems with it so far. The interior is comfortable though I wish the backseat was a little larger. The features are nice and easy to use. I have enjoyed having this SUV and will continue to drive it for at least a few more years.

- Jessica D

Nissan Pathfinder is the right car for our family.

We originally got the Pathfinder because our neighbors had it and we liked it so much. I like the look of the Nissan Pathfinder. I enjoy the buttons and console. The fold down seats are so easy my kids can do it and with a large family of six we need the amount of seats.

- Nick D

My Pathfinder is like a best friend.

Love the power; it drives like a car, but I feel above the road and traffic. I can see out of all windows well. I can haul hay bales, luggage, 6 extra people, lay seats down, it has luggage ties. Gas mileage 24-27 mpg. Remote start. I can tow up to 6, 000# if I need to.

- Diane B

Love my Nissan pathfinder!

Love the leather seats and heated seats. It also has a heated wheel which is so nice in the winter. Love the third row and room for stroller in the back. Always drives smoothly and never gives me any mechanical issues. It will be hard to find another car like this one.

- Tess M

It is a good car for the money.

I like how much room is on the interior of the car. I also like how easy it is to see all around my car. (through the windows, back up camera, to the front, etc.) I wish, at times, we had picked a less standard version of my car. Automatic tailgate would be great.

- Laura S

Comfy and drives smoothly.

Nothing wrong. Nice and comfortable drives smoothly. No problems have happened yet still clean and running great. No paint chipping either my car is brown by the way anyway I would recommend this car but it is a little old so maybe you would want a newer model:).

- Naomi R

Third row have it is own air.

It is reliable not complicated good on the road great gas mileage easy functions great speaker sounds CD player keyless engine adjustable driver chair. Just loud fan noise sometimes third row could use more space but it got air in the third row so that is great.

- Angie E

Great gas mileage, 2 skylights, backup alarms.

This car is comfy energy effective looks great maintenance free. It has 4 wheel drive which is great in our Minnesota winters. There are 3 seats so it is suitable for us to seat our grandchildren and their 2 t. V. S. It has 2 sky windows which we truly enjoy.

- Diane E

Nissan pathfinder: a family vehicle.

Excellent performance, very comfortable--heated seats and steering wheel. Great for long road trips, good gas mileage, environmentally sustainable, efficient, lots of storage room--was able to move into college without renting a uhaul or paying for shipping.

- Rachael F

Perfect vehicle for families or adventurous couples.

Love this vehicle. No issues at all. Great gas mileage, plenty of room for kids and hauling items. The luggage rack on top of vehicle makes for easy hauling of lumber or kayaks. 4 Wheel drive option performs excellent in wintery and other slick environments.

- Justin L

Do not lease without tread wear warranty on tires and maintenance warranty on vehicle

Roomy, Nice Ride, Comfortable. Console requires drive takes eyes off road to use, poorly located buttons and dials. Equipped with Inferior quality of basic maintenance items i.e. Tires, wipers, Brakes and pads all wear out in less than a year

- Scott S

Reliable, roomy and comfortable for all families!

Our Nissan Pathfinder has been extremely reliable after 30,000 miles. No problems at all! We love the roominess to carry our grandchildren and their things. We also love the comfort of this vehicle when traveling. A great family vehicle!

- Kathy W

That it is good on gas but, very cheap.

It is different from what I am used to. The car feels very cheap and not what I expected. I am getting a new car this year and have to pay for the damage. The car is very cheap feeling and doesn't make me want to renew the lease.

- Mikayla M

That it is good for families and comfortable.

The car is large enough for a big family and friends. It rides well and is good for traveling. However, it is not great on gasoline and does not take long for needing fill ups. The turn is really sharp and the breaks are testy.

- Monte R

Pathfinder keeps families safe in all types of weather.

The Pathfinder is well made. I feel safe while driving it and using it for our family. It is roomy to take on our family vacations. The Pathfinder also has an interior design that is pleasing. I am proud to drive my Pathfinder.

- Karen B

It is spacious. It is SAFE! It isn't a tiny car. It is big enough to protect your family.

I love my car. It has 3 rows which allows me to take my children and their friends to different places. I am the mom taxi! It was reasonably priced and drives wonderfully. I would gladly tell the world about my pathfinder.

- susan r

none special, a vehicle for me and my family

I really have not had major problems, except for something with the air conditioning that I could solve the next day after going to the dealer, they worked hard to resolve the situation, they are a very responsible company

- Jhoseph M

The car is an extremely nice ride: smooth, quiet and roomy.

