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The seat are very comfortable on long drives.

Overall I really like the car. It drives very well and I like the reliability, it has not had any major performance issues. however I have had a few strange electrical issues. From time to time when I put the windows down they will not go back up and I have to turn the car off and back on to get them to work also when I back up and switch into drive the backup camera does not switch off so it continues to run on the dash screen and again I have to turn the car on and off to fix the problem. Because they are intermittent issues the dealership has not been able to catch and therefore fix the problem. Overall it does not affect the way the car runs or my ability to use the car so it is not a big deal. I like this car quite a bit.

- Teal B

The price is excellent consider the features that are comparable to many of the other three row SUVs.

My Nissan Pathfinder is an excellent SUV, especially for those who find value in having a third row (or at least the extra space a third row provides). It's one of the more reasonably priced third row SUVs, but has the same safety and luxury features as the others. It is roomy, the seats are comfortable, and the features (like the movable second row) make accessing the third row (with two car seats in the second) a breeze. You can actually fold and move the second row with car seats installed - no other bench row SUV I researched had this capability. All in all, I love this SUV and am very happy with my purchase.

- Sara C

It is dependable and reliable.

The vehicle is spacious and perfect for a family. It has 3 rows, 7 seats and roomy trunk space. My kids love the comfort of the vehicle. It has backup camera and sensors which I absolutely love. There are climate controls for all 3 rows in the car so no worries about the air circulation not reaching the back passengers. This is a perfect family vehicle. We have comfortably used this vehicle for a road trip recently and we all loved how safe and comfortable it was. My vehicle also has a remote start feature which is perfect for cooling down the car or heating it up before we get in.

- Dorothy A

It is rated in the top 10 for safety.

I absolutely love my vehicle, this is my second one. Very comfortable, a lot of legroom, very spacious. Handles awesome in snow, rain, sleet any type of weather. Towing capacity is good 5000 pounds. The stereo system is great, it also has a 6 disc CD player. It has a lot of get up and go. No problems getting up to speed. The only complaint I have is the blind spots on the vehicle, but I think a lot of SUVs have this issue. I would highly recommend this vehicle who is looking for a nice family vehicle.

- April A

Love sensors on mirrors and rear view camera.

My Pathfinder drives well. I do wish it a little more roomy, especially legroom and cargo space. However, for a midsize SUV I suppose it is standard size. I wish I got better gas mileage but it is a 4 wheel drive so that affects mileage. I really like the leather seats. I also love the sensors on mirrors that alert you when passing another vehicle. I also love the rear view camera. One other thing I wish it had is an arm rest. Overall I am happy with my Pathfinder.

- Brenda W

Great performance vehicle!

I love my pathfinder. The interior is nice and the seats are comfortable. The vehicle has good gas mileage. This Nissan is great for road trips, interstate and inner city travel. I have not had to get Amy major work done to the vehicle, only regular maintenance. Sometimes the vehicle may give me a message that my key is not detected. I have to push the start button more than once to start the vehicle. This does not happen often.

- Marie N

2017 Nissan Pathfinder 3rd Row Seating

I purchased my vehicle back on October of 2017. I needed a 3rd row seat vehicle since my family grew to 6 members altogether. I read reviews online and thought this was a good option and fit within the budget I had. The car itself is nice. The third row though is smaller than it looks. The middle row is alright but the maneuver to access the third row is a bit challenging at times, especially with children.

- Mleissa G

Cupholders galore in comfort and style.

I love my Pathfinder. It is so roomy and comfortable. At least in the front and second rows. The third row seating is tight, however we seldom use it. . It is nice to have when necessary and is fine for short trips and small adults. I live the storage capacity and the number of cup holders is unmatched! The safety features, blind spot warning and rear camera are all great features to have.

- Tracy L

Nissan pathfinder- very comfortable!

It is fairly easy to get in the 3rd row. The seats are very comfortable and I like the seat heaters in the front and 2nd row. The steering wheel heater is my favorite in the winter! Visibility can sometimes be a challenge when the side door mirrors are in the driver’s line of sight. The blind spot indicators are helpful and I love the 360 camera for backing up/parking!

- Jaime A

I think the most important thing to know about this car is that it's a great family car because its reliable and spacious.

This car is such a comfortable and reliable car. It is very spacious. You can fit 7 people snuggly or yo can fit 5 people comfortably and load up the back with groceries or anything else you may need. For a 6-cylinder car I find it very gas efficient and it runs very smoothly. It has the necessary features such as back up camera, tire sensors, and and a good size screen.

- Mercedes L

Perfect SUV for the family.

