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It's trustworthy - it works like it should and keeps on working. It always starts in the morning, even in the coldest weather.

One thing I like is that it almost never breaks down. I almost never have to take it to the shop. Another thing is the cargo room is big. One thing I dislike is that it's impossible to get factory repair parts for some things. The door handle, for instance, got broken and we can only get a cheap plastic replacement which doesn't last very long. Nissan should do something about that.

- Mary C

The care runs well and that is important to me.

I love my vehicle because it is mine, I bought it off the street. I like that it is big and fits all the kids. I do not like that is I have some dents that somehow r on my van. I do not like that it is known for the door handles break and fall off. But it is mine and I appreciate every vehicle I have.

- Jeanette D

The vehicle has not broke down since I bought it and I bought it used .. keeps running good I bought it 5 years ago since then it has not broke down on me not even once .

I enjoy my. Car for the simple fact that it runs really good .. doesn't waste a lot of gas. It's a good minivan for the family and it is comfortable. I really enjoy it the kids and family enjoy going out in it with no hesitation I enjoy this mini van

- Mayra E

I do not know, I like my car and it is a used car.

I like the way my car looks inside and out, she's pretty to me. She has issues, heat wiring is messed up and water pump went again.

- Jeanette D

It has a lot of room. But it stalls a lot when I am driving it.

It stalls out a lot and needs a lot of work. I haven't been able to figure out what exactly is wrong with it.

- Kris G

Great family vehicle for driving with young children.

It was very practical when my children were younger. Now that it is older I can only use mid grade gas

- Diane P

that It's a good driven van for the most part

It's a good driving van but the parts is twice the cost of a american made van is

- Ray T

It saves on gas when running at a certain speed

It runs good. I love the color of the van. The tires are great on the van.

- lisa B