Super comfortable, plenty of legroom, third row is even comfortable for adults. Never a mechanical issue in the 3 years I have had the car. I think it is also much nicer looking than its competitors: pilot and highlander.

- Judy B

The safety features. Side cameras and back up camera are an awesome feature.

We have two kids and a dog. The pathfinder is perfect for our active lifestyle. The leather seats are great for cleaning up spills. Ample legroom even for my husband who is over six feet tall. Decent gas mileage in town.

- Sara J

I like it, but can't say that I love it

It has a nice amount of space, but doesn't feel too big while driving it. Handles well and has a relatively smooth ride. The overall quality is nice, but not excellent. I feel that some of the trim feels/looks cheap.

- Robin P

The safety features are wonderful and should make you look into a Pathfinder more.

I like the navigation and heated seats. I also have a backup camera and heated steering wheel which is extremely helpful. I also have sensors to tell me if it's unsafe to change lanes due to a car in my blind spot.

- Robin M

It is very dependable. We have had no issues with it.

I like the height, I can see clearly above many other vehicles. I like the cargo room for feed, groceries, baggage. I like the ability to hook up a trailer to haul branches, garbage, animals, hay, and large items.

- Christine E

Our car has lane changing sensors.

The pathfinder belongs to my mom. I like the phone system. I like the moon roof. I like the radio. I don't really like the sun roof. I don't like the dashboard it could have been made a better quality of material.

- Jennifer D

The vehicle has a third row of seating that you can prop up when it is needed.

The vehicle drives great, it really takes off when you barely press on the gas pedal. It has third row seating, which is great if you have more than a few kids. It also has extra compartments for storage.

- Ashley C

cooling fans, they were made in spain, not covered by factory warranty and will go bad as the bushings get dry and cause the motor to wear out an not cool the condenser for the air conditioning and radiator causing overheating problems.

the 2016 pathfinder sv is under powered, cooling fans not covered by Nissan factory warranty, shocks wear out in 30k miles, but what i do like is that is is very comfortable on short to long road trips

- jeff s

Must have key fob close to start car.

It has lots of room. It is very dependable. I love having third row seating. The camera for backing up is a plus. Awesome having am radio available and best of all it wont allow me to lock keys inside.

- Tracy K

I would not buy it again.

Back row could be a little wider if you have to transport 3 kids and one of them doesn't want to sit in the 3rd row by themselves. Truck door is sometimes not closing when Button is pushed

- Monika B

Reliability, dependability.

Love the comfort of the car. Great for long distance driving. Disappointed it only has a single CD player. Disappointed that when in 4wd it only stays in 4wd at a very low speed.

- Linda S

The vehicle is reliable and safe.

I like the 3rd row seating. I feel safe and comfortable driving the vehicle. I dislike the blind spots and not being able to see the nose of the car from the driver's seat.

- Kim T

That it is a great car to have in all seasons. This is something I feel is safe for my family to drive or be in when the weather turns ify

This has been the best vehicle I've owned for my family. Not only is it big enough for our 2 year old, our dog and myself. But we are able to drive it safely in the snow.

- Kim S

My Nissan Pathfinder has a great amount of space and is a comfortable ride for growing families.

My Pathfinder is roomy, seats my immediate family comfortably and there is always room for others. It has plenty of cargo space. It is a comfortable ride.

- sev p

Love that it is a 3rd row. Love the backup camera.

I like the features, it has a backup camera which is great. I do not like that it does not have an AUX port. Plenty of cup holders and ac vents is a plus.

- Kate A

It has great fuel economy for the size of the vehicle.

Like the legroom, fuel economy and look of the vehicle. Wish it came with more standard features. Don't like it doesn't have the capability to read texts.

- Andrea M

It's a great solution instead of getting a minivan.

I love the third row seating and that I can have it up or down. It's roomy and comfortable for adults. It drives nicely and gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Liz M

Safe car, very reliable, good for families.

Very comfortable, reliable, great ac, good radio. Good exterior cameras. Does not have the warning system when another vehicle is to close. A little big.

- Sharon B

It runs. Regardless of your minimum length, that is the most important feature.

I do not like that my Bluetooth does not include audio. The Bluetooth is headset only. Also, I do not like that I cannot play a DVD while driving.

- Megan J

My vehicle is spacious with lots of cargo room

Has plenty of cargo space. I love the heated seats. I've had a few problems like the AC rattling when its on and the transmission was missing.

- Nicole W

My car is reliable and safe. It also works fantastic

I love my Pathfinder. It is definitely spacious for my family and me. It gets me from Point a to Point b and it is luxurious to drive for me.