I absolutely love my pathfinder. It is very comfortable and roomy on trips. I love the third row of seats that are easy up and down. I decided to opt outs of navigation on this vehicle because so many people at dealership said it was a waste of money. I have only had 1 problem that was not a recall and was a faulty part. Warranty covered it and the fix was very fast.

- Stephanie O

The Nissan Pathfinder is the perfect family vehicle!

The Pathfinder is the perfect car for a family. There is plenty of space for car seats and room in the back for luggage, stroller, etc. The keyless entry is perfect for a mom with no free hands- I can just pack the keys in the diaper bag and head out. I love the bird's eye view camera and back up camera- it makes me feel safer when driving my little ones around!

- Becky B

Plenty of space and super comfortable interior.

The Nissan pathfinder gets good gas mileage with the comfort and flexibility that is needs for families. Its features include 3rd row seating being able to seat 7 comfortably. 3rd row seat lays down to give lots of extra storage and hauling space. Vehicle also includes dual air and heating. Also includes controls in 2nd row to be able to control the temperature.

- Misty W

The gas mileage is really good for the amount of power the V-6 engine provides.

I like the space, the acceleration power, the gas mileage, the comfort, the storage space, the 3rd row seating, under floor storage near back hatch I dislike that there is only 1 vent in 2nd row, the stereo bass isn't great, the console space is limited, lack of fold-down cup holder in 2nd row, lack of usb charging ports in 2nd row It's a really nice car.

- Jody S

What I like about my pathfinder.

My 2017 Nissan pathfinder is fabulous. It has everything I could ask for. I love the dual air conditioning and heater controls. Heated seats and steering wheel great in winter. The backup camera is no doubt a must. Easy fold down seats open up a very large back trunk like area for a lot of cargo room. I also like the fact all my maintenance has reminders.

- Colleen B

Comfortable seats and no blind spot.

Love the options that I have. There is not a blind spot in this car. The seating is very comfortable both in the front and middle, the back seat is a little tight. I have remote start but do not use it that often. I wish it had the apple car play app. It is annoying to have to have a GPS on the dashboard or have to use my smartphone as is for navigation.

- Stephanie C

Nissan pathfinder - room for all.

I absolutely love this vehicle - spacious backseat and cargo area. Third row is a bit tight but the adjustable middle row helps to add leg room. Heated seats and steering wheel are amazing in the cold weather. My only issue with my vehicle is that the pearl white requires a lot of coats if there are paint touch ups needed which means expensive.

- Nicole J

My awesome Nissan Pathfinder.

This vehicle is roomy. Comfortable and reliable. I previously had a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. You get very good gas mileage and has a very good warranty. There are lots of safety devices on it I especially love the backup camera. It shows all your surroundings. Mine has seat coolers as well as seat warmers, and it has a steering wheel warmer.

- Joan M

Excellent value for the price, and Nissan makes extremely reliable vehicles with excellent engines.

Great ride, good power, great safety features including braking system, blind spot alerts, collision warning. Great cockpit and comfortable feel, heated/cooled seats, great sound system including bluetooth and external device hookups. Good space, although third row is smaller and leaves less trunk space when seat is up. Love the sunroof.

- Matt D

Others should know that it is very roomy and comfortable

I like the heated seats I like the mirror with the indicator on the side and I like the back up camera. What I don't like is it is a little big and sometimes difficult to park Another thing I don't like is one time. it just wouldn't start because of something with the computer. for no reason so now I'm always worried about that.

- Lisa B

Smith drive even in inclement weather.

The truck drives well in all weather. It handles beautifully in snow and ice. Easy to drive and park. Seats have custom setting which is nice for when other people drive your car- you do not need to fuss to find “your spot” again. The navigation and Audio screen are clear and touch screen. Bluetooth connects without a problem.

- Valerie P

Just that it is very comfortable and spacious with plenty of features!

This vehicle performance is very impeccable! The vehicle has more than enough passenger seats! Heated or cool seating for 4 passengers! Plenty of legroom! Rear end camera! With rear passenger vehicle sensors! It's the best vehicle I have ever had in my life! You would not be disappointed with this vehicle! Overall it is amazing!

- Gazelle H

Three row seating, comfortable drive for long distances.

It drives great and does have the basic necessities. I miss my sunroof and leather interior. I do like the 3 row seating and the roof rack. I wish it came with a trailer hitch though. I have had the truck for over a year and I have had no issues with it at all. It is reliable but this truck is a little to soccer mom for me.

- Jessica P

3rd row seating. Back air controls, back up camera.

I love the look of the Pathfinder now. It use to be boxy but now it has a new sleek design. It has a cool back up camera and XM radio with Bluetooth as an option. It has third row seats, which come in handy with 5 kids in tow. It also has air controls in the back for added convenience. Also it gets good gas mileage.

- Emily C

My Nissan pathfinder is the perfect vehicle for off-road driving.

The vehicle is great for all weather conditions especially snow. Its great! I have never ran into an issue with it so far. I purchased the vehicle fully loaded and the ride feels extremely luxurious and smooth. I live if the city where the roads are not the smoothest. I am able to drive anywhere I want freely.

- Solomon Z

Perfect for long family road trips.

Very comfortable for long trips! 3Rd row seating is excellent; the dog can either lie down back there, or the seats fold for exceptional trunk space. Heated seats and dual climate control make everyone comfortable. Has been reliable and performed well, including great gas mileage, for multiple cross-country trips.

- Alexandra D

My pathfinder. Love the fact it has the feel of a van and not a truck.

When driving you could hear outside noise like you are outside. It always feels like my door is open. I love the room it gives me. The lights blink when cars are near the vehicle, it has saved me from accident when people are in your blind spots. I do not like that my side mirrors go down when I am in reverse.

- Mary R

Safe, comfortable, reliable.

This vehicle performs well. It has been very reliable, with no problems. It is very comfortable and has plenty of legroom for everyone. The back has plenty of room for groceries and even large items when you lay the seats down. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone with a family. Safe and reliable.

- Josh M

Good family car for the price.

I bought the car to fit my family of 4 comfortably and have third row seating if necessary. Having the extra room with the third row down is very nice but the third row itself is very uncomfortable and pretty much useless. I also find the car to be very wide with some pretty large blind spots.

- Jackie L

Intelligent cruise control is great because the vehicle speeds up or slows down automatically based on traffic.

It is very comfortable and great for long distance travel. Excellent features and technology such as Intelligent cruise control and air conditioned seats. Plenty of storage space and charging stations. The only thing I do not like is that the side mirrors are not able to fold in electronically.

- Paul B

Problems with handles secondary to cheap materials.

The only complaint was the interior door handle cable has a tendency to break which an be expensive to fix and almost impossible to fix yourself because the panels break when you try to open to expose the cable. The rear door outside handle also is plastic and breaks under cold temperature.

- Vladimir K

Great SUV but could be more spacious

Overall I really like my 2017 Nissan Pathfinder. This is my first SUV that I've purchased. I have a family of 6 so we really needed the additional space. It does seat up to 7 people however, it's not very "roomy". We are looking to possibly trade it in for a larger SUV. Maybe an Armada.

- Shana S

A great SUV for a family with plenty of room for all your stuff.

I love everything about the SUV except the radio. It needed to have android auto and apple carplay and it's hard to replace with a double din aftermarket radio which is really upsetting me right. The gas mileage is excellent, the performance is great. Love the seats and room in the SUV.

- Adam W

Great sport utility vehicle with great features.

My vehicle rides very smoothly and has great safety features. It also has a great stereo system and I like the heating and cooling seat functions. I would like it if it had better gas mileage but overall it has no problems. Additionally it would have been nice if it were a bit cheaper.

- Lou F

My pathfinders review 2019.

The car is good on gas. It is large enough to fit my family and all of their items. The trunk space is large enough for a family of four. It is a great vehicle for road trips. I think the car would be better if it sat up a little bit higher off of the ground. It is too low for an SUV.

- Jennifer M

Excellent safety ratings!!

Love my pathfinder! It is so comfortable, drives smooth, has plenty of space for our family, and looks like a luxury vehicle without a luxury price! The huge screen makes its so much easier to see when using the backup camera as well! I have had absolutely no problems with my Nissan!

- Tiffany R

Good and bad on Nissan pathfinder.

Poor gas mileage, no rain auto-sensor in windshield wipers, headlights are stationary and do not move into corners and oil changes must be performed every 5 thousands miles. Good things are regular gasoline, plenty of room, great towing, blind spot warning, mirrors tilt in reverse.

- Alvin Y

Likes of the new pathfinder.

Love the 3rd row seating, would love to get better gas mileage. Love the sound system, and the Bluetooth capability. The fabric of the seats is very durable, and easy to clean. The braking system is very touchy, takes a bit to get used to that, but overall performance is great.

- Lauren M

2017 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum 4x4. Great space and comfort.

Versatile and comfortable. Vehicle has plenty of room inside. Ours has 4 wheel drive which works well. No problems with the vehicle. The headlamps are very bright and we often have other drivers flash their light when ours are on low beam. They realize that as they get closer.

- Steven W

Spacious Pathfinder for family of 6.