- hilda B

It is very fuel efficient for an SUV with a lot of room for a midsize third row

It is very roomy. It is a comfortable ride for long distance travel and fuel efficient for an SUV. It does have a couple blind spots, however

- Izalda A

seating and storage options engine performance sits higher for better view of the road

Fuel economy is not that great performs very well comfortable to ride in storage options are great some of the plastic trim is falling off

- Chris P

The Nissan drives great. Is a really good vehicle.

I love the way the seats sit up. I like the way the inside is made. I like the way the outside looks. There isn't anything I don't like.

- Savannah H

The gas mileage and the smooth driving also 3 row seating is very good

i did this already but the car drives very smooth and the cruise control works very well also the 3 row seating is also very comfortable

- tyrone b

The vehicle is very safe and sound.

It is very reliable. Great space with the 3rd row seating. Very comfortable and smooth driving. I have never had any problems with it.

- Melissa T

It has a strong engine and is reliable. Very comfortable ride.

It is s dependable car. It has plenty of room for carrying all the college gear my kids need to move into their new places every year.

- Kathy L

Roomy and comfortable! Bring your friends!

This car is very roomy, comfortable, and efficient on gas. It seats seven people comfortably with a small amount of room in the back.

- Deborah W

Classy Nissan Pathfinder safe and dependable at a good price

I love the design, quality, safety, extras. I find them to be dependable. My last three vehicles were Nissans. Best bang for buck.

- Stephanie H

I feel safe driving/ riding in it.

Like the size and. V6 engine and 7 passengers will fit. Love that my dogs are comfortable in it. Could use navigation in the screen.

- Kim P

it handles like a smaller SUV, and everything is located easily to driver.

I have a white four door pathfinder. It has black leather interior, drivers seat and passenger seats warms up for the cold winter.

- sharon j

It is a safe car and has no problems whatsoever.

It is an easy car to drive. There is a lot of room to sit comfortably. It has plenty of amenities that make being in the car fun.

- Cristina O

Overall is good car especially if they need third row and do not like vans.

I do not like the mirror on the sides and also the fan has loud noise. I do like the third row and air conditioning in back seat.

- Angie E

That it is safe and reliable and affordable.

I like how easy it is to fold down seats, my kids can do it. I like having the back up camera, look of car. Not much I dislike.

- Giovanni D

It's reliable to drive in any kind of weather.

Great to drive in the snow. 2nd Pathfinder I've owned as it is comfortable to drive,safe and doesn't require much maintenance

- Sue B

It drives great and it looks great. Very easy to drive.

It is what a family of five needs and great on gas. I dislike the trunk space or lack of space. It holds everything else well.

- An T

Drives like a car but has the height and power of an SUV

Love the versatility and inside space. Powerful motor and 4 wheel drive. Dislike the radio it has limited options and no gps

- Richard S

Highly contoured, feels like it wraps around me

Holds me securely in place during normal, everyday driving ,The type of car I am driving needs to reflect my social position

- dwil c

Good family vehicle without the looks.

Love the interior, but not a fan of the stock tires and the body trim. It is a good family vehicle with plenty of space.

- Tyler P

it is a beauty and a beast on the road

i like my vehicle as it is spacious. it is not just a style statement but also rugged and economical. i love my vehicle.

- sreemala i

Can fit 3 car seats across in second row.

Modern amenities like Bluetooth and satellite radio. The trim on the outside of the vehicle has not been very durable.

- Jon K

very comfortable and speedy, quality of cloth is awesome

great car, no complaints so far, very roomy radio great, no navigation though so don't like that, i have a tow package

- amanda J

Nissan Pathfinder, has the mpg of a larger vehicle while looking smaller

Reliable vehicle but not gas efficient. Drives smooth and powerful whenever that power is needed. Can be fun to drive

- Seon A

It has 3 rows and can accommodate 7 passengers

i like that it is a 7 passenger. paint and trim fade from the sun. lots of electrical problems since the beginning

- madelyn k

Roomy for a family cas use. Durable and fuel economy

Great ride. Serves me very well. Good family car. Good fuel economy. Durable and strong. Rugged. The price is good.

- Sylvester I

Seat equipped with lower back massage

When buying a car I like having the impression that the manufacturer built in the most modern technology available

- jewe l

It has excellent safety ratings.

It is very roomy. Fuel efficient for an SUV. A very comfortable drive. It does have a couple blind spots, however.