My Pathfinder is only one year old and the rear door lift is already malfunctioning. There also was a short in the wiring of the entertainment system. Other than minor things, I love my Pathfinder. It is roomy and rides very smooth. Plenty of room in the 3rd row for the kids.

- Elizabeth C

Great car, very dependable and reliable.

No problems. I have a very reliable car. It is great on gas, drives smoothly and very comfortable. It is very roomy, my son loves the very back row. It is comfortable for a family of 5. It is fully loaded, so it has everything!! I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Michele O

Poor touch screen but comfortable ride.

I dislike the touch screen. It is glitchy at times. Also, the Nissanconnect app is basically useless. They never update it and none of the apps work. Otherwise, I love my vehicle. It is a smooth ride and comfortable seating and all the amenities I need on a base package.

- Whitney M

It's a good value for what you get - it comes with a lot of bells and whistles.

I like the 360 camera. I like the way it looks and the third row option. I don't like the interior - they only had black and a very light interior, I chose the black and it's hard to keep clean and really hot in the summer. I'm not impressed with the transmission either.

- Melissa H

The backseats where I have to strap the car seat.

I cant I have not had any problems with my car yet there are no with mine I heard peoples say they had have problem but I don't what kind I will like to no what is the problem with some of the vehicle that they are making in these years make you don't want to buy them.

- Sheryl J

It's huge, and it has not the best gas mileage. But it's wonderful for transporting the kids and family on trips and for everyday use.

We have four children and so having third row seating is an absolute must for us. Also like the built in navigation and backup cameras. The only thing that I don't love is the price and the size (and truly the size cannot be helped as we need it to fit 7 people

- Laurie S

Perfect for a family of 4.

I like my pathfinder is comfortable, nice, but the 3rd seat its to small, no have a lot of space on the back, nice colors on the.Screen, electric window, USB to connect your music, on to much space to storage, seat are comfortable, easy to clean, good sound motor.

- Monica D

Drives well and comfortable.

No problems with the pathfinder. Handles well and it's comfortable. Great for long trips and is roomy. Perfect for taking trips with the grandchildren.Rear cameras and screen is fantastic to add to safety of vehicle. Factory radio is very nice with good sound.

- Lynn E

Nissan pathfinder. Very dependable and reliable.

Fully loaded. Great on gas. Love the vehicle. Wasn't sure on a Nissan. This is the first one I have ever owned, but it is a great vehicle and very reliable. Has a 3rd row seat and a tow package. I will definitely purchase another Nissan in the near future.

- Stephanie F

Back hatch and navigation.

There's nothing really to say about my vehicle except that hatch has stopped working from the handle. You must use the key fob or try from within inside the vehicle. I don't like I don't have navigation on my vehicle and Nissan wont help me to install it.

- Ariana S

This is a great SUV for the family. Comfort with reclining seats 3rd row.

Nissan pathfinder is a very dependable, well riding vehicle. It has 4 wheel drive to get in tough places. It is a great SUV with plenty of room. Great on gas. It is able to ride smoothly on any terrain. It is able to get up and go in a hurry. I love it.

- Christina H

Love the safety feature highlighting side traffic or blind spot interference.

No problems with car. Nice, smooth drive with a lot of room for the kids. Easy to get into the third row and still provides some storage space even with the third row engaged. Love the push button Start and all of the safety features on the vehicle.

- Lori C

Nissan Pathfinder review!

It's a great family car. I love that it has three rows of seating. It really comes in handy when bringing extended family or our dogs with us on outings. It does use a lot of gas but it's an suv so it's to be expected. Over all it's a great car.

- Vanessa R

Family SUV without SUV disadvantages and safe car !

I love the pathfinder and I use it as family vehicle. My little one has lot of space and it is SUV without SUV disadvantages. It is pretty new but no issues with car yet. I like auto Cruze that maintains speed in traffic and car is safe as well

- bhavik b

CVT engine and fits my whole family in comfortably. It gets good gas mileage for a mid-size SUV.

I love the CVT engine, I love the leather, and that it seats 7 and is smooth ride. I even like the white color and design of the body. It has a good reputation and isn't as expensive as some of the other cars. The best is the 360 camera.

- Scott H

It is safe and rides well. It is big enough for everyone to fit in and is super safe.

It is a larger SUV that rides like a dream. With all of the space, I am able to get the whole family in the vehicle to go out to eat. It is great for long trips. This vehicle has actually made us want to take more family driving trips.

- Izzi G

That it is a very good family vehicle.

I really enjoy my pathfinder. I have two children so it is a great family car with plenty of storage space. I also make jewelry at a local farmers market so carrying my tables and canopy is super easy and convenient with this vehicle.

- Amber H

My car has many features such as blind spot indicators and deceleration when too close to vehicles ahead.

I absolutely love my 2017 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum. The safety features are incredible and gives me peace of mind when my teenagers are driving. The second row adjusts to maximize leg room. All around great vehicle for the price.

- Jami B

You can count on getting many miles out of it. This is a keeper vehicle.

This vehicle has every feature I could ask for and it drives wonderfully. I do have a few small electronic issues I wish could be fixed. The tailgate foot motion latch has never worked right. The fuel economy info is not correct.

- Tye K

Good mileage for its size and even though it has three rows it doesn't feel big to drive.

It's spacious and good on mileage. I have automatic start and the cold package with heated seats and steering wheel which is amazing in the winter! It has 3 rows so my kids can separate and has been an awesome family vehicle!

- Ashley K

The car blinks a yellow light to let you know when there is a driver next to you or when you go to change lanes.

I live that it has the camera for the front and back. I love the fact that it notifies you when there is a car next to you before you change lanes. This is my 2nd Pathfinder so I am just a little bored with it.

- Michele W

Excessive road noise as well as mediocre gas mileage

Like that it take Regular gas and is easy to operate. What I don't like is the frequent oil changes, excessive road noise, no rain sensor wipers, headlights don't turn in a curve and mediocre gas mileage.

- Alvin Y

Is nice to drive or ride safe and secure, with it is standard safety features.

The ride and the gas mileage. Both are above the rating for the Nissan pathfinder. I have owned previous year models of the Nissan pathfinder, and the ride was rough and the vehicle was top heavy.

- Danny W

Reliable, comfortable and roomy. My favorite vehicle I have ever had.

I have had no problems with my pathfinder. It runs great and gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable and I love the size. It is not too big and not too small. It comfortably seats my family of 6.

- Carmen G

Not much ground clearance. Be careful pulling into parking spots with a parking block. The front end is too low. I have scraped it quite a few times.

I like my car because it is still pretty new. It drives great in the snow. I dislike that it doesn't have much ground clearance. Also, it has a more of a minivan look. I don't like that as much.

- Monica E

I have plenty of room inside. I have a plug in adapter in rear.

I love everything about my vehicle it is truly amazing! I love the design and all. The push to start is amazing. The sunroof and extra seats is a plus also the seat warming features awesome!.

- Hilliard G

High on features, low on price.

I love the cooled seats that it has. It also has a lot of features for a great price. I don't like that the air isn't very strong in the back. There is also several issues with the bluetooth.

- Shelby N

This care is really meant for a tall person. It is too hard for a short person to see everything you need to see to drive comfortably.

I got it because I needed to transport my scooter, but I find that it is just to big for me. Because I'm short I can't really see over the hood so low items like curbs are hard to see.

- Deana S

That it has a roomy interior.

I love the size of my vehicle. It provides comfortable travel, even on long road trips. Funny enough, though, one of the best things about it is the insane number of cup holders!!.

- Tracy A

It is a safe and reliable vehicle that will keep your family safe.

This is the perfect family car. We are a family of six so we needed a larger suv that can fit six people comfortably. Very safe as well with all the technological safety features.

- Ernesto C

PATHFINDER: Review of comfort

Excellent space, fits the whole family with addition of guests. Gas mileage is great compared to the previous cars owned, no issues since the purchase of this car 14 months ago.

- Dil P

Comfort is the main ingredient in falling love with this vehicle

It is an SUV, sits higher than a car, is 4 wheel drive. It is comfortable with power, heated seats, mirrors. Three rows of seats ensures my grandkids fit nicely in my vehicle.

- Pam F

The wheel bearings go out pretty easily on it.

I like the size of my vehicle. The third row seating is convenient. It drives very smooth. I wish that I got better gas mileage and that the cloth seats were a better quality.

- Jamie P

It's a great family car! i did not want a minivan and was so happy we found this car!

love that i can start my car before getting inside and LOVE the button on the outside handle that i can push to lock or unlock doors. these are so helpful when having kids!

- kat k

Great for snowy weather - had a blizzard here and got us through it through the streets

The vehicle performs great, the Bluetooth could be better, the gas mileage is ok for an SUV, has plenty of room for two car seats and 3 grown adults, plenty of trunk space

- Mahan C

This car is roomy. Great for 5 person family and a dog.