- Veronica A

I love everything about my vehicle

It's a good quality car with great fuel economy. It's a family car and can seated 7 people with one carryon each

- Mil M

The worst part about this vehicle is that it does not have automatic lights

I like the way it drives. The vehicle doesn't have enough chargers for phone. It has plenty of room for family.

- Stacey J

it has powerful motor, good gas mileage for a suv . I can switch from front wheel to all wheel and 4 wheel drive . Very roomie handle well in all weather

the three modes of driving save`s on gas . you do not have to get out to lock hubs to switch to four wheel drive

- john d

It is very technically advanced for a car

I like the air of the vehicle but I don't necessarily love the gas mileage. It also has a lot of nice features

- Robert N

It has Bluetooth and navigation systems, it also has heated seats.

It has heated seats and a backup camera. It is my favorite color Artic Blue. It also side Collision detection.

- Sonja B

Great affordable large suv

I like that is good pickup, had good turning radius, easy to convert the seating arrangement to suit my needs.

- Lisa S

It has a third row seat option in case you need to fit more people

The vehicle handles very well. It is bi and yet gets good gas mileage. Very roomy with the third row seat.

- John k

A great family vehicle to road trips and day to day life! Comfortable and gas friendly

I love the space and flexibility with traveling and groceries. My only complaint is that I wish I had gps

- Krinsy C

The Nissan Pathfinder is a going to be a perfect family vehicle.

The Nissan Pathfinder is a very smooth ride! It has a lot more horsepower and pep than some would expect.

- Brandon F

It is very comfortable and reliable. It has great get up and go power.

Very roomy great on gas amazing sound system the car is equipped with numerous airbags and safety stuff.

- Billie M

Wonderful for my family!!!

Runs well, no maintenance issues, great family vehicle. Able to go the distance for our family! Love it!

- LuAnn C

The leg room on the second row allows for taller people to sit comfortably.

Nice size for a family with older kids. Easy to use, move seats, put down third row for more storage.

- Kim N

Very dependable, quiet ride, and great gas mileage

I love the 3rd row seating, smooth ride and great price. It is also great on gas mileage for it size

- sam t

It's roomy enough for 7 and set high enough off the ground than a car.

I like that it's roomy like a van but not a van. Dislike the noise it makes from the transmission

- Shannon D

The performance of the car is good, and the car looks nice.

I like the interior space, I like the body design and performance. I dislike the price of the car.

- Mike D

The most important thing for our family was that it had a 3rd row

We needed a larger vehicle for our growing family and I liked that the Pathfinder had a 3rd row.

- El M

third row seating was the selling point for me.

it's a big suv with third row seating, it's the middle SV model, and it's black... like my soul

- ethan h

My Pathfinder has lots of room for travel with the family. It is comfortable and has a smooth ride. It is basic. It doesn't have bluetooth. It uses quite a bit of gas on the highway.

It has tons of room! Our family of 4 fits in it with room to spare and room for luggage too.

- Jelinda N

Very Comfortable to drive.

Comfortable. Missing some extras, moonroof, auto lift gate auto side mirror retraction

- Julie R

Like that it has lots of room and dependable. Don't like that it is so big that it is hard for me to park it.

lots of interior space which makes it ideal for comfortably transporting 5 people

- paula f

My car is great on gas and rides really comfortably on long rides.

I really like how reliable it is. My vehicle is good on gas and comfortable.

- Amanda K

It is a very comfortable riding car with tons of space

I like the size. The fact that it has a third row seat. Perfect family car

- Jeanette B

Luxury feeling. Stylish, feel rich

Like 4 wheel drive, heavy safe . Has back up cam. Great in snow and mud.

- Madam G

It's mine. Seriously though it has 3 rows of seats which comes in handy. large cargo area allowing me to haul nearly anything

Good size vehicle; has power. comfortable to drive. flexible seating

- Chris P

It is roomy and has great gas mileage

I love that it fits my whole family, rides smooth. no complaints

- Heather J

It's safe and a nice ride. There are a lot of safety features including dual airbags

The vehicle drives nice, great gas mileage, roomy and looks nice

- Sarah B

The most important is the backup camera

I love everything about my vehicle and dislike nothing

- Lisa D

the vehicles gas mileage for the size

it is Good riding. fuel efficient for the size. Quiet.

- David r

i like my vehicle just not some of the features like not enough charging ports and cloth seats

It's a great family car lots of room and comfortable.

- alison h

I like the room of the inside. The Pathfinder seats 7 persons and I enjoy the feathers of the backup camera and more.

that's its keyless and only push a button to start.

- Jerry M

The price is awesome for what you get.

The Pathfinder as plenty of room for the legs.

- Tami K