Great over all car. Priced good for features. Seats are comfortable and good sized. Three row option is great for 5 person and a dog. Strong v6 motor that gets 22 mpg city

- Stephen F

It is very user friendly and fun to drive

It drives well. I like the front and rear cameras as well as the keyless start. I love the fact that I can start it remotely especially in the winter. I have no complaints

- Marquetta H

Features are not made as well as they could be.

I feel that it can be made better some things are falling apart after only 1 year. Gas mileage is not as great as they say. I do like how it handles and the seating room.

- Samantha B

It has great safety features. I especially like the warning of another vehicle in the blind side.

I love driving my Pathfinder. It has a smooth ride and great safety features. It also has a great stereo system. If I had any complaints I can't think of any right now

- LuAnn G

Comfort. And the ease of driving it.

Most comfortable seats. It is pure luxury. I have the platinum edition so it has literally everything anyone could want and more. I love this car. I am so spoiled now!

- Sarah P

Blind spot signals are great. I didn't realize how useful they are until I drove a car without them.

Roomy, great accessories, the seats are comfortable and provide good support. The steering wheel contains all the buttons I need. The truck is big and has a third row.

- Lindsay T

3 row seating is a must for my family

Nissan makes their cars to last. I love all the bells and whistles about the Pathfinder I drive. Great on gas, reliable, and it has 3 row seating for my large family.

- Julie O

The vehicle handles well on all conditions.

SUV drives smooth in all conditions. The technology of the control panel is impressive. The body of vehicle is flimsy. The door uses fabric and always looks dirty.

- Tom B




The Pathfinder has a heated steering wheel and is an affordable vehicle.

I bought it because of the heated steering wheel. I love that the back seats are also heated. It has all of the options in the price range I wanted to spend.

- Amy S

That it is very roomy! You can fit up to 7 people very comfortable in the vehicle.

I like it mostly because it is so roomy. I like the third row and how it comes down and doubt. I like the navigation. The heated seats atre a plus too,.

- Lisa L

The room- extra space between front and back seats. Folding third row also.

Our Pathfinder gets great gas mileage, while still very peppy to drive. It has a camera, which helps park. Lots of room for our dog. Very pleased with it.

- debbie A

It has blind spots that make turning a little concerning.

I have a lot of blind spots out my front window, which is concerning. I do like the technology features in it. It is slower with not much pick up and go.

- Samantha C

Nissan has not worked out all the motor issues, rear camera and ignored.

I have had issue with the transmission going out twice. It was a headache to get it fixed. Second the manufacturer never responded to my vehicle issues.

- Maria A

Perfect SUV for a family with young kids who have a lot of stuff to haul

I love the looks of it--I like the dashboard GPS. I love having the third row for hauling kids. I like the compartment in the trunk to stow/hide things.

- amanda c

Positive Pathfinder Review

I've had 2 issues that were the same thing with the AC unit that was fixed under warranty. Overall I love the SUV, handles well and doesn't seem bulky.

- Tonya A

This Nissan Pathfinder with 4x4 option is a wonderful SUV.

I love my Nissan Pathfinder. It is the first Nissan I have owned. I love the way it looks. How smooth it is to drive. So far it has been problem free.

- Angie J

I enjoy a car with many convenience and luxury options to fit the needs of my busy family.

Like: backup camera, heated seats, memory seats, all-around camera, power liftgate, roomy interior. Dislike: the car is longer than what I'm used to.

- Karen D

It has plenty of room. I can easily carry my grandchildren and also I can lay the seats down and have plenty of room for my two big dogs.

It provides plenty of room for me to carry my two dogs. It also has lots of room for my grandchildren. They like to sit in the third row seating.

- Angela B

It gets great gas mileage for an SUV.

For being an 8 seater vehicle, it still does not provide enough space when traveling. You have to put the third row down in order to fit suitcases.

- Laurie G

2017 Nissan Pathfinder Review

It gets about 400 highway miles per tank. Very spacious. The air works great and having vents in middle and back rows is great for passengers.

- Erin S

It is a great smaller option for third row seating!

I am very comfortable driving my vehicle and love the third row seating for my children. I wish it had more storage options and built in GPS.

- Kristen B

It's a much bumpier ride than anticipated.

It's my favorite color, bought in early 2018 as a 2017 leftover model. It rides more bumpy than I thought it would. Won't keep it too long.

- Joseph F

This is the ultimate vehicle to drive because of its durability.

I love the spaciousness of my vehicle. I I love that it is foreign vehicle and rated top in its class. I dislike having a monthly car note.

- Alberta J

It is very reliable when it comes tro engine not failing

It has a rear camera and Sirius xm as well as lock that is pressable to turn on engine dislike occasionally rear camera does not turn off

- Noe S

Nissan Pathfinder: Room to go!

It could be better on gas mileage but other than that, it has the room we need as well as the comfort and reliability we come to expect.

- Reinaldo L

Easy getting in and out for older people.

I like the size. I like the overall comfort and easy getting in and out. - I like the gas mileage. I like the handling and smooth ride.

- Jackie H

It is a very reliable vehicle and has outstanding safety features.

My vehicle rides really smooth. It also has a lot of safety features I like. Additionally we were able to get a pretty good deal on it.

- LuAnn G

The pathfinder has been our car of choice for about 15 years.

I love my pathfinder for its size and stature on the road. I feel safer driving it and it holds the number of people we usually have.

- pat h

The most important things is to check mileage and knows it drives very well.

There is no problems. Drives very well. Love it. Would buy another. You should buy it. You will love it. Great gas mileage. Amazing.

- Angel G

This is keyless starting system.

This car is very comfortable to drive. It has excellent air conditioning system. Has a lot of safety features especially on parking.

- J B

It is a very smooth and comfortable ride. There is a lot of room in it.

I really like the style of my car. It drives very smoothly and I have not had any problems. I wish they offered a longer warranty.

- cindy h

No idea maybe that the seats fold but no third seat in the 3rd row only two

It has a rear back up camera ,detection in case someone is close to the car .Ac all through the vehicle good sound satellite radio/

- Ruby A

This vehicle is easy to drive and you will love it

It's perfect for a family car. There's plenty of room for everyone and it's got all the new features that make it easy to function

- Shavon R

We have the 2017 Nissan Pathfinder SV model It seats 7 passengers and drives very smooth.

I love my SUV. My vehicle performs 28 Highway and 23 City. I have never had problems with my truck. THis is my second Pathfinder.

- Turner M

Easy to drive, lots of features.

Easy, comfortable, I love it! So proud to own this vehicle! Has wonderful features like all wheel drive for winters here in MN.

- Pam K

It has a lot of cool features on it so take the time to learn all of them.

No issues a all. It drives smooth and I haven't had any major issues. But then again I have only owned the vehicle for a year.

- Lisa D

It is safety features with the drop down engine.

I like the safety features. Like the size and color. I like the third row seating. I like the stereo system and touch screen.

- Rachel C

Very reliable no mechanical issues.

I love the look of my color and trim. It definitely stands out. I don't like that it doesn't display the music on the screen.

- Michele G

When the doors are ajar, it shines the BMW logo on the ground.

Regular gas is great but poor city mileage... Too much road noise along with no auto sensing wipers or cornering headlights..

- Alvin D

Not as large as you might think on the inside.

I love that it has so much space, it seats 7 people, it drives smooths and the amenities that came along with the vehicle.

- Stacy G

That it gets great gas mileage and has a lot of passenger space

I love the engine in my car. I love that it has enough room for 7 passengers. I don't like the trunk space in the car

- Debbie M

One important things that others you know about my car is that is durable long-.

It is dependable. The interior could be better. It has too many issues. I have had a lot of problems with the alignment.

- Hannah H

Lots of technological features that improve safety and enhances the driving experience.

Lots of technology and very comfortable ride. Has third row seat and Apple Carplay. Love the automatic cruise control.

- Bart N

Nice SUV for families of 3 or more kids.

My pathfinder is really simple I like my black seats the foldable 3rd row. I like how adjustable the driver seat can be.

- Lesett R

It is prestigious and looks great and rides nicely. The value is great.

We have had 4 or 5 pathfinders and would not think of changing to another vehicle. awe like the ride resale value etc.

- ron h

Reliable and affordable, great ride and good vehicle.

Smooth ride, great price and very reliable love that it is 4 wheel drive for inclement weather definitely recommend it.

- Betsy R

It is a good a family vehicle with lots of storage space. Great in the winter

It runs smoothly and has great features, has lots of room. Only negative is, The engine runs too loudly when in idle.

- Stacey B

It is extremely reliable and really good in snow. Easy to get in and out of with a little one.

I like the size of the car and the amount of trunk space it has even with the seats all up. It drives extremely well!

- Jill L

Great Nissan Pathfinder, the touch screen console is awesome.

We love this car - it's very reliable and we've had no issues with it in the almost 2 years that we've had it so far!

- Mandy D

I love the way it drives, with the signals to help look for autos around me. The camera is a big help. I went on a 7 week road trip and it was awesome in the way it handled and the smooth drive yet had power to go up high mountains.

Multiple safety features are included, as cameras, braking, signals for approaching autos especially in blind spots.

- Linda H

Enjoying our 2017 Pathfinder

Good vehicle. Good gas mileage and very nicely appointed. No problems so far. The drive and ride are very enjoyable

- Terry S

Good gas mileage trim levels are nice.

Great on gas. Transmission is sluggish a times, fabric trim gets spots from rain on door handles hard to get out.

- Mary J

I feel safe while driving it.

I wish it had more trunk space. I love the backup camera. I love the auto close trunk button. I love the stereo.

- Christina S

That it's very diesel conservative

I like the overall value for money. I like the diesel consumption of the car. I also love the design of the car.

- Truman H

It handles nicely and drives smoothly.

My only complaint about the vehicle is the pick up. It is a bit sluggish compared to similar cars in its class.

- Jamie S

It's excellent and cool to ride in

I like that it's roomy and has 3 rows and it's a 4x4 back up camera and can control your air in front and back

- Vernita W

It has some great safety features such as blind spot assist.

It is very comfortable and provides a smooth ride. It also has some great safety features and is very stylish.

- Sally G

Ease of everything. Moving the seats, using the electronics.

Rides amazing, love all of the electronics that it offers, seats are the most comfortable I have ever sat in.

- Renee L

Love my spacious and comfortable pathfinder

Love the car. Spacious for family with a smooth ride. Could not be happier with my purchase of this vehicle.

- Ashley S

Great car to have for family trips!

Nice vehicle to have with enough room for our family. Great on gas for trips with family. Comfortable seats.

- Josie F

My van is very dependable.

So far no complaints and like how comfortable I feel when I am driving it. It give me the full control.

- Mary S

3rd row can go up or down easily for travel

My family loves our nissan pathfinder. gets great gas mileage, seats easy to fold down and very roomy.

- jenn y

Excellent and spacious family car

Great car. Really reliable nice features. Not too bulky or big but very roomy. It's a great family car

- Emma D

It's a very safe SUV for your family and drives very smooth

I love my vehicle, it is a very smooth drive and great in different weather. Safe for my kids also

- Alisha T

I love my car, but the doors are wide. It's hard for the kids to get out sometimes . I wish it had a key, instead of the keyless ignition. It doesn't work sometimes.. I love the way it drives, and the space.

The space, and having a third row is awesome! I love that I can haul a lot of things and people ;)

- allison a

It is blue and I am paying for it myself. It rides nice

I do not like the locks. I wish the seat color was darker. I wish I had gotten a better model.

- Annie H

It is comfortable, spacious and drives well.

Spacious. Decent gas mileage. Looks great. Love the built in navigation and the camera views.

- Ky Y

It is a family vehicle and gets used a lot!! It has a lot of space in the back of the third row is folded down.

I wish it had a little more space. I also wish it sat up from the ground a little higher.

- Jenna J

Great car. Reliable and perfect for bigger families.

I have no complaints. I love the space and look. Will stick with the pathfinders.

- Ana B

I love everything about it. If I could add one thing it may just be an extra seat in the third row. Otherwise it's perfect for our family.

I love the safety features about it. The blind spot safety feature is fantastic!

- Tracy G

That this car gets great gas mileage and very comfortable

It is very smooth riding and quiet. Very comfortable. Gets good gas mileage.

- Karen W

It's three rows but not much leg room for bigger people in the back row

Back seat can be a little bigger for the leg room, love the back compartment,

- Devonna S

Third row seating and spacious. Loads of Space so your comfortable.

Fits a family of 5 comfortably. Drives smooth and nicely. Economically suv.

- Nicole O

The most important thing others should know about my car is it drives really well

It drives well. It could be better on gas. I wish it had captain seats in it

- Lisa T

It is a good size SUV,with a v6 that can tow very well,with good gas mileage.

It has a smooth ride. It has space for 7 passenger Nissans are built tough,

- Angie H

It gets great fuel mileage, space is great for kids

WIsh it had a navigation system installed. No heated seats Nothing else

- Linda D

it is a spacious vehicle,many upgrades to choose from.

it is a spacious vehicle. love my car .have no complaints about it

- s a

fun to drive and comfortable

I enjoy driving my suv. It like the roominess and the comfort.

- Mande R

It very reliable from past experiences and very comfortable

Comfortable to drive. Very roomy it was a little pricey

- John S

Auto start...android auto...apple carplay...tinted windows

No apple car play...no android auto...no sensing brake

- Mohammad A

It's a good size for a family without being huge. Dogs fit in 3rd row.

I don't really like the color of the interior fabric

- Erica D

They security and stability atte to driving. Because Is the best statement for security of muy live

I like because Is very amazing and very comfortable

- Michael M

Pathfinder is a great winter car!

- Raquel S